New To Legendary Marketer? Welcome! Here’s What’s Next…

Welcome to Legendary Marketer! I want to be one of the first to welcome you to the family. By now, you've probably booked a game plan call with your coach, and they have sent you here to get off to a good start.  If not, DO IT!  Here's why…

On this page are a few important resources for you to have in order to make sure that you get the most out of your membership. I'm sure you have a ton of excitement as well as a ton of questions. My goal on this page is to help eliminate 98% of any confusion, doubt or fear about whether or not Legendary Marketer is the right opportunity for you. So, let's get started.





Who Is David Sharpe, Anyway?

I'm going to assume that you don't know much about our founder, David Sharpe. So, I'd like to point your attention to an article written by Forbes magazine about David entitled, “What is Internet Marketing? Advice from and 8-Figure Earner.”

Here's the link to that article

It's important for our members to have an opportunity to hear from the people responsible for helping our newest members get success. We recorded the “Coaching Roundtable” discussion which feature most of our current coaches. You'll find this roundtable interview to be very enlightening.


You might know that EVERYDAY we host a call at 10am EST called, “Wake Up Legendary.” Monday thru Thursday, we do a 15-minute motivational/inspirational call. You can join live by dialing 563-999-1286 or LISTEN ONLINE LIVE. On “Free Coaching Friday,” we take your questions LIVE! All of the replays can be found at

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you reach your income goals and eventually live your dreams. We are here to support you every step of the way.

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  1. Katalin
    Katalin says:

    It was awsome… tears in my eyes and flash in my mind, love and hope in my heart, I just needed it. All of us here with a reason, see you guys as a ‘real’ person make the journey more easier and more reliable. Thank you.

  2. Lisa Jones
    Lisa Jones says:

    I was already convinced about joining this company and moving forward. After watching the videos, especially the “coach round table discussion,” I’m so excited to be a part of this movement and to be graced with such caring and devoted coaches/leaders. I look forward to reaching my goals and sharing my success with others. God Bless!!

  3. James Bain
    James Bain says:

    Wow! The COACH’S ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION was awesome! Great to finally see my coaches face. Sup Andre! 🙂 I’m looking forward to continuing my training with Andre and so far everything I’m seeing/reading/watching about Legendary Marketer really excites me! God Bless you all and thanks for that video.

  4. Shirley
    Shirley says:

    Enjoyed the materials and interview so far. I have been scammed so many times by a smiling face that I still have reservations in my gut. I have been traumatized by others.

  5. Kenneth Tennyson
    Kenneth Tennyson says:

    Thanks for a chance to say “Thank You”. I did take notes, and I look forward to continuing the journey of learning from each member of the team to become the the man who attracts success. I am still feeling to see if and where I fit in to this Legendary team, but, for now, I just wanted to say that I thank God that somehow this opportunity came. I have hope that one day I will be able to bless you and truly communicate my gratitude that I was invited to hear your story.

  6. Donna McCartney
    Donna McCartney says:

    I got to speak with my Coach Eric and I think he and I will work together quite nicely, he let me know he would be there for me anytime I needed help that was so reassuring. Thanks. Coach. Donna

  7. Joseph Akola
    Joseph Akola says:

    Hi, my name is Joseph Akola. I live here in Nairobi, Kenya. I have two questions. I’m a newbie and really interested in joining Legendary Marketer because after doing some research, I believe that this is the place that I would like to be. My questions, therefore, are how do I pay the $30 to join? Can I pay through PayPal? My second question is, how do I receive the money that I make? Does Legendary Marketer pay through PayPal?

    • Peter
      Peter says:

      I am a Kenyan too I paid yesterday 28June 2018 and I booked an appointment with my coach Tyler today at 5:17pm and he called me on skype. I only get $250 a month in my wine business looking forward to make $100000 per month with legendary market

  8. Juanita gaskins
    Juanita gaskins says:

    All I can say is I am blessed that I found David sharps video in my inbox! Coach larry, love the info your bringing!!! It was was awesome to see my coach Andrew! Thanks to David Sharpe and MUCH respect to each and every coach here!!! Can’t wait to move foward!

  9. Kevin Lehner
    Kevin Lehner says:

    Yes what an awesome group of people and Dave Sharpe, how great is he!! I just joined and looking forward to talk to my coach Rod Allred. Looking forward to working hard on this thing and succeeding.

  10. Michael Lee
    Michael Lee says:

    Coach Larry lost me at the sight of his Buc’s shirt! Haha jk, NO fan over here! Great info and to b honest I didn’t have any of those mindsets coming into this training. I know it takes time, focus, perseverance etc. to become legendary! I’m hoping to get as much info as retainably possible and just have a fun experience with this and creating my biz!

  11. e-lt
    e-lt says:

    well i started out selling candy in school and made 28,000 but it took years i really don,t mind working to be honest it bothers me to get money without working i don,t want it handed to me i want to be able to say i did it that gos for everything

  12. Sylena Brewer
    Sylena Brewer says:

    I am new to legendary marketer and would like to say thank you to all the coaches for everything they do to help us all succeed. God bless.


    For the first time in my life i feel close to start making money online, thanks to Legendary Marketer.

  14. Angela Brandon
    Angela Brandon says:

    Hey guys,
    Great videos, I am super excited about Legendary Marketer! I truly like the idea of having a coach that will work with me to ensure that I understand and is there to answer my questions. Awesome roundtables discussion with the Coaches, I feel the love already! I am ready, willing & able to learn all that I can. I have been in network marketing which didnt really fit me. I have never been in Internet Marketing, I like the idea of passive income & earning money while I sleep. You guys ROCK!! 🙂

  15. Cheri
    Cheri says:

    My favorite part—

    “Many of you have a refrigerator full of food, but still starving”

    Very informative messages! So ready to have another skill set under my belt! Let’s do this!

  16. MT Davis
    MT Davis says:

    Just coming into LM, I think Larry Beachum’s words were exceptional and real. People come into the internet marketing business with far too many quick and unrealistic expectations! Anything worth doing and doing right takes time. Thank you Larry!

  17. Judith Murphy
    Judith Murphy says:

    I’ve listened in to wak up since Tuesday. 8 am is really early for me. But Worth the effort. I’ve watched your 1st 2 videos, Larry. They are really helpful. Read the Forbes article. Talked both email and phone with Matthew Hudson. He is the greatest. I didn’t know about the $30. entry level and couldn’t manage the $2000 so appreciated his support while I was trying to figure out how to get here. He and what I read and the videos and emails from Dave are what convinced me that this is the best possible place to be. There are so many scammers out there. The honesty and integrity I find here is wonderful. I like how forthright you are Larry. I know I can learn so much here. I was very successful in my nursing career but am done with that and ready for learning to succeed here.

  18. Steven Sweeney
    Steven Sweeney says:

    Hey Dave Sharpe and LMS Leadership: You guys are first class all the way — thank you!! Down-to-earth and “real” – Lovin it.

  19. Shivonna Williams
    Shivonna Williams says:

    I’m a new member I’m excited to learn more and get started I’m already on step 4. I spoke with my coach Rod today for the first time. I have another appointment with him tomorrow morning. I know this will work for me because of the positive energy I felt from my coach and just the motivational videos. I also can’t wait to join in on the motivational Wake Up Ledendary talks. I’m big on positive energy, positive mind sets and that sold me on this program. I just want to be part of the wealthiest 1%. To learn a system that can’t fail and live the life me and my family deserves. Happiness and success is the goal.

  20. Kirk
    Kirk says:

    Good, solid info thus far! I’ve heard much of this for a long time but am ready to actually start applying what i’m learning in these core steps. Rock on!

  21. Chris Osborne
    Chris Osborne says:

    Whoo! Commenting! But seriously heading off to bed now, and really looking forward to the honest truth just dropped from that video. I am feeling I made a good choice today!

  22. Sam
    Sam says:

    Glad I spent the past 2.5 – 3 hours watching and “binge” through all the material on here. Valuable content and taking on board all the key points: setting REALISTIC goals; patience and consistency; “macro patience and micro speed”; balancing out determination and desperation! Plus a whole bunch of other sayings. Looking forward to progressing and churning through the process of this educational and life-changing course!

  23. Albert Swann
    Albert Swann says:

    The description of the negative expectations are helpful tools to avoid. Looking forward to moving forward with coaching success. PATIENCE is the key that unlocks our doors to ne winners in this industry. LET’S KEEP OUR EYES ON THE PRIZE (KNOWLEDGE) OF POWER.

  24. Terrence
    Terrence says:

    With the way my coach explained it, they help you on your journey no matter how drastic your finances my be in the good or the bad they are willing to lead you into freedom of being your own Entrepreneur at a low cost. I’m in let’s get it.

  25. stan macapili
    stan macapili says:

    May I request a digital copy or PDF version of the book? I live on the other side of the earth the book might not reach me and I really want learn more about the online digital marketing business. Hope you could provide me with the softcopy.
    Thanks. more power.

  26. Roger Alkana
    Roger Alkana says:

    Hi. My name is Roger Alkana. Like everyone else that is new, I am anxious to take action, rather than watching all the videos that Legendary Marketer has here. It seems like I have a general idea of what it takes. I have a question for my coach. Can we get in contact more than once a day? I want my coach to know me and what I have done already. I have been uploading videos of my businesses to YouTube, but I only have one subscriber. I started my businesses about two months. My coach is Andre Miller.

  27. Richard Amebleh
    Richard Amebleh says:

    i would love it if i can have a soft copy of the book sent to my email i leave far and am out of cash to make the shipping

  28. Tyrone
    Tyrone says:

    Thank you for the webinar and the chance to meet the coaches. It was really inspiring and motivational and I look forward to working with all of you. Just watching im already solded. Thank you David Sharpe for this opportunity and to all the Legendary community.

  29. Wening Cintron
    Wening Cintron says:

    Hi, Team
    only one thing to say. ”I can not talk about what I don’t see”- Wening. But here a see a great team of great people willing to help you to find yourself to succeed in your business as a team, using tools in a form of an RD map to achieve it in conjunction with emotional value that is priceless. I am glad that I have found the right RD. map… Thank you to a link of one your video marketers +NathanLucas that presented the inspirational RD Map at a stage in my life when I needed that guidance, a team to work with putting things together to help others. Thank you Dave Sharpe and it’s team at I have found a home here. I am not teamless any more.

  30. Faizal
    Faizal says:

    So far this seems like an amazing opportunity for anyone with an open mind that is willing to work hard and not be afraid to invest in the future.

  31. Michael Scott
    Michael Scott says:

    The CEO/founders welcome address in step one is very inspiring. I setup a free Skype channel as he advised only to be told legendary marketers no longer uses Skype. Had issues setting up my first call with my couch Rod Allred, but I’ve finally been booked for Tuesday and am looking forward to acquiring a new set of very vital skills. I than you all for this wonderful opportunity.

  32. maylene martinez
    maylene martinez says:

    good morning people. My name is Maylene Martinez, and Im new to Legendary Marketing. i would like to take some time and really introduce myself. so i will be going live later today when my little one is awake. so if you would like to meet me back here today which is Friday Sept, 21st at 11:30 am i will give you a little intro of who I am and where Ive came from. Im excited to to be part of Legendary marketer, and even more excited about my future and where its heading now. Ive come along way and youll get a little feel on just how far ive come. thank you and see you back here on my page at 11:30

  33. Phillip Morre
    Phillip Morre says:

    Hi Guys,
    Im a newbie here at this kind of industry and all the training and process are really new to me. Nevertheless I am fully interested learning this skill from this system. Cant wait to adopt the skill sets.
    Hoping for a better tomorrow.

    /Phillip Morre

  34. Alfredo Matias
    Alfredo Matias says:

    I do not care about money. I want to understand, mastering all the process in legendary marketer. Indeed, I only love the process and I wanna do whatever I can to be a Guru in it. I do not care about having a nice or muscular body. I only care wake up everything day and go to the gym, yes I only care about the process. The result normally follows me even when I tell them to stop. ” Money stop follows me, muscular body stop follows me”, I said. But they ( money, and muscular body) answered, ok Matias stop also be attractive because we can not resist you, you are so sexy, Matias. LOL

    It will be a pleasure join with people that are creating a revolution in an online business:

  35. Jason Perretta
    Jason Perretta says:

    Hello hello! I’m excited to get started on this journey! I played around with affiliate/internet marketing for about 6 months and let me tell you this – it’s a mess trying to figure things out. Once you think you got it and you understand everything, there’s always something else that’s thrown in the works. I have my first call with Eric on Tuesday afternoon and looking forward to picking his brain. Get ready Eric! I’m coachable, but I also have LOTS of questions! Let’s do this! 🙂


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