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 Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary really excited to end this week with another fantastic guest, it's a matter of fact, this happens to be someone who has a newfound founded, confidence and is somebody who is a parent, a mom, like many of you out there, consider yourself to be shy, but, but through building starting. Okay, that's the first step of course, starting your business, and then working in building your business. Truly, can transform your life and that's what's taking place in today's guests life, so everybody in the comments please help us welcome with lots of love and support and comments to the show. Cynthia what's going on, Cynthia.

Cynthia: I'm doing Well, Dave, thank you, thank you for inviting me. This is like a dream come true actually.

Dave: That's nice. That's nice. How so? 

Cynthia: Well I watched this, I watch this every morning so it's, it's more where like I just, I always said to myself that you know I really want to come onto the show and prove to myself that I'm worthy of coming on this show and as you said it's all around, confidence and building confidence and I was one that never was, you know, showing my face even on camera. And then over time I've been able to show my face an yeah just be a bit more confident within myself as well.

Dave: Awesome. Awesome. Well, here you are. You've, you've earned the right to be here. We reached out to you to invite you, and so hopefully you can take that in both today, but also after this is over and help that continue to contribute to your, your confidence and, and your ever evolving self esteem, which I think is a lifelong journey. Okay. I noticed for myself as well. So, this isn't your first business, you're not new to work in business. We won't go too much into what you do in your, in your kind of full time career, but first and foremost, you are a mom. I believe you're also a wife because it is your husband who's noticed this kind of growth, you're, you're, you're also have a, you know, a career, to where you have dedicated some, some years of your life. Talk to us a little bit about guessing the thing that's most interesting to me is this kind of noticing from your husband. Talk to us a little bit about that. He noticed what has taken place over the last few months. Give us some of the context so we can help understand, understand what's, what's kind of gone on within your life within your household because of your business.

Cynthia: That's such a good question. I haven't really asked him, to be honest, it's more around I think within myself that I've been able to see that, for example, even from a work perspective, I've been more confident in enough to actually say to my boss, look, I've got this particular side hustle I have, and. Beforehand I would not be able to mention that to my manager and you know if I, I may be able to you know finish my job within a certain time because I all I want to do is just go home and actually work on my business so I think for him, for my husband it's more rad that I just find happiness in what I'm actually doing and therefore I'm just a bit more, I guess from that perspective. Yeah, a bit more confident and and able to say what I want and, you know, be the person that I really want to be and I think it's one of those things where it's really nice when your husband says that, but he's, he's not a touchy feely guy so he's not the one to sort of mention these things, but I just kind of picked on, that he he's mentioned to me already but yeah he can definitely see the competence in me. He just doesn't articulate it. When you had you hadn't told us in your, in your questionnaire, you know, I was so shy and not an open person before affiliate marketing and this online business has made me get out of my shell and become more than, as even my husband has seen a change in my confidence in me, so that's where I got that question from.

Dave: So I, it's, I think it's less important, what others think of us, even our spouses. I do think it matters what they think. But I think what's most important is what we think of us. So, how do you mean, why do you think confidence is growing? I mean it is it. Are you now, at this point, going from an employee now adding an entrepreneurial element to your life. Are you finding yourself with, with, you know, pushing through more challenges are you finding yourself getting out of your comfort zone. I mean, talk to us a little bit for some of those people who are listening who might also be, you know, feeling uncomfortable, and what is on the other side of that uncomfortability, at least what has been on the other side for you.

Cynthia: Yes. So, could you repeat that question again, sorry just one. If you don't mind. 

Dave: Yeah, I, I've always said that on the other side of uncomfortability is growth. Okay. You have to walk through the door of being uncomfortable in order to experience growth, and then that growth usually turns into money, right, because right? That's one of the things that growth can turn into. So, on the other side of your uncomfortability of working you're working your business. What is the main uncomfortable part of you starting your business, Ben. And then what are the gifts that you've received pushing through that uncomfort.

Cynthia: Yes, I would say it's more that I've been able to kind of, like, especially with TikTok like you're going to get comments and you're going to get people mentioning certain things so it's, it's really not taking things in a defensive way. And I think when I first started I probably did take things in a defensive way. You know, I was also in a situation where I was. My role was redundant last year so I had to go through that and, and just grow as a person and realize that, you know it's not me, it's actually where I just need to explain it in a way that that person can understand or maybe they're just not the right person to be explaining that information to, because they're not maybe interested in what I have to offer as well from a value perspective. So it's really, it's really just yeah make understanding that don't take things personally. Also, another component is, like, not necessarily. I think the other thing I was going to mention but in terms of like, not taking things personally, not being afraid to also tell my story as well. I was very shy in saying that before and I think I was really just focusing on the side hustles and how to make money online and I realized that it was just more on the lines of that.

I was probably getting followers that would not necessarily be followers that were quiet.

Not long term followers and not, you know, creating my brand and that's what I'm trying to do now is just recreate my brand and people resonate with me and understand who I am, and hopefully for long term perspective like, it doesn't sound very spammy, as well as the way that I articulate it and then therefore it's more about a adding value me showing them that I am able to help them in whatever capacity that I'm a people person in itself, and that's what I do in my corporate life. That's what I want my corporate job is but it was more around how to how to actually show myself, and I did that over time, with in my videos and you'll see that some of my videos and I'm sure my face, then eventually went to a point where I, you know, Master, my face with filters and then after eventually I did show my face and tell my story. 

Dave: Yeah. And I think, I think for those of you who are listening who are like, kind of like thinking, Well yeah, It is a little scary to show my face, like I, especially I would imagine, as a, I mean, I'm, I can creep out and I think the more I get the more creepy


Because, for your physical safety, but also just there's a lot of creeps out there who are just creepy dudes, you know what I mean.

You know what I mean, you know, I mean this is just real, like not a whole lot of not, there might be people that want to like kill me, but there's not a whole lot of people that probably want to kill me and rape me. You know what I mean. And I'm just being like, like I'm just being real, you know what I mean. But, but if you're, if you're, if you're kind of uncomfortable.

As somebody who's, you know, thinking about potentially putting your face out there on the internet. That's really normal. You know and I just want to I want to normalize that for everybody because you know there are ways to not put your face out there, we cover this in our training, we talk about this somewhat regularly on these, on these, on these episodes, we don't talk about it a lot, though, because it's like, 100 times more powerful to, to have a spokesperson for your brand for your business, that people can relate to and identify with and feel like they're doing business with someone. Right. And so when you say I'm building my brand. Can you, can you describe what you, what that means to you.

Cynthia: Yeah, I think, when I say building my brand, it's really about just showing more of myself. And, you know, why, like my why my, you know, in terms of even just the value that I bring you know for affiliate marketing perspective but also just in terms of even just my personal tips like business tips as well and I think it's just really around also demonstrating that they can do these people can resonate with me and you know it's like in. Like if you build trust in people like you, they'll eventually buy from you and I think that's a big thing as well like for newbies that.

When you think of, for example that you don't have any followers and you're trying to, you're like I counted how much authority but it's, it's where your story can actually, you know, make people to really like you and you know eventually buy from you essentially and that's what I'm trying to achieve and work on as much as possible with affiliate marketing.

Dave: I wanted to share something because this was something that we included in a training program we sold. And it is, it is basically how to kind of go about thinking about your brand in your message in sort of what you stand for. So if you look down here. One of the things that I've done in the past, is, kind of sat down and asked myself, you know, what are the things what, what, what is my message all about who I am all about. And, what I came up with was what my message over the past 10 years has really been about being a whole entrepreneur, you know, I don't just talk about mechanical stuff, I talk about the dynamics as well. I talk about personal development, I talk about self care, I talk about mental, physical, and spiritual growth, development and health within those within those, you know, within, and you can see kind of what this what this. Hold on a second what this looks like is, is my values, kind of being inside of this triangle if you go back to my values, they're sort of having grit, which is sort of turning your struggles into your strengths. It's having passion. It's kind of turning your mess into a message, and then it's having empathy, which is, I want to make space for everybody to feel comfortable no matter where they're from, what they've experienced, up until this point, what hurdles or struggles they've, they've had to endurance out of their life. And I want to let them know that I understand what that's like to struggle and that even though they may be going through struggles they can overcome that, if you were to kind of look at my messaging.

And what my personal brand stands for and has stood for over the course of the last 10 years, this is essentially it right now. I've refined that brand a bit through, like for example in legendary developing kinds of core colors that I wear. Kind of a core of place that I typically stream video and so forth, that people see me so this kind of set is familiar. And, the stories that I tell also encompass this, these values, these topics in this kind of message, right. So I would just offer this to those of you who are, you know, kind of thinking about okay, what, what is branding mean, what is branding mean out there on TikTok what is branding mean out here. If I'm doing affiliate marketing as just a, you know, a new person, a one person show here. I'm not the only spokesperson. I'm also the only employee of my business. Right. So how do I develop my brand, well, what is your message in one sentence, and then what are the main topics that you talk about, and then within those topics, what are the values that you stand for, right, if you, if you apply this formula in fill in the blanks here, it'll give you a starting point, that, to allow you to kind of stay on topic and also find stories that that connect with these particular topics in these values, Cynthia, what comes up for you is that is that valuable to you in terms of, you kind of finding your message and in developing your brand is what I went over just make sense to you, give me some feedback based on what I just went over.

Cynthia: Yeah, no I mean I'm very much a picture person so it's really good that you actually did in that way. And I think, yeah, I've, I never really thought about it from a value perspective, which I think that's, you know, you think of companies and how they actually do have values, just from a corporate perspective and that kind of. Yeah, that does, actually, I guess, if you think about it, a company has a bread and so you as the person who is the bridge would be demonstrating those values and explaining those flower values so that people can, I guess, connect with your messaging as well from a brand perspective. Yeah, definitely. That was really good.

And you can allow those sorts of values to guide the topics of your content, right.

Dave: So, you know, grit being up there at the top is sort of like, it's also work ethic, it's also grit is doing the work putting in the work when nobody's looking, overcoming the challenges. You know, you can easily. You can, you know, you can easily throw in their integrity as well for me as a, as a, you know, as a, as a value as well. I like to try to play the long game, instead of the short sort of cash grab game, but that, though, when you list out those values and it doesn't have to just be three, it can be as many as you want. It allows you, for me, allows me to have a guide, what mine is. Because like you said, you got away from that kind of topics, which,

you know, kind of make a couple of bucks.

Like you want to move towards Hey let me show you how to build a business this is not going to be easy. This is not going to be, but it's worth it. Right, and kind of build more long term relationships.

Cynthia: Exactly, yeah, that's, that's exactly what I was thinking or not thinking I'm actually doing at the moment so I just, I just noticed that within the comments and engagement levels and even though at the moment my views are not as high as it would be in terms of the side hustle piece but I try to mix it up as possible so I can still have that influx of traffic but also enough that people can see that. Yeah, I'm, I'm building a business, or have a business and if you are wanting to obviously build a business yourself, then these are some of the tips and values I can provide to you.

Dave: Yeah, absolutely. So what are some of the things that you've learned or what are some of the other things that you've learned that you could share that works for you. For example, it looks like you're marketing quite a bit on TikTok, and then you're starting to kind of build a YouTube channel. So, what, what, what, what hasn't worked, I mean obviously you've covered the side hustle and now you're moving more towards kind of storytelling and in trying to kind of talk more about developing skills I would assume, but talk to us a little bit about what else you've discovered that's, that's worked well.

Cynthia: Yeah, I've found that at one stage I was. I had, I was using beacons, what I thought of as a website or, I guess, would you call that a landing page, right, is that one of the things where you can put all your links there in it.

Dave: Yeah, exactly. 

Cynthia: And I just found that it, I just really wanted people to just focus on one product and go and not they started as the one product it's more around to collect emails, I needed to have like a sales funnel that allowed just Okay, going to go into the sales funnel, provide me with your email in terms of, you know, going, there's a free video for you. And I made it very simple for them to just click the video and I use your blueprint as a roll around how to do that on, on cover in terms of the clicking the video. So entice them to actually click the video.

And those are some of the things I learned. But yeah, I had a whole host of, you know leaks before and I don't think that was the most effective way for me. But I think the other thing is, yeah, just having, especially with TikTok, it's one of those things that you can't that people's attention span is also very limited so try to have something that hooks them, but enough that it will, you know, not tell the entire story or tell the entire situation, particularly if it's a side hustle for example, that I'm trying to demonstrate and, and get them to also watch my whole entire video so before I think I was doing it where I was, you know, telling them everything at the start of the video. And I realized that, you know you've kind of got to keep the pegging and get them to eventually, you know, watch the entire video so you get the engagement as well. And the other thing is that I wasn't doing as much as. Also, I was probably getting the two, you know I would be like go to my biolink and not really, I guess, focusing on mixing it up a bit around, potentially, for example, you know, follow for more tips or in terms of call to action followed follow for more tips or otherwise. What's your comment, like, you might ask a question that I'm asking, do from that said so I can get more engagement from a commenting perspective. Yeah, no, that's, that's, that's good stuff. I think we are.

Dave: I think we, what I think a lot of people don't realize is that if you provide value people will like to be so much more motivated and curious to try to learn about how they can do more business with you. You know, you don't always have to be so obvious, and that goes a little bit against the grain of the kind of hardcore direct response marketing call to action, everything has to have a call to action. But, you know, nowadays, with social media, there's a blend of direct response marketing, which is kind of one clear call to action, one thing to do at a time.

And, and also, like soft seed seeding things in, you know, being a little bit more clever with the way, and a little bit more subtle, right, it's kind of like, it's kind of like fashion, right, sometimes, subtle is is sexier, and it's more attractive than just by Here I am, you know, here's my body, you know. You know what I mean, so I think that marketing is a lot like that too, particularly nowadays on social media if you're doing organic free marketing. If you're doing paid ads, it's kind of pretty much like boom, here's my value here's my body. Do you love it? Am I sexy, click the link, you know because you want to take advantage of every viewer. Whereas, organic, free, free marketing is more subtle, you want to romance them a little bit. You know you want to not give it all away on the first date, you know what I mean. And I think because if you do it a lot of times people will unfollow you or they'll, you know you won't like you want to build the, you want to build. The, the, the, sometimes to the climax right you want to build to that a little bit, and sort of, you know, do some do, some court like court your, your court your, your prospects along a little bit, you know what I mean. So I think that it's the way they explain it. But after this.

It's an analogy in analogies that can help us kind of make sense of kind of, you know, complicated things but I really think that there's a lot of new marketers just trying to hit a home run. You know what I mean, in the first five minutes of the day, right and it's in it's kind of like that makes sense in real life, right, it was like if you met somebody on a first day and they were like, yo, let's go hop in bed, you'd be like, get creep Get the hell out of here, you know what I mean. But it's, it's about, it's about people, it's about learning how to have a good time, it's. And then, and then people begin to you, they, you start moving from place to where they die or to where people are curious. They want you, they want to know how they can work from you and learn more from you. I think that's just a mentality to have versus jamming everything down everybody's throat all the time, in trying to get that first sale I had somebody not too long ago, was like, I need to make my first sale, how can I make my first sale I need you to help me make my first sale and it's like, Dude, you're never gonna make your first sale with that attitude you're not, you know, it's like, it's all that guy could think about was just that home run, he wants to hit a home run in the first five minutes of the day, and then what go lay down and go to sleep, I mean I don't know what what about the token sale, do you not I mean What about the third sale. What about the sale? What about building a system of business, a real business here, he's just trying to make the first sale. It's like Cali bro, you know, it must be hard to live with dude.

But, you know, thinking about how can I create content and in that gets people asking me one team me wanting to fuck curious, right, here's the other thing that you talked about and I covered this yesterday with Brian Brewer, but this is so so so important, and I want to just go back over it again, which is you mentioned having one front door, right, instead of the link tree, or these, what if there was another one that you said anyways there's all kinds of these little services out here that you can use, you can basically just throw up. They allow you to create little buttons that are quick they're easy to use. Okay, great. If you're going to use one of those just have one option on it, right, because the reason is is because if I want you to think about this, I want everybody to visualize walking up to a wall that has two doors and not, what do you do, You just kind of have no idea, like, yeah. Which door. And so, in a confused prospect to a confused human being does nothing. So the reason why it's important to have one front door is because it's very clear, there's no other options for somebody to have when they've clicked your link. And in, so then you take them on to the first helping offer, and then if the first helping was good, Right, the cooking was good, they got value from it, then you're gonna have a chance to be able to serve them a second helping a third helping a fourth helping and you can do that via email follow up. It's such an of course, why because you're collecting emails on that landing page, and that's one of the most underrated things there's been so many people who are so people are so focused on how many followers do I have on TikTok or how many subscribers do I have on YouTube and it's like, my question is how many people do you have on your email list, and how often are you emailing them really powerful value, because it's been proven in my career over the last 10 years that the majority of my sales as an affiliate always came from email always came from email because people were more likely to do business from their email inbox, than when they're on social media. So, this is another image and it doesn't matter whether your traffic's coming from YouTube or Tik Tok or whatever the same formula applies but Cynthia is this kind of description of what you were talking about that's been a bit of a learning lesson for you.

Cynthia: Yeah, for sure. I mean, initially I think for the first couple months I probably didn't do and that's another learning curve as well probably didn't do the like focus on the email side and then. Then I had a whole bunch of like you know links and. And then I realized that I was just losing, you know, building those emails, like at the email list and I didn't, I haven't actually created the, I guess a freebie of some kind, so I thought I really need to, you know, start building my email list as much as possible and, you know, TikTok is great for you know to have that traffic because it's, you know, constant traffic all the time but the email is see if anything were to go wrong in terms of TikTok I really need to build that email list and I eventually have, which is great but it's it's more around. I was just so conscious about that and, you know, it's like intellectual property, you've got to make sure you've got back up. 

Dave: Yeah, you don't own your TikTok account.

Cynthia: Yeah exactly, they own it. 

Dave: Exactly, they own all the content they own everything right so it's kind of like, wow, when we think about it like that we're like holy shit. That's scary. You know what I mean. So that's why you want to have multiple streams of traffic, multiple streams of traffic that's gonna. Everybody focuses on multiple streams of income but it's like that's kind of putting the cart before the horse that's the reason why you don't have even one stream of income is because you're focused on multiple streams of income, focus on multiple streams of traffic, and even if that means, TikTok, and email that's multiple streams of traffic.

Cynthia:  Yeah, that's, that's very true, yeah, yeah, that definitely, yeah.

Dave: So, what if somebody was sitting here, you know skeptical about legendary, what would you tell them what's been your experience in, and would you recommend it to somebody who's new and who's looking to kind of get involved in a community and a platform to help them learn online marketing?

Cynthia: Yeah, I would definitely recommend Legendary I, you know, I think it's a great community because they're just genuine people, even the people that I've seen a lot on TikTok as well they're just always wanting to help out. I mean, one of them is Rob Leivo James little. Find your way. There's even a few others that I can't think of off the top of my head but, you know, I tried to also claim as well and, and help them out from this perspective or do it this way, they might do the same with me as well and we just help each other out.

I guess, you know, I've committed Legendary with the people I know. I'm not trying to get my family involved but I've just talked about it so much that I actually believe in the whole entire course because it's where you have, you know, especially the blueprints you have, you know the the core four and you can go in any possible way, if you want to and, you know, go through affiliate marketing and that was my thing because I wanted to start with that but I also have, you know, consulting skills as well and I really wanted to do that but it's just, it's, you know I've got a nine to five, and I can't really focus on that, you know, from that perspective. I feel, I feel like for myself I would have to really just put a lot of effort into that, but you know you can. You can also create your own course. There's just multiple things that you can possibly do to, you know, set up your own business and I like my, I'm very highly educated, I went to I went to uni and basically that's university or college for those in America but essentially, I was never taught how to do a business plan. And one of the things that I really appreciated was, You know, having been able to actually put a business plan to life and understanding you know who my target market is and just really reflecting on the things that, what a business, really should, Should should be and should look like.

Cynthia: Hello?

Matt: I I think we lost him out there. He disappeared from us.

Cynthia: Okay.

Matt: His cameras gone or something. Oh, I'll send him a message, well I really appreciate what you said I was, I was just obviously listening and, and, yeah, I feel like putting your business plan together is a big piece that you don't get elsewhere. You know what I mean. It's a piece where we actually sit down and put it together, figure out your target market.

That's cool. That's awesome. Are you thinking of becoming a mastermind soon?

Cynthia: I wouldn't mind, but I believe you have it really late for me too sometimes.

That's the only problem but I do watch the record. The recording of it. However, like, I guess, do you have it all the time at a specific time or is it, you change it around. 

Matt: Yeah, we've got one coming up later this year in September and I think December.

In Florida, And then we also have virtual masterminds. So, we've got one of those coming up here really soon too. Those are kind of nice because you know when you're living in Australia it's hard to travel to Florida and.

Cynthia: Now, that's okay but it's definitely something I want to do in the future because I just, when I was told that by even I think it was a James Jordan who is my advisor and he was like yeah before me about just around the masterminds and I was just blown away when I got to soar it I really want to do that as an experience would be amazing just to see, you know this like minded people, that'd be great.

Matt: Yeah, it's it is really cool, it's I feel like my first mastermind I was in 2011, and yeah, it was just, I remember getting there, I had a couple thoughts I was like, wow, these people are all just like me and then the other thing was, like, Oh, these people aren't that much better than me, like they don't have ocean, they don't have. They're not like, you know, they're just, they're just average normal people, and it's really empowering to see that so yeah it's really cool.

Cynthia: Yeah James says the same thing as well. He explained it to me.

Matt: Awesome. Well hey, I don't know if Dave's coming back here, I think his computer might have, I don't know what happened actually, so we'll see. 

Dave: Oh, can you hold on a second. Sorry about that man, my entire computer just crashed so I don't know, I don't know. It's actually a fairly new computer so that's never good hope, you know, good thing I didn't have some big long sales letter written out. Yeah I think so. So, yeah, I, I heard a little bit about the masterminds that you guys were, were talking about because I kind of had my phone up there for a second and then I like my computer booted back up but, you know, for somebody who's living in Australia, or, or some other part of the world. You know how I just wonder what's your perspective of going from kind of a local job. and maybe your job, connects you with other people around the world, but to be in a world wide entrepreneur connecting, and having the ability to be able to do business with people all over the world, and to not just have the ability to be able to earn from and serve people in your local community, but also the, the idea that now you have the ability to be able to, to earn from and serve people all over the world, is that an exciting concept for you as it is for me?

Cynthia: 100% I even say, I would say to my husband cuz I can see.

Like most of my following list American and people in Australia don’t really know about Affiliate Marketing. And I think it's just people, even outside of, you know those two countries I've just mentioned. Yeah, it's, I'm just meeting a lot of people a lot of entrepreneurs, and able to you know, connect with different people and having even like strategy calls with a call at times, just to build that relationship as well and it's just, it's amazing it's it's what bounces me as well, because my role, like, the, the job that I do from a nine to five perspective, it can be like a, it's a high stress role and this particular, you know, I guess, yeah affiliate marketing just, it brings out my personality you can't be yourself in corporate life and it also brings out my crazy so so it's just it's fantastic. I really love it and yeah I'm just having a ball each day. 

Dave: Yeah, well, that's awesome. That's awesome. Me too, I mean I have, I have a lot of fun to really do it. It's, it's, it's amazing, it's amazing how much fun I have on a daily I hope I live a long life because I really, I think I will be you know I really I had, I had an aunt named, aunt Bess, and she, she lived to be 98 And like we have no idea how she lived that long because it wasn't like she was the healthiest person in the world, but she was happy as hell. You know what I mean, she was so happy. And she had just an absolutely great attitude, such a positive attitude about everything. And she lived to be almost 100 years old, you know what I mean so I really think that that your, the amount of stress that you have in your life and how actually just happy you are really contributes a lot to your health, and in the amount of time that you actually live, but is that something that you believe as well and, and it sounds like, having, you know stress is an important thing that yes you're managing, but you'd, you'd love to eventually have a lot less of it right.

Cynthia: Ah, yeah definitely it's. And that's what I said, Because I mentioned here as my role was made redundant last year and with my new position I kind of was upfront with them and just said to them that because they, you know at one stage were questioning, a little bit about my business and I was able to navigate it, just say to them, This is what makes me bring my best self to work so well. This way, but it's either you take. You're gonna reproduce, then you've got to accept this.

Dave: Yeah, yeah, no I like that answer I think for many of you who have jobs and they may be questioning or curious. It's, that's a great response, this, this, This allows me to bring my best to my job as well, and to be my best self and to stay motivated and stay passionate and stay excited because I'm, I'm doing things in all parts of my life that make me happy.

And yeah, then you're then then if they're not okay with that you're always, you know, you're always, you know you can make that decision at that time. What's more important to you, you know, and no decision will be wrong, you know, for some of you guys maybe that decision, You know. Anyways, that'd be a tough decision, if they backed you into a corner but I'm thankful that it sounds like they didn't, in your, in your job. And by the way, if any of you guys have a job, which I know many of you do, please don't feel bad or weird or like your any dip. Just, I believe that how you do one thing is how you do everything, and having a job in early entrepreneurship is a smart thing. It's not a dumb thing, it's a smart thing in quitting that job too soon, if that's something that you want to do, can be detrimental, can be a bad idea. So, how you do one thing is how you do everything, embrace that job, do the best that you can in that job because you know that, as you start your own business, you're going to be your number one employee. And the thing that I always ask people sin, this is something that I always ask people is would you hire you and would you keep you on payroll, and a lot of times it, you know you guys are talking about mastermind. A lot of times I asked that in a live room to where I can see faces, and the, and I can tell nobody has to, you know the. A lot of people don't have to say a word. I can already tell what the answer is, right, because they're, because they're with them a lot, there with them all the time. The question that I have for all of you is, do you think that some. You're at your job and be miserable. So are you willing to inform me if I wasn't, you know, if I wasn't kicking at getting promotions and making good money. Be a soft time in my business, because I still need to develop some habits and I need to develop some parts of myself. That, I'll need to be successful in my business. Does this resonate with you Cynthia?

Cynthia: Yeah, No, I think, definitely. This last year when I was made redundant twice. Sorry, it was, it was my second redundancy and it was where I have had to really just and that's where it's around the confidence pieces is really being able to just not being a people pleaser, that's that's my, my, my situation is just make laser and you can still be, you could still be a somebody that's very helpful, and able to you know be there for people but you've got to also be helping yourself time and that's why with my new position I was not firm, but I've, I was kind of I navigated through the situation and to use my negotiation skills but use, even my the, what I learned, you know how you said about. It's all about dating and showing and eventually getting to a point where you're essentially like trying to get people to like you and understand you and that's what I'm trying to do with, even with my, you know, with the company that I work for currently, but also the other thing is that even with my interview some of the things that I was showing and just, you know, try to explain things from a selling perspective but not showing me in a value proposition way like I was just showing them in different skills and they were just like, Yep, you're going to get the job and it's, it's where that's the thing I can bring skills that potentially I don't have in my job and and kind of bounce off with what I've learned from legendary but also what I learned from work and combine those two together and then eventually like the aim is to, once I feel like I've getting an income that is consistent, that within my business, it's where I don't need to work for an employer anymore and that's the long term game. 

Dave: Yeah, well, well, there's no doubt in my mind whatever you put your mind to Cynthia you will achieve, there's, there's 1,000% confidence in you and in that so thank you for coming on. It's been wonderful to get to know you and, and, and, you know, have you share more of yourself and and be vulnerable and let us kind of know some of the ups and downs and all arounds you've, you've, you've gone through, congratulations on your success so far I know, it's just the beginning for you, so keep up the great work, be Legendary. It's been a great episode so You've crushed it so you've, you can feel absolutely great about that. And please come back okay and keep us posted.

Cynthia: Thank you. I appreciate it, David. Say bye to Matt and thank you everyone for listening as well. Appreciate it. We'll do it soon. 

Dave: All right, take care, we'll talk to you later. 

Cynthia: You too, bye bye.

Dave: Alright my friends. Well, there you have it. Another fantastic episode from somebody who has watched the show on a daily basis, and is now a guest crushed it. And my question is how many of you guys will come on and share your journey through ups and downs and all arounds and, you know, eventually to your success. How many of you guys will do that with us as well? I hope each one of you guys will be willing and able to do that too and if that's a goal, first of all, I'm honored that you want to come on and do that. But if that's the goal. Then let's all see together how we can achieve that how you can achieve that over the course of the next 90 days, six months, right, because we here at legendary want to give you a platform to be able to share your message, develop your skills, right, build your confidence and go out and make a lot of money and build a business and in a life that you love. So, have a fantastic weekend. If you're new here, get into our Blueprints if you can. This is where a lot of the magic happens in the ongoing accountability and coaching. If you want to take your game to the next level. We've got masterminds coming up we're going to be sending out registration links for those pretty soon, we've got two here that are going to be happening. The year long from then and then we've got a virtual mastermind right around the weekly email and if you haven't gotten that email contact Customer Service. Have a  fantastic day or night wherever you are in the world, be Legendary. We'll see you back here on Monday. Peace.

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