Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt:  It's Wednesday, November 24. We're live. I just got my text message here. There we go. And if you are just tuning in with us, let us know in the comments. Where are you tuning in from? We've got an awesome guest as always we go live every Monday through Friday. Rory doing well to see you in here. I'm not sure how to pronounce this. Vernon, Lacey. I think I got that right. What's up Good morning. Let us know where you're tuning in from. We find out every single Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern and we do these live. When I literally got into the room and was like a drone let's go live and then I had to fix my hair a little bit. And then we're here. So we've got a great show planned for you today. We'll be here again tomorrow. We have an episode for you tomorrow as well. On Thanksgiving morning. We know all of you are just chillin sitting around sitting around the TV doing nothing. So let's bring in our guests for the day. Joerome, what's happening? How’s it going? 

Jerome: Good. 

Matt: So you're up in New York, right? 

Jerome: Yeah.

Matt: Okay, cool. Right on what part? 

Jerome: Actually in New York City. 

Matt: What part of New York City? 

Jerome: The Bronx. 

Matt: Cool. All right. Tell us a little bit about you're working as a mechanic. You've got lots of things. I mean, you work a lot. 

Jerome: Yes. 60 to 70 hours a week. 

Matt: You work a lot and tell us a little bit about that. And what led you to looking online for something like Legendary and what was that journey like? 

Jerome: Alright, well, I work in a plant University. So we essentially provide all the heating and cooling for the entire group. Okay. And then what got me started looking to make money online was like a few years ago, I was promised the promotion and the promotion ever came through. So I was just like, really upset and hurt by it because you know, like, I really believe them. And then like I told myself that I don't want to rely on somebody else's words, like the future. So I figured out how to start my online journey and find a way to make my own money without having to rely on somebody else's promises. 

Matt: Dang that’s deep. So man, I hate that man, I'm such an upward person that like I've had that happen. Not exactly promised a promotion. But you know, in my life, I've had similar things like that where it's like, it's yeah, for me, it wasn't as much in like, in your case, getting a promise or promotion. Mine was more like there was just no more upward motion. It was just like, that's just what it was. Which sucked. So and it led me out of jobs that you know, I think a lot of other people could have been happy or satisfied with you know, it just wasn't gonna be that thing. So you started looking online and I was like, I was kind of taking a look back and I was just kind of like, check out what you've been up to and everything. So when did you find Legendary and how did you stumble upon us like how did you find us? 

Jerome: Basically, I honestly found Legendary a few years ago. I struggled with the whole like, affiliate marketing side. It's all like, this isn't for me. And then I came back to it, like two months ago. And then I saw your training about tick tock and I was like, Oh, let me give it a shot. Okay. And then it just started working for me. 

Matt: Wow. Interesting. So you found us like two you said two years ago? 

Jerome: Yeah. Like when I first started looking to make money online. 

Matt: That's crazy, man. So yeah, we probably bought our training, maybe hit the challenge or something. And what like, what recently was it the whole like getting promised or promotion thing? Or what recently sparked you to kind of just come back and log in? 

Jerome: I was either on TikTok or YouTube and I saw somebody tweet it and I was like you know what, let me give it another shot. Like what do I have to lose? And then I and then your training came on and I was like, Alright, TikTok is a new platform. It's really popular right now. What I have to lose, you know, it's a game to shoot. Yeah.

Matt: Wow. That's so crazy. I just, ah, man, such a powerful platform, but it is cool to see people who, you know, started back in 2019. And because a lot of times there's an interesting takeaway for me, at least, like in this industry, for us to do training. What we see is a lot of people come in, they start something and they never finish, right. And the short term like mentality there is to write those people off as losers or tire kickers or you know, whatever. And it's like, which a lot of people who are newer in this industry do. And then they'll say that about people, but over the last, I don't know, five to 10 years that I've been in this industry, I've had to learn and grow and evolve and it's because of stories like that. It's because of people who've started and it's just not the right time. And it's not right. Something doesn't click and that's okay. And I think that people too often jump to this, you know, oh, just you're just shiny object syndrome tire kicker. You know, and they jump into all of these assumptions about people. But the truth is, here you are two years later and making money with an online business. And if you just, I don't know, maybe you needed that time. Maybe you didn't. I don't know, who knows, but here you are. And I think for a lot of people, that's an inspirational story in that people need to give themselves permission to do this at their own speed in their own way at their own pace. Not be pushed or forced or you know what I'm saying? 

Jerome: Yeah, no, I totally get it. 

Matt: Do you feel like anything's different now versus two years ago? I'm not afraid to be on camera anymore. Like I would say, I changed things. Two years ago, you would have been terrified or yeah, like I didn't want to be on camera. I tried to do it like a blog. And like, that didn't work out for me. Then I was like, oh, American, try YouTube. And every time I tried to start with YouTube, like, just something was holding me back. And I guess I just grew as a person over those two years and I was like, You know what? I got to try it. This is some of my career. I enjoy my career, but it's not something that I want to do forever. Yeah. So if I can stop being afraid and try something like free me of it, then it's worth the risk. Oh, I love that. I love that. I do feel like you know, you said I'm not scared to be on camera anymore. Let's take that a layer deeper. Do you feel like something internally shifted and made you that way or what do you feel like happened?

Jerome: Honestly, I'm not really sure. Like, I started making a couple TikTok videos, and I would constantly go back and forth all I like. It's not perfect. It's not perfect. It's not perfect. And I realized, like, I've been going for weeks and I haven't posted anything because it's not perfect. Like nothing is going to be perfect. So I made a video. If I like 90% of it. I'll post it. Like I got to stop holding myself back. 

Matt: Yeah, so you've got 8,000-ish followers. And you? I mean, how did you do that? How did you manage 20,000 followers in a pretty short amount of time, right? You haven't been on TikTok that long? 

Jerome: Yeah, it's been about two months. But um, it's just a lot of posting, and I try to be consistent. I mean, sometimes I get caught up with work when I don't post for a while. But when I get a chance, I try to post at least two or three videos, or on my days off, I'll try to make maybe like nine or 12 drafts, and I try to post them throughout the day while I'm at work. Just keep going in the system. So really savvy. Yeah, that's a really savvy approach. I know lots of affiliates and affiliate marketers who will do that, or content creators though. And you'll know it because you'll see him in the same outfit in like five straight videos. But there's also this interesting strategy behind that too. Sometimes people will wear outfits like a tank top or a long sleeve like a certain color. And it's really interesting because a lot of times people will see it and they'll know or they'll have the same background right like a really bright color background or something like that. Not everybody but like there's this there's this affiliate marketer Sarah Ravel who she would do videos just in her living room, and she have always had the same camera angle and everything from her living room. So every time like You're like I know that living room. Feels a bit weird, right like inviting people into your living room, but it was just like, cheers just like in pjs or just like casual clothes and just like she would just come in and like make videos or whatever. She was actually our fastest ever to get to six figures doing that. Oh, yeah. Crazy to think you know that. It's insane to think so you saw my training on creating videos like are you talking about how to create how to style videos, how to style videos, and I also watched the 15 second leads training. 

Jerome: Yeah, good training. Yeah, but that was the one that got me started. 

Matt: Cool. Yeah, because that one is a bit more straightforward. Like here's exactly what to start doing. The crazy part about that. And a lot of people don't believe me but the crazy part about that is that whole idea and a lot of that strategy and everything that that training started. I mean, we started that training so long, like our community has been on TikTok for at least two years. And most other companies are just now discovering TikTok, which is crazy. And a lot of them still aren't even there. Right? It's like, yeah, you got to be on Facebook. You've got to be on Instagram, but I mean, the amount of growth that can happen for companies on TikTok, it's insane. So you could start creating some How To videos. I'm curious. Have you ever tried going live? 

Jerome: No, that's something I haven't tried yet, which is, I feel like that would be the next step to taking it to the next level because I follow along with some content creators on Tik Tok. And what you should do is like post a video and then go live right after and present helps with the algorithm and getting more people to see you. So that's something I got to try. 

Matt: Listen. I'm going to drop a huge golden nugget and a big part of my job and what I do at Legendary is I literally just observe, so I observe, I pull in lots and lots of lots of information. And then I try to figure out trends and patterns. So one of the trends and patterns that I found and by the way in our back office, I put in a new training underneath the original one about how to get started on tic toc. There's another one that focuses a little bit on how to go live so make sure to watch that. I just dropped it in there. But then if I go and look specifically at affiliates who have done massive amounts of sales in a fast amount of time, not just growth on Instagram, not on tick tock or Instagram for that matter, but also converting all those followers into purchases. They're people who are going live, right so Sarah was one of the fastest ever she would go live daily. Calvin Hill, I don't know if you've seen him on TikTok, man goes live all the time. And he's just out there ranting and raving about crypto and stocks and bear markets and all this stuff, getting in the sandbox and did you know this isn't financial advice? And it's good stuff, though. And but the big takeaway there is that, you know, what he does is he's really smart. He ties it back, right? He ties it all back and says hey, look, you got to be ready for a bear market. So what he says is you have to be ready for a bear market when the bear market comes, are you going to have money set aside? You can be ready because that's when people become rich. Do they invest in bear markets when the markets are down? That's when he should be buying. So he talks about all these trends, but what he's doing is he's tapping into what people are already thinking about right? So a lot of times people will go online and they'll just sit there and rant about affiliate marketing affiliate market, you know, like buy my course buy my course. But he spends an hour and a half talking about crypto and stocks and things that people are like, it's so viral in our culture, that people are just like they're ready to rock they're they're already pumped about this. They want to know about all these different things: tell me about XRP, tell me about sandbox, tell me about should I invest in Apple and all this stuff right and then he goes, You got to be, you gotta be able to invest in bear markets. Guess what you need to learn a side hustle so you can make some money. And you can do that online. Check this out. And then he points us to our training. This dude does so many sales. It's crazy. But he builds and builds and builds and he goes to live a lot. Same thing with Ian mccluer Ian is the entrepreneur guy on tick tock and he goes live for a couple hours daily for he calls it coffee time. And he just chats with people, levels with people and the amount of front end sales that come from that are nuts, mind boggling. And so all that as I identify these kinds of things, I have a couple of takeaways. One is you can get this fast growth and the sales will come in, but they will come in at a much more rapid rate. And I mean much more when somebody actually goes in and they go live and they go live regularly. It's a big thing. 

Jerome: Okay, that makes sense. I'll try to incorporate that. Yeah, I will. 

Matt: I mean, I feel like one thing that I would do is is maybe try to carve out to start 30 to 60 minutes and you got to commit to it because I I've started recommending this to people and they get weirded out when they go live right so it's kind of like remember back in 2019 When you were like scared to go on video. It's a different realm, right? So a lot of people that come in and they're scared to go on video. They're scared to share to go live there. Okay, now with posting videos, but now live is like, oh my gosh, you know, like, you're on the spot a little bit, right? And people think oh my gosh, I'm gonna have to answer questions and I'm gonna have to know everything. The truth is you don't have to know everything. But people come back to me and what they say is they're like, Okay, like, I tried going live two or three times, and then I just stopped because it was just like it's too much. But I think that people need to when they're trying that out and going live, they need to commit to going live, right. So here's a good strategy. You had a video that went to 1.1 million views. You had another one 297,000 views and you've got many of them that have gone over 10,000 views. So one little trick for you, is when you post those types of videos sign up these are how to videos right those are intended to get your followers to go up right I need any more engagement. I need more followers. So whoever told you going live right after posting is right. But ideally you go live after posting a video as it's starting to take off. Right so you post a video and you're down or at like 5000 views already. You can tell now at this point once videos are taken off, right? So when those start to take off, you go in and hit live because now with new peep you're on the for you page people are discovering new channels they're like well this is cool. Boom. I'm gonna tap on his profile. Oh my god, this guy's alive. Let's check this out. Right? See now you've got like you give them a little little dose. It's a little tiny. It's like a micro dose. And now you're giving them the whole thing and alive right now. They're like oh my gosh, I had no clue who you are. It's like a hyper it's like a it's like a What's the thing? Elon Musk is the Hyperloop where you can get in there and it'll take your car from like LA to San Francisco in like an hour or something. It's like a Hyperloop going from cold traffic to hot traffic. Right? You can get on there for your page. They're cold. You warm them up through the quick little video. Maybe they watch one or two other ones and then they see that you're alive. And then poof, here we go. I'm ready to buy. And I see this over and over and over again. But I think the main thing is getting you know, at least like two to three weeks of consistency takes 21 days to build a habit. So people say but a couple weeks of doing you know at least 15 to 30 minutes just to get used to it right just to be like hey, just popping on. How's it going? Everybody? I want to talk about XYZ right? I want to talk about and I wouldn't get into the nuts and bolts of like here's how to set up your funnel. Right? I wouldn't do that. I would just talk about how the power of the Internet has opened up the capacity for people to start online businesses and it's and the opportunities bigger and better than ever and here's how to get started right? People ask me how I get started. Here's exactly how you get started. Right and and do more of that but give value give value give value. Hey, there's a link in my bio give value give value give value. Go to the link in my bio, right? So anyway, I don't know how I got into this rant about going live, but I just never think it's just something that you know, I feel like I'm lucky to see and be able to identify trends because I see things on a very big level both in our company and industry wide. And I see what's working and I see what's not working and going live man is something I've seen that has worked better than anything else now you still have to get the followers you still have to get the traffic you still have to create How to videos to get your followers up but those aren't the end all be all the end. When you go live or you create a lot of video content and interest insurance people into you in your journey and helps build your brand. That's how you convert people. But some people try to just convert people, some people try to just get the followers but you've got to, you've got to combine those two strategies going live is is probably the best way to do that. Do you have any thoughts or feedback on that? 

Jerome: No, I think I think you're right, because there's this other guy that I've seen that also promotes Legendary, like Paul De Francis. And almost every day I log on I see that he's live. I see that he's live. 

Matt: He just went platinum with us.. Killing it for a long time. He's a beast. So definitely like what you're saying. Is it true? I see. I see where it stops for sure. It's a secret sauce. What um, what so when you're coming up with content ideas, tell people who are here, what kind of stuff do you do to get content ideas? What do you find in terms of engagement and people responding to you and stuff? What's been some of your best content in terms of building relationships, building your brand? What have you found works, what doesn't work? What I see is that people like the origin story I've been getting like a decent amount of content, like comments on that, like you just want to know like, where you started and how you got started. So then they can kind of see that like we're, I'm a normal person just like they are. So I feel like that kind of like, brings it in like it. It lessens the barrier where you don't feel like it's an anomaly to make money online. Like I'm just a regular guy. Yeah, I agree so much with that. And that's a big that's a big piece about like, why when we do these lives, I'm always constantly talking about like, what did people do for jobs or what do they do for jobs currently, and we talk a lot about that because it identifies people with something that they know otherwise. It's like, it's just a bunch of people out there in some outerspace internet world who, you know, found a magical potion to make money online. I mean, and for me, I like to know that somebody who's a mechanic, I want to know somebody who's an engineer or plumber, I want to know somebody the sales guy, you know, like, I want to know that that person is is struggling with the same things I am, I want to know that they've been through the same stuff that I've been through because it really does break down this barrier of trust a lot you know, I'm saying what I'm what in your world in your life and everything. What do you feel has been most impactful? You talked about the 15 second free leads? Are you? Do you strategize with other people? Do you just watch other people's content and get ideas? How are you coming up with content ideas? 

Jerome: Yeah, it's mostly like watching other people's videos. And seeing how I can put my own spin on it. 

Matt: Figuring out ways to leverage a result that somebody else has got in your own voice in your own tone with your own style. 

Jerome: Sometimes I've seen that we can both say the same message. But there are certain things that somebody will like about the other person more than they can resonate with that person better. 

Matt: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. I kind of feel the same way. That's what I teach and I think the people in some ways have misunderstood what I mean by that. Some people are like, Oh, you just want people to copy videos. Well, not really. The point is that you find specifics like the set structure of a video, and how it goes and how it runs. But also, thankfully, TikTok algorithm is pretty predictable. Like TikTok’s algorithm. If one person creates a video and it goes viral, there's a decent chance that if somebody creates something similar with a similar headline or you know even a headline that has even just some resemblance to it, it's gonna go viral, too. It just happens. That's how it works. So for the most part, I think that people go out and the way that that gets misconstrued, I think is when people just do that. Right, and they approach this and look at this as just a cookie cutter. Okay, that's the answer. I just have to do that only and I'll be good. But it's more complicated than that, right? I mean, it's, you're running a business. And some people just think that it's just like, oh, just create one video. And I'm gonna be rich. Had just doesn't work that way. There's a lot of consistency over time that goes into it. There's people like Paul, he's a great example. He's been. Paul has been going at this for a long time and he grinds hard most people, and there's no question why he can make a full time income online. It's because the dude wakes up every day and just gets after it. He just goes and he goes hard. And I think that I think that people are misunderstanding the amount of work but like, seriously, how many hours a day does this take you? 

Jerome: Honestly, if I'm really focused, I can do it like an hour a day? 

Matt: An hour, maybe two a day. Yeah. So I talk about grinding and hustling and all this stuff, but it's not like I'm talking about 10 hours a day. I'm just talking about like hey, just focus, find a couple video ideas, create them, get them posted and move on with your life. Yeah, that's a really powerful message. I think that a lot of people need to hear that hey, this is doable. This is possible. 

Jerome: I mean, I work like 60 hours a week, and I'm still making content. 

Matt: Yeah, of course, and doing it really well. I mean, look, it's not easy to get 10,000. It's not easy to get 1000. It's not easy to get 10,000 followers. It's definitely not easy to be pushing 30,000 followers. So you know you've done a few things really, really well. And I feel like you're just getting honestly, I just feel like you're just getting started. So I'm excited to see what's coming next week. For anybody who's here, right, so maybe they've tried different things online, maybe they maybe two years ago, they bought some challenge and didn't do anything with it. What would you say to those people who are just getting started? They're about to hit a post on TikTok. They're worried they're nervous. What would you say to those people? 

Jerome: Just get out and do it. Like you'll get over being afraid. My first few videos I was terrified. And now I don't think twice while posting. Like you get used to it. Like even before I came live with Matt, I was nervous. And now I'm perfectly calm. So you get used to it. Cool. I love it. And I feel like that's so true, man. I just, we do this weird thing. I'll close with this. We do this weird thing right where we sit and we worry about what people are going to think or say to us or what if you know on glare or Uncle Larry sees this or you know, whatever my aunt or uncle or grandpa or grandma or my kids, whatever. And then what happens is and I used to worry about that 10 years ago, I really worried about that. It's a little better on tick tock because of TikTok. You can actually get displayed throughout the whole nation. But like before that whole algorithm hit. It was just like you had to post on Facebook and hope your friends shared it

it was like there's no way to do this other than just chat with your friends and family. But I think you know, in the world I used to do this 10 years ago and I used to worry. But now here I am 10 years later and I want to just assure everybody, like it doesn't matter. Like no one cares. Only you care like your friends' family, even if they were to see everything, all your videos and make fun of you and laugh like you look 10 years down the road and none of it matters and all the fake stories that you're telling yourself in your head about, oh my gosh, what would happen? You know, all this fear that you've got built up. It won't matter. It probably won't matter in 10 minutes. It for sure won't matter in 10 months. And it definitely will not matter in 10 years, that's for sure. And even if it didn't matter in 10 years, it won't matter when you're in the grave because that's where we're all going right so this whole weird fear thing just doesn't make any sense. It doesn't serve anybody. So, anyway, I love the message from Hey, we would hear back from you in a couple months. Let us know how things are going. Check out that new training to go live let me know how that goes. You would be a great personality on TikTok live like I can get the sense from you. Like you have sort of the juice that you need. To get you know to hop on live and just and just spit ball with people I can already sense it if you do it it would serve people really well your followers would love it and I think you kill it so I would you know watch Power Of Publish watch Paul watch some of those guys and watch what they do on their lives. I mean watch how they go about it. Really study by listening to them. If you're at work, put in an air pod and listen to their lives and really feel how they do that. There's so many secrets you can take away and apply it in your own lives and you'll kill it dude, you will kill it. Thank you, man. Appreciate it. I'll definitely try it. Alright, and we'd love to have you back on in a couple months. So let's get things rocking and rolling and keep them going and we'd love to have you back. 

Jerome: Definitely. Thank you, man. Appreciate it. 

Matt: See ya Jerome. Alright guys, we'll be back here again at the same time, same place tomorrow. Okay, tomorrow. Now I'm going to give you a full disclosure tomorrow. We are going to be live on Facebook but as you'll see on the video we did pre recorded a couple days in advance because we don't want to have to go live while we're eating. You know, Dave's eaten endless Turkey bites with his family or whatever mashed potato stuff in his face. So we pre recorded that one yesterday and we'll go live with it tomorrow. And as you'll see tomorrow, the beautiful part about going live on the internet and having internet businesses with friends and family. You can be hanging with your kid in the backyard. You can be doing whatever you want to do and you can still go live. Last piece is Go follow Jerome on his TikTok right here. You can follow him at Jerometheaffiliate. Screengrab, that'll also put it in the comments here around the affiliate. You can go follow him on tick tock, go check him out. He's doing a really great job. He's killing it and hope y'all have a happy Thanksgiving. We'll see you back here tomorrow. 10am Eastern. We'll see you Friday as well. Dave is not going to have a turkey drumstick in his mouth unfortunately. Although, who knows? Who knows? We'll see. Alright guys, take it easy. Go follow Jerome on TikTok. Go find him right now. Let them know you saw them on Wake Up Legendary. We'll see you guys all back here. Tomorrow. Peace.