Below is the transcription for this episode:

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt:  Good morning, everybody. Happy Wednesday, it's May 11. We are live. This is not a pre-recording Wednesday, May 11, we go live every single day, Monday through Friday at 10am. Eastern. You can get text message reminders like every single day that we go live Monday through Friday. We send out a little text message that just says, Hey, by the way, we're alive. Join us. And it's a great way to get just a little tiny dose of inspiration. And also, the really cool part is you can hear a story from somebody who's actually making it work right now. So it's not outdated stuff. It's not stuff that was, you know, working a couple months ago or anything like that. It's actually working right now, for real people like you. So these could be people from any niche, any industry that could be affiliates of ours, it could be not, it's kind of a random bag. But if you do know somebody that you would like to be featured on the show, or if you yourself would like to be featured on the show, you can always go to legendary I think currently right now we've got about three to four weeks, maybe a little bit longer. Wait time to be on the show, something like that. But we're always looking for new people. And we always love to tell stories of people that maybe we haven't heard of, or maybe we weren't able to get in touch or something. So always welcome to fill that out for us legendary And you don't have to be a millionaire. You don't have to get Jillian air. It's totally cool. We have lots of different people who have earned lots of different amounts of money on our show. So you know, we'd love to feature you or somebody that you suggest. All right. Joining us live today. If you could all give us a round like a big hand clap emoji. And welcome in. I think he's from New York. We're going to find out. Let's bring him in. Hassan, what's up?

Hassan:  Hey, what's up, everyone. Calling you guys from Brooklyn, New York. Born and raised.

Matt:  Cool. All right, apparently.

Hassan:  I'm actually 20 years old. I usually tell myself I look like 16 anywhere. But I'm 20

Matt:  So tell us a little bit about you. So pre med students are working through school and also starting some sort of online biz. You've got like what, I don't know. 27,000 to almost 28,000 followers on social media. Well tell us. Yeah, tell us a little bit about you, man. What's your journey been like to get here,

Hassan:  Man, my life's been like, honestly, amazing. I'm grateful for every part of it. So like, basically, to be here at 20 to basically find something like this. I grew up in New York and was born in Brooklyn. I told you I lived there until 16. And then my parents were like, Guys, we're going to Massachusetts. We're gonna live with my sister and go to college. So we all went up to Massachusetts. We sat there for a year and made new friends and my older cousin over there that's like six years older than me. He's like a huge figure to me, you know, a huge inspiration he has. It was like he was all part of my mindset shift. That's very important. I would say your mindset is everything in life will take you very far if you let it. So I lived over there then my parents actually stayed there for a couple months. And then they came back to New York and I told them hey, I'm not going back to New York. I'm gonna stay over here. They bought a house there so I'm gonna stay in this house alone. I'm gonna live in a safe like when I finished high school over here and already made some friends. I'm living like my cousin. Everything's great. I finally started going out like doing things. I'm getting older. So it was just like a lot of maturing for me. So I lived there by myself. My parents left me with, like a nice suburban house. I was 16 and a half. A few years ago, I just got my permit. So you know, you can already imagine how like, like, when I was doing but so I lived there and then I came back to Brooklyn. For my freshman year of college. I'm doing pre med now. I've been doing, I mean, my junior year right now, but going into my senior year, that's been great. It's very, very hard. Anyone that's ever done it. I know, there's a lot of nurses in this new dawn. See, that's what like really, really got me inspired. Personally, I've seen people in the medical field like wow, like, to me, like my dream for a long time was to go be a doctor. That's my goal. But then to see a lot of people in the medical field actually turning away from that hearing the widespread hearing my whole life with the medical field about the debt and not being paid enough in the stressful hours and stressful life. So it got me thinking about what I want to do. And then one day, I came across a legendary marketer, I forgot exactly who it was. But it was like it was a real person speaking to you, and it's a real person telling you like, exactly like, the things you want in life that they're being able to do from putting time and, you know, like really consistency to an online business. And in today's world, like, Who wouldn't want to do that, especially when you're young, like, honestly, I would love to travel, you know, buy a couple Airbnbs go live in I'm a little bit a couple of different countries, that's like the golden line, just get to travel the world. So I think that's the biggest thing for me. That's my goal and try to achieve it through legendary.

Matt:  So you're, that's cool, man. So you're, you're pre med student currently, how far along in that are you?

Hassan:  So first, I'm gonna have to get my biology degree, because my Bachelor's my first four years, and then I have to apply to go to med school. I gotta take my MCAT in August. So I have to apply to med school. And then that's another four years. So we're eight years already. And then I have to apply to a hospital to work residency, which is basically like training, but they pay you for it. It's like maybe like, get like 6070 grand a year. I'd like your natural salaries, whatever you're doing, and you're gonna go the extra for probably like 400 grand a year. Yeah, that's all the debt and everything. I'm not sure if it's worth it, all the stress all the time you put into studying, I still love to do it. But it might be something I try to pursue later in life when I like, building my financial life up a little more. Because I don't want to

Matt:  What's the driver behind that? I mean, what got you interested in it because I would say most kids who got to 16 and had their own house, and we're living on their own? to it. It's surprising to me that you'd be like, Yeah, I'm gonna, I'm gonna be a pre med student.

Hassan:  Okay, so basically, it's, it's definitely my parents talking into my ears my whole life. My oldest sister's a pharmacist, she's 26. My other sister is a nurse. She was working on COVID shots and everything. She's still specializing in something else in that school. So personally, I always like to, I think naturally, I like to try to one up my sisters, my siblings and everything we've ever always done. I'm extremely competitive with them naturally. So it's like, pharmacists, you're a nurse. And so I'm gonna go out there. Like, I fell in love with it. Because I was competitive with my siblings, I always looked into it. I fell in love with medicine, with biology, with something I always love, like understanding the basic building blocks of life. That was interesting, naturally, but making money on the internet was something that, honestly, took a beautiful natural spot in my heart.

Matt:  So when defined legendary, how long ago I

Hassan:  found legendary last year in I think, April or May.

Matt:  Okay, wow. So like a year ago? Yeah. So what? And then what's your journey been like from basically last April until this April, but last 12 months? What is that been like in terms of implementing and learning and growing

Hassan:  So last April was, I'd say, like a pretty busy time in my life. Since COVID, was hitting everything. I actually went back to Massachusetts and I rented out an apartment for a year and I lived there with my girlfriend. So I was alone again, I just love being alone. Yeah, like there's something about it. So around April, it was just like it was getting warm outside. It's like I love being outside and it was like, I'm ready to put something legendary to my life, but I wasn't really ready to dive into it wholeheartedly like I did. I think I believe J back or not even January. I think at the end of February is when I really like Dove Dove in. Wow, that last year

Matt:  When you purchased the challenge and purchased the blueprints and dove in and stuff, there was a big delay. So what I mean when you decide to come back to it, when you decided to come back to it? Did you like what reminded you have legendary that's that's like wow, 

Hassan:  never even left my brain. I'm telling you I would think about it when I woke up and like to think of it when I went to sleep. It was something everyday like it just kind of depressed me a little bit. I wasn't putting my time into it because I I looked into the training and I watched every single blueprint when I bought it and I got bought in and just through the site. Like I watched everything I did. And I was like, Okay, I'm gonna do this when I can dive in. So like, and then basically, the summer went by and I went and I went to Lebanon. I'm Lebanese, so I was visiting family and stuff over there. I have grandma, she's very old. So I was visiting family and towards the end of the summer and then school started and it was extremely busy just diving in because I came back to live in New York and just shifted and moved and all that stuff was just kind of a lot. I never went into legend, but it wasn't something that I ever stopped thinking about. It was something like every day I had to like, Okay, what am I gonna start this? How am I going to start this? I need to get myself together. Because school was never enough for me. Like even being in school. It was like, like, I knew I could be doing something more, you know. So like, that's what it's like. And I was like, Okay, enough is enough. I need to start.

Matt:  Yeah, cool, man. That's awesome. And it's already really, like, good for you.

Hassan:  And good for your business. Yeah, they have. They've been amazing. And honestly, it's like, the last 30 days, it's like, every month. It's just, like, a new series of accomplishments that you just never met. And it's like, wow, I can't imagine getting better than this. And then it does. And it does. It's just always like a ladder. You just keep climbing that sort of like, I feel like it's amazing. And with that you just keep learning to. It's just, it's great. It's like a great platform, especially with these lives every morning and talking to someone who learned something every single day from every single person. It's never, it's always there's always something for you to learn.

Matt:  So when you started creating content, was that like, was that new for you? Was that like something you've done before? Are you just on Tik Tok? Are you on other platforms?

Hassan:  So I'm actually only like on creating on Tiktok nice are done before like even on Instagram and Snapchat like my personal life I like I don't even like I post the picture by like every six, seven months just like update my people have fallen like and I wouldn't do it. But it's never social media has ever been something that was really big to like, a person that to create on but I would definitely like definitely swiping on Tiktok by like three, four hours a day already just in between, like free time. Yeah, I was never like a creator. But when I started creating, it's so fun. Honestly, it's really it's, it's just you find it fun.

Matt:  Was it easy or like hard or

Hassan:  At first? It's not hard, but with anything like you need to learn and you need to take a trip a couple times. You're like okay, like if I go watch like the first 10 videos I make now like you know, I might laugh a little bit like this looks a little weird. But it's funny. Is it something you learned from and I leave them up so other people can go watch and look at them to maybe publicly say things like go watch my most recent go watch the first one. I love it. 

Matt: when did you start this channel

Hassan:  So I started it in I think January when I was on vacation. I went to St Lucia with my girlfriend and I went to the Bahamas in February. In between that I was making high two videos a day five skip a day take a break that is let me tell you everyone breaks will honestly kill you. Consistency is everything like you'll make if you're a content creator, like whatever you're doing, no matter what it is talking about creating, content creating. Like if you are gonna put a little rust on the engine if you know what I mean. It's like when everything is like doing something it's part of your daily life it gets not only easier but like you pick up things a lot easier it is very nice to keep things like grinding.

Matt:  Yeah, totally totally. Man. I just feel so powerful. It's just so powerful. We're living in this weird age, man. I mean, just for some context. When I got started I was like 20 and at the time really all that you could do to make money or generate leads was just to create a blog and hope that over like multiple, multiple months you started ranking on Google for something right? And or you could pay for Google ads or you could make the virality piece of social media right now for somebody to start a channel and you know, in their first year online, just start making 1000s of dollars. Have people in less than a year made six figures online? Mostly.

Hassan:  They're my idols. And that's very important. You need to like, Oh, you guys watch and learn from is extremely important, and that legendary really had the best people. I swear, it's amazing.

Matt:  There they are. And just as a disclaimer, I, you know, I said that people have done that, that's not super common. And I'm not going to, you know, say anything more about that. But other than that, those types of results are not typical. And people watching this should not expect that but, but to be totally transparent. I've just been shocked watching that. Like,

Hassan:  It's crazy. It's crazy. Fire. It's not even like something that's luck, either. Like, it's from consistency and hard work, and you see them like, I go back and see their posts, like from a year ago, and I see where they started. And they really started as everyone else asking everyone the thing that things like people make all like stupid, basic questions, but everyone starts somewhere. And that's like, what's really important you guys all started step one, everyone starts at zero. And like, even a week, you start to feel amazing what you accomplish, and you get addicted to that feeling of accomplishment. And that's what I've noticed. It's it you never ever, like stop, like being addicted to that feeling. So identify it and just keep doing the things that make you get that feeling, keep working towards a better you know, yeah, that's cool. Sal by tik tok, I really dove in, like posting content. When I got back from the Bahamas at the end of February, when I had probably at that point, maybe like 700 followers from like the previous two months of you know, just, I call it inconsistency compared to what I'm doing now. So now I post probably like 10 times a day. I try to not take breaks. I took a break last weekend. And honestly, it did hurt my count like I was climbing, climbing, climbing, then taking that to take a break. You think it's not going to hurt you? And it does. It really slows everything down. But then everything started to pick up again. Just dive back into the consistency thankfully. Yeah, since the end of February to now I've gained what like 25/26/27,000 followers from being consistent. Can't be mad. Yeah. I've seen other people get way more. And I've seen other people get way less, you know, you just have to be consistent. I've always seen that with consistency. It's always people gaining more followers and providing value is the most important thing.

Matt:  Yeah, right. And by value, what do you mean?

Hassan:  So by value, I think it's basically like on the internet. It's not necessarily driving traffic to your specific product. But what's really successful is just helping people out, like on like, giving people let's say, side hustle ideas or showing them that easier way to do something online. It drives people to your page, knowing that you're a knowledgeable person, they can trust you to give valid information. That's what really, it's about building yourself as a brand.

Matt:  That's cool. You know what's cool, too, is I noticed that you took one of your videos, your most watched video and you reposted it to your channel again. Six times.Yeah, you, you Oh, yeah, you're right. I only saw the first time.

Hassan:  Cool. Tiktok stopped pushing, I stopped posting. But like, it's not like getting the same people every single time if there's new people coming into your account. So like, no one's gonna really be mad at you for reposting a video. It's like, I'm sorry. I don't have to do anything except repost it like it is.

Matt:  And isn't it funny that if you think about it from a consumer's lens, when you're scrolling through tik tok. You know, there's times where you see the same video twice. And it doesn't occur to you as a consumer like, oh, he probably reposted that to get onwards. Right? Refiltering through the algorithm. Right? And that's us as marketers are the only people who would be like, Oh, what a loser he's reposting. No one else thinks that. And for everybody who's unfamiliar with what we're talking about, basically. He posted a video on his tic tok. It got 300,000 views. And he said, You know what, like, what if I just took that and posted it again. And what happens is, if you've got this, you've got this core group of your followers, and they're going to show it to them first. But then they're also going to just blast it out to the mass public. And they're going to share it with a lot of people on your page. And that's where it gets really cool if you start to go viral. You start to get a lot of likes and all those people every time you read a Post that they ‘re just hitting a bunch of brand new people, though it's all a brand new audience seeing a video that he did that five times with this video, which is super cool. Yeah, it was great. So when you're posting and creating content, like do you have a schedule you stick to do you have

Hassan:  I used to and then I forgot who it was, someone in the affiliate group, they posted this long, like really helpful tips. Like they said, like, a lot of people were saying, like, it really doesn't matter what time you post, and I honestly stopped caring. Just when I was posting 10 times a day, I was posting pretty much like, four in the morning, three in the afternoon for the evening, five in the evening. So it wasn't like I wasn't really strict with the times. I was more strict with putting out the content. They're like spread out through the day as well as I can think that's what's most important. You shouldn't really be based on the hate for pm, I got put up these videos. I think it's actually better than the algorithm if you're posting like four videos straight out of your drafts that one second that didn't really work out for me. Right? But do good. And like usually the first one I posted out of the draft, so I was like, I'm not gonna do this anymore. It's not really helping me.

Matt:  Yeah, you got to spread those things out. That's for sure. I mean, there's nothing, there's nothing that AI or an algorithm reads as fake or phony. Nothing like that is like four or five videos getting posted all at once, right at the same time. And then also, I mean, if you think about when you go online, and you make a post, and like generally speaking humans, when they're making posts, they're posting about they're, they're making posts, sort of spur of the moment, right, you can obviously keep drafts, but they're making posts for the moment. And when an AI algorithm like tik tok sees, and why is this guy posting, like, you know, five or six videos all at once?

Hassan:  It's a little alarming. Exactly. Yeah.

Matt:  So what's the plan now? I mean, what's the plan for the future? And you're obviously working on school, but you also got this business going last month, you've exploded? What's your day to day look? Like? What's your sort of mode of operation? Still doing 10 pieces A day? 

Hassan:  Um, yeah, I am. And honestly, it does not take that long. To make videos, it takes like a good two hours, like total in the day, and everything else is just pretty much doing whatever I feel like doing. I stopped like four months ago. Okay. All right. I have saved up the most money from working clothes. I pretty much hang out over here. My friend's backyard. It's a great setup, we got a ping pong table with the pool usually

Matt:  have a heated pool because up in the northeast, that’s got to be cold. 

Hassan:  90 degrees there right now. So it's been great. And honestly, digital marketing has given me that like, like, sitting at home on Save Money is a different story. But being able to accomplish something at home and learn things and have something that really makes you feel good about yourself. And standing behind an amazing product. There's like nothing I could really ask for like anything better I could have asked for at this age, honestly, I've looked in stocks, I looked at setting up a Shopify store like it was not a good kind of screwed over. So like before going into legendary, I was really skeptical, extremely skeptical, like probably every other person on the internet. But you do your research, you look into people that have done it. Like the products, they're the information. They're just like, you need to implement it. Your mindset of like, honestly, the poor mindset as it's true. And it's like you don't realize it's true until you try to find a way out of it.

Matt:  Totally, man, totally. Well, that's cool. And for I'll give you this morning for everybody who's here for everybody who's new for anybody who's like 10 pieces of content a day. This is crazy. Is this really possible? What would you tell those people?

Hassan:  It's really not bad. And the more you do it, the easier and quicker it gets. And I am even about it being quick. I'm telling you, it's fun. It's honestly fun, real people talk to you. They talk to real people, you help them out. You meet some of me pepsin like you're amazing stories. There's like so many other things besides money and it goes into it. It's an amazing business to be in. I recommend it to everyone and the content is not something that should be stopping you at all. And I've seen people doing this without showing their face and they've been successful.

Matt:  A lot of people, a lot of people Yeah. Well cool, man. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to come on. I'm really excited about what you're doing and you're crushing it. You're really crushing. So congrats on that. That's super cool dude, I am very grateful for you. I'll put up your Is this the right place for people to find you? Yeah, that's awesome. Well thanks for coming on the show man

Hassan:  I appreciate it

Matt:  Alright guys, we've got Hassan on Tik Tok @simplyaffiliate hey go give him a follow and Cheese Louise 10 pieces of content crazy go give him a follow and let him know Hey, I found you on wake up legendary and and like his video comment on his blow his channel up and yeah, thanks again sign for go get some ideas for content and and stock his profile a little bit for ideas on how he's been able to create such a huge following so fast. We will be back here tomorrow. Same time, same as 10am. Friday we'll be joining you live from the mastermind. So make a note, set a reminder on your phone, Siri , tell Alexa, whatever that you need to tune in on Friday. We'll be joining you from a big mansion in Florida. And then same thing on Monday as well. So rain, sleet, hail. Snow doesn't matter. We're here at 10am Eastern every single Monday through Friday. See you guys, peace.