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Dave: What's going on my friends. This is Dave Sharpe, Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. And Happy Monday this morning we have a returning guest. All right, somebody who has shared a bit of their money on a previous episode and is back to share. As we've titled this show, a full time physical fitness mom finds the secret to a profitable online business. So if you're watching this, show us some love, you know, let us know that there's life out there. And if you're listening to the replay, then feel free to interact with us live. Alright, with that being said, Sarah, welcome to the show.

Sarah: Good morning

Dave:  Welcome back to the show. 

Sarah: Thanks. 

Dave: Yeah. So when were you the first time? Do you remember? 

Sarah: Roughly sometime in July? So three months ago, two months ago?

Dave: Okay, nice. So you actually took my invitation to come back every few months and keep us updated on your journey, which I'd say often. So awesome. What's changed in the last three months?

Sarah: Well, obviously, I've made more money. Businesses going good in the title, you know, I still work full time. So I'm just now kind of getting around to scaling my business, going back and reviewing. I'm just ready to do more, you know, I'm ready to take my business farther. And I'm just, I'm just now getting there. I did. The first three months took the advice of just doing one thing, and now it's time.

Dave: Well, awesome. What? What's the biggest learning lesson that you've had or a thing that you are like, wow, you know, this is different from my first few months now that you're How long? About six or nine months, like fully into this?

Sarah: I’ve been doing this since May so five months.

Dave: Okay, so what do you know, in five months that you did, like two or three that you feel like made a significant difference in how you sort of approach things.

Sarah: Um, there's several things, I guess, consistency and rolling with the punches. So my first TikTok that I had going was rolling, doing great. And then it just got shadow banned, they got shut down. And so I went through like a few days of like this, oh, is my business over like, Am I done? And then, you know, I just kind of had to pick up the basis and I started all over with a new following anyways, not with new techniques. So I just kind of had to roll with that, you know, my business didn't end I just had to innovate and do something new and, and start that over again. And then again, what I learned at the very beginning, dedication and consistency, and really just helping people you know, my when I go live on my TikTok or when I make videos. I think people respond to other people who are just real. They don't, I don't like people who want to see, you know, flashy things. And I did this and I did this. I'm just a regular person, like most of the people who are on tik tok that follow me are and I took this course and I learned this skill, and it's long on how much it's worked for me. So that's what I'm sticking to.

Dave: Is Legendary Marketer the only training that you've ever had?

Sarah: Yes, yes. I mean, I've looked at some other things, but really, it all comes back to what You taught me or what legendary taught me through the course. And then I did the blueprints, I have the blueprints, I'm actually in the process of going back through some of that and relearning because there's just so much information there. I tell people all the time when they ask me about the blueprints, you know, is it worth it? It's way worth it for me because every Thursday I get more education, I can go back and watch the blueprints anytime I want. You know, it's like, something I can continuously pull from to educate myself more to do more with.

Dave: So there's been significant ROI on that investment too, just to be clear, right? So it's much stuff for you, there's actually been a return on investment money, monetary commission's money in the bank now, right?

Sarah: When my business plan advisor helped me make my goals like I'm sure everybody does. And when I look at that sheet of paper, now that I wrote my goals on, I think my long term goal was to make $3,000 by the end of July. And I totally blew that out of the water. And so sometimes, as I'm sure many people say, people don't want to spend any money to make money, they don't want to put forth any type of investment. But when I think about my investment in the blueprints, I think I could have probably made that investment three times. And, you know, it's still worth it to me, because the training and education is constant, it's always learning from it.

Dave: Yeah. And it's different, at least for me, like a college education, for example, because it's specific. So it's like a trade education, like what we're doing here is almost like trade school, which I think personally, is better than a general like business degree or a general marketing degree from college, I think if you're going to be a heart surgeon, there's only one way to be that, which is you got to go through the traditional system and get those licenses and those degrees and so forth, those letters behind your name and do that, that internship or residency. But if you're going to go to college, just to just to kind of, you know, just to just to fill time, I guess, if you will, and you don't really know what you want, it's almost better to take an online course, or it's better to take something that is not going to cost you 40, 50, 60, $80,000 and spend four years of your time. And I'm thinking of somebody specifically right now who, you know, got a master's degree in literally doesn't have a job, it's a generalized master's degree in business and marketing does can't get a job doesn't have a job is is is is literally settling for telemarketing jobs and working as like a secretary and stuff like that. And there's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with that, that an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. But what's wrong with that is that she's got $80,000 in student loan debt. And she's been waiting four to six years to get into the workforce. So for me, it's, it's, I guess, I like to try to have empathy and compassion for people who are freebie seeking. But I also like to try to give them a different perspective . What are your alternatives? What other plan do you have? What else do you have lined up? And you interestingly enough, have both of those perspectives being an RN? Or is that what you are a nurse?

Sarah: I do physical therapy. 

Dave: Okay so, you're a physical therapist, and you have an education that is more specific. But then you took an online course, which took you a couple of weeks, and then you are doing some continued education and got right into the workforce. I mean, isn't it isn't it incredible?

It's almost like I don't mean I don't mean to discredit my degree. You know, I don't mean that at the end. I went to school and got my degree, like I was supposed to, you know, I did it. 

Dave: You were a good little girl.  good little girl. Exactly what they told me. I was a bad little boy, I didn't do exactly what I was supposed to, I took a hard left.

Sarah: And I do like my career. That's another thing. There's so many people who do this because they're trying to escape their nine to five. I'm not necessarily trying to escape that. I'm just saying, I'm 35. I've been working at my job for you know, right at 14 years now. I can't do that physical job for the rest of my life. I don't feel like or do I really want to, you know, or, or I come from the perspective of a family. I have a husband and two kids. I give the best of myself, to the people I work with all day. You know, so when I go online business, I can work when I want to. I'm not wearing myself out physically. And in the time I've been doing affiliate marketing, but get back to continue to do what I've done. And I will double my salary at my number, just in one to two hours a day doing this on the side, like, and I'll just be really honest, because I just went and said that honesty is what I go with. You know, my daughter had a softball tournament in Chattanooga this weekend. I went maybe 30 minutes to an hour total Saturday and Sunday to my business, and I still made money, you know, when I had to take off from another job. So it's just this, it's this whole phenomenon that my mind has been open to about passive income and letting you know, your business works for you. And you're not even there. I tell people all the time, the 15 day business builder challenge, it obviously taught me about an online business and affiliate marketing. But my mindset was shifted to something I never even knew was out there. It's just opened my eyes to all

Dave: I can't imagine because in my city, which is a little bit like Tampa, Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg is a little bit more, I guess, technologically progressive, right? Then then most of Tennessee minus maybe Nashville, right. But I, but I still literally no, five, to 10 internet marketers in, like, around in my city, I can imagine that the idea of working online and the idea of, you know, having an online business is quite a foreign concept to most of your friends and family. Is that right? And how have you dealt with that?

Sarah: Definitely. Well, how I dealt with it at first was I kept it a complete secret. I didn't tell anybody, you know, obviously my husband knew and, and I have a 12 year old daughter and she's on tik tok. And she was humiliated at first, but she's not now. I really didn't tell anybody, I did just start a Facebook organic, like a Facebook page. Probably about a month or two ago, because it's legit. I'm making money. And I'm not just making like, a little bit of, I've made significant money, you know, so now I tell people about it. But it's still completely foreign to them. They all want to go or not all I shouldn't say that. They want to say Oh, so you're in a pyramid scheme? And I'm like, No, no, no. And oh, it's an MLM. And I got to tell you that MLM is what I would run from, I just don't want to market to my family and friends, you know. So that's not what I'm trying to do. And that's, I'm not going to talk to anybody about it unless they bring it up to me personally.

Dave: That's unfortunate, because I was going to roll out a new marketing training that was all about how to pitch your friends and family and I'm disappointed that you won’t be taking that. How do we slam dunk your grandma in the business?

Sarah: Right?

Dave: Yeah. Okay, I'll table that at the next training meeting. A little bit, a little bit down the road. But no, I get it. I mean, I've been through that I joked about that last week with somebody. And yeah, I just had a thought and I wanted to speak so clearly, and so directly and so bluntly, you want to know how to enroll like mentally to get the support of your children from your spouse or whatever? Make Money, make money, right? I mean, like, it is so fascinating to me, like, do you want to know how to win friends and influence people more than any other way? It's to give them money? The truth is, man, I mean, you can be the nicest person you can be, you can treat somebody with the utmost respect and you can walk away often, they will still say, Well, good for them for talking behind your back, basically, you know what I mean? Just have some snide remark, but I tell you what, you put a $20 bill in somebody's hands, or you buy him dinner, and you are the night. Bless you. I'm sure you hear that. God bless her. Our Lord is working through her, you know that mean? And it's just, it's just fascinating. I mean, I heard that and I was mad at first like when I was first getting started, because I wasn't making any money and my wife was like, totally like, just kind of fearful that I was just wasting time and we had bills to pay and you know people that I was listening to her like and just just just you know what? You're absolutely influencing your spouse, your wife more than anything. Get that first check, put money in put pay, you know, be able to pay a bill make money so you can and I'm telling you I would get so mad because I was like, there was a guy Gotta be a something I can say or give me something because I'm not making money and you know what? It until I started I mean she she became more positive because she wanted to support my dream But I'll tell you what when I when I was able to go in pay my rent my half of the rent you know i don't know if you remember those days right back you know you had before you were married right? And you were splitting dinners and splitting rent and stuff like that and you know, separate finances. Well, I came to the table with money from my business to pay my part of the bills and then in that, I'll tell you what, really, when now then all of a sudden, I can pay her half. With money from my business, I'm gonna take some brownie points for four years living on some of the brownie points from back then, like still riding that way by cashing them in every now and then you know what I mean? It's incredible. And I don't mean to be dead. I don't mean to be insensitive to those of you who are not making money yet and you feel like well, Dave, just give me the secret magic line that I can say to my spot. And you know, just, just don't quit until you make money until you can take your parents out to dinner, and pay for them. Until you can buy your mom a car until you buy it but again, it starts with just buying them dinners. Matter of fact, my mom came back to town from North Carolina. She traveled back and forth last night, first night in town, called her up, took her and took her and my stepdad out for dinner.

Sarah: Hey, there you go. That's the way to my heart, just buy me food that's that's it?

Dave: Yeah, I know. I know. I mean you fellas out there who were like younger and you're trying to you know pick up chicks whether you're trying to find your soul mate or just, you know, find your one night stand. It's like, man, just you know, if you can just if you can just pay for dinner time. It's like just starting there. You know, just be that guy who takes the girl out in his like, looks at the bins you know, gets out and starts inspecting the bill. Just break down how much your half is. Don't be that guy. You know, right? I'm on a complete and total tangent right now.

Sarah: I'm with you though. Yeah,

Dave: I mean, can we just be honest? To Stop bullshitting people you know what I mean? I mean there's all this like you know, it's just just don't quit until you can make money so what are some of the other things that have happened that we can in your life that have been aha moments or that have sort of you know, you now see your future as different as it is it vacations is it money for investments or retirement is it what other things have changed for you now that you are bringing in some extra dough and have the potential to bring in much more?

Sarah: A lot of things so when I started it's because we had a family vacation coming up and we needed extra money that was that was my first thing when we do that i don't i don't mean that to sound cocky or arrogant, but that that was handled that we did that we've actually planned another vacation for February we're we like to travel I'd rather have an experience of birthing any day so but actually right now and the reason that this is the only shot that you're going to see is me. My husband and I bought our dream home. We just kind of came about and I say often we could have bought the house without my extra income. We could have squeaked in there, you know what I mean? Yeah, but we're getting all new furniture, we're new washer and dryer and I'm not even. I don't mean to say I'm not worried about it. I think a part of me will always be concerned about the money at the end. But it's there, it's there. And then actually what I'm doing now when you asked if I did any other courses on affiliate marketing, what I'm looking into now is more of investing out I really want to learn that I went into the wealth niche because money has always intrigued me how it how it works and grows and you say that and I'm a saver I'm seeing now that I've got some money not well, I've got more money than I've ever had in my savings account and I'm ready for it to grow. It's changed every aspect of my life honestly, and I don't mean money can buy happiness , that's not true. Well, I'm not happier because I have money.

Dave: But you would rather sit around and cry in your dream home than in not crying in your dream home. Right?

Sarah: I mean, money buys a little bit of Happiness, money buys a little bit of happiness, it makes things a lot easier. That's what I was about to saddle. Yeah, I'm not happier because I have money. But we spent that weekend in Chattanooga a lot easier, because I wasn't worried. You know?

Dave: I look, I mean, here's, here's the, here's the truth. My truth is that money, debt, Money makes the quality of your life better Money makes you have less stress. And me the opposite of stress, and fear is happiness and lightness in freedom. And I just, I think that part of the money, like some of you who have limiting beliefs around money, and I did too, need to take a good look at some of the things that we say to ourselves. Like, you know, well, you know, we don't have much, but we're, you know, what we, you know, money does, money doesn't buy happiness, but we, and I was just talking about gratitude, having gratitude and thankfulness with my daughter this morning, because every single homeless person that she sees she wants to give money to, you know what I mean? And so I'm like, Well, you know, you know, how can I help her to understand that, that we don't have to give money to every single person that we see. But we can allow that to be something that makes us feel thankful for what we have. And that can be another way of being a good citizen, a good person, right? But she does man, she leaves and she pulls up. She said, Daddy, give me some money, give me money. She wants to roll that window down. And she is a precious sweet little empathetic person. That is like the truth. But I think that for a lot of us, my point was, is taking a real good look at the things that we say to ourselves about money, that enable us to, to quit, right? Like, well, if it doesn't work out, money doesn't buy happiness again. That ‘s how I use these little slogans in my life, each one has to have self awareness and take a good honest look at that. But how do I use these little slogans in these little sayings that I likely grew up with hearing? How am I letting my poverty-ridden family members? My fight? You know, a lot of us grew up in homes that had parents with lots of credit card debt, or lots of poverty around us, or what are we still playing those same songs that they had playing doesn't mean that we love them less, doesn't mean that we're not grateful for what they did for us and gave us and taught us, but in terms of money, are we allowing their same sound tracks to play inside of our head, and to enable us to quit, that's kind of the point that I'm trying to make.

Sarah: I get it. And I do. I grew up in a home similar to that. I've loving parents who are awesome and wonderful. They were skeptical that whenever I told them about what I was doing, and a part of me just wanted to not say I would never say it, but it's almost like people want you to repeat the same mistakes they made. Or they don't, they don't want to embrace anything new because it's so different from what you've been told to do, like we talked about earlier, go into college, get a degree, work 50 years, you know, it's so different from that. But somebody the other day speaking on what your daughter said, they told me I was lucky for the money I've made online they called me lucky. And I mean maybe some of it has been a little bit of luck. Like maybe you know, I had a good sales call or whatever. But there's, there's it's really I did the job. You know, I took the training, I applaud it. I've committed to learning every day. I'm committed to my business. I don't really think there's always a little bit of luck there, but I'm also doing it you know, and I'm making my business work for me. 

Dave: You've done the job. And there may be a little bit of luck that's involved in it. And that's fair, I think we all know, luck to me is opportunity and opportunity and preparation, meet each other. So you did the preparation and opportunity for me for 2021. A lot of people who have put in the hard work, or said yes, this year, have been able to take advantage of some of the opportunities of everybody staying at home and coming online. Right? Are they lucky? I guess maybe? Or are you just mad that you didn't do that? That, you know, I always always get a kick out of people who, you know, hate the rich. It's like, Well, do you really hate them? Or do you? Are you just mad that you're not rich? I mean, if let's just be honest, and let's stop. You know, it's like a lot of these things that we say, only hurt us. Like just like you you're when somebody calls you lucky. Could you lose sleep over it? Were you just all? It's kind of funny, right?

Sarah: Yeah. I mean, I thought about it over and over. Because I'm not very quick. I'm not quick to come back at somebody, I can think about it later be like, Oh, that's what I should have said, you know, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, either. But I thought about it like Lucky, lucky. They didn't take the course, they didn't do the training. They didn't get up at 5am to make content. Like, I've made sacrifices. I didn't just say something somebody on my blog said the other day, so I paid $7. And I just started making money. I was like, No, no, no, you've really got to learn something, and you really have to apply it. But the thing is, is that then you've got that, like, I've got the knowledge you don't, I did learn that in school, nobody can ever take your education from, you know, that is mine. I'm the owner of my knowledge. And so, like, what I would tell people, if you want to be lucky to go learn something, you know, and then go put it into action. Yeah, you got to have some action behind that, or it's never going to come into fruition.

Dave: Yeah. Yeah, I think there's, I think that there is a way to be that there's a way to be confident about it, and actually build self esteem. I mean, what a lot of you are hearing me speaking and saying is this is self esteem and confidence that I've built over a long period of time of doing what I know other people are not willing to do. It's not a mystery to me, I'm not wondering about it. I've sacrificed more Fridays than anybody but I know I've sacrificed and worked on weekends more than anybody that I know. I've, you know, I've I've, and it's not that I don't regret it. It's not even something that I'm I, you know, I don't ever bring it up like well, you know, like a bitter person, I'm not mad because it's something that that now has, you know, it pays dividends for me to always pay dividends I've made significant money for in online for for roughly 10 years now. And so it's not just something that is not new to me, this is I started making money in my first year. And I had my first $40,000 month within about 18 months or so at between 18 months and two years. Since the very first my very first beginning. You know that I had other large months leading up to that that were large to me, that was just I remember like, when I had that month, I was like okay, I'm rich. I was like this is onwards. But no, I know that I really wasn't rich, but you know, I was like I'm rich. I'm, I've got enough money to last me for the rest of my life. I remember thinking but man, I mean, you know, that all came from a lot of hard work. It came from a lot of dedication. And my point is, self esteem is the foundation of success. And what this business does for you, is if you follow through and stick with it builds self esteem. And what self esteem creates is confidence. And what people follow is confidence because people are generally uncertain, and they're generally full of fear about their own lives, and uncertainty in fear. Are people creating people looking for leadership in looking for confidence? And as we all know, there's a lot of people over history and a lot of people in our society who are confident, con men, right? Con, that's where confidence came from, and who attracts people down bad paths, right? Gangs. All these things are people who do have confidence in can attract people who are uncertain, and who are full of fear. But what confidence does in self esteem does for you as a business person in an online marketer, allows you to speak with certainty, in speak, value in spin, tell stories, and let people know that there's hope for their situation, because you found hope. And what that does is that attracts people to take your recommendations and know like and trust you. And so where does my confidence come from, it doesn't come I didn't, I wasn't born with it. I didn't magically just get it one day, it's come from find meeting challenges, overcoming them, sticking with it, doing what other people are unwilling to do, and then getting results and getting results. When people said that I wouldn't get results. It's all of that stuff has built this foundation of self esteem. Because I've now also overcome my imposter syndrome that I had when I first got when I first started having success too. And when I first got started to now a true, a true confidence that's built from self esteem. And I think that that's why I am being as blunt as I am this morning about look at the things that you're saying, Be honest with yourself, Stop bullshitting yourself about, you know, what it takes to be successful, it doesn't take be getting lucky. It's not about a silver spoons, or somebody handing it to every single person, Sara included that you see on the show is is is self made, they took some I didn't fly to their house, didn't fly to their house and get them out of bed every morning. They took some training, and they applied the training. And then most of all, they overcame, they just didn't quit. That's it, they just didn't quit and they got better over time. And they didn't lie to themselves. I think that is so important. And you've hit on, we've hit on this several times this morning, which is why I'm loving this episode, we have to address our bullshit, we have to stare it in the face. And we have to take a look at the little sayings and the little sound trucks and take full responsibility for our business. And if we are willing to do that, not blaming others and not playing the victim, if we're willing to do that, we'll find that the skills are a lot easier to develop and apply than what I'm talking about. And that's why I'm talking about this as much as I am this morning. Because Sarah, I know for you, you just admitted a moment ago that you need to go back to drinking, you're gonna be constantly evolving your skills. Yes, it's the big thing that you hit on was this mental shift that you had. And for each person, it's going to be a bit of a different mental shift. But for most of us, it really is being honest about what the issue is. And it's always us. It's always us. And that's the only thing that we're ever going to get anything out of. We never get anything out of blaming somebody else. Or taking somebody else's inventory. We only benefit from saying, How can I do better than doing an inventory of ourselves, right? So anyways, I'm ranting, but what comes up for you as I say that?

Sarah: No, I completely agree. I just talked to my daughter last night, she hates Middle School. And I told her, I said you need to change your attitude about it. You know, unless you want to get your GED at 12 years old, and climate or houses and work on h vac systems or plumbing. You need to get a better attitude about it because once your attitude shifts, middle school might not be as bad as you think it is. So like I told the story of three friends. These are my three friends I work with. The first friend said I don't really care what you're doing. I don't want to do it. I can't make videos of myself. I'll work from nine to five. I like my job. And I was like, okay, they brought it up, not me, my second friend, she was like, you know, I kind of want to look into it. I don't know what I do, I think she's probably how most people are about starting an online business, like, the money part sounds good. But they don't know what to do. And then my third trend was kind of like how I was when I started the 15 day business builder challenge. I knew on day two, I was going for it like I'm doing, I'm going for it. And my point was just that first friend that never looks outside the boss, or that never considers doing anything different, is probably never going to make any big changes in her life. I love her, she's a good friend of mine. But until you're willing to say, or do something, I don't love the path My wife is on financially, I need to do something to change it. It's not going to change by going back to your nine to five every day and doing the same thing over and over. It's going to change with action, with training and getting on that training. And, you know, and then when you see results, do more of that, you know, like, I think everybody is saying I'm not a pro at all. But when I make a video, and it gets 40,000 views overnight, like I had a video do last night, that tells me I need to do more of that. That's what you know. So I guess my point is to what you said, the mindset, my mindset shift. That's been the biggest transformation for me. Other than the money, the money is a big one. But I know now, because I have the training. I can do anything, not anything. But like with my online marketing, like you just said you had a $40,000 month when you said that I thought, Oh my gosh, I'll never like I can't imagine that. But when I made those goals five months ago, I never thought I'd have a 20 $500 day. And so that just tells you right there like, you know anybody. If you do this training, and you learn these skills, and you apply it and you can, it can really happen. Like, I'm gonna let you know, when I have $40,000 a month I’ll send you a steak in the mail. I don't know.

Dave: Oh, I would love that I'll cook it right immediately up and probably burn the hell out of it. But I'll eat it anyways. Just to celebrate with you. I you know, it's it's, it's true. It's, there are three different types of people in this world, the people who, who, you know, I think the saying goes the people who? Watch Wait, what, how does it go watch, watch things happen. make things happen, or say What happened? Yeah. Yeah, totally. It's, it's like, they're just, yeah. But I, I you know, what, I respect the person who's just like, Look, I'm just not going to change, you know, because they're, they're honest, you know, I, I struggled for years, with this being like, five minutes late thing. And we worked on it, my, my wife, and I've talked about it over and over again, we've gone we've been brought up and coaching and therapy and everything else. And I'm telling you, man, it's like, it's been like, it's been a problem. But one day, I just said, I'm tired of working on this. I'm done working on it. Like, it's almost 40 years old, I'm done working on it. Like, I don't want to hear about it, anybody I don't mind. And I don't mean like you don't ever fake anything. You know, bitch and moan all day long about it, you can talk to your friends about it, but I'm not changing. This, I'm gonna change this, I'm willing to grow in other areas, and I'm going to continue for the rest of my life. And this thing's this, this ain't change. And this is I'm done. This is my maximum amount of growth. And, and so I respect somebody who who's like that i what i don't respect is somebody who is that person isn't willing to grow, and then blames everybody else for their unwillingness to grow. That's what is so in, you know what, it takes a really big person to own up that I've been that person. And you know what, there was a period of time in my life when I was that person, like when I was getting clean. Before Of course, when I was an inactive addict and home, you know, I was struggling with all kinds of things in life. Totally. I was. I was the world's biggest victim. Right? And then, as I started to get clean, you know, when I was 24 years old, I was I was I was, you know, I had a little bit of a victim mentality. But, man, it took a lot to own that like it took a lot to own that and be honest about that. And and so what happened What I own that and I was honest about that my entire life changed my entire life because I went from being powerless to being powerful, I went from being out of control, to me in total control, even if I was in total control, because I was saying, I'm not willing to work on this, but I am willing to work on that, I now suddenly had this sense of control that I could change that I could change the trajectory of my life in any particular area that I wanted to, just like you said that I wanted to that I was willing to do the work. And that's been the theme of my life over the past decade is that most things I've been willing to try. And, and I haven't quit, and I think we should maybe just touch on this just a little bit, because you touched on consistency, but I just would like to hear your version of it. I'll tee you up with this question. I think the power of not quitting is ridiculously undervalued in this industry. And here's what I mean, is that what most people do is they try something for a little bit run into a couple of snags, or they're, they they're victims stand seeing their their money, money, their money, mantras, or money soundtracks get the best of them, and they quit. And they say, Well, it wasn't the business model, or I didn't get enough support, or whatever it was, then they go on to the next thing. And that same pattern repeats itself over and over. So their greatest starting, but they never follow through with anything. Because following through with something, me it inevitably you have to face yourself, inevitably you have to face your limit limiting beliefs and evitable you have to face your imposter syndrome, how you feel, you know, just your own version of imposter syndrome, inevitably, you have to face you, the skeletons in the closet, the weaknesses in the patterns, right, inevitably, and what most people who stick with a business and face those skeletons succeed in that business, even if it's not their favorite business that they've ever tried, you know, or it's like, just go find a business and stick with it for a year and just see what happens even if it's your favorite business. How has consistency meant for you?

Sarah: Well, you know, whenever I, whenever I first started this, I'd made $0 like everybody else. I mean, nobody like you, Dave, you said just a minute ago, you started with nothing, you know, and luckily my husband did support me, but I committed to it. And I told myself, I'm going to do this for two months, you know, if I don't get anything out of it, then I might consider something different. So I was consistent. My first big commission came at week five, you know, staying consistent, though, I could have easily been discouraged and quit at week three, that could have been so easy, because you know, you're, you're doing something totally out of your comfort zone. For me, I was making these TikTik videos and posting things three to five times a day. And some of the people I'm trying to help now they'll say things like, how do you make a video when you haven't made any money yet? That is kind of awkward. But I just stuck to it, you know? Because I had learned things, and I just talked about what I learned. And I was just consistent with that, and not consistently just been honest about my journey. Like, because, honestly, I work full time. Honestly, I don't have a lot of time every day to commit to it. Some days, it's one hour, some days, it's three hours, you know, right?

Dave: Consistent weekends, that half hour, like you mentioned before,

Sarah: And then you know, I was at a ballpark all day. And my daughter's teammates, they want me to dance like TikTok. And that's just not who I am. I do that. That part of it. But I tell people all the time that are messaging me and this is another thing I'll just admit, I don't even know how to look into my back office to see how many of my leads are clicking and well I don't get much attention to that. When something goes well for me, I continue with what's good. I don't focus on what's bad. I probably should. But my advice to people is just keep doing what you're doing. You know, keep doing what's working for you. stay consistent with it, stay dedicated, and then let it pay off. Because, you know, if somebody told me, you can make a $7 investment and make $300 I'd be like, No, that's okay. That's what I did my first month. That's a pretty good investment. I don't know if it's worth it or not. It's a pretty good investment. But if somebody could tell me that you can take the course for $7 that can inspire you and five minutes later you'll have so much. Yeah, I mean, money. Yeah.

Dave: The bottom line is whether you've made 1000 50,000 100,000 30,000 130,000 here's the big disclaimer. Serious results are not typical. And most people who buy any training online make no money at all. I tend to believe personnel, here's David's opinion. I believe that that's because they do nothing at all right? Am I sitting next to each person? No, but I tend to believe that they do nothing at all right? But anyways, continue on. And I appreciate your, your ear or eye for compliance and making sure that we don't give people false senses of hope. I mean, the truth is, is that I get really excited because there's such a fine line because people want to see proof, but then we have to not, you know, we have to make sure that we're not trying to bait people or act like every single person who spends $7 is gonna make you know, 10s of 1000s of dollars, or who spends 20 $500 on our blueprints is gonna make 10s The truth of the matter is, is that your, your personal story, in your personal experience is extraordinary. And it's because you did, it's, I don't mean that you're not an extraordinary person. But you've just for me, I was an ordinary person who just took extraordinary action, and developed an extraordinary mindset and I guess, determination to seek and it was less about the money honestly for me and it was more about making something out of myself and proving to myself that I could succeed and do something, you know that that was kind of in that all my mistakes were not in vain. And I think reaching deep down and figuring out what your WHY IS is really important. But look, Sarah, I know that you have a full time job I don't want to keep too much more of your time I just really appreciate you coming back on sharing your journey is there any other tips or things that are helpful that you want to leave you know, our community here at legendary with you now are such an important part of you know, being a returning guests and being that this is the only training that you've ever taken? I feel honored and privileged that you know, like that is, that's always cool, you know that somebody comes in so brand new, and has never had any previous experience and takes your training and goes out and crushes it with it. So yeah,

Sarah: I know experience and when I say I don't have time for more training, I don't really mean that. But I mean, why would I go look somewhere else for training whenever I've got plenty within the company? I've got more than what I've even gone through yet. To be honest, you know, I would just tell people that are listening that are within legendary, you know, to just be consistent. And don't be afraid to be a little abnormal. What do you talk about or not with your family and friends? Like I said, I didn't really tell anybody that I was doing this until I gained confidence in it. But the best way to gain confidence is to work on things and gain knowledge and experience because your confidence is like what you just said, that's what sales that's what that's what comes through. I talked to you about everybody doing a T-shirt business this weekend. She's one of my new friends. And I said have you ever thought about doing an email autoresponder? And she looked at me like it was foreign. And I was like, No, you should learn about that. Because it's it's, it's transformed my mind it's transformed how I think about things. When I go shopping and they ask me for my email address, I'm like, I know what you're doing. You're gonna send me a coupon. I know what you're doing.

Dave: What blows my mind when I go to a restaurant or a shop and they don't try to collect my email. I'm like, What are you doing?

Sarah: Yeah, so it's just Legendary and has been great for me. But I haven't been lucky. You know, I've just listened to what y'all have taught me and I put it into play and put it into motion. And I'm committed to continue to learn.

Dave: Good. I can tell that lucky comment, you know, really kind of threw some fire under your butt.

Sarah: Yeah, I'm a little bit competitive you know so

Dave: You brought that up a couple of times I can tell that that's you know, and that's exactly a great example of like, Well how do we deal with the hater comments? Well, exactly like Sarah is using it as fuel. Right. All right, well, thank you so much. It appears that my internet has all of a sudden started sucking. All right well we'll see you later Sarah come back in a couple of months okay.

Sarah: Okay bye.

Dave: See ya, all right my friends. It appears I am freezing. I'm so sorry Get out of here. Have a great day. What an amazing episode to follow Sarah. I'm going to just leave her banner up here for a couple more minutes so you can just go find her and get the hell out of here. Have a fantastic Monday be Legendary peace.