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Dave: What’s going on my friends? This is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary. When Amazon wasn't working, this did, was what we titled the show today. Let's hear what Matthew has to say. What's up my brother?

Matthew: How are you doing, sir?

Dave: Good, man. Good to see you. Good to see you again from the mastermind.

Matthew: You too, my pleasure.

Dave: So how's things been going since then? And actually let me ask you this. I don't want to have what the mastermind experience was like for you?

Matthew: Awesome. Man it was so eye opening. Like so many like minded people with their made lots of friends still in contact with a few of them. One that was ironic is a man that was from Alaska. We met in Florida. His sister lives about 30 minutes away from me in Texas.

Dave: Yeah. Wow. Crazy. Small World Man, small world. Take us back and tell us you know what? How you found legendary in the first place and and obviously we titled this when Amazon didn't work this Did You Know Tell us what that means in giving us that kind of story in a nutshell.

Matthew: I was just scrolling through Tik Tok wasting time and stopped there and I'm like, This is it. And ever since then, that was October of 21. And just put my head down after a lot of people in the community helped me out. 

Dave: Have you been to Amazon before? Or were you trying to get it up and going tell us just how that ties into your past?

Matthew: Yeah, I've had my other business for 23 years. So I figured, you know when it gets slow, sometimes I'll just ship products out, you know, wholesale and pretty much so the profits are small. And the shipping and returns are a pain in the neck.

Dave: Oh yeah. You talking about when you're selling things through Amazon? Yeah. FBA okay. Yeah. I was just mentioning Amazon on the decade and a day call that I just kicked off and for our blueprint students, and I said that you know, it's interesting about Amazon and drop shipping and the sort is because these guys are making all their money through selling courses on how to, you know, do Amazon and how to do drop shipping. And that's not to say that they haven't done Amazon or drop shipping. It's just to say that if you were to get them in a private room and ask their opinion about what's the better business model, is it actually you know, selling things on Amazon and or doing drop shipping as you were just describing, or is it selling courses to people who want to do drop shipping in Amazon? What's better? And I guarantee you, they're going to tell you that the selling of the courses and the information is better, it's easier because it's sort of like the Gold Rush Matthew, you know, back, which which I'm not a history buff and know very little about but I do know this, that that, you know, there there were a lot of other people who got rich in some got richer than the actual people were looking for the gold and that was those who are selling the picts and the shovels along the way. You know, and, and information is a lot like that information helps you to achieve a certain goal. And it's one of the reasons why college, university , private school and so forth has been a profitable and popular business. It's not just because it helps kids, it's because they can command $50,000 . You know, per year per degree or whatever it is, and that's a lot of money. That's a high ticket sale. Right? One of the highest one of the highest in society. So this business model assumes you're doing affiliate marketing, which is even simpler because you're selling somebody else's information, only focusing on the marketing. Talk to us a little bit about the business model itself, the ease of it, the simplicity of it, the intelligence of it, in comparison to some of the other businesses that you've done, maybe even the one that you currently have talked talk to some of the new people who are lit about because a lot of people think they can't do this, you know, and they're focused on the video part or whatever. They say, Well, I can't do that. And they're like, Oh, well, I could do another business but they don't understand that doing another business entails 50,000 things that this doesn't and if you could just overcome one or two things that are kind of scary to you. It'd be so much better than avoiding this because you don't want to do that one thing and go and do a business that's much more complicated. So could you talk about this business model, what you liked so much about it, and even what you had to overcome in order to enjoy some of the spoils of this business model that you might not have if you would have quit because you're a little uncomfortable?

Matthew: Yeah, I've had my other business for 23 years: brick and mortar, audio, video, retail stores, kind of like a small Best Buy. I don't have a storefront anymore, but he talks about expenses. That first day when you sign the lease and get your utilities going. And then the phonebook lady comes in, you know 18 years ago when I started my first store. First I started with five, five years working for somebody else. phonebook, lady comes into somebody's phone book that is $900 a month, 18 years ago. Holy crap. And then the newspaper person. The ads are just the marketing opportunities out there. Just unbelievable. And the overhead is crazy 

Dave: It's expensive as shit to run a brick and mortar business. And it's Yeah, I got it. So. So talk to us now about this . What's different about this? What have you traded off for some of that ease and simplicity? What has been much easier about this? And then what are some of the things that have been more difficult? Because I don't want to make it sound like it's a field of flowers and unicorns. No, but I want people to understand that there's some difficult things about this, but in comparison to other options, they may not be as scary, you know, they're just things that we need to push through a little bit. But anyways, what were some of those things for you?

Matthew: For me, another great thing is you don't have to drive anywhere very much. A truck sits there a couple of times, and gets the truck out two or three times a week before it was every day. So what's easier about this then what I used to do, I still do a little bit very little, maybe once every couple weeks for VIP customers but everything is easier this is when you have your own business, typical brick and mortar store. This is so much easier in every aspect. I can't even picture one thing other than getting on an interview like this is nerve racking for me, but Well, I've done hundreds of things that don't bother me. But for some reason this is probably as hard as it gets. I guess you'd be asked me because I don't feel like I'm on the news or something you know?

Dave: Yeah, fine, man.

Matthew: I can't. I'm not a man of few words. Usually I can talk to a stranger at the grocery store. No problem. chatted up with anybody but some something about this the cats got my tongue

Dave:  You're fine. Well, you know, it was funny about you know, hanging out with you before, when we did the board break and I remember because you didn't have anything written down on your wood. And, and, you know, I just, I thought I didn't know what to think like I know, because you were just hard to read at that moment. But, you know, I realized that, you know, this just means a lot to you, and that you know, you really want this to work. I mean, that's what I realized, that's what I learned about you. I mean because everybody you know understands that we're sitting in a how I kind of noticed Matthew was we're sitting in a huge circle of people we're about to break boards and you know, we all write our limiting beliefs down and you didn't have one written down yet. And you know, I just learned over the weekend that you know, this is important to you, that you want to get this right, you want to get what you want to get out of this, that you want to get the most out of this. That's kind of what I experienced with you and you and so why do you feel like that motivation is coming from and where do you fit? You know, there's so many people who just don't care who are too skeptical. They think that could never be true, whatever and that could absolutely be you man. And I almost thought it was you at first I ate because you were hard to read. And I was like, No, this guy really wants us to work. This guy's a hard working guy who really cares. And why do you there's men over the years that have given up so easily. Or have what is pushing you what is driving you even when I can tell I know this is all brand new for you.

Matthew: Yeah, I grew up really poor. And I don't want to be end up back in that position. You know, I made plenty of money in my other business. But I don't want to get on ladders anymore. I'm getting older 48 And I scratched myself I went to reset the router yesterday on the on the Wi Fi barely scratched myself and look like I cut myself with a knife anyway so I don't heal as quickly. So I don't want to jeopardize my health for money. So doesn't matter how much I charge the typical audio video customers. You're still putting your health on the line your your safety on the line and a lot of situations. Get on top of Arby's, sometimes roofs climbing underneath but things are always on ladder practically. So that's that's the biggest thing to me is I don't want to get hurt over physically hurt over trying to make money

Dave: Right right. That's great, that's a great point. I don't know if anybody ever has, you know, has moved into this mid life time and got an injury but it is an eye opener, man. I mean, I remember when I would pull a muscle and be back the next day. I mean, I was coughing the other day and I pulled a muscle in my stomach. It was unbelievable. I mean, I'm like holy shit. I just pulled a muscle on my stomach from coughing. So I get that, um, talk to us a little bit about you know, Tik Tok, You've got almost 70,000 followers on Tik Tok. I mean, if I was to pass you by somewhere I think there's no way that guy if I was not just there's no way this guy he's got an online marketing business is creating content on Tik Tok I mean, this guy is a blue collar guy. This guy is a guy who works with his hands. This guy's no way in yet. Here you are. What? Talk to us about this transition. I mean, talk to us about doing something that is to me at least I'm assuming it's so different from what you've done before. How are you pushing? How are you pushing through some of the feelings whether the feeling is that was stupid or it sucked or I feel stupid or I feel silly or I don't know. I don't know. What is your head? But talk to us about some of the things that have come up and what are you saying to yourself instead? Or are those things not coming up anymore? Are you in mode two or those kinds of thoughts? No longer because I don't really have those thoughts anymore. But I know a lot of people who are newer do what it's like to do something that's, I'm assuming, so drastically different from what you did before?

Matthew: It's awesome. But yeah, it's funny you say that you wouldn't think that I would have these. This Tik Tok account is the way it is because my kids say I cannot believe you have more followers than I do. Way more and then one of the kids' friends came over here the other day and said, holy cow, man, congratulations. I don't know this kid. First time I met him. Congratulations On your Tik Tok. What the heck? I'm even following you

Dave: I love hearing from you. I mean, look I'm this is really in the phase of our life brother you and me to where our cool points from our kids perspectives are way down. And I'm thinking that this is bringing up our value, is this bringing up the cool factor for us.

Matthew: I'd have to say so I told you about my kids 

David Sharpe: I'm digging it. I like that. So any of you who have kids and you want more cool points mean especially if you're a dad. I don't think moms deal with this that much but I feel like my wife's kind of still as cool as she was a few quite a few years ago maybe even when I met her and I've just slowly become weirder nerdier and less funny I don't know maybe I'm more funny now because I'm you know I'm fat or I look funnier. But, man, Wow, that's great that you're getting those brownie points from the kids. It's amazing. It's really cool. And I hear that a lot. I hear that that that that quite a bit. So talk to us about what you think, what do you think has worked for you really well? I mean, what if you were listening to this show today, listening to somebody and and because I hear this all the time. I hear people who come on the show who say they heard this show and it changed it. You know I did that and then that's how I'm on the show and kudos. I think it was Matthew whoever who said Matthew Craig who said you know get so tell me tell me what has worked for you on tick tock what you've done was it a slow all I'm I think should starting to work now. Or was it a holy crap burning? Bush's moment that really changed everything.

Matthew: It definitely wasn't as fast as I thought it would be. But this type of business, it's snowball. So once you get a little bit of traction, it's like a penny a day for a month. You know how that saying goes: double a penny a day or doubled, the value of the camera goes but then you end up with right over a million dollars at the end of the day for pennies starting with one penny in one month. So I really like watching the show because you can tell everybody's so natural. You know it's not like we're practicing this, which I would have preferred. But you watch this every day and it gives me inspiration because I'm like, that person's just like me. They're just a few steps ahead of me. Yeah. I mean, I can't tell you how many people I've watched on here, especially the younger people. You're like surely if they can do it, I can do it. They don't have the experiences I have. I can talk to people about lots of things because I've had lots of experiences being super bored, to be an even way better off than I am now. Back, you know, 10 years ago, when my business was really going, my audio video business, you know, I had five six people. Guess what? I don't miss that at all. I'm telling you what, that's a headache. Employees and customer service, always having to answer the phone 24/7 which I have a secretary and all that stuff too. But it's just a whole different deal that a lot of people dream about their whole lives. You know, I've heard that many people tell me how did you get the courage to go out there and start a brick and mortar store? I said, Well, I just got sick of it one day. My boss wasn't really a boss. I was a contractor. I go on vacation for a week, which isn't a vacation. I just went to South Dakota to visit my family. You know, it's not like some glamorous thing. Come back. Well, he had already gotten two other guys to do what I was doing. And they were charging less and I'm like, That's it. If he can do it. I did the same thing in this business as I did in that business. If he can do this little brick and mortar store, nothing fancy. I worked for him for a couple years. So anyway, once you go from that type of situation where most people dream about you know, I thought I was good before I got into doing this affiliate marketing. I thought maybe I started a liquor store, maybe I'll start a bar. Maybe I'll start any I didn't know I was thinking about you know small training,

Dave: which would have all been traps. Yeah. And would have problems and would have possibly gone out of business. Because of what we because of how restaurants have been affected by all this stuff that's been going on health concern what I know those are the first things to get shut down the first things to go to half capacity whatever worse business you want to get in right now for folks worse business you want to get in right now.

Matthew: I agree. I totally agree. I'm glad I'm so glad I didn't do it. You know, because that's like you're all in.

Dave: I would be afraid to put any money in any offline business right now. You know, I just wonder why we don't know what's gonna happen, you know, I mean, we've got the we're on the we're on the brink of world war three. You know, we've got still stuff popping up with this. With this with this health stuff we've been going through for a couple of years. So you know, we have to be mobile. We got to be able to move around. We have to be flexible. Quite frankly, I don't want all my money tied up in an operation or a company or a business right now. I want to be flexible. I want to be and I want to be working towards building a business that's going to be pumping out cash flow. So I can go on living my life if I want to move if I want to do whatever I want to do. I want to have that flexibility and freedom. The less things I have tied me to anything in these times I think are better, you know I think are better that's just my philosophy. If my livelihood is tied up to a location in what a what a what an absolutely devastating and horrible example. But God forbid, if anybody I know doesn't live in America, and this is hard to imagine. But God said, if anything ever happened, like what's going on in Ukraine to any of us, in any country and by the way, so much love and just respect and admiration for those folks right now who are going through just the time of their life. But just imagine, you know if you know if something like that happened you know in your life got wiped out, and now all of a sudden you have no ability to to generate income. Unfortunately, unfortunately, that happened to a lot of people over the last couple of years. Even right here in the United States. And obviously the government's, you know, started sending out money and people got involved in the gig economy and stuff like that. Right. But you know, man, folks, I'm just the world. What's my point here? It's unpredictable. It's unpredictable. And what I think we were trying to be is mobile and flexible. So if something you know if I need to move if something happens, I've got essentially cash flow in money in the cloud, right? My money is coming from the cloud. It's not dependent upon a physical location, me either going there or that physical location being in business. And that's a very different business and both you and I operated before Matthew, you operated in a brick and mortar, audio, car audio, I was doing construction. So what are your plans for the future? My friend, where do you see things going in 2022? Are you just head down? I'm staying in today or do you have some sort of a place in North Star that you're that you're traveling towards?

Matthew: Yeah, I think just more of the same. Why? Try to reinvent the wheel you know? Good morning to Instagram and maybe Pinterest. But I don't want to get diluted. So I'm just focusing on tick tock. So it's doing good. Doing great.

Dave: Yeah. Yeah.

Matthew: I don't have anything better. I live four lives a day. Three or four Tik Toks. So I'm, I'm not. I'm not letting up. You know, I just, it's easy. Why not? You know?

Dave: Yeah. I agree. And it's, it's easy to me, Matthew, and I gotta be careful about using that word. Because it's not easy for everybody. But let's just for the sake of that word, let's just throw it around here for a moment. It is it is it is. When you finally think with the phone, let's just say that you are going to do some video marketing within you're gonna you're gonna use your phone right? When you finally stop being so afraid and you know, of the phone, like it's just big, you know, and it becomes your friend you realize it's it's it's a business partner. It's an employee, whatever you want to look at it. It's a friend. It's just like talking FaceTime to your girlfriend, whatever, you know, however you want to look at it. It's a very non threatening thing. I can't get hurt. You know, I mean, emotionally I could get my feelings hurt but there's no threats to me. Once I embraced this. I started having a lot of fun. You know, I started having a lot of fun. Quite frankly, it does become easy. It does become easy because I'm doing this anyways, all day long. Aren't I? Don't I have the phone in my hand? Aren't I doing FaceTime sometimes now we're jumping on zooms one in one way. shape or form. If you're going to participate in the real world economy, you're going to have to interface with people. You're either going to have to interface with people at a store, okay? And everybody's coughing on yes or coming through or you're going to have to interface with maybe your cell phone or interface with with you know, it really when we compare those two, what do I want to do? Do I want to stand at a cash register all day everyday interface with people talking to them through a piece of glass or have them coughing on me or whatever? Or can I hold up my phone and talk into it for 15 seconds two or three times a day? You know when I start comparing those things and then I actually do it I think a lot of people trip on things that they haven't even tried yet. It there's a couple things that can be helpful to say doing a video or going live. Things that I've found helpful are a lot of times when I have something to hold the phone, that's helpful, you know, because then I'm not shaking the phone all around it. I'm not walking but if I have something to hold the phone, kind of like what's happening right now. I'm doing a live show through my webcam on my camera. I got a standing desk, right so watch this. I actually don't know about you, but I like to be able to stand up sometimes and talk and walk you know paced back and forth. I like sometimes I have more energy when I want to do a tic toc video and I wanted to set it up on a on a tripod I want and I've learned it up on shelves with just to act like it's on a stand or something. That's been one of the things that's helped me to do videos to where my hands are free. I felt a little bit more like myself, like I was kind of standing around, maybe talking to some friends or something. What's helped you Matthew, what are one or two things that you do whenever you go to film a video or something that's helpful? Is there any preparation that you do? Is there something that you do right before something that you try? Keep in mind when you're recording a way you start off your videos?

Matthew: I get my inspiration from other people on Tik Tok. Really, I just really do it my way. A lot of times because trying to do it their way doesn't seem to work for me. So I just, you know, just go for it used to be, you know, 510-1520 takes now it's just like, we're doing one and that's gonna work or it's not gonna work. You know? When I say easy, I don't mean easy. I mean, easier. This is easier than anything else. What have I ever done to make money, you know?

Dave: And rewatching the video and I do none of that now. It's one taken if I fumbled Bumble, you know what I what I one of the biggest things that I helped me was if I felt like I fumbled or something, just keep talking. Don't stop and make a big deal out of it. Don't stop the video. Don't be like, you don't have to start over just keep talking and nobody even cares. That was a massive breakthrough for my video marketing. Have you gotten to that Effat point yet it's like I mean, do you really have if you fumble Bumble, you really go and I guess that's what you just said but are you thinking about it like that and you got tired of the multiple takes and all that crap?

Matthew:Yeah, it gets exhausting. Yeah, it does. It's just go for it and put it out there. See what happens. I mean, some of the ones that some of my videos have taken off I thought nothing of. The ones I thought I had were perfect. Nope. So it goes the opposite sometimes.

Dave: And quite frankly, a lot of the ones that aren't perfect have an actual human being in the video. Connect a lot a lot more because I mean something that you just said as you know, I like these shows. I like the show because I feel like it's a real conversation and there's no bullshit and all that same thing with video. I mean if people feel like you're bullshitting them, you're totally you know, or, yeah, sometimes stumbling and bumbling makes it real. Do you ever use a script or a teleprompter app or anything like that? Are you always to the point now where you're always right off the top? of the dome?

Matthew: Yeah. If there's certain words I catch and other TikToks that I want to use. And it's not just people in our line of work or our line of our this type of business. It's the other types of inspirational things. Also, If I use it, I'll put it on my favorites and watch it from my iPad and try to get the words down. But then I just think about it about three times. What I'm gonna say and then I just go for it and that seems to be working for me. And that's the best thing I can tell you because remember the word that I put on my board was perfect, remember? Yes. You pulled that out to me? That that really helped change my perspective on life too, because I've always been super anal and super particular. And now I'm like, You know what, I guess if the trash gets taken out today by my son, great , if it doesn't, we'll just deal with it. What how? Because he, for some reason, can't remember to take out the dang trash.

Dave: And when he doesn't take out the trash, it just drives you crazy right

Matthew: Now I don't anymore. I really, even since I left the mastermind I've lost 20 pounds. I've been saying this in my life lately, just because of the eye opening, the limiting beliefs that I used to have that I didn't even know I had. Yeah. It's unbelievable the amount of support and everything that y'all give. I appreciate it so much.

Dave: You're welcome, man. You're welcome. And we're just thrilled. I mean, these conversations make it all worth it, which is one of the reasons why I love to have them. So, look, there's a lot we could talk about. And I want to have a follow up conversation with you. I want to keep the conversation going. And so come back in, keep us posted. Here in a couple of months and let us know how you're doing and let's have conversation number three mastermind, then a show and then another one. And let's keep on doing it, brother I like Sir All right, Matthew. We'll talk to you later, man. Thanks for having me. All right, dude. All right, my friends. We'll look at that. Of course Matthew. He was nervous but he crushed it. Just like every single one of you who comes on the show. And I want to thank you all for doing so. Because you know it adds a more real flavor, a realistic flavor to the show and well you'd get tired of hearing me all the time. So I think that you guys are willing to come on and share you know how you're using the information that we're putting out there because, you know, the any information that I ever put out there is not you know, the end all be all you know, somebody uses it and then they're like, you know, I used it this way and then we, you know, we it's an ever it's a living organism. And it's just it's turned into a really cool thing. And so much of that is because of the students and just because of you who all of you people like Matthew who take the education in, embrace the exercises and the things that we're doing here like he mentioned that the mastermind and have real shifts. That was powerful, what he said at the end, appreciate him saying it and it makes it you know, it makes it all worth it. For both us but also for you. Because what's more powerful is what could possibly make you more happy than transformation, and then you sprinkle some money on top of that transformation and get real fun. So have a great weekend. Have a great Friday. Get out of here. Go do something Legendary, and we'll see you back here for another episode. On Monday. Peace