Legendary 3.0 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Pro and Basic Affiliate Status?

We offer two Affiliate Statuses – Basic (Free) and Pro (Paid). Basic Affiliates earn 10-30% commission on product sales and referrals. Pro Affiliates earn 40-60% commission on product sales. Pro Affiliate Status is $30/month. This is SEPARATE from the Legendary Marketers Club and is not a commissionable fee. Pro Affiliate Status also includes some additional feature, like additional streams of income and Top Earner Training.

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2. Do you need Pro AND LMC to get commissions?

You do not need to own the Marketer's Club to earn commissions on Marketer's Club sales and signups. With 3.0, you no longer need to own a product to earn commissions on that product. You only need to have Affiliate Status to be eligible to earn commissions.


3. What is “Affiliate Status” and how do I get it? Where is my Affiliates tab?

To be eligible to earn commissions, you must apply and be approved for Affiliate Status. If you purchased Builder or were actively marketing your affiliate link prior to the 3.0 launch, you should automatically have Affiliate Status. If you were not an active affiliate previous to the launch, you will need to complete the 15 Day Challenge and apply to become an affiliate. If you have Affiliate Status, you will see the Affiliates Tab at the navigation menu at the top of your Back Office.


4. What happens after my free 30 days of Pro Status?

If you were an active affiliate prior to launch, you have been given 30 days of Pro Status for free. AFTER 30 DAYS, you will be switched to Basic Status. If you would like to keep Pro Affiliate Status, you will need to subscribe as a Pro Affiliate in your back office. To find this, first click Account, then go to the Billing section (see image below). There will be an option there to add a subscription for Pro Affiliate Status. Pro Affiliate Status is $30/month.


5. What's the point of having LMC if you don't need to own it to earn commissions?

With the launch of 3.0, we have completely revamped the Marketer's Club. We will be having live virtual training workshops, as well as new classes added each month. If you are looking to grow your skills and business, this curriculum is perfect for you.


6. Do I have to start the Core Steps all over? What's the difference between the Core Steps and the Day Challenge?

If you did not complete the 15 Core Steps prior to the 3.0 launch, you will need to complete the 15 Day Challenge before you can apply to become an affiliate. The 15 Day Challenge is completely different from the Core Steps, so it is important to go through the challenge fully. If you are NOT currently an affiliate, you will be able to apply for Affiliate Status to start earning commissions after completing the 15 Day Challenge. If you are already an affiliate, you should still go through the challenge.


7. How do I cancel my account?

You may cancel your Legendary Marketer Club subscription at any time by going to the Account > Billing tab and select cancel next to the subscription you are canceling. This will stop all future billing for this product and your access to this product will be removed at the end of the billing cycle. You may also use this same process on the Pro Affiliate status to discontinue the monthly fee for that subscription. However, this will activate the Basic Affiliate status to reduce your commission payout to be 10%-30% of your sales.