Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Hey friends, it's your boy Dave Sharpe. All right now listen, I've got a special day. It's a very special day. I've got a returning guest, one of my favorite guests of all time. I'm gonna go ahead and bring them in. Why waste any time, where we live? Papa Don, welcome to the show.

Papa Don: Hello young man. How are you?

Dave: I am fantastic. It's a special day. Both because I have you here but also look at the shirt. This is a never released version. Okay, who do you know that actually has enough Coronas to put their own face on it. The only thing that would make this shirt better is if it had your face on it, Papa Don.

Papa Don: No it would wrinkle in the wash

Dave:  So how have you been?

Papa Don: I have been fantastic. I have. I have just enjoyed myself. You have. That's really all I can say.

Dave: Wow. So can you take us back just a couple of steps for those who don't know your story. How you got into this. Give everybody a brief. You know, a short cliff note version of who Papa Don is and how he has come to be on this live stream interview here this morning with me.

Papa Don: Well I'm all about the interview because I've got a bunch of new people screwed up in your hands but the story is very simple. I know I'm obviously old. I'm 78 years old. I have 5 sons and  I have four grandchildren from the ages of 44 down to 14. I've had a very rewarding and successful life. I started my career with IBM. Long run with them. Enjoying the benefits of that relationship came to that point that we all talked about what we gave up. I gave it up and they paid me well, but I gave it up. And I finally the issue back then was the ultimate field you made your objectives you did good and so forth and you got promoted and you do a staff job and you come back and you do it again and then you just move up the ladder and I always knew that the load and I've been I've been fortunate because I've always been able to remain in Seattle because that's what my wife and her whole family and everyone's so anyway I got the I got the job offer my everything I had ever wanted and I got the job offered on a Friday evening. And I went home that night and I knew that if I did this, I would have to relocate. If I relocate, I'm gonna take my wife and my children out of their family environment. And I'm gonna be working the same 1012 hours a day that I always work. And that wasn't fair. But once you take your name off the leash and you're out of the deal. So on Monday I got that on Friday. On Monday I resigned because the idea Corporation didn't have a clue what I was gonna do. Got a lot of job offers because I was known in the community. And my wife said, you know you've always talked about doing your own thing. This time, you know, we can afford to just take this time and go do something. So I bought my first little company and I built that company up. Sold it for a lot of money. Repeat, you know, the same thing I did that two or three more times. I refunded 22,000 I really have retired. It's just my wife and I traveling, playing golf, reading, and having fun. And I learned about online marketing when I started getting interested in it. And I did what a lot of people did. I went down a little rabbit rabbit holes. I wasted a lot of money more than I wasted my time. I don't remember who actually I do remember that was known but I clicked on the deal like everyone else and I took the 15 day challenge and what I knew is that this was real. That I think the last time we talked to you but I am related because I did one of my staff jobs and I damaged the Education Center for a period of time. So I was very in tune with what they were doing and the training and staff support of Legendary goes absolutely on par with anything I have ever been exposed to. I said that then six months ago, but as I continue working with the company and watching the people come up through the ladder I think it's superior and I anyway so I'm here I got into it. And you know I've had all the challenges that everyone out there is having and I'm we're all at different places and I'll be happy to share first questions, I'll be happy to share where I am. So I'm an old guy. I love the money coming in. I truly do. But what I have learned in the last six months since we've talked I've learned is what I truly get out of those. I love the ability to help people to influence them moving forward to wrestle them from the grips of fear and doubt that they're in and try to try to make a difference and I think I enjoy getting those emails about Thank you. As much as I enjoy getting the commission checks. Oh, that's not true. I enjoy the money. That's true, but no I do mean more is better. So anyway, that's actually why I have a lot of experiences and have lived life and I can tell you, I can tell everyone that it's just worth busting your butt to be able to live life.

Dave: Hey, I want to go back a little bit in your in your story in your life where you made that decision about leaving IBM I mean, that that was a I would I would say that that was the that was the breakthrough decision or the breakthrough moment, at least a defining moment where you did two things. Number one, you started your entrepreneurial career. But number two, you actually put family at least that's what it seems like to me. That's what I heard you actually put family first if you looked into the future and said, Hey, this is going to take a lot of my time over the next 10 Or how many every year I'm going to be doing this. And I don't know what plan B or another option is. But I know that I'm not willing. I've already given up enough and I'm not willing to give up more time to hire. Can you sell those precisely? 

Papa Don: I won't bore people with what my life and IBM was like except I'll say it this way. There were a lot of very bright people doing what I did and IBM and I you know I'm blessed with a little intellect but there I was competing with great intellect. And I worked my butt off. I would be and this was before the internet before Google. I would be in the office at six o'clock in the morning. I would work all day and as on the marketing side I ran up several marketing programs for them. And so we're always entertaining customers and so in my evenings I was always having dinner with someone. I was always having drinks with someone. I was driving them home because the hours you were putting in at the office from 10 to 12. My day started for me at the office, around five o'clock, six o'clock that time. I would typically get home between 10 and 11 at night. That was that it was five days a week that just happened over and over and over again. So I was offered this job on Friday by my district manager and it was it was the exact job that I couldn't have dreamed for a better job or a better location or a greater opportunity for this next step for me would have been a district manager which is high because that's one step below vice versa. And I was on my way and I had to draw the perfect picture. That's exactly the job I would have wanted. They offered me a job and I went home and I didn't even tell my wife about it because it's something in May. Didn't bother me. And as I thought about it over the weekend, I realized I had a son that was like 10 or 1210 and one was 12 or in that range. I had seen maybe a couple of soccer games, maybe a couple of baseball games, maybe one football. I had missed my oldest boy from 12 to one. I mean I watched my wife raise those children. They were always in bed when I left. They were in bed when I came home. I should know if I take my family out of it. First of all, for me to do this extra job I gotta give even more. So it's, it's gonna take it's gonna take even within I don't know if I have it but I want to do it. But if I do that, I'm going to just this is this is stupid. And I look back and I should have paid for my flights. They paid me well. they changed my life that way, but I can't. I'm not gonna do this anymore. I'm gonna go watch my son play soccer. I'm gonna go watch my son begin to play. I want to participate. I I had a lot of job offers because I represented IBM at the Chamber of Commerce in Seattle. And I have people that I found out, I left. After a few weeks she said Why are you doing this? Why are you talking to us? It's just more of the same you're gonna do the same thing. Why don't you start your own take a deal and it was on that that I didn't have any and I got into it I just bought a small I didn't know my button and the whole group just like when I joined I joined legendary I didn't know if a hole in the ground as to what you guys were doing or how to make this work. But I just got in and I started doing things and I took a piece at a time and I built it up I learned how to do that. I learned how to do it very well. So I did it a couple more times throughout my life finally.

Dave: I want to talk about that. I want to talk about the ability to get started but I want to touch on just putting a bow on this last piece, which is the fact that number one I can relate to making decisions and actually getting my priorities in order. I thought that I had my priorities in order for a long time because I was only making money. And as a man that was my priority. You know, it wasn't to actually be physically or emotionally present with my family. It wasn't even just to be super crystal clear and reiterate, it wasn't even to be physically present. That wasn't important. It was simply in my mind. My priority was being successful in a career or with my business or making money and so I've made a few decisions along the way that have allowed me to have my cake and eat it too. I actually didn't have to sacrifice anything. And it was that I made decisions that basically put my family first you know, and when I did that I was still able to be successful in business. And I've you know, I would say over the past. I mean, it's been good, it's been, I would say legendary has been a maturing phase for me in terms of learning how to get my priorities in order before this tour. I was I was too young and dumb. I did not have my priorities in order. And as a result, I almost lost my family as a wealthy person. Like as a man who had succeeded financially that ultimately almost cost me my family because my wife and I were at odds and quite frankly she was everything that you described your wife to be, I had just not yet made prioritized her. So which leads me to the piece of you know, I don't think we put enough value on simply how you can have your cake and eat it too. With this style of business. You may not become rich and wealthy. You absolutely can make enough money to get by and be comfortable. But more importantly, the freedom that you have with this business to not have to travel in to not have to spend eight hours in an office to not then have to travel home and then deal with all that extra curricular stuff. You were talking about poppadom with the drinks and dinner and the meetings and the travel and all that that comes with working in corporate America. It's just that extracurricular stuff comes with the territory. The freedom that we get to just simply be home or to take our business on the road with us as we travel is something that a lot of people got a taste of over the pandemic because they were sent home to work from home. And now all of a sudden working from home it's almost like it's kind of funny poppadom Because for many years I got made fun of for Dave works for whom he doesn't have a real job. And then over the last couple of years everybody's wanting to know, they're like, oh, you know, I want to stay home now that I do you notice nobody wants to go back to work now. That's why there's, you know, people who have found other ways to make money. So just a couple of pieces there. What's coming up for you?

Papa Don: Well, I just wanted to say that I totally agree with what you just said. But there's another freedom that comes out of comparison to corporate or your nine to five or so forth. The other freedom of what we get to do now is we get time for ourselves to think we get time for ourselves to do our thing and I don't mean social things or other things but we get to do what we want. We are not doing because that job we like with me I succeeded because I did exactly what they told me to do. I didn't know what to do when I joined the company, but I did exactly what they said. And I was very successful. But I did that. And that's all I knew. Yes gives us the ability to run from working for someone else. We're not taking their directors. We're not following their game plan. We're following our own game plan. And that's a tremendous additional addition to what you said to control over your life, control over your life's destiny. How far you go, how much you make, you know, the idea of Dave: Yeah, it's you know, it's been so long since I've had those sort of captivity around my location, independence and how much money I'm making. I can't really even imagine what it's like. But, you know, it's it's something that a lot of you who are transitioning from employee to entrepreneur, it's going to be rather shocking when you first start, you know, because now all of a sudden you've been told where to be and what to do for so long that now all of a sudden you have all this additional freedom in sometimes it can lead to self sabotage because I don't know how to be organized. I don't know how to, you know, have order. I have these two small children that I was blessed to have as my children, my two kids and they have this wonderful skill of order that they got from their wife. And it's such a beautiful skill because I don't have it. And so even today I struggle with that, but Papa Don.. What would you mean, what are some of the things that people who are employees do? That's all they know, they went from school to being an employee. What are some of the things that they can focus on to get a little bit of that or to enjoy that freedom, but also to not let it become basically our demise? Because now all of a sudden, pop it down, be honest, social media can be a trap, we know, it's difficult. So all of a sudden now, oh, I'm going to start up an internet business. And they just become consumers of the internet. Because it's hard to move from that consumer and even that learning. You know, everybody likes to learn but then when it comes time to start that TikTok channel or launch that ad and take action. It's really scary. You touched on that fear. piece. Can you talk about some of the things that you're seeing out there in the trenches that people are dealing with? And what are some of the advice that you give them each day to overcome the fear to overcome the independence in the freedom that we now have? That we wanted, but sometimes it's difficult to know how to manage our time.

Papa Don: Well, I'll answer that in two ways. One way is in talking with I have over the last several months, I have talked to I have no idea of hundreds and I literally mean hundreds of process prospects become into legendary because I went on a thing some time ago that I want to talk to the people I got tired of the email stuff and I know I don't mean

Dave: Well, I love it. You're somebody said in the comments. Oh, a couple of minutes ago, they said, here he goes, David, he said we'd love to hear them old school marketing strategies that Papa Don is implementing now. We'll get your notepad ready because he's about to give them.

Papa Don: Get your notes because I have two things. I want to address those questions. One is how to answer his question specifically. And then I want to talk to you about what I have learned and what I'm doing differently. Which is changing me and I throw it out if it helps you. I hope it does. In terms of coming into this and being new to entrepreneurship, very new to this whole program. And you cannot walk into this and not be overwhelmed with information coming from so many different levels. So let me just say categorically get rid of shiny objects. Don't put that in a big lump bag of shiny objects. That's all those emails you get that you respond to, that's all those things that you are supposed to review that you do. You're wasting your time. You're just wasting your energy. Your mess will be out drinking or playing football or doing something else but you're not doing anything for your job. That's one way to get rid of that. Just absolutely draw a frickin line through and I'm going to tell you how I do that in a minute. But because I went through it I mean I am coming from my exponential. I got into this and I'm a curious person, I can be distracted and I frickin I see something I want to read on my own. I want to understand what the guys are. I may even start doing research on this frickin article that didn't have anything to do with what I should be focused on. But that's me. 

Dave: I'm thinking if anybody can relate to Papa Don, let's get an amen. I won something because I'm right now relating to this, even where I'm at in my career right now. Please continue.

Papa Don: Well I'll just say absolutely. Do not be sucked into the shiny object. Get it off if you're good at off your plate. The only other thing that I have to say about what to do is to you have to you built in your going through your training, you get a business plan, go back and read your business plan because at that point when you are entering, you have some thoughts, you've had some dreams, and you've been those things have gone by the wayside. For most of you. I know that I know that but I expect that to be true for most people. Go back and relate to that. And a cup deals with one task at a time. So many people that are entrepreneurs think they're entrepreneurs or want to be entrepreneurs think there's so much freedom we get to do so many things all at the same time. That's right. You do get to make your choices. But successful entrepreneurs are people who do a very few things very well. And so narrow, narrow your scope of activity down to where you can set objectives and accomplish those objectives and don't move to your second task until you've finished your first task. And isn't this good? I'm tired of talking about that. I gotta go talk about that bullshit. You go back and spend the time to get the task done. And when you get it done, reward yourself and move to the next task and be on your way. That's the only two pieces of that I have things I think I have a value to say.

Dave: Yeah, well, I'm sure that's completely untrue. But there's enough there to talk about. So I want to talk about the first one which was the shiny object syndrome. Okay. And how in the staying in your lane peace, okay. If any, if you're brand new on this, and I just want to tell you two things here real quick. What you just heard come out of the mouth of Papa Don who by the way, is very simply a customer, a client here of our education and he's also an affiliate so he promotes in markets. There's no other relationship here. There is no there was no other script for that. That there was no claiming that he was going to say that but that last two minutes if you need something to listen to, to focus on advice, what you just heard was was probably one of if not the best pieces of advice that's ever been shared on wakeup legendary now that's that's a that's a big thing to say. But here's why because what you just said, are absolutely the two things that plague both new and experienced people. The shiny. I was reading and I don't remember who it was from. I was reading something the other day. Someone very successful said if I could give one piece of advice, it would be to find something and focus on it. And in it do not let it do not let any distractions and do not start other businesses do not just go all in on what whatever it is that you're doing that you want to grow. And that has been my saving grace. I will tell you that every single time that I have tried to do too much or I have tried to get it. I have to be focused on one thing at a time because when I start getting into multiple income streams and all you know, multiple businesses, there's a difference between multiple income streams and multiple businesses. For me, I gotta be honest about my limitations. If you're Mark Cuban, or if you're some of these guys on Shark Tank who are investing and have, you know, you know, you have a role in 20 or 50 Different companies, you they probably have big teams that are doing that that are helping them with that because as an entrepreneur who right here at legendary is running a mid size, you know, for America. We're running a mid sized business here. We did about 20 million in sales last year. Overall, we've got about 85 people that worked full time and we had 100,000 new customers come in last year. Not a crazy, huge business, not a tiny business, a medium sized business. And it is foolish of me to go get involved or start another business. Well, but Dave, aren't you the CEO? Don't you have time to go in? Can't you multiply your money? That is what all the people on your Instagram and Facebook feed and probably even TikTok may be saying, but the truth of the matter is from somebody who's doing it right now, I can tell you that I barely have time to do the things that are actually on my plate, my existing plate and I'm talking about including time for family fellows, including time date night, including time with my kids. I mean, including being home on the weekends and having dinner. My wife and I have two nights and our nanny stays late so every other night I'm home having dinner with my kids in my family if I include that stuff. The truth is I don't have any time for anything else. Sure I've got investments in stock real estate, things like that. But the truth is that if I was to start getting involved in this business over here, or getting involved in this business that you know what Legendary would suffer. Legendary would suffer and people would sense that I wasn't all in and people would be they would match my intensity in terms of how they purchase and how they participated in our programs. Because your customers are not going to give more to your business, more time and more energy and more dedication than you are you know what I mean? So that shiny object syndrome What have I done Papa Don well I my email inbox is a constant battle because you know what? I like to put my email in the stuff out there too and see what's on the other side but what I really do every couple of months is go through a book I've shared this 1000 times on the show. There was a time period when all the political toxicity and it's still here of course but it was really bad during the in every time I went on Facebook. I would just unfollow people you know instead of looking at their stuff out because I you know I was going on anyways because we have groups and stuff which are a whole nother topic but you know, instead of going on in consuming, you know, I created a trigger that when I went on instead I would unfollow people which was not very entertaining, and then eventually after five minutes, I would leave the app. So man that shiny object syndrome. I mean Papa Don, what? Yeah, go ahead. Well, no,

Papa Don: I'm just gonna say shiny focusing on one thing and I think you got something you want to say on that as well. What are you really doing? You just covered? Yeah. So let me let it be. It's a way to do it alone. It is a way for me. I'm just going to share with you one of the things I've learned and what I've implemented, and it's been very helpful, if that'd be appropriate. I had a mentor. He's helped me come up. My objective was to create daily discipline. I wanted to get my time just dealing with dealing with my life as well as legendary. And so I came up with the idea that I have to control myself and one of my mentors told me to manage my time. You said it comes down to your big money since I said What in the hell is big money? He said it goes like this not when I'm doing this, or this. Or lists are making money. For me, as I went through that exercise, and I tried to write to my son My son says when I'm writing, filming or speaking, I'm making money. That's the only time I'm making money. Everything else costs me my time, my energy, but I make my soul my deep. My deep work is primarily writing and coming up with ideas. Writing leads to being a better speaker. Writing leads to video ideas and better videos. My schedule is simple. When I wake up, I do a few stretches. Oh man has to do some essential warm up stuff. I read for 30 minutes to an hour. I do 5-10 minutes of meditation but by seven o'clock this thing starts then I do my deep work until 10am and what that means is I don't check my phone and say can I be I don't look at my email. I don't do anything with social media. I commit myself fully to those segments at work and for me, those three hours if I am totally focused, I get more done than I historically got done. Because now I am on target. And what happens is, there's a lot of things I enjoy. I enjoy chasing shiny objects. I enjoy doing research, I enjoy that. But first I have to get my work done. And so I'm now at a point by 10 o'clock in the day. I'm on the west coast. So at 10 o'clock, days over I mean my day I have achieved my objective or if it takes me till 11 o'clock, I will achieve whatever I targeted the night before to get done the next day. I've written what I've created and I'm on my way and folks, I'm gonna tell you it may not work for you. It works for me. And there's a there's a power and I and I encourage people to not to not miss estimate the value of increasing your copywriting skills of giving yourself a chance to sit down with a piece of paper and take a pencil and write it out by hand because one of the things I learned through some courses that I took is there's something that happens in your brain, that when you're writing on a piece of paper as opposed to typing, something that occurs that's magical, and I have watched myself. I've watched myself improve tremendously in terms of my writing and we all need to be able to win emails or it's coffee or it's doing or TikTok whatever it is, we all can improve ourselves with our ability to write. So that's what I'm doing, David.

Dave: Yeah, I mean, that's, that's, you know, that's really that's really a simple, powerful, powerful strategy. And I want to just speak it back because I want to make sure that I got it and also to recap it for everybody else. And it was very, very simple that you identified what and first and foremost the statement, you called it your money statement is that or your income statement or impact statement, something like my money. My money statement, when I'm doing X, Y and Z I'm making money and there's two. There's a couple of things that I thought were really powerful about that for your speaking what you want into existence. And I see every day that I'm struggling. I'm a newbie just declaring from new people and it's okay, we all did it. But I challenge each one of you to stop, stop talking about what you don't want to happen and start talking about what you do want to happen, because it's the only way that it's going to happen. It's the only way that you're going to believe it. And it's the only way that anybody else is going to believe it if nobody's going to give you the respect that you want and deserve until you command it. Nobody's going to respect your business as the serious business is that it is the future multi million dollar empire until you start treating it like that. And so I think that's really powerful. That's the first thing that I think is really powerful about that when I'm doing right and I think that's very similar for all of us when I'm writing, filming. Or there was one other thing: writing, filming or going live when I'm writing, filming or speaking I'm making money, everything else is a distraction or it is a filler, I call it it's all filler, no killer. It's just filler. You know it's sort of like a piece of food, you know that has, you know, it has a lot of this a lot of this this man made food hasn't maybe has a little bit of nutritions it a little bit of killer all filler you know our time is something that I want my time to be all killer, no filler. And so the other thing was really really that window, that window of time, how often Papa Don, do you think you could probably speak from experience? I know I can. That we entrepreneurs who are sitting at home, you know, we're going from law entrepreneurs to try and turn into entrepreneurs and that's what we're doing, you know, and how often do you think we turn what should only take an hour in tailors? Because of all the bullshit going on to Facebook, that email? Could you just touch on that and try to send something that gives people an idea of how much time the average person wastes?

Papa Don: Well I have no idea and they waste a lot I know. But the point the point that that everyone needs to understand is that if you get your if you get your hard work your real work done and saying Give yourself three hours give yourself four hours, whatever it is, but get your work done. Just what happens. The rest of the day you get to think the rest of the day you get to do whatever you want. And if you're truly going to build your business, you need free time for you to develop the future. You need free time to go down thoughts to think about how you're going to start building your expanded business plan. But you can't get that confused with the time you have to spend making your money which is what you've got to focus on first. And so the only way, David, I can go on.

Dave: No I what you're saying is there is a lot of what I want to want to say and what I want to teach but you're just putting it so simply in just really powerfully so I totally can relate to that. I mean I want and need time to goof off. I need and want time to dream and daydream and think about the future. You're right to come up with new ideas like those are all things that I need to give myself time to do with my personality and also as an entrepreneur, but a lot of times I don't separate and confuse those two as being the same. And in order to keep my business running to bring the money in I got to focus on those basics, those income producing activities. That writing, the filming, the speaking that you mentioned, is really just daydreaming and this kind of scrolling and I need to give myself time to do that. But it is a separate thing. It's where I get in trouble is when I start to overlap those and then my whole fit because here's the other problem Papa Don, is that as I'm writing, speaking or filming, and now all of a sudden I go over here on the tick tock or wherever I'm gonna go. What I leave room to creep in is start questioning myself and start comparing myself to others. And then that fear and that doubt sets in and there is one thing that is kryptonite right that's what we can Superman right? The kryptonite there is one thing that's kryptonite to an entrepreneur's execution: it is when they let fear in doubt creep in. Tell me I gotta go.


Dave:  If I'm constantly paying attention, I'm walking the hot high wire and I'm looking over at this person and I'm looking over here, I'm bound to fall. And I think for the things that you laid out and how you view those income producing activities and how you close off that time. It's so brilliant, but it's so simple. We miss it every day. Because it's, you know, I want to reward myself I've put in 15 minutes of writing. That was hard because I haven't built so five or 10 or 15 minutes, right and I feel like I need a reward after that. So now I'm over here on Facebook and guess what happened to the rest of that hour. The other 45 minutes I just wasted but if I stay focused like Papa Don saying, then that 15 minutes or writing will turn into 20 will turn into 30 will turn into an hour because you'll you'll work that muscle you'll practice you'll exercise that muscle, like any muscle. You'll exercise it and an hour of writing will soon you'll you'll say where'd the time go? You know I've sat down when I write I get lost. I mean I can write for hours because you know I know that the first 10 to 15 minutes I'm going to need I'm going to have that writer's block or blank page syndrome or whatever it is. But But I got a swipe file and I got you know in I'm not I'm not scrolling Facebook for ideas. I'm not scrolling, right. I've already I've accumulated ideas because what I do poppadom is when I am in that kind of screwing off period. I will save stuff. I will I will email myself stuff. So then when I go to sit down I actually organize those pieces into a swipe file. So into Google, my Google Drive folder, sometimes Dropbox. But but so when I'm writing, when I go to sit down and write an email or sales letter or something like that, I actually have the resources in the inspiration if I do need additional ideas or something. I have them already in a swipe file. And I have them in a group Google Drive folder so I can pull them up and maybe scroll through some sales pages. I want to look at examples. Papa Don. I want to make sure I'm looking at Winners. Losers you know, so I'm also real selective as to who I'm copying while I want to know that it's working. 

Papa Don: Sure if people are having a problem with writing and by the way, I'm a disciple of learning how to improve your writing skills. If you're having a problem with that, one of the things that helped me a great deal was I started copying sales letters I went through a lot because we're giving a tremendous amount of money. I just took my yellow pad and my pencil and I just copied word for word. sales letter after sales letter Dave talks about running for 15 minutes. I started off doing that for one hour, I would just do nothing but fill out page after page after page of copying sales letters. And well what happens with that if you're reading anything of value, you start thinking pretty soon anyway, there's a way to get it. You don't have to sit there by yourself and be frustrated saying I don't know what to do. Just get used to writing. Copy some sales or there's a ton available on all the stuff that Legendary gives you but I just say that's a tip just to get started. If you're at that point,


man, this is valuable stuff. Pop it on. I just said to Pete to our team I said man this this guy's got some some nuggets to share. So you know I'm really just grateful and I know you're not. I know you say it because it's true for you that you enjoy making an impact on other people and you are but I also know that you're the type of guy who, who you want to stay sharp, no pun intended. But you want to stay sharp, you want to stay, you'd like you got to be doing something and you know, I just I'm really really grateful that you chose our company and community to be a part of and add so much value. I know. You may think that and we have. I think you've gotten value here but we've gotten value by you being here. So thank you very much and I have received tremendous value not that we need to exchange kudos, but for those people listening. You're not gonna find any better support anywhere. I probably and I haven't been everywhere, but any place. I've been to a lot of places. This is as good as it gets us as training. This organization is when Roxy sent me a letter or email yesterday saying we would be on the morning show to win a holy shit. I watched Sarah yesterday morning. Yeah, that that was he talked about a classical thing. If you want to do a replay you don't listen to this stuff. Go watch Sarah's thing she she laid out. That was just brilliant. And I thought well, how the hell do you follow Sarah? I mean, I don't have anything to say. But anyway, I am. I'm deeply appreciative of all the all the education I've gotten. I look forward to it. Thank you all, I appreciate it. Tell the people out there they could ever want to just give me a call or something. I'm up to talking to God damn many people that you know.

Dave: Well, they can find you at PapaDon..recommends right?

Papa Don: Yeah, I stuttered so there’s two dots.

Dave: Your finger did a double tap. 

Papa Don: Well, hey, take care of yourself and look forward to talking again real soon. David. Thank you for the invitation. Have a great day.

Dave: All right, Papa Don. See you buddy. All right, my friends. There it is. If you want to listen to his first episode, when he was on I guess it was six months ago as I think he just said you can go back and find that just scroll back through, you know, the, the, you know, the replays or go back through the podcast. You can find us all over I mean, these replays we post them on YouTube, we post them we leave them here on Facebook. So you can go and watch them on Facebook. You can also get them on the podcast platforms, at least Apple and the major ones. So yeah, there's a lot of value. There's a lot of gold hidden in these lives every day these interviews and one of my favorite things is meeting people for the first time and then having them come back on the show like Papa Don has done. I think Sarah yesterday I think she was on for the second time or third. I tend to lose track, but that's a good problem to have. So my friends go and follow Papa Don at Papa Don that's pa pa do n dot dot recommends okay Papadum dot dot recommends. This is somebody you know who has a lot of wisdom and experience and for a lot of you who may be like me, it's never a bad thing to have somebody who has experience in life and experience in business. Sure, we all look to everybody in this community who's doing well and we say hello and let you know that I can learn from them. But man, there are so many people, Papa Don being wonderful, who have unique life and business experience that is helpful also in this business because the truth of the matter is that you know, these are the skills that make a successful art or not. It's not something that's special here. It's the same things that make you successful in every business. I would need to take what he laid out today and apply it to some sort of a local contracting business. It would work you know the distractions, the shiny object syndrome, the carving out that window, the income producing activities like if like that that's a Blueprint we didn't even talk about tech talking and Instagramming because quite frankly, that's just the details of how to be successful in this particular business. But the principles that he laid out were the same principles that he use. Whatever the hell he started his first business 20 or 30, or how many every year. To me that's mind blown. And I can see her in talk to and learn from a guy who has been successful in multiple businesses and now is using those same principles to be successful here. And understands that the small details like learning how to Tiktok or whatever, are just details. It's the principles how you show up that the basics and most people can't get the basics right. Why because the temptations are too powerful in quite frankly, because some of us have never heard from somebody like Papa Don, who can lay it out with so much simplicity and that's why I love you know what we're doing here. I love these shows. I love the opportunity to learn myself. And regardless of when or whether any of you assholes, we're gonna go use any of the information that he just went and laid out. I know I am. Because at the end of the day, you got to get it wherever you can get it from. You kind of learn wherever you can learn from in for me, what a better I mean, I get to do it every day. It's not like I'm preaching the dream living a nightmare. I get to roll out of bed throw on a t shirt that has my face on it. Never released before. Okay, that's a limited edition right there. In interview, a student who I actually can learn from it's just unbelievable. Unbelievable people into think, you know, we have a couple 100 people on here. Well, why is it there a couple of 1000 Why isn't there 20,000 You think it's so hard to succeed? It's really not because most people are not willing to do those simple basic things, or even sit through a live stream long enough to hear them from somebody like Papa Don. Quite frankly, that advice that he just laid out, was worth 1000s Could 10s of 1000s hundreds if not millions, depending on how you use it. So anyways, my friends will do it again tomorrow. Thanks again to pop it on. And thank you all for being here for listening now go implement Be Legendary get out of here. We'll see you later. Peace.