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May 7th – 13th, 2023

Your Weekly Legend for May 7th-13th

Think you’re ready to post and share your link? 

Did you just hit or are you getting close to the magical 1000 follower count on TT? 

Recently there have been more questions regarding landing pages and links being pulled down on social media platforms.

So today, I’m switching things up and giving you a few helpful tips. 

A checklist to help you review your landing page.

If you’re brand new and haven’t built one yet – SAVE THIS EMAIL! 

If you keep having issues with your link getting taken down – go through these steps and make sure these aren’t the reason why. 

  1. Remove any affiliate links or badges from your landing page.This includes the Clickfunnels badge at the bottom right corner. Toggle that off. 
  2. Ensure you have active privacy policies and a visible income disclaimer at the bottom of your page. 
  3. Double check you have a visible business email at the bottom of the opt-in page. 
  4. Test your link from mobile and a variety of browsers. Is it working properly, is the layout weird, anything missing, or are you getting an insecure warning? 
  5. Is the button working correctly and directing to the correct page? 
  6. Make it clear in your headline and supporting copy what the viewer will get in return for providing their email address. Ensure they feel like they landed in the right place. Show your face/your brand. Make sure the messaging makes sense from the type of content you put out. You don’t want them to feel like they clicked on the wrong place. 
  7. Review your headlines and remove anything that gives the impression of big promises. Remove the words like “guarantee”, “proven system”, or “achieve xyz FAST”. 
  8. Don't just copy and paste from other affiliates in your niche. The computer scanning your landing page, will recognize that it's identical to other pages (especially if alot of you are copying the same pages). Make it your own.
  9. If your link was removed by TT, I suggest waiting 48 hours before trying again. If you add it before that, it most likely will auto decline and just flag your account further. 

Lastly…from day 1 not only are you building trust with your audience, you should be building trust with the social platform. 

What do I mean by this? 

Don’t post and ghost. 

You need to demonstrate on a new account that you are not a bot and not a spam account.

You need to tell the algorithm that you’re not going to scam people the second you add your link. 

You need to demonstrate you are indeed human and an engaged user of the platform and serious about building a community on their platform.

How do you do this? 

You gotta act like an engaged user with a clear audience. (At least a few of your videos should be getting categorized by TT – if none are, you are not clear enough about what topic you are discussing and who you are trying to reach so TT doesn't know who to show your video to) 

Got a couple of likes on a video? 

Awesome! Click over to their page and like and comment on one of their videos.

Comment on videos on your FYP.

Save favorite videos from your ideal audience. (not others promoting the same thing as you)

I use TikTok as the main example here, but this goes for ALL social media platforms. 

No one wants a user that only logs in to post content and never USE the platform. 

You are using social media for FREE Traffic. 

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube… only survive by keeping viewers ON their platform and keeping viewers feeling safe while using it. 

If all your content is asking viewers to leave the platform and click on a link it doesn’t feel safe and doesn’t promote engagement. 

This is ESPECIALLY the case for newer accounts. 

Big accounts with large followings have already proven their trust with the platform so they get away with way more. 

This is one of the reasons why your strategy can't copy the strategy of an established account. 

Furthermore, check out all that we have coming up below (including some amazing WUL guests and special guest coaches). 

Then head over to your landing page and go through the checklist above. 

We all know TT is like a temperamental preschooler, so the list above doesn't guarantee your link won't get taken down, but it will increase your chances of it being approved. 

As always…

Stay Legendary!
– JoAnn

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Marketer's Club at 3 pm EST

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Blueprints LIVE Hot Seat Guest Coach

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