This last week on Wake Up Legendary David Sharpe sat down with Chelsea Ouimet to talk about her journey of building a successful digital marketing business.


Chelsea Ouimet is a stay at home Mom and a nurse by trade who was tired of living off of one income in her household and didn’t want to feel like her family was struggling any longer. She had tried every side hustle out there before hearing about Legendary and couldn’t find a fit. One day she stumbled across Legendary Marketer and the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge and decided to jump in. 


Manifesting Success In Your Business and Keeping A Positive Mindset


Chelsea told herself that she wasn’t going to stop until she saw results with her digital marketing business. Manifestation is a big part of her routine and what helps her stay successful. Manifestation is statements that you tell yourself that you want to happen in your life. Chelsea kept watching and learning from other people that were successful and continued to tell herself that she would see the same success that they had. 


Manifestation is all part of keeping a positive mindset, which is a big part of success in a digital marketing business. You have to believe in yourself in order for others to believe in you as well. 


Another part of keeping a positive mindset is being aware of who you are surrounding yourself with. You want to make sure that the people in your circle will uplift you, not do the opposite. You want people that will act as a battery for you instead of a vacuum. Invite positive energy into your life and business. An example of that for Chelsea is her husband. He has been a supporter of every business opportunity or venture that she has tried, especially this one. Having a supporter like that makes a huge difference in her life.


Set Your Business Up The Right Way


One of Chelsea’s biggest pieces of advice is to not rush through setting up your business. If you rush through setting it up and get overwhelmed or paralyzed with fear, you aren’t going to help your business, yourself, or anyone else. Focus on getting one income stream started and working. 

A lot of people will give up when they first start their digital marketing business because they aren’t seeing traffic straight away. Be consistent with your content creation and be patient. Instead of trying to create another income stream, focus your attention on driving traffic to the one that you have. 


Another thing to be consistent with is your getting people to subscribe to your email list. Having your own database of people to market to can be crucial if your income stream stops bringing in income. 


Being Authentic and Creating Trust With Your Audience


Building trust with your audience is important when starting your digital marketing business because people want to trust you before they give you their money. Instead of directing people to just purchase from you, offer them value. This can be a free offer, solving a problem, sharing your story, and more. Offer your audience a chance to get to know you.


Once your audience feels like they can relate to your experiences and challenges it will create trust. By showing your customers that you have a sense of relatability it makes them more comfortable to buy from you. Like making a new friend who understands you, sharing education, entertaining and valuable content can lead you to more sales and a stronger connection to your audience.


Chelsea’s favorite platform to use is Instagram because she feels like it’s easier to connect with her audience. She really likes the personable aspect and how she can utilize it for stories, DMs, reels, posting and going live. She always tells her audience to follow for more at the end of her videos as a call to action. Having a call to action to gain followers is important because you want to direct as many eyes to your content as possible. Another call to action Chelsea uses is by asking people to comment and once they comment she will send them her free guide.


Keeping a positive mindset, being authentic with your audience and taking the time to set up your business with care will help start your digital marketing business off with success. Taking the time to put care into your business and establish a relationship with your audience will keep them coming back to view your content. 

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