Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave:  You know what time it is? It's your boy Dave Sharpe back in the saddle after a week with Rona, my friends. I'm back. Not quite better than ever yet, but I'm getting there. So my friends I have missed you. I have missed you. I think I did last Monday. Maybe I can't remember. But I always like sitting down and you know having conversations with our students and people who are brand new and seeing how they did it and letting you hear those stories as well. And you know, this morning is no different. I was just listening. You know, looking at some of her content was produced here in a second. And you know, she's been doing this here for five years. So there's gonna be a lot that we can learn from her. And, you know, I'm looking forward to doing that. So with that being said, Sarah, welcome to the show. 

Sarah: Hi Dave. How are you?

Dave:  Five years you've been doing this, huh?

Sarah: Well, you know, time flies when you're having a good time. So it's just it's been a good time. Yeah. Since 2017.

Dave:  Okay, yeah, five years is only 2017. That's weird. We're getting older. We're getting older. You know? So, what attracted you to affiliate marketing and ultimately, as, as you all know, or if you don't, very briefly, let me just tell you and explain to you this is what we're doing here is not just a biz op. It's not an MLM, nothing against that. But what we teach for anybody who's new as the core for I don't know, do we have things against those? I guess we do have things against MLMs and stuff. We make fun of them all the time. 

Sarah: We're not judging but we're kind of

Dave:  We're judging ourselves because we are you. I am you anyways, I mean, I've gotten my fair share and lotions. But what I discovered almost by accident, was out of frustration. was my first you know, discovery of selling information was when I couldn't succeed in MLM. And I instead went to go start sell training, I took training and then I was like, hey, I'll be an affiliate and sell training to other struggling MLM errs, who were just like me, and that was the moment that I realized that there were people involved in the Gold Gold Rush who are going to, you know, get that dirt under their fingernails and you'll get that gold. And then there were a lot of people along the way during the Gold Rush who were selling picks and shovels and things of that nature, that we're going to make their money regardless of whether the person found gold or not. And so there was a whole group of people that made money. And then there was a whole group of people who went there to make money, but only some of them made money right, those who want to dig gold, but every single person standing along the side selling those picks and shovels those tools. And so that's where I really started to learn about information, selling information. And so we have the ability to sell our own courses, coaching or events, or we can be an affiliate marketer and sell other people's information products and, you know, Legendary has an affiliate program. There's lots of other people with no cap, you know, despite what a lot of haters say out in the marketplace, less than 5% of people who take the challenge, turn around and become affiliates of legendary. So there's a lot bigger things that are happening here. Behind the scenes, people are learning how to sell those picks and shovels along the side of the road. What attracted you to this business model of selling information? And ultimately, how did you find us?

Sarah: Yeah, so affiliate marketing definitely was shining like a shining thing for me. It stuck out in really good ways because it didn't. It wasn't going to be fully passive. I don't know if there's like a fully passive business model out there when people are like, Oh, it's fully passive. I'm like, I think you like because, you know, you have to actively be working on the business and stuff. But it was something that I knew I could learn how to do. And I could apply my background in blogging because a lot of bloggers how they make their first Penny online is affiliate marketing. And so I love it because you can integrate it in almost any business model. Really, if you're an E commerce, if you have an Etsy store, if you have, like a dog training facility, you can integrate it into any business model. So you could be really successful at what you're currently doing at your current business or at your current nine to five your current side hustle whatever you're doing, and then you stack affiliate marketing onto that and it just, it just blends beautifully, like they're very good together. So, you can't say that about a lot of other different business models. So that was the first thing

Dave:  Although a lot of people do try to stack like in MLM with like, with like a Massage Studio, they sell like, the essential oils and stuff like that. You know, I go into the dark that every time I go into a doctor's office, and I see a Melaleuca or herbalife, you know what I mean? Or whatever it is in kudos in respect to Melaleuca and herbal life and all the MLMs out there who build billion dollar businesses. Okay, I hate it here. But MLM is the only business that I've ever seen that a doctor will be holding a tape recorder up to a guy who just rolled out of a trailer, who just made $5,000 in his bid, I swear to God, the doctor is like hanging on every word like how this guy you know, he's been in school for 12 years and doing brain surgery and the guy who just rolled out of the trailer make $5,000 Now mind blowing up in the doctors like you know, at a live event like literally holding it, you know, they used to hold up tape recorders and now it's it's cell phones but every time I go into a doctor's office and I see an MLM like product line or something I almost roll my eyes because I'm like, you could be monetizing your your traffic so much better. By doing either affiliate marketing, having joint ventures with other experts or professionals to get affiliate referrals to where I'm at, you're referring people out to other specialists or you're referring them to you know, you're just sending them to websites. You know, if I was a doctor, I would have a follow up email that went out to every single person that had almost I may even do a short course. Or something to where I'm educating them. And then yes, absolutely, if I have a rehabilitation product, there's going to be an affiliate link for that. That's going to link out to that website for that customer to buy. Or if there's some sort of a supplement that I recommend. That's passive income. Why would I leave that on the table? When, when, and when that's almost like the three ways to do business with a customer, the Jay Abraham thing that I teach in the challenge that a lot of people overlook, because there's three ways you can make money and you can do it over and over again with the same customer. There's the person you're willing to buy, right I got a Rolex. There's a lot of weird, regular normies who just buy one watch in their lifetime and they're like, I like it. I'm the idiot who keeps going back you know, in my In other words, it's been more but you know what? I raised my head and said to that guy, so they kept calling. Yeah, that's how billion dollar brands are made. So what you're saying is, you mentioned passive income, but kind of how we just laid it out is actually pretty passive to me. It's just multiplying dollars,

Sarah: Right? Yeah. When I say passive income, because like on talk, there's people who are making it sound like oh, you just like press a few buttons. And then all this money is flowing into your account and like I don't, and I know you don't want to ever make it seem like that's how it is because it is active. You have to put in the work. There's consistency that's involved.

Dave:  Wow passivity on this income is it's this shit is passive it's the passivity levels are high like you know what I realized there I was having a laugh watching your stuff before this. I was like this funny. And it was I was watching a living I mean, it's what it is really. We know I'm sure not you specifically I'm talking about TikTok videos TikTok videos. TikTok videos are a real it's a living meme every year always like, like, so many of your videos are literally hilarious, but they're being acted out.

It's the meme that's been acted out. It's just so funny. Here's what I'm trying to say. We are taking ourselves way too seriously with this making money online thing in 2022 way your boys and girls, get up in here and think that you're about to walk into a boardroom in 1980 You've got your you know, I mean, guys, I just rolled out of bed with a Rhona for the last week. I don't even remember if I've had a shower. I pick the shirt up off the floor, throw a hat on. It's been covered in dust for the last month and can you speak to that? I mean this is almost funny. Where we're at. It's just not that serious talk about creating content and in and kind of how you're doing it and how you approach it.

Sarah: Yeah. So with this specific channel, I just, my goal is just to have fun with it. I had zero attachment to the outcome of it. I'm just sharing. I don't feel like I'm selling anything. I'm just sharing that there's a huge difference between those two things. And I'm just having fun with it and trending. Sounds definitely help with that. And just talking to people in a casual way, and then like as if I was talking with a friend I used to because like what I'll do is I'll have people go to my Instagram and Bill message me and there cuz on TikTok, they're a little finicky about that. They're like, Oh, we don't know if you might want so they'll go over there and they'll ask questions and I take my background in. I used to like high ticket selling when I sell high ticket products from my own coaching and, and then I kind of stepped away from that. But I applied the same principles that I learned from getting on the phone with people and just being like, Hi, how are you? Like, what's your problem? Let me help you. And I applied that same thinking process. In my opinion, DMS just engages with people one on one, and most people haven't had that experience and they really want that like they just want someone to listen to them. And they don't feel like they're pushing anything like I have no attachment to if someone buys from me or not. Because sometimes on the bridge and maybe they're gonna buy a year from now I've had that happen. Or maybe they won't buy it all or sometimes they buy it on the spot just kind of depends on the person. But having kind of that laid back approach where you're not obsessive like no you have to do this like otherwise you're gonna feral and like like, that's not my thing. I'm just like, hey, look, this is who I am. If you want to be a part of it, great if not great like I don't really want to.

Dave: Hear but you can't be so passive in the way that you're directing and giving people calls to action. Are you in?

Sarah: No no not like that. I just mean in the like, I'm not. I feel like when we overly obsess about the end result of something where you just make your whole identity. That's where it can be like, I'm not going to put my business over my family.

Dave:  Over obsess about every little piece of our business. When we first get started I want to really know whether it's good enough, because I just agree with everything you're saying I'm just trying to poke to pull out more of your knowledge here in your in your in your perspective. So when somebody is getting started, think back, you know, we over analyze every single thing. You know what I mean? They overanalyze and it's really hard to relax. I think I think when you're first getting started I think that it this is a this is a gift marketers out here listen, the gift that I'm really close to the to the to the beginning, I remember what it was like and I often talk about what it was like to get started and be new at something because it doesn't matter what niche you're marketing in your marketing mostly to new people or people who don't have the knowledge that you have. So you're always marketing to the newest people. So yeah, I'm just I'm just wondering, you know, when when somebody is starting out, they are over analyzing everything. So was there a period when you were doing that? And you did. I mean, you said that since you were on the show last you had a couple of big shifts. One was a mental shift your mindset on make getting on top of your finances. Okay, that sounds like a different thing. When did you shift into becoming more relaxed? Versus so kind of over analytical of every move that you made? Or did you never do that?

Sarah: Yeah, no, it was literally in the last year that I felt this huge shift of over analyzing everything and I learned how to trust myself more and remember from the beginning like, wait a minute, if I can do this once. I could do this 10 More times or 100 more times, if I can sell one thing this way and learn how I did this way and then refine, redefine, and perfect it a little more, get better, get better, practice more, practice more. If I focus on that versus the obsession of like, an over analyzing overanalyzing of it. I would have more peace and I would feel more relaxed. That's what I meant. I think it's, it's natural and it's a good thing to sometimes like, really just be okay to have all my bases covered. Am I good in this area? Okay, if it's not, if it's not converting over here, well, what what do we need to shift? What do we need to do? I'm talking about the mental, like, obsession where you just can't sleep at night and if you haven't had a result in like two days after starting then you're making that mean that you suck at this?

Dave:  Yeah, I mean, that's exactly what she just said. I mean, who can relate to it being that dramatic that you know, you go from on top of the world to the world on top of you just a couple of days into starting something new, and then you quit and likely the pattern happens all over again. There's something that ensues. Thank you for your honesty. You know, so it's definitely me, anybody else? I mean, who really feels like it's one that you can relate to what was just said and Sarah? I think that for all of us. It's a real gift to remember that time. And to stay close to all of you who feel that right now and who can really relate to that. It's important to stay close to that. I know everybody wants to just just get rid of that skin and leave it in the past. But it's such a gift to be able to empathize with somebody who's just getting started in talking because here's the interesting thing. Is that it's the same no matter what niche you're in, you're scared. You're just getting started out. You don't know if it's gonna work out. You know, you're great at starting things, but you're not so great at finishing things. So you're wondering if you're wasting, you're wasting your time and money. I know I've been there, you know, and so it's something that is being, you know, remembering that everybody wants to escape their newbie period. And in look, I mean, I was just thinking about this. Before I came on here. I was like, I was like, man, I've been sitting in front of this wall for a couple of years. Just a lot of people on the internet don't know me because they just see me here every day and it's just this is my thing. I'm not in a different city each day taking selfies. I'm not I'm not I don't have a camera Cuf crew following me around. I'm not you know going from seminar to seminar doing all this thing needing to spend money on planes, private planes, helicopters, all this crazy shit. I'm 38 years 37 or 38 years old, living at home with my family every day going around the corner to another house. To work and then going back around the corner to go back with my kids and family and this is the life that I this is the life that I want. You know it but it's simple. I don't have to get in front of the camera and be doing all this crazy shit. buying new cars taking selfies with my vehicles taking wrist shots, you know, getting all dressed up each and every day to go on camera. It's a lot simpler than we make it out to be. And that just kind of blows my mind. I was thinking about that right before we came on. Literally. I'm even sitting here with a simple message just being consistent. So ultimately, my point here is that what's more important: being perfect or being consistent?

Sarah: I would say consistent. Yeah. And I mean, I think people can relate more to what I just said than that little clip, I think is so beautiful. And so for so many people because I feel like it's been a permission slip to feel the freedom to not have to live a life that isn't authentic to them because like I remember I was a part of this one like a teaching academy where I was, you know, just teaching business stuff for a while. And everybody in the academy all the different teachers they were they were all like into like cars and like it's like jets and this and that and I was just kind of like I'm content with like living in a tiny house or like I'd be content living in an RV traveling the US and just like being able to do like some like just like the simple debt free debt free not not not hang over your head like you know, that's not about stuff to you. It's about freedom, right?

Sarah: Memories, like my family, are so important to me and being able and they're all over the world. So I'm like wow, I want to stay home. I guess I have to just go all over the world. And I find more contentment in that versus like, I'm not I'm not attracted to owning a Lamborghini. Like if that was my why I would have quit a long time ago because that just wasn't my thing that wasn't a driving factor for me. And I think it's important for anyone who's starting out in their journey. Like if I could go back, I would say that to the beginning. I would say get really clear on why you're doing this and why you want this so badly and why it's important that you don't think for a second that you have to subscribe to any sort of feeling or lifestyle that isn't real to you. Because you're one you won't you'll quit to you'll you'll you're not going to get far to begin with because you're able to see like wait, that's not even you. Like you're not even allowing them to see from miles away and it stinks. So they will already set themselves up for failure. So just find peace and contentment in what's true to you. Yeah, it could be that it can literally be the thing that makes or breaks your journey. And some people they're like two years in and they still don't know that or three years in. Wherever you're

Dave:  You got to figure out who the hell you are. I mean, this is a big thing that we didn't do and you know, they didn't give us the skills and teach us this about getting clear. I went through what I want to share with everyone. This is a powerful lesson that I didn't learn in school that I had to teach myself that relates to what you were just talking about. We really were never taught to Hey, who am I? What do I want, like, Get clear who What is What does authenticity mean? I mean, does authenticity to most people we were talking about put on that smile and just this just just smiles it out. You know, especially prying a lot of girls growing up I had to do that as more than a lot of boys I would think because it's kind of like the boys were like get out there and it's okay to be dirty in the so look I mean we mile war. Exactly, exactly. I liked it when if I hear a guy say that to a girl, I just I think man I wish you would say you should fuck off more. Because it's just a problem. We stopped doing that. But my point here is that if I can even remember what the hell my point was. My My point is, is that we, when we're when we're let me try to try to bring this back in for a landing here. My when we're when we're when we're when we're when we're doing this and we're building this business, finding our own voice is a difficult thing to do. We weren't taught that. You know, we weren't taught how to speak our mind. We weren't taught how to go against the grain. You know, most of us were taught how to stand in line to be good little boys and girls get good grades, whatever. And don't met don't make a lot of noise. And yeah, and so and so, you know, getting clear on what we want, which is the sentence that you just shared a minute ago. It's an important skill in just being clear in general. And I would say if all of you want to grow, you really want to grow and it's okay if you just want your bank account to grow but you don't want to grow. I hear you, I hear I want that too. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen. But um, but But check this out spend the next year only focusing on the word clear clarity and here's what I mean. What I realized was that I was unclear in all areas of my life. I was unclear about what I wanted and who I was. I was also unclear when I was speaking to you. I discovered this about three or four years ago and I had been successful in marketing and I thought how I was successful when I was never thinking about this, but it's so important. I've become so much more effective now that I've focused on clarity. Every single time I write something out Sarah I read it and I asked myself if I was reading this would I be clear in what I'm saying? And I swear to God, a lot of y'all want to be digital marketers if you do not read what you wrote. It's not clear. It's not clear. The other thing is when we're talking the same thing happens we're even more unclear. Because I'm the worst at this. We use too many words to say what we want and that's why it's hard. TikTok is an art of these 15 second videos because you have to use less work, stay lacquer, right. Whether it's our marketing, whether it's our communication with our internal team or whether it's simply our communication with ourselves getting clear with what we want. I find that new entrepreneurs and sometimes even experienced ones lack clarity in damn near every area of their life and business. What would you do as I'm saying this?

Sarah: I fully agree and we're all guilty of it. So there's no judgment or condemnation? When speaking about that, because I can totally relate. I think we also have, we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. I think if you are lacking clarity in your life, it's because you need to listen more and learn from other people who've been able to find that for themselves. To not always speak what you would like what you're saying like oh, I think I should say this because that sounds cool. Or I think that this is what I should do as an actor and it's just this production versus who you really are. But it's funny. So the more we work on ourselves internally, and we're every day even if it's just a little bit progression, a little bit progression, how that affects how you show up in business, because how you show up in life is how you're going to show up in your business and you can still be successful like how you had said like you went 3534 years of not really understanding the clarity aspect and still have a lot of success and then you find clarity and then what it just it just takes off and you're like oh wow, like I  used to become so much more effective in life just able to get what I want more is what happened.

Sarah: Yeah, and then help other people get what they want to

do because you're teaching them that skill. I mean, I went on a rampage in our internal team here at legendary with this communication clarity piece for a year or so. And it changed our whole team, our whole team because we were all running. We were completely 100% virtual. So we've got almost 90 People in between 85 and 90 people here full time who are all working virtually. And so when we write it because we don't like to be on endless, you know, I don't want to meet for no reason other than me because I'm building reports I want to meet because there's something I need to see you need to see me or something. Body language is important, sometimes more meat when we're working with people when they need to be able to read us, but man, it changed our whole dynamic. You know, it changed our whole dynamic. We just became so much more effective and what just everybody likes, what if here's a way to really know and I think this can be a big needle mover for a lot of you who are looking for something that you can wait from the show today and begin to implement and it's this. If you find a lot of people coming back to you not clear about what you mean. They ghost you or disappear. Don't respond back. I want you all to really think about this. Does this happen sometimes or often in my life? That I feel like people don't understand what I'm saying? I feel misunderstood. This is good. Seriously understood. You feel like people are hearing you. You feel like you can't get fit. Okay, who can relate to this? If we were in a room right now, hands would be just watching this. Watch this. Watch this. Because I'm speaking things right now that you can relate to, right. This is what marketing is but I'm also going to give you a solution. So I felt like that too. I was like, Man, I'm not getting my point across but here was the real sign of people coming back to me when I gave them a directive here. I'm the CEO and I've given somebody a directive and they're coming back to me and there's back and forth. And then I just throw my hands up and here's where the real hit comes. Watch this, y'all. Then I just say if I want to do something, I'll just do it myself. That's the trap every CEO every business owner falls into. And I'm telling you y'all don't hear this right now. Holler at me in 10 years when it's manifest and I promise it will or even 10 months. We just say oh, you know what? If I want to do something I just need and I want to get it done right? I just need to do it myself because nobody I start to know, in my head, a character assassinates people around me. They don't understand it. They don't get it. They need smarter people, whatever. The problem is, and the same thing happens in my marriage to my wife's problem. She doesn't get it and hears me and doesn't understand me. Bla bla bla who's suffering the whole time? I am not her suffering. Why? Because I'm not getting what I want. So watch this. I turn the responsibility instead of on all these people and the same thing happens in my business. Nobody's responding on Tiktok if y'all listen to this, you can walk away today this will change your life and your business. Same thing happens. People are not responding. What's wrong with these people? What's wrong with this business model? What's wrong with tick tock? What's wrong with all these things? It's so easy to get into this whole blame game. You know, the problem is, I'm just not being effective with my communication. And people don't know what the fuck I'm talking about. They don't know what I'm asking. Right? They don't know what I'm asking and only what I'm talking about. And so I had to go back to the drawing board. And I had to start some real basic shit. Like reading what I just wrote in saying, Would I be confused if I wrote If I read this would I have a question? And you know, when I started instead of just firing off shit to people, Sarah wouldn't just send random text messages. You know, those emails were? I'm just thinking it's important. I don't even need to read it because I'm the CEO and I just fire it off and figure it out. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Because that's hurting me. Now. They're going to come back and ask, What are you talking about?

Sarah: Here's what I do. Yeah.

Dave:  And that's how I operate and run a company, with developers in different countries and people all over the place. And with minimal meetings, hundreds of 1000s of customers all over the world. Here's how I do it. When I want something done, I take the extra time. This is some rocket scientists shit. So you'll hold on to your butt cheeks here on this one. Take the extra time. A lot of times, I'll bust out a Google Doc. And I'll take the extra time and I will really clarify what I want. If I gotta bust out some bullet points on that beach. I'll bust out some bullet points. And that thing will be I mean, it's not just a big old clump. I really, and I'm a ninth grade dropout. There's no excuse. You can't make a damn bullet point. Okay? Go knock. Okay. Sarah, I'm going to tell you something. My life has changed without how much freedom I got and all y'all who are in sales out there and all this shit. And it's just this constant back and forth. I cannot stand why you're unclear with why not just send one text in and just spend an extra five minutes on the text. And just number one, question number two, instead of this 50 back and forth. I just can't, I don't have time for those people. Don't have time for that. That's why you're

Sarah: I know. I know.

Dave:  I keys, it's the keys to the kingdom. And I tell people this all the time. We are not in the business of selling. You know, I know it's a communication business. Everything in life is communication. And you can't use these. You got to use test people and you got to use these. It's so easy, but you got to commit to this shit that I'm talking about. Because without it you're just you're that you're that loud asshole who just likes to hear himself talk. But never and I know so many guys like that. They think they're so busy. They're on the phone all day long. These guys' phones are ringing all the time. I'm hanging out one day around them and I'm like, Dude, I need Xanax. I need we, I mean, I don't even know. I am so stressed from that. 

Sarah: I mean, I'm related to someone like that. I can only like two minutes in that, like, I'm sorry, I have to go and what's funny is the incessant having to be on the phone and emails and it's like the self importance thing. It's like looking at all these texts and messages and meetings and emails that I have as if it's productive and it's not that I did it right. And for them. It's because they don't know how to communicate. But what I would say is that I agree with what you're saying. If you just take the extra one minute 2345 minutes to over communicate. If you don't make time to do something, right. You're gonna have to make time to do it over. Yeah. Literally.

Dave:  Do follow up answers. And I'm telling you it is I've I've picked apart like I've got a few unique relationships with like, client sales advisors at like Tiffany, and a couple of high end places where these people have been, you could just tell in the way that they write the way that they communicate. It's just, there's, there's, there's a lot of places where you can learn how to do things and you can learn how not to do things. It happens every day in your life. A lot of y'all think oh my god, I can't get any knowledge until I buy a course you know, and it's like just start looking around. Just put your marketing glasses on. TOS put your marketing in, stop looking at everything in life through the lens of a consumer and look at it through the lens of a creator and say, God I'm frustrated as shit right now. This is a horrible customer service process. What's pissing me off? Let me make sure that I you know, how can I apply this to my business? Look, when you are in business, everything's a lesson. Everything around you should be Ooh, let me learn from that I either had a good or a bad experience and how can I implement that into my business or make sure that I'm not doing the same thing?

That was just done to me to somebody else, you know, and I think we live life with such little self awareness. A lot of this stuff is real basic shit, but it's not even taught in school. I mean, for me, I think back to some of my English lessons and stuff like that. And it was almost like, right, more complicated, right? Right or confusing. That's what we want you to do today, I'd come with some simple ass way. I solved some math problems. You know, who knows, probably looked over on my neighbor's paper, but then they'd be like, Well, you didn't work the problem down five sheets and do it that way. I'm like, Well, who gives a shit? I got the same answer. And now all are using the calculator. You know, life teaches us to do shit the hard way. And what I'm telling you is, there's no shortcuts in terms of the ladder to success. Everybody's got to climb once one step at a time. But, man, there's so many things that we can do that require no investment of capital, they require no additional energy. This requires less energy, it just requires higher self awareness. And in Yes, Brian, it's self awareness. It's about being aware of how what we're doing is impacting the situation. Whose responsibility is it in the situation who can actually fix the situation? In every situation? I always say, I can. I'll fix it. Let me watch. Let me clarify. So then I'll come back to somebody if there's one other thing, if somebody comes back with a bunch of questions or a or, you know, I can tell that I've communicated unclearly I'll instead of answering the question, I'll say, Hold on. Let me go back to my original thing and add in the pieces that I've clearly left out. Yeah. So, here's the other thing. A lot of you, a lot of you who are doing it doesn't matter if you're doing affiliate marketing, it doesn't matter whether you're selling your own courses, whatever. Here's the other big secret. Stop saying the same shit 50,000 times a day. Start creating tools that communicate what you're trying to say. Literally, that you can use every time. So these one on one chats that so many people are doing is black. Doing it I would make a page on like a Click Funnels or whatever, Wix wherever. And I would set it to answer every question that I get asked or at least I'd make one video that answered the top five questions.

Sarah: Yeah, I did. Yeah, I did that with like the top seven questions. I got in and included disclaimers and stuff because I was like, I'm not answering this over and over. I don't have the grace or the we I did that and it helps so much. And I was like, look, it's there. Like if you can't even read that. If you can't take time to read that then like I'm not gonna

Dave:  Like it always puts it on the customer to qualify themselves to meet. Right so what I want to do in my marketing as well is I want to get those micro commitments. So I never want anybody waiting on me. I never want a lead or a customer waiting on me if I can help it and that's a challenge right because there's certain places in the business where but anyways when at that very beginning stage with somebody and every person goes through this it doesn't matter if you start to grow social media profiles. Your DMS blows up mostly with people who are wasting your time. It doesn't matter what niche you're in, all y'all think you're unique because you had a video go viral and you got a bunch of messages. It happens in every industry, every YouTube channel, every social media influencer account that has hundreds of 1000s or 10s of 1000s or has videos, all get messages from people who have nothing to do and don't even remember that they sent the message. It's not like they're sick, they didn't they didn't send it and then set their phone down and say no, I'll just, I'll just quietly and patiently wait for Sarah to get back to me now that I've said that DM here, or respectfully? No, they don't give a shit. They say BMG, you're a loser and they moved on or what's what and they moved on. They don't give a damn. So what I do is or what I would do as an affiliate is, you know, if I had one response to somebody, that's fine, but I'm not going to count on, you know, I'm not going to count on me having to follow up with them or whatever. In order to be active. I'm gonna give them an assignment and when they come back to me without assignment, that's a hot qualified lead, you see. So if I have 1000 people who messaged me and I give everybody the assignment or set or send everybody a personalized first message, right, sending them to the page that has all the answers or, or the other thing I would say is go through and watch the 20 Whatever you're promoting, go watch the 25 minute video, and then all your questions will be if you have questions after you watch it, let me know. Exactly. That's the other thing that I would do. But instead of going back and forth so much I know that a lot of people you know, they're like Well, I'm doing a lot of one on one chatting and stuff like that. But you have to, you have to evolve and grow. And there's ways that I can, that I can, you know create tools that can very clearly answer questions because remember, we were just talking about clarity. I can create tools, videos, pages, PDFs, things of that nature, that can answer the question really, really well. And then I'm just using those instead of and that's one of the things that we've done inside of legendary is I didn't want you know, that's one of the reasons why we have the challenge and everything else is because, you know, I don't want people having to explain things all the time. All the answers to everything in our business and companies are right in our videos. If you want to learn about them, you want to know what we're talking about. Go watch the videos. If you're unwilling to watch the videos you're probably not going to buy and anybody who's gonna get on the phone with you in our company is not going to sit there for an hour explaining stuff in a video because they've also been trained to do that. Right? So we use it to be effective, because we, just like many of you have 10s of 1000s of people coming through wanting to message and customer support. So we have to also run our business in a communication wise effective way.

Sarah: Right? For me, I'm not. I have to look at let's say if 100 People are messaging me about whatever, like I'm not going to the ones who are showing me the bare minimum are not going to get the highest priority in communication with me. I once had this girl. I still have the DM from her because I just thought it was so funny and I was like I feel like I'll use this one day but she felt like there were too many words on the sales page, which they weren't. But she felt that they were too and she wanted me to send her a synopsis of the sales page to see if she wanted to buy it. And I told her straight up I said please leave the sales page because this clearly isn't for you. I was like, if you can't handle reading a sales page and listening to a 10 minute video, then there's no way you're gonna be able to go through videos and challenges and PDFs and swipe files. I was like this isn't for you. So just I'm gonna give you permission to delete and she was so shocked with my bluntness, but I was like I don't want you to waste your time because you're clearly a waste to be mine. And so she you know, that was like a lesson for me, but I just felt like I had to tell her but you have to pay attention and it's like, you know, if someone's giving me the bare minimum, and they can't handle a simple few steps 123 Little steps and I just don't think I could genuinely like, this isn't like oh, well you know, we might just go to you know Disney World and have a cool experience like no like you could you could potentially like be able to alter the trajectory of your life. So however you want to approach that is up to you, but I can't want it for you. You can't want it for them. And a disclaimer, you know, most people who come into working online Don't you know, make money, you know, because they don't put in the work and stuff but the ones who do, their possibility of doing that is higher and everything. It takes words from people who buy stuff, don't even open it. I mean, I've been looking at statistics for over a decade in this industry. And, you know, it's not uncommon for people to buy a course and just not even log into it. We get messages from our affiliates sometimes saying, you know, why do my people know what's wrong with the challenge? It's like sticking around and I mean, these are your fellow human beings, IKEA. I'm not here to explain human humanity to you. I'm not here to explain why people are lazy as shit. Ian could have the entire world by the you know, Coronas and do nothing. Just do nothing. And then play dumb and then blame you. I mean, that's, that is humanity. That is one I mean, why do you think we celebrate greatness so much? Why do you think Michael Jordan got, you know, almost mummified? You know what I mean? Like this guy is like the, the type of guy like who who we wrap in put in why? Because greatness is so rare. Average is so common. Why wear this hat every day? It's sure it sounds cool, but it's it's so mediocrity is so common

Sarah: Here's a quote and it's called, choose your heart, I'm sure some people have heard it and it says like, be broke. And it's hard to become wealthy. Like it's hard to be overweight. It's hard to maintain a, you know, healthy physique. Choose your heart. You get a choice though. And at the end of the day, you are the person who sounds a little more of it, but like the person who dies at the end of your life is you. And so if you're if you're going to live your life, and you're going to be faced every single day with certain decisions that could and it could be a micro decision could be teeny tiny such as hitting the snooze button. That's usually the first decision that people make during the day. You know, so, if you're gonna if you're the one who has to die at the end of your life, and, and the whole Lego like life is so short, it's the longest thing you ever can experience. So that's worth living. Make it a life that even though you're faced with hard decisions every single day choose one that at least gets you somewhere. Choose one that actually helps you, your family, your community, the people around you. And if your why, when we were talking about at the beginning of the video, like help people don't know why they're in this, what they're doing, why they're doing it. If you're wise just about making money. I don't like I don't mean this in a mean way, but like I don't see you being in this for that long. Because you're gonna have to find something outside of yourself that pulls you forward because you can only push yourself so hard. At some point you feel you're going to something's gonna come up. There's been a million challenges that have come up in my journey. I'm sure you have a billion and you have

Dave:  Mostly all internal external challenges, all the ones I've made up in my mind, right and that my friends and family won't support me. Or, you know, you know, the internet's meaning or whatever it is, is all stuff that I could mentally work through it. It's right here. Nobody's coming over to my house and saying, gun to your head Dave. You're You're a loser. Don't you dare touch that keyboard. Nobody is doing that.

Sarah: It's so true. You're gonna be faced with a lot of decisions and, and I I know this business works because I've been doing it for so long and I work with a bunch of different affiliate products and, and I love that but I would say focus on the one that's in front of you, which if you're on this call, I would imagine that's legendary. So focus on that. Give that your all. Learn as much as you can. grow as much as you can and take some responsibility for your life. And your business. It's not the algorithm's fault. It's not the challenger's fault. It's not Legendary’s fault. You're the common denominator in your business. People aren't responding back to you. There's something wrong. If people are responding back to you, but take action. There's something wrong and it's just kind of like a little. It's like a little math equation. It's like okay, this just goes down the pipeline. Okay, this work is work. Right here they stop. Why is that clearly there's something in this area that isn't working. Okay, let's patch that up and fix it. Oh, you don't know. How to do that. You have a private Facebook community. You can ask questions. That's worth its weight

Dave:  Calls daily. This show is more valuable. If I would have had this show to listen to when I was first getting started. I would have had a lot of fun and learned a lot of stuff. I know. So mad. Shout out, shout out. Yeah. Listen, it's been Sarah , this is valuable. i i This is your second time on the show. Yeah. So I mean, let's do it with 30. Let's do a third round here in the near future. Let's see. Is everybody down for that is everybody down to have Sarah back for the new Metro three so we can get that passivity going up.

Sarah: I don't know we're gonna make

Dave: The passivity of the episode. Much chest. We need this. Alright, Sarah, we will be good. Okay, thanks for all the value.

Sarah: Thank you. 

Dave: Okay, we'll talk to you later. All right, my friends. Go and check her out. She's at the social affiliate. Okay, and we've had her username up the entire episode mostly. So if you're listening, the social affiliate, you can find Sara TikTok and Instagram a lot of nuggets. Sometimes I wouldn't when I'm saying these things and they're coming out free. I'm like, man that's that's hope they don't I hope they don't just ignore that just because that was free. You know? What do I mean? Sometimes we don't pay attention to what we don't pay for. Don't make that mistake. These are really really valuable calls and they just keep getting more valuable. We'll see you back here tomorrow for another episode.