Below is the transcription for this episode: 

Dave: What's up friends and family legendary family this is Dave sharp Welcome to wake Up Legendary another day another episode and another dollar. We are going to be hearing from a repeat returning guest here. Okay, this is somebody that I know, I've been working with over the last nine months, six, nine months. She's a coaching client here at Legendary and she is a hard worker and I love seeing this process at the beginning that she’s doing. And that is the game. Do today what others won't say you can have tomorrow, what others don't. alright with that being said Lori Richardson, welcome to the show again. Good to see you. 

Lori: Good morning. It's great to be here. Thanks for having me back. 

Dave: And you are from Washington State. Right? So it's 7am there?

Lori: Oregon. And yes.

Dave: And it was Northwest. So okay, yes. Awesome. Well, welcome back. Thanks for getting up early. And, you know, being here, you showed me you have your Legendary hoodie on as well. So loving, loving, we'll have matching, matching hats and hoodies there. So, you know, give folks a brief snapshot. If they want to know your whole, I guess, three month milestone story, or so. So six months, wherever you were when we had you last, they can go back and search through the episodes and find your version of your story and what I like about life, but also this business is where things can change dramatically in a short period of time. Mostly, we feel like new people or like we've learned so much, certainly results can change. I don't typically find incomes go up within a six month period super dramatically. It's unless something happens that maybe you just have a great launch or you have a huge influx of income. Some particular unique reason but that's a gradual curve. And then it begins to compound after a certain amount of time. That's my experience anyways. But with growth and feeling like you're a new person or like what you knew three or six months ago, you almost are like I can't like how I even lived life back then how I even turned on my computer because I feel like I know so much more now. So give us the updated October 1st 2021.

Lori: Well, after a lot of the people are on here have talked about the training that was put in the back office. Once I put that into effect, everything, the whole game changed, it literally changed for me. Some people agree with it, some people don't. And I just have to know everyone's entitled to their journey. And this is my journey. And what it has done for me. My journey is by posting the How To videos on other side hustles as well as affiliate marketing has changed the game for me. I have, I planned it ahead of time. We've been talking about it in the blueprint meetings for four weeks about how you get traffic, this is how you drive people through your funnel. This I can't believe, you know, people talk shit about that all the time, do I really want to go that route. And I decided to try and I built a chunk of them and to put in my draft so that once I started doing it, I would just have that reserve started posting once a day. And it blew up. And I went from having some leads here and there you know, it was kind of a slow trickle to getting tons of leads daily, getting followers, I mean it literally the followers, I was getting at one point in time, like a 1000 followers an hour. And it was mind blowing. A lot of those followers were not necessarily looking for affiliate marketing and the first part of this last 35 days I was overwhelmed with what I do with all those other people? You know, those are how I can't just necessarily ignore them. I still need to address people that aren't interested in affiliate marketing. And so I literally just started owning it, you know, I'm here to help them. I'm not necessarily here only to shove Legendary Marketer down their throat. I am here to help people. And that's what I say in my videos. I say it on every live I address, all kinds of different ways to make money online. Sometimes I can help people. Sometimes they're like, Wow, it's so interesting, but it's not for me, and it's like that's awesome. Did you learn something today? You know? That was the biggest thing this month, I reconnected with people. And it has changed everything. I mean, I already had the mindset of I'm not in it for the money. Yes, the money is great. And that's awesome. And I you know, that was a big driving point for me to start with.

Lori: But they told me you're going like my business plan advisor Bonnie, she's like, you're going to be coaching you're going I'm like, right you know that's not me and that's what I'm doing. And that's not just with Legendary Marketer in affiliate marketing. 

Dave: And she's on. She says hello.

Lori: I love her. She was great. And it was really exciting. And I literally am spinning. Time on every live you know people are sending me direct direct messages that you know you're and I can't believe how much you're helping and this is great and a lot of them are signing up in a lot of them are just like wow you took that time to explain this to me and knowing are not going to buy and you still went out on and and helped me so it was that for me is worth everything. You know and the fact that the money is following that? That's just the icing on the cake

Dave: It will continue to, you have had the shift. And yeah. The shift is where you step just really into your best version of your future self. Okay and the reason why I say future self is because a lot of times you don’t believe it yet, like you aren’t fully convinced that you’re a Legendary badass but you’re going to act like it. I like it because you have to act yourself into a new way of thinking. You cannot sit around, think yourself into a new way of acting. For those, I would understand what I just said. But if you're more analytical, let me explain what I've meant. Everybody has their own version of imposter syndrome. And for most people who come into this industry, meaning that they want to start any sort of online business but in particular affiliate marketing or selling their own courses, coaching or event. What we teach you they're playing to the imposter syndrome syndrome and the biggest thing that holds them back is right between these six inches you know, it's about 12 I don't know, cubic inches I whatever the space is that holds that thing called a brain is the danger zone and that's my problem. It's our problems as human beings, it's not the business model, it's not the techniques or the strategies. It's not our phones. These things although can be Scary. They are friends. They give us more power and potential than we've ever had as individuals to make money and build a business, but it's right here. We feel scared. We feel like we're not real. We feel like who is going to want to think or listen to me. We think as you said, Bonnie said, you're going to be coaching you're going to be kicking I've seen it. I feel it. You're like yeah, right. We can't See that vision for ourselves because We don't know what we don't know. We don't know what we've not experienced yet, And so in Instead, we do this because transforming self is the hardest thing that a person will ever do. We jump from external solutions like the new business model, the new guru, the new hot this or that Facebook scrolling and then I'm into a new webinar funnel and then I'm buying a new thing. Here I'm going to start doing Amazon or drop shipping or whatever it is. But you've leaned in to be consistent, and although you were hungry at the beginning you had your own version of imposter syndrome. It was, shutts what we all do, which is will people really take me seriously?. Can I really do this? Can I be valuable? Can I deliver knowledge and actually, and I saw that you struggled with that and you stuck around long enough to have, it is not a breakdown but a breakthrough to where suddenly, not only things start to transform externally, and yes, it was a training or a technique. We can talk more about that in a second. But it was not leaving before the miracle happened. Because your biggest breakthroughs will happen right before you feel like you're having a breakdown. And I saw you a couple of times because we communicate. Having breakdowns, meaningful break depths, can I do this, I'm frustrated, I've not you know made any money this month, etc. And you leaned in and stuck with us. I want to first applaud you. And I second want to spell it out for everybody that the lorry today is not the lorry of two months ago. of three months ago. So for you folks who think that this has to take forever for you to step into your biggest bossiest badass Legendary self and start kicking ass and taking names? It doesn't. I give you full permission to do that shit. Today, nobody takes that permission or not is completely up to you. But I give everyone permission to do that, right? Because maybe you're waiting on somebody else to give you permission. Well, you've got it now you have to give yourself permission but Laurie does that feel like it fits for you what I just said?

Lori: Absolutely, absolutely. It's just like you said it's a shift and it's like, man, I felt it. It is literally night and day differen’t. And it's a lot of it is just being more comfortable in really truly, I mean I was giving my authentic self before this, but there was just the seed of doubt that you know why is it not growing? Why is it? Why am I stuck here? Those are just getting through that and knowing, totally knowing that I knew it wasn't going to happen overnight. I've been a business owner before. Before I was in my business for 23 years at my management job. That first year I made like two and a half dollars, two and a half dollars an hour compared to what I was making, you know in my real manage my job and that first year was awful and the fact I'm making what I am now, in that first year then I'm still learning all this stuff.

Dave: You’ve still got a full time job.

Lori: Yeah, I'm working roughly 50 hours a week and, you know, I've come home and I've got five cats at my house. Three of them are mine and two of them are my daughters and I don't ,you know my kids aren't here but five cats are pretty demanding too you know? And a dog he's just there to stir. Stir the cats up. 

Dave: Yeah, I think that sometimes we get a little because a lot of people say and I want to tell you like, people are like, I'm watching your videos all the time and people are always saying I love you Lori. Because all the time you're consistently helpful and love the Lord. I mean how did that feel? From going unknown and being that consumer, that watcher, that viewer to now being somebody who people are like, yeah, I recognize her stuff. I love her stuff. That's really helpful. She's awesome.

Lori: So it's mind blowing, but also along with those comments you get the haters.

Dave: You get the hairs, right? But you blew those off just a second ago like I heard you and you were like you which was really cool because two things stuck out. First of all you you you I can tell that you've now transformed from being an affiliate of a single company. Whether it be Legendary or any other company to be in business owner and Laurie incorporated. It's not that you're not an employee, you're not an affiliate of one company. You are Laurie incorporated and you have, your main product is the value you deliver on your platforms and then your email list though the things that where you make your money is after you deliver your product which is your value and your support and your encouragement or training you then can recommend other things back here that people can go in, learn more and go deeper in things that you recommend in this might be a fit or this might be a fit or my coaching might be a fit. That was one shift that I noticed just a second ago. The other shift was yeah, you said there's going to be soma haters and that used to drive you crazy and be so time consuming for you. What's changed?

Laurie: A lot. You and Matt have helped that change hugely as well as knowing just that it works you know, and being able to To live through that change and know that I’m helping. And seeing the people saying thank you, thank you, thank you. And the haters, and it's like, just tune them out. You know they are dealing with their shit, let them deal with it that's not yours. You know what, they're projecting their shit onto you. I mean that's their journey and their issues. They're voices coming from what's within them. Not so much what I'm doing and what I'm saying. But they're crap and they're just they need someplace to put that.

Dave:  Not gonna I'm not gonna be there garbage today, right? And I want you guys to think about that today. They’re like dogs. Some have rabies. That same way as people on the air rabies, some have, you know, upset stomachs and they're spewing diarrhea all over the place. Some are throwing up. You know, there's some healthy ones. Sure. There's some laid back and lazy ones. There's some encouraging you know, like there's some manic ones and some exciting ones. But you know what? You ain't shitting on me today like I'm not going to collect your shit and that's I think how you can comment and you can do what the platform allows you to do, but I'm not going to allow that shit to, I'm not going to open up for that to go down into my system and that's a hard thing to do at first. I don't want to minimize, but when we start getting a little bit of momentum and you see those comments in that hate start rolling in, we're scammers or whatever you’re promoting, every niche you're in, there's always going to be skeptics because people are now actually skeptical because They feel like they've been burned and you know, building trust is something that takes time. So people are not automatically going to trust you. So they're going to be skeptical and then they're having a bad day. They're gonna go on the internet. Like the good thing about driving in a car is that when somebody has road rage, they may have their windows up and you can't hear them. But you know you can't hear them on the internet. They can read every lie and just mean shit because people are mean and it takes a special sort of conditioning of your skin to thicken it up and also set sort of boundaries, I'm not going to take on your shit today. Block, delete, respond to some. It's always important to respond to some so you can see that you, you know, can rise above and yeah or take things with humor or allow the good and the bad. I actually think that’s a good thing. I see the shift. Any other nuggets or mindset tips you give people for just dealing with strangers and weirdos online?

Lori: Block is your best friend. It has been trying to, like you said, trying to respond to them kind of feeling out how bad it's going to be, the direction of the conversation will go on a public platform because I don't want it to go to a place where I'm looking like I'm having to defend myself or the product I'm promoting, but I also don't want to just let it stay there and let other people feed off of that, you know, and make it bigger than it is when I think I'm seeing some of that with this program. Afew haters out there are very vocal. On their lives and then on their posts, and people are buying into that shit and it's it's you know, that's when I realized I need to address that kind of thing. It needs to be addressed. It's not it's not going to go away but neither am I going to take it in and shiver in my boots. So yeah, and that was a shift for me. 

Dave: So right Right, right. Yeah, it's like some people you know, I'm honestly in some respect for the content that's being put out there in the ultimate target of people's you know, the people's, whatever, their skepticism, dislike, hate, distrust, whatever it is, you know. Maybe I can't say that because I've often I think a lot of times I also hear and see online that will I will like the company but how you're promoting is the problem how you’re promoting it. You know, so there's a variation of different things. complaints or or kind gripes that people have. People have but at the end of the day here what I learned from Donald Trump. And you know, I'm not a big political guy, honestly. And quite frankly, you know, I'm not a big fan of his. Or really any other politician to just be really frank with you. So I'm going to say this objectively but what I learned from him is that really any advertising in people talking about you is good. You know and we’ve heard that before but I really saw that, you know, I saw that kind of transformation with him, good or bad marketing can be good. If you use it cool. All right. For me People talk like shit and try to put our company down or what we're doing, I would have to make a decision on how much time do I want to spend on that person? And and most of the time I think at least where I'm at in my career now, I choose, I might even get fired up like I'm going to do something and I'm going to respond And turn it in into a plot twist and You know, try to start to plot a little bit, but then I'm just like I’ve got other shit to do.

Lori: Exactly.

Dave: I legitimately do have time. Well, I might get a little fired up or whatever. Then I actually just realized how much other shit I have to do and I'm like, I just don't have time. So in many, many times, I just don't get to it then it just is not as important tomorrow. Yeah, yeah yeah And in another way that I look at it again, going back to the Trump comment is that I just kind of look at good press or bad press it’s all press. Like if you're not doing too, Grant Cardones says this all the time. Other folks say this,  If you're not stirring the pot. you don't have people talking about you whether they're one liking, loving you or hating you If they're lukewarm about If there's just you know, if they’re apathetic towards you. Then you know what?

Lori: You need to stir shit up?

Dave: You're not making as much money or as much of an impact. You're not polarizing people enough. And I, you know, I really I really find that to be a helpful way to look at it, it just helps me to kind of not take everything on personally, anyway that's how I tend to view those types of things, any other thoughts or comments around dealing with haters or just dealing with these, the other thing is dealing, when you start to go live more often there’s More people in your audience. There's more things to do. How do you balance  where you put your focus, especially when you have another full time job? Are you balanced responding to comments or responding to DMs or writing your email for that day you're creating content. How do you actually find what is the priority for me today and even more importantly right now?

Lori:  Because I work full time I try to take advantage of every break I have at work every you know anytime I can get away from my actual work to respond as they're coming in, if at all possible. If it goes viral like some of them have, that's just not possible. But I will try to respond as they're coming in so we don't get And there's, you know, 60, 70, 80 people I need to be responding to. Sometimes It works. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I can feed the animals sit down and start responding to the comments and the DMS and then all of a sudden it's 10 o'clock at night and I didn't eat dinner tonight. You know, I do what I can. I tried to go through the car And if if they're comments are really pertinent those are the ones that I'm going to answer first. I tried to do a chronological order. The reason I try to do it chronological is because otherwise I get lost

Dave: Look I, here's my hope for you is that you get so busy that responding to comments now in the near future is something that's impossible for you to do. Yeah that you're that you're creating you're creating new projects and new content new marketing becomes that becomes the excitement and the intrigue and the mystery of how that something new will work and new angles and all becomes the dominating thing on your plate. Yeah, and and when you have when you look at your day to day you become you prioritize creating more and more that up to the top.  And let me give you a practical example of what this would look like in your marketing so I'm doing a video and I might mention in my video or in my lives look I get so many messages each day there's no way for me to respond to them all there's so many there's I get so many comments each day there's no way right when you start to say that here's the psychology. Let me share with everybody if you don't know might be sharing something you know, but people don't want to work with people or follow people who have nothing to do, who are not doing any so what I used to do when I first started was you know, back in 2009 and 2010 Facebooking and all that stuff was not as prevalent. I would actually make a lot of phone calls like I would call a lot of leads, and I didn't get as many leads. So I would ask for the phone number on the landing page and I would call everybody who walked into my landing page and I would say hey, look I don't have a lot of time . I've got an appointment coming up here in five minutes, but I didn’t. You know like I didn't have anything going on? And some might say that's a lot. Yeah, I did. I don't lie today but I did back then, you know, and I said I was busier than I was, you know part of what I was doing was I was trying to ,I'm not I'm not advocating lying I'm just at the very beginning. I was getting lower and lower. I had nothing, I had no money coming in and I was young. And I had to be in look, I had to overcompensate because not only was I immature, but I also was young so people didn't trust me as much because I so young so I was overcompensating in ways I wouldn’t do anymore but I wasn’t intentionally trying to hurt anybody I don't think karma came out to really get me I didn't become really busy. I did become busy, my schedule did become busy. As Kurt said, I was acting as if. And and then eventually yeah, like I said I did have people my calendar did fill up but I would still call people who say look, I wanted to just reach out for a lot of time I have other things I need to get to other people that I need to get back to and that you know giving off that energy, versus giving off the energy of I have absolutely nothing going on. And sure, I'm here to do anything for you, as long as I can sit here and direct messages and go back and forth and any endeavor receptacle question that you have and offer a full overview of what's being sold and explained in a video I'm also about to go show you, to give you a full preview of that video right. The person who's willing to do that or puts off that energy is going to be a little less attractive than the person who was a lot busier, think about an attorney. If your life's on the luck of somebody saying you murdered somebody. Do you want the guy who's got no clients who's got no experience, or do you want the guy who's busy as hell hard to reach everybody knows and he or she is the top dog in their industry. They're expensive as shit. You might not know if you’d be able to get them. There's a I think there's an aura that I also There's that, that level business that I wish for you and everybody here on this call. There's also a boundary that I am not sitting here waiting for your direct message. I got a fucking life. I am not sitting here waiting for you to know over there in Vermont or wherever you're at or down the road I don't give a shit who's sitting here looking at my video or what I'm doing online. It is like a method. It seems he's not waiting for that guy just so I can sit here and explain myself. Right so there's also that having boundaries with my time and I'm just not going to be here for your every need. I'm here to deliver value on my terms, right and I'll be fair to you And I'll over deliver when I'm in the mode of delivering but when i'm not, I may not ever get back to you.

Lori:  I Make sure to Let people know that I'll get back to you as soon as I can. It may not be you know right away, but I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I'm working a full time job and I’ve got a lot of comments and a lot of emails and I've got a business to run but I  will get back to you as soon as they can. 

Dave: Robert Doyle. What's up, Robert? I see you. He says just say you have a very important meeting you cannot miss. That might be a meeting with your computer but it's still a meeting.

Lori: Or my five cats here.

Dave: Yes, I have a meeting that I need to get into with five other individuals In five minutes. Bonnie says boundaries are key. A lot of our folks inside of our company here who we're working with clients and students and helping them through the challenge and helping them decide if they want to go through the 15 day challenge. Take this more seriously, more accountability is talking to dozens if not multiple, dozens of people per day and we work on that. A lot. You know, it's never Something that we ever perfect. It's not something that we even strive for. We're always going to feel a little bit off, so we don't strive for perfect balance. We strive for boundaries and managing a calendar and putting the people who we feel are deserving of our time as highest priority. How do you become deserving of my time? Has nothing to do with who you are or what you look like, ithas to do with the level of effort that you put into things and the respect that you have for my craft in what I'm doing. I look at my marketing as art. So if you're going to spit on by painting, I'm not going to be as nice with you. I'm going to say stop spitting on my painting, dude, you know, asshole. Block delete or just whatever. But yeah, boundaries, boundaries, boundaries. What else has been important for you over the last 35 days and with your growth here in this last season?

Lori: I would say that the biggest shift was having the traffic, you gotta have the traffic coming through. Otherwise, you're not getting anywhere. The traffic is the biggest change and the going live consistently. With having that Traffic because that is giving you a much larger live audience whereas before I was getting, you know a handful, maybe of people coming on my lights maybe if I was lucky. And of those handfuls, I had a seven year old, a 13 year old and a 16 year old.  I don't have that anymore. So I Have fun Already leads on everyone. In life, I'm not saying that there aren't some people who come in here skeptical and they’re gonna give me crap anyway but it's a totally different audience and it's because I have the traffic and because they're coming back to learn what I have to say, and you can ask me really great questions. And some almost all of it has to do with affiliate marketing, but I also because I am putting those posts about other side hustles I do address them as well.  I make it known that I don't do every side hustle that I'm showing you. I am literally showing this. You know, my whole point of this new account is to show people how to make money online and you know, open their minds to think outside the box. People are wanting to spend money and you know with affiliate marketing if you don't have money and or affiliate marketing is not for you. print on demand is it. That's you may not earn as much that way. It may be totally different, but if you're creative or whatever, that could be a great way for you to learn, earn money online and yeah, I can show you a little bit about it, you know.

Dave: Getting some directions I can at least I can at least I can at least give the terminology of what it is so you can go do your research yourself in, I don't don't really understand the challenge that people have with with marketers who in this day and age are using the multiple side hustle kind of angle, as a there's a, why would anybody see that as a problem? I I'm going out TikTok Facebook, YouTube Instagram and I'm saying Look built an online business this is the business model I use however in this may be for you if you want to make money online, maybe affiliate marketing is for you as well if it is, this is a training I took it really helped, check it out. And there's other business models out there like print on demand, let me tell you about that one. It may be for you, it wasn't for me, but it might be worth checking out in your research or becoming a copywriter or doing gigs on Fiverr, or whatever it is, right? Going out and running for ads on Facebook prospecting local attorneys, plumbers, contractors and saying hey we'll handle your marketing for 2000 a month for we'll do it for free the first month and see if It works out just that one too. Okay, here's how to get your first client. It's your first time doing a testimonial which will then snowball into more clients. Go to five contractors, roofers, electricians per day and say my price. I charge 2000 a month but I'll do yours for free for the first month. If you love it on that 30 day mark. I'll take your credit card information today,  you can cancel and tell me that you don't want to continue, but I'll do the first month for free. All right, getting that tip alone could spark an idea for somebody even though that's not what I'm doing. Because I'm a marketer and because I think like a marketer because I develop the mindset of sales, of marketing, and of turning nothing into something right because that’s entrepreneurship. I have the ability to look at other things, even if I don't do them and act as a consultant, if I did do them this is how I would go about it. There's nothing wrong with that and if you need you can clip this part of this video out and download it from YouTube. You have my permission to use it. There's nothing wrong. Step into if that's the angle. Yeah good Golden Nugget. It's damn sure. Stop being scared of what other people think and start Looking at yourself as somebody who can help any business grow. My job is to pull people in the right direction and As you said, open their minds to the possibility of scrolling on TikTok and just consuming only waiting and dreading to go answer to a boss that you hate day after day, okay? is not the only way to live.

Lori: Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. And that's I mean, I'm getting people that are doing that. I have people that are reaching out to me and, you know, a young woman that has just got her LPC. She's going to be a licensed counselor, a therapist, and she's like, how do I? How do I even start? It seems like okay, I'm in the mental healthcare industry I can tell you, I shifted to that and I'm like, I know this is what we did when we had this new therapist come in. Come on and you know, I walked through some of the things he said I knew from my my day you know, and she's like, oh, and I didn't even think of that. And I'm like, you know, that had nothing to do with affiliate marketing, but I was able to pull affiliate marketing into it a little bit in how you're going to market your therapy to get your name out there and you know, and we talked a little bit about that, but It was actually pretty exciting to be able to help a young, new professional into what she had just been trained however many years to do, to help give her ideas to launch for her to be a great confidence builder. 

Dave: These professions and trade schools, all right, whether it be a college or trade school, the traditional ones teach you how to do this thing after you get the client. They teach you nothing about how to get clients. Let me walk that back a little bit. There's traditional ways like going to network meetings,  joining the chamber congress but something happened in 2020. This little thing that made everybody to where they actually couldn't even leave their houses coming into contact with other human beings. So they were all whether they had counseling therapy. Matter of fact, my therapist transitioned to zoom meetings. In person meetings to phone meetings. My couples coach for my wife and therapists transition to zoom meetings so that she already had clients. He already had us as clients. Those two people in his life. What if what if they didn't? What if you were a new therapist or counselor like you said? So the point is, is these strategies that we're learning and use I've always called them transferable skills, right transferable skills because they work in any industry and one of the reasons why I have now after over a decade of doing marketing the way that I have, I have all kinds of people in my life which I'm not saying I'm a fan of because they're just looking for free advice. But they are asking me Hey, I'm just starting a new business. Let's get together and have lunch. I'm like yeah, I can't be sorry but you know, you're a friend. I've been a friend for many years, call me on Friday at 2pm and we'll talk for 15 minutes and tell me what you're doing and I'll see if I can help. Because I feel like I was given this gift. This is how I choose to view it Lori, I was given this gift back in 2009, when I was working construction and grateful for what I did with my dad but I was really looking for something new or different. I didn't have a degree. I had some felonies from my years and addiction. So I couldn't even get a job at a you know many companies, you know because I had to check that off you know, are you a felon and you know. I feel so great. A light came upon this information, you know, and I studied and I became a student and I put all that effort and energy that I would have put into a trade school or put into a college. If I had gone a traditional route. I learned a skill or transferable skill now that's paid me 1000s of times more than I would have ever imagined or ever grown, if I would have gone a traditional route. So I feel like I have this treasure of knowledge and my hope every one of you understands the power of the knowledge that you have it just the simple idea of building a traffic source in a funnel that collects email so you can follow up with people or you to go and hand out business one of the biggest shifts with. Here's another tip, you make a TikTok or Instagram or YouTube video out of one shift that I had. And I've shared this for 10 years and it's always blowing people's minds instead of handing out business cards that no one would ever call. I never got a single call from a magnet that I put on the side of my truck or a business card that I printed out. And when we print out our business cards, we're in business you know, all I think about is what I'm going into business. Let's make a list of what we got to do to start our business. Let's get our website up and print our business cards. Now we're business and then we do that and then it's like You know, and then we hand the card out. And then it's you know, like tumbleweeds, and what I learned to do was when I was early in internet marketing and was struggling getting leads. I would ask for people because I knew how proud a son of a bitch was to hand out their business cards. Yeah, I've got a card in here. Pull out the wallet. All right, I got the card. I'd say Hey, can I add you to my email list? So I can follow up with you about strategies to grow your business. Yeah, no problem. That's cool. So I would take their information, add them to my email list but I would also now have their contact information. So I would call them.

Lori: Smart. Very smart.

Dave: You know, and so I've still got somewhere around here. Honey, do you know where the box of business cards is? Can you get, can you bring that to me real quick. Watch this I it's it's actually sitting right here we have archives of stuff that we used to that we had in our early days.

Lori: Hey, that's my card. No kidding.

Dave: Yeah, I got a few of my business cards in here too, you know business cards that I had printed but I never had, I didn't get to hand out. I got these printed, this was an MLM that I was in and you know I had to get, it was Wow Mobile. This was the company that I ordered the cell phone from that shutdown The company shut down. Literally went out of business and the owner of the company literally disappeared before I got the phone. I spent every dime I had back in 2009, but I was just so infatuated with it. Refer three get yours free. I was going to get Anyways, I'm rambling getting into the old archives like an old grandpa. So anyways, Lorie looks like this has been a pleasure. It's always great to connect with you and I am just proud and excited for you as the journey is just beginning so let's not act like it's over. It's coming to an end. We're like you've got to the top of the mountain you're just beginning to climb. So yeah oh yeah. Good work. And do  you want to give anybody a way to contact you here and talk to you. I didn't have a link to send people here. Just so you know there’s 5 fake accounts out with versions of that exact username. They all have my face, I’m being impersonated now yeah. I must be TikTok famous. There's five fake accounts for me. I blocked them and recorded them and I have five, only six total followers actually, you know that they've actually attracted. I’m the one that's actually active that there's videos on and that's me.

Dave: You are famous, you have made it. You've got impersonators out there. Well hey, have a great weekend. Have a great Friday. Stay Legendary my friend, I'll talk to you soon. 

Lori: That's great. Bye!

Dave: Peace my friend. It's Friday. Have a great day, have a great week. And I don't give many calls to action on the show to buy our stuff but have not proven yet that it's good shit. It's good stuff and you are worth investing in yourself. Right? So take a leap of faith and take a leap of conviction in the idea today, October 1 2021, that you are worth it and that you can do anything if you put your mind to the right information from the right people and the right support inside of the right environment. And with those three magical ingredients, you can know with a sprinkle of grit and determination. You can do anything, you can be any version of yourself that you want to be. The best of the worst. We all have that Every day and I believe Each one of you has the desire to be your best self. You're here and you don't need Get a motivational talk. That's why I don't do that often. You're already motivated. You just need the encouragement and the knowledge and then the follow through to put it into action and Lorie is a great example of what that looks like so go follow her to make money with Lorie on tik tok. Connect with her, learn from her model, what she's doing. My friends We'll see you back here on Monday for another episode of Wake Up Legendary.