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Below is the transcription for Tuesday's episode: 

Dave: You guys know you like that intro? Like that intro music right like a little theme song here every time it goes on I like, drop a little shoulder like that I'm like, anyways, my name is Dave Sharpe. I'm going to be your pilot today. We're going to take this plane for a little ride and talk to my man Thaddeus. if you guys are new to this show, or you're wondering, when we do it, why do we do it? Well, first and foremost, make sure that you text if you want reminders every morning Wu L to the phone number 813-296-8553. Again, I feel like the guy on the infomercial. And wait, there's more again now. WUL stands for Wake Up Legendary. WUL to 8132968553. And we'll send you a little text message reminder. Just like that. I actually just got mine. So let's bring in the man of the hour. My man Thaddeus, welcome to the show, brother.

Thaddeus: What's going on, Dave? How are we doing this morning? Good. My man. Where are you calling in from all over here in Georgia? It is about 45 minutes north of Atlanta. 

Dave: I see you got that Falcons hat on, my man. You know, always really are you a big sports fan there in Atlanta. I'm a big Falcons fan. I've just kind of fallen into that. I've always kind of been drawn more to the football aspect than the other teams. I was a Braves fan back in the 90s when I was younger, but baseball kind of I don't know. It just never really captured my attention for very long.

Dave: Well, me too. I was a big Rays fan growing up, John Smoltz back in the John Smoltz in the Greg Maddux arrow right when they had the foursome. They had John Smoltz, Greg Abbott and two others Steve Avery, I think was his name. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Then who had one more? Kevin?

Thaddeus: Smoltz Glavine Maddux Avery cannot remember

Dave: Yeah, that's it. I'm glad it was a Glavine. What was it? 

Thaddeus: Tom Glavine. 

Dave: Okay, okay. Yeah, they were they had I was a pitcher growing up in baseball, so I mean, they had what my other favorite pitcher was Randy Johnson for the for the Mariners, Seattle Mariners the big lefty, but, man, I think they had one of the best pitching staffs of all time there back in. I think it was the 90s with Yeah, Greg Maddux was kind of their top top of the food chain. starter in and but they were all good. I mean, they were a fun team to watch. So anyways, let's talk about you and your business. How did you get started? I mean, this is your first venture online. Am I right about that?

Thaddeus: Absolutely. Well, like I would say, I mean obviously in 2020 so many people are obviously stuck inside. And as the year kind of progressed, I started you know, I stumbled across TikTok started watching you know, random videos, just you know, like so many people that you have on the show actually stumbled across like a someone talking about some books and I actually read, I will teach you to be rich. And after reading that Emraan likes the setting, I think it is his name. Dr. Rahman. Okay. Yeah, that's right. Raymond Rama. Yeah, I might be mispronouncing it. Yeah, me too. Anyways, you read that. So I read that, you know, and I started, you know, because I've always really been big into, like, trying to set myself up for later. And then, after reading that, it really made me kind of dive into my own financial situation and realize that, like, I was nowhere close to anywhere being prepared to actually see any type of retirement. So, you know, like, I started dabbling into online space, trying to figure out ways to make money online. Obviously ran into a lot of roadblocks, a lot of like, just kind of, you know, nickel and diamond, so to speak. And then I actually ran across Spencer Mecham’s TikTok, and he was talking about affiliate marketing. So I was like, Well, what is this? I've never even heard of affiliate marketing. And he simplified it so well that I was like, I started digging into it and digging into it, and then I stumbled across people talking about the 15 day business builder challenge. So TikTok does what it does and keeps feeding me those videos. And I was like, What is this challenge I have like, I've got to figure this out. So I literally went online, actually looked up Legendary. And then boom, here I am. And I just, yeah, I fell in love with the whole concept. And I think it's just amazing, especially if you're just starting out. Yeah, it's a really, really great concept. So that's kind of how I wound up here.

Dave: So going through the challenge, what did talk to us about some of your aha moments, I mean, you talk about the book and how you had sort of, you know, some aha moments about, you know, your financial situation, or, etc. But talk to us about some of your aha moments going through the challenge and kind of learning about affiliate marketing, the different ways that you can sell information and so forth.

Thaddeus: Well, when I was going through the challenge, like, like, after watching the videos, it was kind of like one of those things where, you know, you, I've always been one to, I'm super observant. So when I start doing something, I notice it everywhere. So then everything started to click, like, okay, so when I'm looking for that new TV, like, Oh, those are all affiliate people talking about, oh, you know, click here, oh, I'm looking for a new cat food for my sick cat. Oh, those are all affiliate links, as well. So I just started seeing it everywhere. And I was like, Oh, my God, like this is like so super endless and limitless, and what you can actually start doing with it. So those were like the big aha moments that I had, as I was going through the challenge and realized that, you know, it's so vast and almost endless that I mean, literally anything that you're passionate about, you can start doing. So that's what that was like the biggest aha moment as I was going through the challenge.

Dave: So you started to kind of realize that, like, people were doing affiliate marketing all around you, and you never knew it.

Thaddeus: Right. Exactly. Yeah. I mean, it's like you go online, you start to start looking for this, that or the other, and you're all over affiliate marketing websites, and you don't even realize it, you know, blogs, metrics.

Dave: Right, exactly. Like if you google something, and you're sitting there reading a review of a website, or a review of a product, right? A lot of times we just read those reviews and never think, why did this person write this review? Right? We just read the review, and we take it at face value. And we just believe it for what it is right? Instead of looking at the beach, reading between the lines, if you will, and asking ourselves, well, what is the motivation behind this person writing this blog post? And are they recommending this product? Because they get paid a lot of commissions? Are they recommending the product? Because it's a good quality product? Or are they doing it just out of the goodness of their heart, just reading between the lines. One of the things that has happened in the online space, is when you launch a course or something a bunch of people go out and start writing blog posts that are negative about you. And so what sort of naive person who doesn't really understand online marketing, they might read that article and be like, Oh, my God, I found this article about this guru or this company or this program. And people have written articles like this about us. And maybe they might, you know, bring them to me and say, Well, what do you think about this? And I say, Well, I think the person is doing affiliate marketing, they're trashing one product, in ranking for the name for that product, right? Or that course, only to then go in at the bottom of the blog posts say, Well, here's my number one recommendation or whatever. And it is as if it's just a gentle, innocent recommendation, but it's really an affiliate link. And I say, well, it's a clever way to do affiliate marketing, you know, so that's cool, dude, that's really that's really an interesting insight. Somebody yesterday said, I finally clicked how all these influencers make money. You know, like people with these big, huge Instagram accounts and stuff. I never knew they had all these cars and all these expensive things. And it looked like they were just posting content, and I was like, where are they making their money from? And it's like, I finally got it. They're recommending products, and they're an affiliate of those products. It's kind of mind blowing, isn't it? Bro?

Thaddeus: That's it. I mean, absolutely. Like it's crazy when you just don't know what you don't know. You know? Like, that's like the greatest way to say it. Exactly.

Dave: Exactly. So now you do know so how is life and the way you see your future different now?

Thaddeus: Well, the way it is now, like I'm, I mean, like I'm all in like this. It's actually been just so eye opening to the possibilities of what my life can actually look like, you know, the, I'm thinking down the road I'm thinking to the next day. So yeah, like my life. Like, I mean, they don't it's not. It's not like I just have some renewed purpose but it almost feels like it. You know what I mean? Like, I've always had a purpose, but it feels like that there's just something more for me beyond just the 40 hour grind the 50 hour grind of just wasting away at some job that just doesn't fulfill me, you know, that's probably the best way I can sum up and like how my life has really changed. And also, you know, with, with my partner, you know, it's just, it's renewed her interest in things. I'm getting her more involved with it. So it's been, it's been actually really, really, really good for both of us. So it's been an amazing process, to say the least.

Dave: That's cool, man. That's cool. It is interesting how I think that was really well said, not not too overhyped, but not not, you know, not kind of understating. And it's like, it's not a renewed life. It's not like you're born again. But it feels like you are right, it kind of feels like you just have this kind of new sort of motivation or purpose. And you just see the world differently. What's your perspective? I know you are working? Or do you still have a job? 

Thaddeus: Yeah, I'm still working. I work in a plastic manufacturing company. So I work around just plastic all day. It's, it's, it's one of those jobs where it's like, you just do the same thing over and over and over, until basically you wilt away or you retire, you know, whichever happens first. Yeah.

Dave: So like, how do you see that it's got to feel good? Or I don't want to put words in your mouth; How does it feel that I can only imagine some months ago that you kind of maybe saw your future as retiring there, or like, maybe you could get a better, different better job at another company or something, now it's like this 180 degree turn to where you see maybe working for yourself. And just, that seems like a pretty extreme contrast to be to see your life in your future and one on one path, and now seeing it on a completely different path. Can you describe what kind of thing has changed? Or if it's changed?

Thaddeus: Well, absolutely. Like, you know, working at a place, you know, everybody, every place somebody works, there's always like that, that older generation that's there. So it's almost like you're looking into the future of what your life actually has in score if you continue on that path. Yeah, for me, it was like, I do not want to be sitting around and just be cold and miserable. And just like, the only reason you got that job is because it's got some good fucking health insurance, you know? 

Dave: I mean, I wouldn't be straight up honest with you. It's such a common thing, right? It's like, I got the job. I'm keeping the job because of the health insurance. Oh, I mean, and I have people that work at where I work at it, that's the only reason they continue to have that job is because of the only the health insurance like you didn't know you're falling apart physically, you know, knee replacements, you know, you know, hip replacements, you know, but oh, I gotta have that health insurance. outlay, right, I'm

killing myself at the job, do my body but at least I got some help in the job providing the doorway for the insurance so I put my body back, back together.

Thaddeus: Right, rather than sitting back and actually like taking it easy and enjoying the fruits of all those years. You slaved away, you know, so yeah, like I said, like I was on that path. And that verse, like I've always just felt like that there was something more to life than just that. So yeah, I definitely had to take a step back and realize that if I continue doing what I'm doing, that's that's it. That's, that's the path that I'm going to be on. So yeah, now after realizing that I can actually take control over it and do something about it, rather than just sitting and waiting for like, yeah, it's 180 just like you kind of said, it's actually an amazing experience. Am I echoing? No weird echo. That's not me. Okay. I just want to make sure I'm not coming in. 

Dave: Oh, actually, is that a microphone in front of your mouth? 

Thaddeus: There is a microphone in front of my mouth. 

Dave: You’re coming in super sexy actually. 

Thaddeus: And you know, I'm rocking the robe. I got that for the Falcons rocket. I got my nice little mix. So yeah, I'm trying to. I'm trying to be like you Dave. 

Dave: Now at this point, you actually may be making me look bad. Like I need to go get my Hugh Hefner author clothes on.

Thaddeus: I'm all about that leisure life, you know,I want to enjoy life. You know, I don't want to just sit around. That's it. You know, sometimes if I feel like it, you know.

Dave: If you’re in your underwear right now you don't have to let us know. Just leave it up to the imagination. Exactly. You know, You put your own imagination into it. If you're in your robe you damn well better be in your underwear will better be in your underwear?

Thaddeus: I got my sister's brother living with me so I can't really rock the no pants party. Too much

Dave: So yeah, Yeah, that would be that weird you know the weird dude kind of Sausage Party going on.

Thaddeus: I don’t want to feel weird like an old dad.

Dave: Last night my alarm went off like, dude, I'm like running around. Like in my I had thrown a pair of sweatpants. The frickin cops came. You know what I mean? Because the alarm in the house went off and I'm like running around in sweatpants and in no shirt and it's just like, oh my god. You know, like, I just felt like just an old dad like What's going on? When I was 12, just a funny dad story, I was smoking a cigarette in my dad's house in the bathroom. And instead of like any intelligent human being would have done, he just threw the cigarette in the toilet bowl where there was water. I took some toilet paper and I wrapped the cigarette up in some toilet paper and kind of did this and threw it in the garbage can and went back to bed. Right? And so yeah, some time later. Like I hear screaming like, the bathrooms on fire.  My dad busted open the window outside with the hose like spraying. Outside, nice half asleep in his underwear. In his tighty whities. Right? And I walk outside. I'm like, What happened? I knew exactly what happened. What happened? It must have been spontaneous combustion. This  happens in the bathroom all the time. Right? 

Thaddeus: Exactly what that was. 

Dave: So you've kind of blown up on TikTok. Actually, I was just looking at your channel. You've got like freakin 85,000 followers, you’re driving traffic, you're you're you're creating content. you're rocking and rolling. Talk to us about getting started going through training and then getting into actually putting that training to work and taking action with it. And some of the hurdles you had to overcome at the beginning and sort of what you've learned along the way. 

Thaddeus: Well, funny you asked that, like, I feel like that I'm like, almost like the typical process of affiliate marketing with someone who's just starting out, you know, like, I'm not one of those, like, immediate I didn't like to blow up overnight. It didn't happen in my first week or my first month. In fact, it was like a really slow growth, you know, because I guess I was trying to figure out my voice. You know, because so many people try to emulate and be just like everybody else on tik tok, they try to make the exact same videos with the exact same everything. And that's good. And all you can actually get some traction that way. But it's not genuine, it's authentic. And people can see that. And people know that. So you've got to, and that was my problem when I first started and that was like, the biggest hurdle that I had jumped over was that I you know, I was so busy trying to be like everybody else worried about putting a link in my bio, rather than focusing on the content creation. You know, that was some of the biggest hurdles I had to jump over. And it's funny you say that I've kind of blown up like I was literally, before I made this video that went super viral. I think it's like 3.5 million. At this point. You know, I was literally on the verge of just almost giving up on TikTok, and like, switching to a different platform. That's like, it's just not for me, I'm getting no traction, like views are like 100-200 per video, you know, which is some better than some people get, but at the same time, it's you're never going to grow with that type of views. And then I was like, You know what, like, it had been about four days since I've posted and I was like, You know what, I've got it. I've got it. I've got to stick with it. So I've got it. I've got to stick with this. I'm committed to this and I have to put in the work. And then I'd you know, this was something I had my drafts that I had recorded months earlier decided to drop. It literally blew up over and over a weekend and like I'm talking about I mean, it was unreal how quick it happened. 

Dave: And were you just just shitting your pants? 

Thaddeus: I mean, just oh absolutely like I was like, I'm like Oh my fucking god like what the like, I don't even know what to do. Like, like, oh shit like, dude, like, I gotta keep posting a video like I'm at the same time I'm trying to build this Facebook group so I'm like, Oh shit, I'm like, scrambling around like a madman, like literally like my hair's on fire trying to get everything, anything together so I can try to capture this lightning in a bottle you know?

Dave: It's like oh now I'm famous]holy shit like now I can't let my I can't let my followers down now right like it's like shit I gotta keep delivering you know what I mean? Right,

Thaddeus: Right. And then like you had like rather than comparing yourself to others like now you're trying to like okay well like I've got to try to compare to myself now and it's like oh shit like, I don't even know what to do you know? It's like It's like somebody who's like you know you blow up and you're like okay, well Hey guys, I'm Thaddeus

Dave: It's like the dude who busts in the party, right in his underwear or something. And it's like, it's like, everybody's just sitting around you like, already like, but you're like, how's it going, guys? Party on Dave Right? You know, I'm here now. Yeah, that's good.

Thaddeus: It's been good. It's kind of I mean, it was a great push, though. So like, you know, it really pushed me to really dive into all these things that I've kind of like I wouldn't say half fasting but not certainly not full lasting. I would say maybe like seven eights asking, you know, that was that that little bit like rather than, you know, I got so caught up in trying to get the system set up that I didn't really focus on how they actually worked.

Dave: You're hitting all the nails, bro. 

Thaddeus: So like, I you know, focusing on the copy focusing on like, making everything that to me unique rather than just trying to be another, you know, another fish in a big pond, you know?

Dave: Man, you hit two things right there that I think are the number one things that people focus on, is first and foremost, like if people are gonna choose TikTok as their organic marketing method, which by the way, guys, there's other platforms. I know, we talk about TikTok a lot. There's Facebook, there's Pinterest, there's TikTok, or there's Twitter, there's YouTube. But for example, you take Twitter, the number one thing that people ask, and it's like, well, when can I put my link in my bio? It's like the first it's like, and then and then. And then the other thing that pops up is, well, you know, if I can't put my link in my bio, what's the sense of creating content because then I can't sell anything, and it's just all this kind of setup, initial getting ready to get ready to get ready to getting ready and just kind of just just just, you know, my dad used to say this funny thing on on construction sites, I feel like we're, you know, a couple homies just sitting here talking, and everybody's just listening. But we'll just, we'll, this is not PG. So my dad would be like, if I was if I was like, doing some dumb shit on a construction site, not getting anything done. He'd be like, you know, he'd be like, why don’t you get something done, instead of standing around fucking the dog, you know? I feel like that's like, what if that applies, you know, it's kind of like, like me on the construction site. An example of what I'd be doing is like, pull up to the construction site, finish breakfast, have a cigarette, you know, tie my shoes, you know, stretch a couple of sips of coffee, have another cigarette, like that kind of stuff. If I got started and got the work done, I could go home at two o'clock, but instead I'm going to sit around and fuck the dog in and have to get home late, right? Because I know, I feel like that's kind of what we do a lot online. We're just sitting around. And, and and then, you know, the other one that you mentioned was the funnels and just all this bullshit about setting things up. But I know it's really important. And I know that it's, I know that it's like something that we look at when we start sorry, I just had to block this guy because he's been an idiot. We have to, we have to, yeah, I know that that's part of the business. It is the mechanical part of the business. But it's literally only the tip of the iceberg. And there's that entire iceberg. The rest of the iceberg below the water that you don't see, which is what you're talking about. Am I right?

Thadeus: 100% like Like you said, it's all important stuff to have set up but it's not what you need to be focusing on because all the funnels and all the all the you can write and have the greatest emails, you can have the greatest funnel, but if you don't know how to drive people to it, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. You know, like if you can't get somebody to even say I okay, like I'm feeling this person, I'll go, I'll go check out what he's talking about. Because if you're just saying, Oh, just click the link in my bio, click the link in my bio. It sounds salesy. It just sounds like you're trying to push something. It sounds like you're like, you know, like you say, in all the training, you know, it's like you're trying to sell some what, uh, you know, magic oils or, you know, lotions, potions and pills, I think is the term is the way you say it. You know, rather than just being authentic to yourself and how, what you're promoting actually benefited your life in how someone else can relate to that and benefit their life. So yeah, I think you summed it up really well there, you know, all that stuff is below that. And that's like that, that's the stuff that you need to have. But it's not what you need to be mainly focusing on.

Dave: I mean, what I've learned is that, here's what I've learned man in 10 years is that a couple of things that you've started to experience. Number one, some of the most unorthodox, unpredictable, almost accidental shit is what kind of sometimes works. And a lot of times, I'm like, I can't believe that worked. You know what I mean? Like, seriously, a lot of times I'm on purpose. And, you know, don't get it twisted, guys, I'm not, you know, just throwing spaghetti at the wall. After a while you start to know what works and what doesn't. But it doesn't mean that you don't take chances, it doesn't mean that you don't occasionally throw some spaghetti on the wall and go, can't believe that stuck, you know what I mean? The other thing that I've learned is that, well, I want to hit on the other thing that you said that was really important is that, like, just just shoot it, create it, write it and get it out. Because sometimes the goal, the that rocket ship, that's going to take you to the next level that's going to go viral, that's gonna, that's going to convert a huge part of your audience, it can be one email that you send, that just is so powerful in such a powerful story and ties so powerfully into whatever it is that you're promoting, or marketing, that it just converts a huge percentage of your audience. And maybe you felt scared to send it usually, sometimes the things that you feel most scared about are the ones that ended up being the most powerful. And the The other thing that is I've learned is that I basically all of the automation, horseshit all this, these these complex systems and everything that we hear, kind of marketed in ads by gurus and goblins out there on the on the internet, you know, you know, we're gonna, you know, as your business automated and kind of all this stuff. And so we've tried to set up all this technology and get all fancy and stuff. Honestly, it's nothing but a big distraction. And for most everybody, it's not even appropriate at the level that you're at in your business. It's only appropriate when you have tons of traffic that's coming in. And you literally don't have enough hands, or in some cases, when you have tons of traffic and you change it and you try to complicate it, it actually hurts your business versus just keeping it simple. And focusing more on connection. Rather than trying to just automate everything, and make sure all your technology and everything is perfectly set up and all your pages look nice, right? The ugliest, just whatever I could get up the fastest usually, is the best option. What comes up for you, as I've only recapping honestly, what you've already said. But I just wonder if you could say your experience on one or all of those points?

Thaddeus: No, you're I mean, you're 100%, right, I totally agree, like automations are great. Like, once you've built something, you know, to make it simpler for you. But if you're like you're just starting and you're trying complex automations and you want all these elaborate systems, while they're super cool, you know, they're not necessary until you start actually having something a foundation to build on. That's like a you know, you build the foundation, you know, and then you build a little bit of frame. And then you maybe want to add a second story, that's where that automation stuff starts coming in. Not that foundation. The foundation point is just having a like you said, the you know, a simple, ugly little opt in that just says hey, you know, you want to learn how to make money online, and your email, you know, yes, something simple to the point. And, and or whatever your niche is, right. You want to write exactly what you want to lose weight, you want to do want to be a better parent, you know, whatever, whatever your niche might be. Absolutely. Taking perfect or imperfect action. That's one of the phrases. I've heard recently that that really sums it up. Yeah, it doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be perfect at that moment.

Dave: Yeah, man. And also making that connection between going through training and realizing that in order to really understand how to do something, and to be able to do it in your sleep, and for it to be able to be easy and all this, you actually just got to go out and got to do it a bunch of times, right? There's the reason why we go through training, there's so we can just have a direct path from A to Z, which in our affiliate blueprint, that's what that does, it's a to z doesn't mean that it's an instant download in your head, and now you're a pro, you have to apply this stuff. And over time, after you apply it, if you actually then after you put in your 10,000 hours, you can consider yourself or you will be essentially a master of it. But you have to put in that which is kind of scary because a doctor goes to school for a long time. And then you know, somebody is his first patient. But, it ain't that serious in online marketing. You know what I mean? Like, it's not that serious, the beautiful thing is, is that you're not doing heart surgery, man, you're not doing brain surgery, you're not going to kill anybody. You know the only thing that you're going to bruise a little bit is probably your ego. So if you let that go, and I don't know, if you've dealt with that at all, any imposter syndrome, it sounds like you did more at the beginning when you were kind of trying to be other people and comparing yourself. But man, I found that just the older I get, also, the more I deflate my ego, man, and stop trying to look cool and be perfect. And all this shit. I mean, honestly, man, now I just wear the same thing every day. I got fancy shit, nice stuff, but I don't even show it off or talk about it. Because I don't think anybody gives a shit about it. I just think people care about what I say, the value that I bring, the intention behind why I do what I do if I'm a good person, or if I'm a POS, right? From FOMO I was a POS. I wouldn't want to deal with me if I'm a good person who has integrity and does what I say and say what I do. And I have value to add, then I'm gonna, people are gonna want to do business with me, but they don't give a shit about anything else. It took me a long time to realize that man, are you? Where are you at in that journey of deflating ego, while building actual real self esteem, not just kind of, you know, image management type, you know, kind of ego stuff to where, for example, followers don't equal dollars in your bank account. Right? So I might get an inflated ego, because I've got followers, but, but really, I'm not making that much money. Right? So I need to humble myself by saying, look at what I'm doing. I'm doing something right. But I need to also figure out how I can monetize this following and maybe I need to add more value instead of being so kind of crazy and just creating, I don't know, I just wonder if you've had any struggles with ego or ego deflation, or just what this kind of journey has taught, has taught you on a personal level.

Thaddeus: I think that the biggest thing is, I've never really been one to have like this huge ego ever in my journey. You know, I've always realized that, like, while I may know some things, I don't know everything you know, so I've always been willing to accept that in myself and been kind of humble, and modest, so to speak. You know, I like that. You kind of said it, like when you're talking about the fancy stuff, like to be honest with you. Besides you, the majority of other people don't give a shit, what you've got going on. They want to know how it can benefit them. I mean, at the end of the day, you know, I've read this, I read a book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. And that is exactly what that entire book is all about. People give a shit about themselves. And how it ‘s a lesson that simply nature, you know, when you're on your own, I mean, no matter how many people you have around you, you're on your own solo path. You know, because you can't, no one else can live your life for you. You have to do it for yourself. You have to make those decisions for yourself. So I get it. Like there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. But at the end of the day, if you're so worried about being like, oh, what do I look like to other people? What do I look like, Oh my god, like I don't I don't want to look foolish. You know, people don't really give a shit. They just want to know how what you're talking about can benefit them on their journey. And that is the moment everybody can figure that out. The ego can just go away, the pride can go away. The only thing that I've really struggled with in my journey was probably a little bit of pride in. I've always been wanting to try to figure it out myself. And that's something that I've recently realized that is only going to hold me back and reaching out and asking for help from others and accepting that help is the quick way that I'm going to grow. So I wouldn't ever say it's an ego thing, but more of a pride thing.

Dave: I can relate to that. I mean, when I started to really, in, you know, my pride has gotten me in some tough situations. I mean, my pride almost crushed my marriage, because I just didn't know how to be married. You know what I mean? Like, it's like, Who, who, who, you know, my, my parents divorced when I was two, nothing, nothing wrong with that, don't hold that against them. My mom remarried, my father didn't. I mean, there's no handbook on how to be married. I mean, sure, you can watch other people or whatever. But there's no substitute for, you know, going through it yourself. But then also, when you run into a brick wall, which I did a few times, and thank God in that moment, I had enough humility to ask for help or be willing to accept the help, that kind of was presented in that moment. And it was sort of a divine intervention. And I kind of feel like that happens a lot of times, if we choose to look at it that way that we'll be in a place where there's, we need help, or we need to, we need, we need a solution. And sometimes it's presented. And, and it's kind of like this story that was told . It's just like a parable or a story about the person the guy prayed for because he was out on a boat or something and is out on an island or something. And I can't remember and I was totally into butchering it, but anyways, he was praying to God, and God said, Well, I did send help, but you You didn't take it. You know what I mean? Like, I don't know what that story is. But I wish I could because it's so powerful. But it's basically like, sometimes the Help is in front of us. And we just, we choose not to see it, we're unable to see it. We're too prideful to see it. We're too prideful to ask. And in many cases, that has almost cost me marriage, friendships, Business, Business, relationships, or just businesses as a whole. That's so powerful for you to share that. And it takes some vulnerability to admit that, you know, because for whatever reason, I don't know about women, but us males, I do know, we have some pride around asking for help. And you know what, I mean, admitting that we don't have all the answers, you know, and a lot of us end up turning out to be that guy who knows a little bit about a lot of things, you know what I mean? Right? We try to act like we know, you know, and I'd honestly rather be the dude who knows a whole lot about like, one or two things. And then I can outsource or hire help, or like, I just don't have to know it. And that's kind of what I've surrendered to in life is that you want me to fix your car. I'm gonna jack it up. You want me to cook you dinner? That shit again? You want me to know, I mean, there's so many things, dude, if you want my help, I'm just going to be the worst. You know, I just can't. I know, but there was a time in my life where I wanted to know a lot about everything and just be the man with all the solutions. It's kind of like how I acted in my marriage. My wife for a long time would share feelings and I, I can fix that I'm going to give you a solution. And then I realized, as Christmas Dave, she just wants to be heard. She just wants you to validate her feelings and just say, Holly, honey, that sounds difficult. I love you. Is there any? How can I make you feel loved and supported right now? That just changed everything you know, not to have to know everything and fix everything. So now today, I focus on being an expert in the world that we're in here online marketing. I don't try to be a cryptocurrency expert. I don't try to be a stock market expert. I don't try to be a real estate expert, but I happen to have investments and things in a few of those different categories. But I don't do it myself. You know, my wife actually handles some of this stuff. We have other professionals. I don't like it because I am bad at it. I always lose. Right? I'd love to be a great poker player, right? And go sit down with the homies and go out to Vegas and know I was going to go out and have a good chance to win. But the truth is, I will lose. And I've lost over and over and over again. Every time that I have I've picked cryptocurrency coins and lost my ass. You know? I want to be the guy who kisses everything I touch turns to gold, but it's just not reality. And and so yes, that ego deflation and swallowing pride and just knowing my lane and staying in it. So it sounds like your lane for now is Tip Top. What seems to be the Our future Where do you see yourself going over the next couple of months?

Thaddeus: Well, after that, that whole video kind of blew up. It really jumped started my whole Facebook group. So I've been doing a lot of stuff on Facebook, I'm starting to expand into YouTube. You know, I've got a, like a video or two, that I tried to post there. Absolutely, absolutely horrendous. But, you know, it's all about that imperfect action, you know. And so um, that's, that's kind of what my main focus is on now trying to build that community and add value to them by helping them kind of get started directing them where they were, where they need help that, you know, through YouTube videos and stuff like that. So that's my main thing right now TikTok for the attention, Facebook, for the community, YouTube for the education, and then just see where it takes me.

Dave: It's gonna take you places brother, and you know, I let your stick. I feel like it's like that realness right there of just being like, this video is horrendous. I don't even know what I'm doing here. But I got some good shit to tell you. So listen up, right? Like that, that angle, bro. Like, and I'm just giving you feedback, because you can create your online persona. And those of you listening, wondering, you know, how do I really blow this up? Like, you know, sure. You create, create, create market market market, you're going to get lucky, which is where preparation meets opportunity. And that's what you're describing that happened a time or two on Tick tock, but also you can evolve your brand and what I call like your stick, right and your thing, you just as you said what you just said right there, that really resonated with me and really made me just kind of like you in that moment. Just more, right? It just made me feel more connected to like you were just being more real and authentic. And it was funny, and it felt good. As nobody. As we go back to what we were talking about a second ago, the pride. Nobody wants to hang out with somebody who thinks they're perfect or tries to be perfect. But people love if you listen to Howard Stern, I do quite a bit. He's he's just he's just, he's an interesting cat to listen to. He's had an extremely long career, love him or hate him, which you probably do and that's exactly what he wants. He's had an extremely long career in radio maybe longer than anybody else. And his income has steadily risen I think he just closed a deal for some obtain million dollars for renew his contract with Sirius radio. Stupid money, stupid money, more money than any other radio personality in the world by far. Okay, stupid money. But one thing that he does is he uses humor. I forget what it's called. What's it called? Babe when you like to be self deprecating humor, right to where you kind of like, he's like, nobody likes me. It's kind of like he or you know what I mean, on. It's kind of like, yeah, nobody likes me. It's like my walk. I can't believe I landed my wife. She's hot. It's that self deprecating, kind of like, where you're just like, I just absolutely these videos totally suck. I know. Sorry, I'm gonna try to get better for you. I can't even believe you guys watch them in the first place. But check this out. Because I can show you how to do XYZ and XYZ time and it changed my life. Right? So that self deprecating kind of humor in stick is real it makes people lean in more rather. And that's what I think a lot of the bro marketers who do the lambos and the McMansion shit don't really get is when people when they do that people actually look at them with a bit of jealousy and envy. And that's why they get called arrogant. I didn't understand that for a long time. Right? I didn't understand that. I do now. But I don't know. I just wanted to give you feedback on that. Because I think that with you, it fits really well with your personality and it doesn't seem like you need to do anything different. But I just wanted to give you some of that real time feedback, because I see a lot of potential for you, man, I think you're gonna keep blowing it up. And I'm really excited for your future.

Thaddeus: Well, thank you, Dave. Thank you. Yeah, I mean, it's, I think that's kind of key for anybody is like, you got to be able to like, except that you know, maybe you don't, that's not the greatest video in the world. But like you said it adds value. It teaches somebody something, and that authenticity and being able to like Alright, yeah, that was absolute trash. But you know what, like, if you just listen to what he's saying, you know, you're actually going to get something for it. You know, it may not be the greatest thing to watch. But, you know, it kind of reminds me like the 80s movies, you know, there you go back and look at them now. They're actually terrible. Terrible movies, but you know, they're at least you know, they were entertaining for the time, you know, so yeah, it's all about growth.

Dave: It's all about growth. If you look at the most kind of kult-ish and crazy crazily consumed content on the internet. A lot of times it's in chat rooms, forums and these kinds of things, these kinds of underground sites and shit that look like absolute hell, like you log on to the site, and it just looks like something from the 1970s or something. It's like, who built this site? Where did it come from? And is my computer safe being logged on to it? You know what I mean? Right? Right. But, the content is so interesting. And it's so engaging, that people just flood these kinds of forums and these types of sites, as just another example that it doesn't, it doesn't matter what something looks like, it's also a lesson in direct response marketing. What matters are the words, the content, the page design, actually, it's better if it's more ugly, more whitespace. So the words pop out more. You know, it's just another example of that kind of, hey, look, we're not here to be cute, we're not here, we just the content is really good. And I don't know, that's the vibe I get from you. It's like, I'm not here to impress you. I'm not here to. I'm not here to, I'm not here to blow smoke up your ass. I'm not here to be perfect. But check out what I got to say.

Thaddeus: 100% You know, I would rather be honest and authentic and have authenticity, and actually help you rather than, like, dazzle you with a beautiful page. Like, you know, it's not about the page because it's about what you know, it's like looking at the fancy cover on a book. You know? Yeah, it looks really cool on the show and is actually terrible. You know, like, Alright, well cool. Yeah, well, thanks for that. And then, you know, but yeah, that's, that's what it's all about.

Dave: So Thaddeus, if somebody was like, kind of like on the fence about coming into Legendary going through our training and being a part of our, our tribe here, what would you What would you tell them based on your experience,

Thaddeus: I think it's an excellent opportunity to get really good training and, and to really get your foot in the door with online business. You know, again, like it is just training. It's not the end all be all, but it's a great jumping off point. And it's great for somebody who's unsure they're not really like I don't really know. But it's a great test of the water type, type environment, and then the community Oh my god, that community is amazing. And that in itself is worth every dime, you'll invest into your business. Because throughout my whole course, the people that I've met and the friendships that I've made from legendary, it's been absolutely just, I mean, I'm not trying to overhype it, but it's been life changing. And that's like the best as honest as I can be. But yeah, so if you're on the fence, you know, dive into that pool, you know, don't dip your toe in the water, you know, dive in and figure it out from there. But yeah, I feel like Legendary is definitely beneficial to anybody that's really wondering whether they want to do online business or not.

Dave: Yeah. I love that. Because it's like, you don't have to, it's kind of like, it's kind of like, it's kind of like staying it's kind of like getting and staying clean from heroin addiction. Right? Here. I go with the analogy, right? The metaphors. I love using these because they help me make things simple and make them make sense. But I got clean from opiates and opiate addiction. That's it. That's a kind of a more PC way to say heroin addiction, right? So I got clean from opiate addiction in 2008. And of course, it's like, okay, I'll put down the hard stuff. But what about all the wacky tabacky or sippy sippy here or there. Come on now. And I was like, I can't imagine my life like this. For the end. It was like, well, you don't have to, you don't have to worry about the rest of your life. Just worry about today. And and and I think so many of us, when we come into starting something new, we act like it's a lifelong commitment. And it's like, I feel like that holds us back from doing so many things in trying so many things. Because again, we think we get into this catastrophic thinking of, oh my god, if I do this, this is what I'm going to be doing for the rest of my life. And what if it does work out, my life is ruined, I will have. It's like, as if you're a cat, like you get nine lives, like I don't want to waste one of my lives, like on this decision. And it's like, I mean, I know successful people who make more decisions in a day than indecisive and unsuccessful people make in a month. You know what I mean? Because they're scared to pull the trigger on something and like you said, just jump into the pool. I know when I jump into the pool, I can get right out of the pool. It's a good analogy, right? I mean, or I can just sit there and get my toe and go. I don't know if I want to go in. Right or I can just jump in and feel it if it's cold as shit I can get out right away if I don't like it, or I can hang out for a little while and then leave or I can stay or whatever. So I'd love to leave people with that. That is because I think that was such a powerful point. And my hope is for you, brother, that you will continue to do the damn thing in your robe and your underwear, and have a lot of fun. And make a lot of money and continue to go out there and spread your message of realness and inspiration. And I hope that, you know, you'll come back, keep us posted. And if there's anything that I personally can do to help you on the journey, don't hesitate to reach out. Alright, man. 

Thaddeus: Thank you, Dave. Thank you. I appreciate y'all have me on today. And I'll be excited to come back if y'all have me.

Dave: See ya my brother. I'll talk to you soon. 

Thaddeus: Thank you, Dave.

Dave: Alright, guys. Alright, so go and follow this dude, what a cool cat. Right Cool, cool, cool dude from the Atlanta, Atlanta baby, Falcons fan. Eyes. That was a really, really cool and inspirational episode with that, yes, as most of these are. But if that resonated with you today, anything that he said, act on the emotion right now an anchor and make it something that's real and not just a fleeting feeling, you know, act on and I always say anchor in the emotion anchor in the emotion, if you're having a if you're feeling inspired right now anchor it by going and doing creating some content or doing something on your business. So you can anchor that inspiration, that positive feeling to taking action in your business, versus feeling fearful. And then doing something in your encouraged fear in your business, right? We want to try to bring up and do things that make us feel positive, empowering emotions, and then take an action to connect the emotion with an action. Right, that makes us more excited to take those actions. All right. So I'm feeling inspired. I'm gonna go in and cement this in with some action inside of our business here. And I cannot wait to continue this journey with each one of you. If you're new here, welcome to our tribe. Welcome to our family. And we're excited to continue to support you every step of the way. All right. Be Legendary, my friends, get the hell out of here and have a fantastic day. And we'll see you back here tomorrow.

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