Below is the transcription of this episode:

Dave: What's going on my friends? This is Dave Sharpe. Wake Up Legendary is what I'm doing right along with the rest of you this morning. We have an amazing, amazing accomplishment that Matt right before we went live pointed out to me and it's the show for this week full shows, okay Monday through Friday have been nothing but women. Nothing but women. Okay? I want you to think about that for a second. In a, you know, in a well quite frankly. You know men think that they rule the world anyways. But I can tell you for a long time even in our community. You know, a lot of the people that we were showcasing were men, you know, we're men, we're guys, and that scale has tipped in a major way recently and I just want to give all of you ladies out there in the community a major shout out. And now would you please help me welcome the fifth amazing, Legendary woman of this week to the show, Andrew what's going on Andrea?

Andrea: Hi, Dave. Yeah, I'm glad that this family of women, it was also one of the reasons why I decided to join and to promote the program because it was pretty diverse. There were a lot of women of color. There was a lot of inclusion. So I'm happy to see that.

Dave: Yeah, it's interesting that you actually noticed that when you were looking into us and deciding to be a part of our community that there was a diverse group of people here.

Andrea: Yeah, no, just like people promoting TikTok. And so also in the Facebook group, I noticed that you could see at least from my perspective. Yeah, that was one of the reasons I made me feel more inclined and more happy to be a part of the community. Yeah, but it's also fine also to be like, you know, like a trailblazer and to like, make space for other people. But it was already happening.

Dave: Yeah, I mean, it's, it's one of the things that we've we we take seriously inside our company. You know, we have women in leadership roles inside of our company in the operation side of our company. We have people from, you know, all nationalities, backgrounds, cultures, all throughout our company on the internal side. So, you know, I think that if you look at both the community and the staff, you know, it's it's, I think it's a I think it's an example of what the world looks like. And I think it's also an example of where we're headed in this world. We are headed more in a place where we're working together globally, versus nationally, because the internet gives us that ability. Do you agree? 

Andrea: Yeah. Me for example, I'm not, I'm not from the US, and there's a lot of programs that don't allow people that are not from the from the US and when I when I talk to people, like there's a lot of people from other countries that want to join and want to promote it. And there's also a big advantage because you guys are open to a lot of countries like just a few that are not possible yet. But yeah, I also think that's great.

Dave: So where are you from? Peru, right?

Andrea: Yeah, I'm from Peru, and I'm improving now. Yes, I've been here since the pandemic and hopefully I can start travelling next year.

Dave: That was the last big life and I took it to Peru. We went and flew into Lima. Then we went out to Cusco, and then we went out to Machu Picchu and had an absolute adventure. It was wonderful.

Andrea: And you didn't know it wasn't gonna be the last one. 

Dave: Yeah. Alright, so tell us. Tell us about how to use it. Basically tell us about how you found Legendary, give us a little bit of your origin story, a nutshell version of it. So we can know more about you and then how did you find us in what made you get started going through our training, and then deciding to be part of our community?

Andrea: Okay, well kinda like to sum it up, I used to work as a publicist for around 12 years. I studied, I went to college for advertising and I used to work as a publicist. And I always wanted to do something different and not have a nine to five like most of us. So I started looking into different side hustles, and I first started with other things actually started with Amazon. Private Label. So I did that for a while. It kind of went well, but they ended up closing my account. I realized that it was not a very sustainable business because you don't really have control over it and they don't really have a very good seller support.

Dave: You got your Amazon store shut?

Andrea: Yeah. I got shut down based on a false claim. And I had to pay for lawyers and I had to pay to remove my inventory. It wasn't very profitable at the end. So I obviously didn't want to continue with that. So I kept looking and then since I have some inventory from that business that I had to move, they are looking into drop shipping because I didn't have the inventory with me. It was in our house. So I'm delving into it and to drop shipping. I did a little bit of that kind of along with Facebook ads. I was doing ads because I was feeling very comfortable there to do my own content. So I started with that, but that also was not very profitable, because with the ads and all the shipping and the protocols, it was not very sustainable. So that's when I found out about affiliate marketing. I felt like it was kind of like always kind of like putting out fires that you were not building anything. And I wanted to build something like that can grow over time and become more passive. So that's when I started. I first created a blog actually, so I have a few blogs. I started building those to SEO and to Pinterest. And then along the way I was promoting digital marketing software mostly like ClickFunnels in my software then I found Legendary. And I thought it was a good program. I also wanted to teach people how to do this, but I didn't have my own program at the moment. So I saw it and I felt like I wasn't gonna be able to do something better by myself because like a huge company already has like the whole system. So that's when I decided to promote Legendary.

Dave: Nice so you have the experience of losing Amazon accounts, you have the experience of seeing other business models. You have this experience of sort of being in the digital marketing world. I mean, you even went to school for it. You've got you know, you've got a lot of experience. You've got a lot of knowledge and now your air landing and you're in Legendary Marketer’s, one of the programs that you're involved in that you're promoting. You also which we're we're happy and proud of that. I mean just the fact that you know you see so much value here after knowing all the other things you could be doing. I think that says a lot. I'm just humble bragging about what I'm doing. So thank you and congrats to the Legendary team in the community for being attractive to somebody who's already a seasoned veteran. Now let's talk a little bit about how you've learned from your mistakes, learn from things in the past if you have set up multiple channels of multiple streams of traffic. So no matter what happens, you're always secure and in your business. can continue to keep running no matter what talk to us about like what made you begin to set up those multiple streams of traffic, what those streams are, and you know what you know now that you would have taught yourself at the very beginning if you knew.

Andrea: Okay, yes, I have all these experiences and all of these mistakes that I learn from I realize that having just one source of income or just one source of traffic was always kind of risky because like you're never like in full control of your social media or even your ads accounts, or an Amazon business for example. So I was always really scared of that happening again. So I decided that I wanted to be like a more safe system where you are always secure no matter what happened. So that's when I started creating, like my blog because I know that your own website is something that is kind of hard for people to take away from you. It's gonna happen but it's like a secure thing. And then I started creating different sources of traffic for that which involve like I was doing Pinterest. That is one of the main things that I started using.

Dave: We keep hearing about Pinterest a lot this week and I want everybody to pay attention because Pinterest I think is an undervalued platform.

Andrea: I also use Instagram. Real well Instagram. I have a few TikTok accounts, because we know that they can also close your account pretty often. So I have a few Facebook accounts that have luckily haven't closed yet but thanks for not being able to post for a few days so that our email will seal they also get traffic from Google. But it also starts next year. So I think that seems like a little bit over but for people at first because it's like well I have to do all of this I wouldn't like to be successful. I have like, like a profitable business but I kind of just one and then like to continue to add more you know and I also think it's good to have a short term graphic but like TikTok and rails you can see results pretty pretty quickly and that's encouraging for beginners. But also you don't want to be tied to having to post everyday so that's why I also have other sources of more passive traffic like Pinterest.

Dave: Well, here's what what you know, for the new people who are just starting out, the easiest thing to do is is to get on a platform like TikTok and then repurpose you know, repurpose that content right from tick tock on to Instagram, you know, take that use one of these snap tick software's to pull the just create the video right and TikTok and then use a you know, one of the software programs like SnapTik or something to take off the the, the branding the TikTok branding, and then just repurpose that same video on Instagram reels, repurpose that same video on Pinterest. Repurpose that same video on YouTube. And right there you're using the same one piece of content and you're posted on four different places. So you know, that would be I think today, in you know, now almost in less than 24 hours 2022 We're in a place where all the platforms in some way are mimicking each other. You know, they're copying each other. They're trying to keep up, they're competing for us. So we're more in control than we've ever been before. Because if you know there's other choices, you know what I mean?

Andrea: Yeah, whoever is making the content has the attention or has the power because they

it's not the platform anymore because the platforms are so similar. TikTok is really powerful. But the truth is, you know, Andre, you were just talking about Andre. He's also from Peru. He's been kicking major ass. I mean, he's built the majority of his business from Instagram reel. And then there's people who are building their business from Twitter, you know, in our business business blueprints that we sell our flagship training program. We've got thorough training on each one of these platforms with thorough examples of how you can start on Facebook, how you can start on Twitter. I mean, you know how you can do this even if you don't want to put your face out there like Twitter's a great place to start. It. There's so much you can do but yes, I appreciate you pointing out the fact that if you're brand new and you're feeling like oh, I need to be having a blog or a YouTube channel for TikTok channels, Instagram, but you don't need all that to make six figures as an affiliate marketer selling information selling other people's products. You can repurpose the same piece of content across four or five different platforms. And, you know, it's almost like just creating a fire and then you just throw gasoline on it. And it's a really simple thing to do.

Andrea: Like the same content that maybe performs pretty well on TikTok doesn't perform that well on Instagram, or vice versa. But you are posting on multiple sides, you have more opportunities for that content to do well. So even even if it's not going to well in one place, it's going to like free you'll have people

Dave: And you're collecting emails so you're building yet something else that can't be taken from you. You know, your blogging is an example of something that you own as long as you continue to keep paying that you know for your hosting. Yeah, I mean, unless you're creating illegal content.  I mean, that's something that you're paying for. It's a private service and you're paying for your own hosting, just like Facebook pays for its own hosting. So the email

That's like $3 a month so if I find it overwhelming, I just have your own website, but it's pretty cheap. Yeah. And it's very, even if you are sorry, even if you are not like like an expert, you can still like you've got even post like the same content and you can adapt it and if you make like a tic tock video, you can still like, type it and kind of like, try the same idea into a blog post or into into Instagram.

Dave: Right or get it transcribed. What we do with this show is we do this show live every day. And then we take this content, it lives here on Facebook, right? It's so it stays on Facebook. We also post this video on YouTube. We then also take the audio of this and we put it on all the podcast platforms. And then we take the video and we transcribe it and we put it on our blog and a lot of people don't even realize that, you know we've got we've got literally if you go over to our, our blog, we've got we've got 1000’s, I don't know probably a probably 1000 blog posts or more. You know what I mean? I mean, we've looked at how long content rich these blog posts are. So we're also being trafficked, you know from multiple sources from this show. Which mostly This show is made to serve our community here, you know, but it's also bringing in traffic and if you noticed, you know, that traffic that it's bringing in, we have what do we have right up here at the beginning of you know, we have a button that says, you know, get to get a free training with some wisdom copy in that will take you to an opt in page. So it's all of the traffic that we're getting. The top of the funnel is wide, and it always funnels down into the same place. And by the way, those blog posts are just for you affiliates, if you ever want to use those blog posts, you just have to put a question mark and your affiliate ID at the end. And all those blog posts are also affiliate cookies. So you can also if you want to ever use those blog posts in your email, follow up series or anything like that. You can just use your little question mark, you know, a big question mark, whatever it is. It's Question mark. I think an ID equals and then your affiliate you just put that your affiliate ID that you put at the end of the blog post. And now that you can email that out and that's cookied to you. So just a kind of little nugget for those of you who are affiliates.

Andrea: Yeah, you can also use that for Pinterest because on Pinterest, we're going to talk a little bit that you need to have a lot of URLs so you can post frequently they don't like when you post the same address like very often and you need to post like frequently as well. So you can use that and you have conflicts of URLs to post and they can all be like when people you know make content. You can use that to post something there as we do it.

Dave: So you're saying that Pinterest likes you to post content that goes out to different places? Is that what you're saying?

Andrea: No, like I get a lot of questions. of people because they will only have like their funnel. And I tell them that they need to post often but they can't post the same websites the same address all the time because it is going to look like a span so you cannot post your final URL all that every day. So you don't have our URLs. You have your posts, you have Instagram links you can post like Legendary.

Dave: Yeah and just to be super clear, so people don't have questions that go flooding into customer support about how to do that. Just if you happen to be an affiliate, what you do is you go back in here into your funnels, the best way to go to affiliate links. The best way to know what your affiliate ID is it's right there. So ?AID=106 is mine. I would go right here to that particular blog post and you can see it's already got ?AID= so I'm just going to paste that right onto the end of the blog post. And now this particular blog post since I've added that question mark AID=106. That's mine. So add yours. Now that particular blog post, I can take that link and now that blog post, let's say I posted it on Facebook, just for example. That blog post is now an affiliate track. Okay, so that's just a quick tutorial. Of how that worked. 

Andrea: Like I was just thinking about the possibilities that you have with this like format that you guys have? You can use that for Twitter, you can just like, like a small description and just like send people to the local so they can read more. Or you can even just Google ads because you like so much content and like so many different topics. You can target a lot of like different keywords and just send people to the blog post and do you have to have a blog?

Dave: Yeah, exactly. I mean, there's so much there's so many peer reviewed or if you want to get into affiliate marketing and if you want to be in the make money online niche, you know, you don't have to focus so many different niches we talk about that a lot you know if you if you listen, I was in the business blueprints group last night answering questions to a gentleman I think named Stacy if I remember he was going into the diabetes niche and I was giving answering some questions you know, so all these principles they apply to every single niche. We have a lot of students who start in the Make Money Online or business opportunity niche promoting products like legendary and others when they get started. It's fantastic. I've stayed in this niche for 10 years because I love it. And I love sharing the idea of freedom and I love watching somebody, you know, make their first commission and then quit their job and I just love this industry. I feel that it’s an industry that's really riddled with a lot of sketchiness. I feel that our community also provides a safe place that people can learn about how to build a real business online.  You know, it's not an overnight thing. It's not something that's going to happen, you know, just just within the click of a couple of clicks of your mouse that you can build something that's real and you can do something that's sustainable, like you said, and you can do it with the support of an amazing community and a diverse community. And that's important.

Andrea: Yeah, a lot of people don't want to get into the money. Making it because they feel like they wouldn't sell folder like show their faces, way content, and that's what kind of like keep them away from affiliate marketing but once they realize that they are already like consuming and loving other products that they can share, then, yeah, it's also more approachable for everybody because you know, everybody wants to create content, change people's lives like this.

Dave: So if somebody was sitting on a checkout page, and they and they were making a decision about, you know, going through our training and really diving headfirst, what would your testimonial, what would your personal testimony be and what would your advice be about them getting involved here with Legendary?

Andrea: I will share my experience of how happy and excited I am that I took the training and that I can share it with everybody like Legendary is like a big part of my products. So I started training because I learned a lot from it. And essentially it's not like the 50 Day Challenge. So it's just a small investment. I think nobody has ever seen that. The challenge, even if they would take also, I guess that's for everyone. But yeah, I think it's a lot of such affordable challenges that anyone can benefit from. So I think yeah, take it I'll say take it and it's like a new year and a lot of people are having their resolutions and everybody is trying to not go back to their office jobs. So it's a great opportunity if you're trying to change what your home is going to be next year.

Dave: Well, you are an inspiration. Andrea, thank you so much for your time this morning all the way from Peru. We love to meet and talk with our members in our family here, that community that's all over the world. So thank you for, you know, taking the time out of your day to spend with us and share some of your value and experience. It's been a wealth of experience in just a short period of time. And come back here in a couple of months who keep us posted on your journey. 

Andrea: Thank you, Happy New Year.

Dave: All right. Happy New Year Andrea. We'll talk to you later. All right, my friends. You can go and follow Andrea at Andrea underscore business hacks. All right, she's on tick tock. Obviously she's on other platforms as well, but you can find her at Andrea underscore business hacks. Now. One of the things on the where my phone is oh, it's in my pocket. One of the things that also in terms of your in terms of just your routine, right, your routine, I would recommend is also get a text reminder, this protection binder right there. It's just a simple little thing. Okay, simple little thing that we send every morning at 10am Eastern time, you know Monday through Friday when we go live so you can get a quick notification and and you can there's a link that comes with it. You can just hop right on the show. You can hop on it obviously from your phone or you can get a reminder that we're going live on you know on your in jump on your computer and watch it but either way text WUL to (813)-296-8553. So we can have you join us every morning, or as many mornings as you can. And I promise you I promise you that if you tune into the show every day throughout 2022 By the end of 2022 you will be a completely different person because you will have listened to so many different people you can no longer say I don't have a support system. I don't have people that understand me. I don't have friends in this business. I don't have anybody who's doing the same thing. Because five days a week. We are going to sit with men, women from the United States of America and all around the world, different races, different religions. We are going to different ages we are going to show you it's possible for you no matter who you are, where you're at where you come from, what you've been through what you're doing right now it's possible for you to have freedom to build a business that you love to have a life in a business that you love, through work through effort. Just like anything, nothing is handed to you. Nothing's free. But I will guarantee that if you tune into this show and you get involved in our community, and you take our training, every single person that you see that is successful on the show has gone through our training. There's no secret we don't email them a secret strategy. They've gone through our training and they've applied it. So I guarantee you that if you combine taking the training seriously and put it into action, with showing up and listening to the successful people every morning that we have on the show. At the end of the year even sooner, you will be a completely mentally and emotionally different person moving towards the best version of yourself. You can do that simply by texting WUL to (813)-296-8553 Get that text message reminder, it's like I'm selling nothing here only just to get on our text message list so we can give you a gentle, gentle reminder every morning to show up to help you build a routine. And I promise you I guarantee you this. It will help you grow. It will help you transform into the best version of you. So you can live the life that you deserve to eliminate the pain in your life, whether it's debt, whether it's unhappiness with a job you hate, whether it's just more all around fulfillment, you can eliminate the pain in your life and start moving towards the life that you deserve. So text that number to get on that reminder list every morning to come join us five days a week and my friend. It is just hours away from a new year. This is a time that when you look back you say did I do what I wanted to do? Did I do what I said I was going to do and how can I make sure then the next year on December 31st 2022. I don't have the same pain and regret that I have. Maybe today as I look back.

Or if you accomplished goals. Then you pat yourself, you say hell yeah. How can I do it again? And maybe how can I do it better and easier? Bigger. Now's the time to reflect and make commitments to yourself about what this next year is going to look like. Okay, again, you can follow our guest Andrea, fifth woman on the show this week. All women, all women on the show this week you can follow her on TikTok at Andrea underscore business hacks on TikTok and here's the corniest joke that we all love to say. Get out of here be Legendary.