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Matt: Greetings everybody. Happy Monday. It is Monday September 27 We're almost to q4 of the Year break q4 October. Good to see you guys let us know in the comments if you're tuning in with us, let us know where you're tuning in from. We've got Who do we got here, Crystal Clear Marie, I like that James in the house. What's up, James, Angela, good to see Angela Susan, who else let us know if you're tuning in live Say hello. Say hi, Welcome to what's up Austin Samantha. Bruce, what's up man? Good to see you. Vernell, Luna, what's up Michael Hall Bloom. I love that name. British Columbia, Sarah, what's up, good to see you. Amanda, Eliza. What's up, Brian, James in the house I tried to click it but it ran away from my screen too fast, or hey, Dennis, what's going on, Kevin from Arkansas. Don't know. Josephine Samantha What's up, Morgan. I'm trying to click with everybody. It's just they're flying kind of a little quick but Leah what's up. Let's see. Tija. I like that name. Andrew What's up, Josephine Laurie, Nico, Diana, Andrew, it's Andy at the taiju, FedEx in Memphis. Alright go we got people tuning in from their jobs, Andrew Mike, Kurt. James Marcus Pavle and Eliza, or Elisa selenia okay, You get the point. Bruce crystal, Dave, we've got a few more fires. What's up, Shawn, great product. Sorry if I'm butchering names here I know Robert what's happened and that good to see everybody on here. We've got an awesome guest and if you're newer, or you're not familiar with legendary. We do these five days a week, Monday through Friday 10am Eastern, we bring on a guest typically not everyday but typically, and today we've got an awesome guy all the way from Romania. He's young and he's a part time programmer I think we're gonna find out we're gonna kind of dive into what he's up to and just you know he's got lots of cool stuff going on so guys in the chat if you can just give like a little clapping emoji or give some sort of like, like a fist bump or something. For Teodor here. How's it going?

Teodor: It’s going good Matt. 

Matt: Good to see you, thanks for coming on.

Teodor: Thanks for having me.

Matt: Yeah of course. Hey, so you're from Romania, and I'm so curious like, how did you find us, and if you could tell us a little bit about you and your journey online that'd be really cool?

Teodor: So, when I entered my senior year in 2000. I was struggling because I wanted to search for ways to make money online because I was desperate because I didn't like school at all. And I can set my goal in life, like, what should I do, what should I learn something like that. Sure. And I had no idea what to do with my life. I had no passion. And I want to break out of that. So there's a point when I wanted to make a change in my life, I was researching ways to make money online, I started doing drop shipping, drop servicing. I was also selling on Fiverr and Upwork, but it didn't quite work well with dropshipping and drop servicing. I was making some sales, with over, selling on Fiverr, but I was not having a consistent monthly income, like I felt living from it. Yeah. Yeah. And in December, 2020, I stumbled upon a TikTok user. And he was saying that you should try something like affiliate marketing, it's a very profitable business model and stuff like that. At first I was very skeptical about it. But I was completely wrong.

Matt: What were your first thoughts, like what were the first thoughts that you had?

Teodor: The first thought was, like, affiliate marketing. I didn't know what marketing was at that point so it was like a complete newbie into this. Sure. Yeah, and I decided to give it a try. I've done some research on it, I heard. It was very profitable. So I just took the opportunity. And now it’s the best opportunity I have ever taken.

Matt: Yeah, I'm trying to figure out that sort of online space. It's funny because I know I think a lot of people kind of have that, like, a little bit of skepticism, right away you know they're like, I don't know about this. So you found Legendary through like, like Instagram or Tiktok or social media, yeah just social media and seeing stuff. Cool. Awesome. So you go through the check. Had you been through anything like that before like Had you taken a course before or was that kind of a new experience?

Teodor: I was taking in the past programming courses, I was learning C++ if you're familiar with it, or Java stuff like that. Yeah, programming languages. 

Matt: So like programming stuff?

Teodor: Yeah, that's what I was selling on Fiverr. I was offering my services to program something for people.

Matt: Okay, cool. Are you still doing that?

Teodor: No, not anymore.

Matt: Yes. But you, I know I would say, like, you would consider that still a valuable skill right.

Teodor: Yes indeed. Yeah, to an extra profit which is like marketing. 

Matt: Yeah, for sure. Do you enjoy it? I'm just curious.

Teodor: I was enjoying myself up until one point because I was only programming and not having enough time to spend with my family and friends. It was very consuming assuming

Matt: I heard a statistic a while back, because I'm, I'm like, I don't, I'm not a programmer, and I tried to learn like, I do Ruby. Ruby, like rails or something. It's like a probing language, I think it's called Ruby on Rails. It's kind of like the realm of Python. But a lot of people like tech startups. In, like Silicon Valley, use Ruby. For a lot of their programming stuff. But anyway, they, I was trying to learn it and bought this course I was just like, Dude, I got I got like five minutes it was like, What the hell am I doing, and it was, you know the first time it's just like, well, you need to have all of this other experience of like, you know, C++ and like all of that stuff like, if you don't know this, you're definitely not going to know anything, so I was like did forget this, but I am interested in that because I taught myself how to code like HTML and CSS. And, just out of necessity, my blog broke and I was like, Dude, I need to be able to like my header looks terrible, like, how do I fix this. So it's just, you know, like, one windows open on my screen, and then the other windows like how do I fix head to, you know, had the other code on my WordPress blog

fun days so nicely anyway. 

Teodor: The most time consuming thing to do during programming is just researching on the internet.

Matt: I feel like the highest paid programmers must just be the ones who don't have to Google everything, because it's like, even, I think, a little secret is like, even the highest paid people and so like in programming or, you know, web design, marketing and all of this kind of stuff they were doing around and Google stuff.

Teodor: Everyday we face problems and we have to overcome them. Eventually,

Matt: That really might be a big takeaway from today is, he's like, I think that that's probably true in programming, but it's also just true in life, you know, like, I think there's a lot of places in life. I can think of finances, I can think of. All kinds of stuff where you have to figure it out, you know, like so, in your journey, there's been sort of you've been helped by education, by courses by training, but also there's probably been elements of like having to figure it out like what elements. What elements do you feel like you've had to sort of figure out and and our elements that maybe no one could have taught you in programming, or just in more like digital marketing?

Teodor: So, more like the technical stuff I had to figure it out, All by myself. I was searching tutorials on YouTube, integrating an email autoresponder. Other than that, but at least I figured it out, and I'm very happy I did.

Matt: Yeah. Well, we are too. But it's interesting, because I feel like, you know, figuring out an email autoresponder is the point is, that's one of the main things that people say that they can't figure out, is like, how do I integrate this damn thing and I'm always just like just Google it, like, yeah, it might take a day of your life, if it takes a day of your life, you know what you're never gonna have to, you'll never have to research and do it again, just, you'll figure it out. I think there's real power in that. I just feel like there's real power in Google searching and YouTubing solutions like I think that once people sort of find out and like my dad had this discovery recently with his cars and with his motorcycles, is like, he couldn't figure. He had no such thing as the muffler. I don't know. And he couldn't figure it out, and, and he was, We were just talking he's like yeah, geez, I just realized like there's 50 or 100 videos just on this one, make and model that I have of all the cars nor there's 50 videos just on this weird old car that I have and just on this specific fix, and he can figure anything out and I think that that's really empowering thing that more people would benefit from the mindset of, like, I'm going to go around a Google search, YouTube search everything and just figure it out. That's basically what business ownership comes down to is like you're presented with. So know your problems.

Teodor: You can learn anything from the internet, in my opinion, you just have the, you just need to have the willpower to do so. Yeah, the drive to do that.

Matt: Yeah, yeah, I feel like I agree with that a lot. It's interesting to me because I see a lot of programmers, and web designers and developers and stuff come into the digital industry and fail, and here's why. So let me give you a little context. I am a more technical guy kind of like you and I struggled getting going in marketing for a long time because I felt more comfortable with the problem solving techie stuff. So it's like there's a lot that I don't know but at least I can spend all day long, messing around with my bridge page or messing around with my blog right or like screwing around with just stupid stuff that doesn't matter. Do you feel like you've struggled with that at all like staying on task about actually marketing or do you feel like it's been pretty easy or how's that gone?

Teodor: It's like, it's been pretty easy for me. I mean, after one problem I solved it appeared another problem and so on and so on, like, I always told them, I never let them stay they're like, No, that problem I can solve. I didn't say I couldn’t, I said how can I do that, that's the thing.

Matt: Yeah, not just like, I can't figure this out I can't figure this out, it's always just how can I figure this out, I feel like maybe you're at an advantage because, well, not an advantage but like maybe it. I don't know. Is it easier for you because, like you're younger and you're still in such like a learning phase of life.

Teodor: Maybe, but I think everyone can. Everyone can learn marketing and everyone can learn, they want to just have the work and the motivation to do it.

Matt: Yeah, agreed. 

Teodor: I was using this question, how can I do that, how can I solve this problem, because these questions. This question opens up possible opportunities that you can use, like, when you use that question you go on Google, how can I do that, how can I do that. You need to constantly learn. That's what we do in life. Basically every day, more like. 

Matt: Yeah, for sure. Yeah, and I shouldn't say that it's an advantage for somebody who's young because I was just looking at this guy here I'll pull this guy open. I was just looking at this guy's TikTok. While we were chatting and before we were chatting. He's 82 years old, and found Legendary online and has 377,000 followers at 82 frickin years old man, like he found his voice, and even, you know he struggled with, with, he had a, he had a vocal sort of problem, I can't think of the right word but basically he had a hard time, like, Actually speaking up. 

Teodor: Pronouncing? 

Matt: Yeah, yeah, his, his, well it was his voice level, he couldn't get loud. And people always ask like, I can't hear you, stuff like that, if I'm remembering that right from our live I might be misremembering parts of that, or what it's called. But he, he's an awesome dude and he found his voice on TikTok, and does digital marketing, his made money online, and he's just, he's a super cool guy and I think that, you know anybody who sort of sets out to, To, to figure something out can really figure it out. I think that's kind of a takeaway from that.

Teodor: Problem solving is the mindsets for this.

Matt: Yeah. Yeah, for sure. What, uh, like I'm just curious, of all the different social channels you're on and I'll pull your Instagram up here for people to follow you. What, like, What do you enjoy most, like what's most enjoyable for you in terms of liking like Pinterest more. Do you like Instagram, and why?

Teodor: Well, I like YouTube, the most. YouTube is a portal to news shorts, for example, was basically going to 2000s 30,000 views in just one day from one short, which is mind blowing from one single for. 

Matt: Yes. Yeah, so, so is this before you add any commissions here's, here's what I'm gonna do this guy, Kevin. I've seen Kevin in our lives before and he's a good dude. He said, Ask step by step, what were the first commission checks like so, with what you're going into here, was it before you'd ever earned anything, and then you posted this short

was after I earned the contact faster.

Matt: Yeah. So, before that, take us back before that, then, like, what were you doing on a daily basis to produce your first sale?

Teodor: Oh, on a daily basis, I am over content uploading, I was luckily I was uploading two pins on Pinterest, there'll be two reels on Instagram with TikTok, TikTok, to shorts on YouTube. Firstly I was uploading on TikTok first, and then from TikTok I was repurposing my content through all of other social media. Yeah, I was basically re-uploading those videos there. And I could see that on what platform, it performs better.

Matt:  Interesting. Here I'm gonna pull this open, it might be a little bit small on your screen, but I'm gonna pull up in the Sketchpad real quick and run me through that one more time. What's the first platform you put, if you're going to do what you're talking about is you're doing sort of omnipresent content creation. So, meaning you're posting on multiple different social media platforms so you can be everywhere for your audience. So, and also you can diversify your, your social media presence right so the, you know, like there was talks before with Donald Trump where he was gonna ban TikTok from the United States and everyone was like oh my God, our businesses, and, you know, but if something crazy world to happen like that then you know you've got multiple different platforms that you're on. Okay so, but your first place that you're posting on is where

Teodor: I'm posting three videos on TikTok. 

Matt: Okay, a day?

Teodor: Yes. Before I was posting five videos,

Matt: And say, say, say that part again.

Teodor: In the past I was posting five videos on TikTok per day.

Matt: Okay, well let's play conservative let's say, let's say there's three pieces of content on TikTok. So, we've got one. We've got two. And we've got three then what?

Teodor: Then, those three pieces I will download are used to download videos from TikTok with no watermark. 

Matt: Sure, 

Teodor: Yes, Yes, for example, that's the most important, download them without the watermark.

Matt: Yes, is a tool where you can download your TikTok videos straight from TikTok and it removes the little TikTok watermark from the video.

Teodor:  Indeed yes.

Matt: Perfect. And you can use multiple different apps. you don't just have to use, you can use lots of different apps. Alright then, what?

Teodor: Then download them on my phone. Then, I'll post two reels on Instagram. 

Matt: And then we're going to go to reels, so you're going to take these three videos to reels?

Teodor: Two reels, both to reels. 

Matt: Got it.

Teodor: And twp for Pinterest. Okay. And then I will also download them on my PC where I would upload them on YouTube.

Matt: Okay, cool. So, if we downloaded them, snap check that out before putting them on the phone, we can go to YouTube and need to be on YouTube shorts right?

Teodor: Yes, YouTube shorts, they are hot right now in my opinion, they are hot.

Matt: Yeah, I spent I think especially if you do it right and, yes, you know I wrote a whole email. This past week or maybe the week before about how the social media companies are in competition basically with each other to get as much viewership as humanly possible on these apps. And that's why all the ins and outs, guess what Snapchat, just launched their new thing, and it's basically the YouTube shorts, It's the reels, it's the TikTok version of their app that can allow you. Yeah, it's brand new. And some people are talking about it like it's going to be pretty hot, but the power of your strategy here, which is a strategy. You know we've, we've taught this for quite a while, I think they've taught the army burning formula first at a mastermind about two years ago. This is, this is a lighter version of that, this is a lighter shorter style version, a more modernized version I would say, you know that's specific to 2021. But this, this, this formula were what was I gonna say about that. Oh, I was gonna say, you know, maybe even do Snapchat here, but this whole omnipresent, beautiful part about this is it doesn't require that much work, right, you're learning the core piece of your bulk of your work happens right here, right?

Teodor: Yes. 

Matt: And then the rest because this is just sort of basically reposting.

Teodor: Yes, downloading reposting.

Matt: Yeah, downloading and repurposing, yeah, yeah, it's, it's super powerful and I think also, you can start to see what styles of content go viral on different types of platforms, too. So then you kind of know, and then you can sort of curate content so maybe today, it's a matter of running for 90 days or six months or something in this formula, and then maybe what you figure out is, Topic A works really well for shorts. And, for reels. Or maybe you start to realize that shorts and rails the same style videos go viral on those, and they're a little bit different maybe than TikTok videos or something right and then topic V. Let's just say topic B is more like TikTok and I'm just kind of making this up, don't take this literally here, but like, will go viral on these two platforms so then you start creating content for TikTok, and Snapchat, and then you start creating content for youtube and reels and Pinterest, because those sort of have correlating virality to them anyway. I'm just throwing that out there as a side note, but that's sort of your strategy for getting going with Kant. I think it is smart to have a system like that because it keeps you honest and keeps you motivated. Do you feel like it's, do you ever wake up and it's hard to create content?

Teodor: No, for example it's one of my favorite things to do.

Matt: Awesome. It's a beautiful thing when something that you're passionate about or happy to do is also something that will help generate more leads and make you more money, right.

So I want to express myself and also show my message to the world. Super cool man. That's super cool. Yeah, of course, I think you're doing a really good job with your content I think your channels and, and everything that you're I don't I just, I like your vibe and I like what you're doing and I like you. I mean it's a vulnerable thing to step out and do something on your own. It's a vulnerable thing to like step out into a space and try something brand new, you know I'm saying?

Teodor: Comfort zone is peculiar if you stay in it. So you better do something than nothing. 

Matt: Yeah, totally. Well, cool man, so I'll let you have the last word to our audience here, we can wrap up for somebody who's newer, right, somebody who's new or maybe a little skeptical, maybe they're unsure, maybe not as skeptical, just unsure, unclear. Maybe this is for me, maybe it's not. I don't know. Um, what would you say, what would you say to that person and what advice or what, you know, sort of direction would you give them?

Teodor: Just take that step, because after all it's either gonna help you or just make you realize that this thing is not for you. You mean, you should also try something new when you have the time or opportunity for it. For example, to be able to find what your passion is, to be able to find what it is that drives you insane that particular, you need to try out a lot of different things. 

Matt: I like it. I think that's great advice, And I think it's very wise advice, so that's super cool,

Teodor: I guess, your comfort zone is gonna kill you if you just stay there to do something rather than nothing. 

Matt: Yeah, for sure, for sure. Cool. Well awesome. Yeah, Thanks a lot for coming on and if you're on here, go give him a follow, and if you need anything from us let us know, just, I'm here to help. I'm happy to help. If you need anything. 

Teodor: Thanks so much. 

Matt: You got it. Alright guys, Hey his Instagram is where he prefers that you follow Him, follow him on Instagram. And you can, you can see it right there on the screen. And what a cool dude does awesome. I want to just encourage everybody here to put this back up on the screen. I don't know if I can. Let's see. There we go. I just want to encourage everybody that you know something as simple as this might look a little complicated or this might look a little bit overwhelming to people but the logistics after you do this for maybe four or five days or a week or something. The logistics of this isn't actually all that difficult, and doesn't actually take as much time as you would think so. If you're, if you're newer and you're like wow that's a lot of stuff but stay consistent with content that's one of your biggest. That's one of the biggest hurdles, most people have it's just stay consistent with your content and work on putting that content out to multiple different platforms and just see what sticks right so every good marketer is gonna throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks and there's no shame in that there's no shame in doing something a certain way or trying something else. So, you know, bust out of your comfort zone and get after it. So anyway, guys. Have a great rest of your Monday, it's Monday, it's time to rock. Let's go. And we'll be back here tomorrow at the same place at 10am Eastern. Peace out. See ya.