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May 21st – 27th, 2023

Your Weekly Legend for May 21st-27th

How are you serving your audience?

What does that even mean?

When you scroll your content plan or feed…are they all focused on selling?

Or are you serving…

When we focus on service over selling, beautiful changes happen.

A few weeks ago, we stumbled across a cute little bakery.

As we went inside, we were greeted with a warm welcome, the gentleman behind the counter was excited to explain the different items, which were his favorite and why.

He was oozing with excitement…



And was clearly enjoying his job and day.

My family felt comfortable and couldn’t wait to try a few items.

He was never giving off used car salesman vibes.

He was sharing, conversing, and recommending instead.

As I scanned around, it was clear there were regulars…

The workers knew customers' names and it was the cutest little community built inside this little bakery.

It was clear they came not only for the yummy treats but also for the heartfelt conversations, the advice, and the genuine care that was oozing in the air.

In a world overflowing with advertisements and sales pitches, customers are yearning for something different.

They crave authentic connections, valuable content, and solutions tailored to their needs.

Building a digital marketing business is no different.

This is why we gotta stop trying to sell and focus on serving.

But what do I talk about?

This is where your business plan is crucial.

Your business plan will reveal a full understanding of your target audience, diving deep into their desires, challenges, and aspirations.

Armed with this knowledge, you can now craft compelling stories, engaging content, and useful resources designed to serve, educate, and inspire.

When you dive into it, your business plan will be the building blocks for all the content you create…

Your headlines

Your copy

Your imagery

A detailed and thoughtful business plan will help you lead with service and you’ll never find yourself asking – I’m new at this what do I talk about?

When we focus on serving, we build strong bonds with our ideal audience.

Trust flourishes

and soon…customers became advocates, willingly spreading the word about you and your brand.

Online businesses are soaring when they remove aggressive sales tactics.

Instead, show genuine care about making a difference in people's lives.

The impact we can create by embracing a service mindset is nothing short of phenomenal.

Plus…your content will be more fun to make, you’ll feel more creative, and soon your ideal audience will follow.

Lastly, Wake Up Legendary gives you daily tips, tricks, and hacks to grow your confidence, mindset, and business. Be sure to check out this week's events below.

As always…

Stay Legendary!
– JoAnn


Mark Your Calendars

Monday, May 22nd

Wake Up Legendary at 10 am EST

When anything goes on the internet, people can set themselves up for disappointment. “Start a business! Share your link on social! Make millions!” 41-year-old John Edwards has taken the opposite approach. Find out what’s working as he builds his online business right now! 

Marketer's Club at 3 pm EST

This week at Marketer's Club, Drew will talk about strategies in your mindset can and will help you boost sales in your online business.

Tuesday, May 23rd

Wake Up Legendary at 10 am EST

With over 156K followers, this life and relationship coach specializes in helping people learn how to fix, leave, and heal from their toxic relationships. Tune in for some red-hot strategies on using digital marketing to reach and serve your ideal audience!

Blueprints LIVE Hot Seat Guest Coach

Em Walcott is taking over the Live Hot Seat and Fast Feedback coaching call on Tuesday, May 23rd at 2pm EST. Grab your spot NOW! Get registered under the live training page, select hot seat, and then register for Tuesday, May 23rd

Wednesday, May 24th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Brianna Gomez is happy in her 9-5 corporate job! But she also knows it isn’t where she wants to be forever. Tune in to hear how she’s showing up for her audience now, and her exact steps for building a successful online business for her future. 

Thursday, May 25th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Facing retirement but NOT satisfied with a low fixed income each month, Lisa Martin-Johnson is creating a new life for herself and husband as they enter their golden years. Tune in live to see how she’s gained 18K followers in just 4 months! 

Friday, May 26th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

For 15 years, Judy Newton has been searching for a second stream of income that doesn’t take her away from her kids. Tune in to learn Judy’s top tip for getting great results from a small audience. 

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