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Dave: Hey what's going on my friends? This is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary just in case you're here for the very first time. This Facebook page, if you happen to see this live Facebook page on this page over the past roughly two years coming up I think in two years, we have interviewed a person a day, every single weekday. So I think there's almost 500 of these interviews. There may be more. Why am I telling you that at the very beginning of this of this, of this show, is because I want to start reminding all of you when you come on to the show if you're brand new that this interview may blow your mind because you're listening to somebody who came right before you who's doing it and you may find amazing hope that you've never found before any other company or program or business you've started. But I also want you to remember that we've been doing this for nearly two years that we've been in business. We're in our I think six year business but about two years ago when all this stuff started in the world. You know what I'm talking about? I decided to start going live and interviewing our customers every day to show people in our community that we weren't going anywhere. And what happened was just this firestorm of success stories that surfaced over the past couple of years, maybe more Well, definitely more by far more than any other anything I've ever been involved in before. In anything that I've ever seen before, more success stories, more raw testimonials, more just people coming in here and thriving because of the right information from the right people in the right environment and in so, you know, yes, this is true. I mean, a na says no one does this. No one will show me a company that shows me a guru who actually wants to talk to their customers every day. It's unbelievable nowadays, in order for a company to talk to their customers. I mean you have to have lawyers involved. You got to have full you know, red tape, documents signed all this kind of stuff because all but you know what? This guest that I'm going to bring on this morning. I've never spoken to him before. As a matter of fact, he was just having video issues and I didn't even know if we were going to be able to get them this morning. But I see he's ready. He's yet another person inside of Legendary who's taken this knowledge and ran with it. And I'm excited to hear from Kane Welcome to the show brother.

Kane: What’s up, man?

Dave: I like the hat.

Kane: Thank you, man, thank you.

Dave: Nice. Is this something that you wanted to do? You saw the show go on and you said hey, you know maybe maybe I could be on that show one day or why are you saying thank you? I mean we're shown before yeah.

Kane: Oh yeah. Because I've been hitting these milestones ever since I started legendary man. I'm just knocking them over. And this is wonderful. You know, that person was just like, getting my first 1000 followers on TikTok and then it was getting my first high ticket sale and then now going on Wake Up legendary. All right. Now check this out. Amanda said I'm just getting started. But I've never felt more seen and more safe getting involved in anything, not even my nine to five. I already feel like you guys are my family without ever knowing you. That's pretty cool. How did you feel when you first got started?

Kane: Man, you know I first got started, man. It was a journey, you know? Because like I tried. I tried a lot of different things. You know? Like you try to come back when I was when I was 21 You know I had my firstborn and stuff and that's pretty much when I started off working the nine to five job because prior to that, you know, I was always after that fast money. You know? I was either like selling drugs or going to concerts, selling clothes out of my car. You know anything I could get my hands on I would do it but since I became a dad, you know I just try to figure like, I got to be legit. But that was fun, too. Because, I mean, I was making minimum wage and I figured like, Alright, maybe if I do a lot of overtime, that'd be the solution. Definitely not work two jobs at a point. Definitely not. You know, it's just wear you out and then I figured okay maybe if I went to a different job and now be the solution, but it was the same shit different toilet you know? It was you know and then pretty much my attorney came with the whole business thing in 2018 when marijuana became legal in California, so I opened up a dispensary and I got pretty far in that. You know, I came up with 100k. I was able to come up with a commercial building. Got vendors. But the thing is, you know, once the city came out with their licenses and stuff, they wanted 30k Just for the license and it was a bidding war. So it wasn't guaranteed and it wasn't it wasn't refundable, so I couldn't take that risk. And then one day I came across Amazon FBA so I know I went with that because I used to sell on eBay. But that was kind of limiting because having all that inventory sucked and going out to stores every single day finding more and more products. And sometimes I'll be stuck holding the stuff but I figured that you know what, not you put everything in Amazon so I was like I got kind of foreign the results that I received and that was always a big thing too, because you just never know how much it was going to cost you to bring stuff over here from China. So I want to get away from physical products. So you know I went and I found out about dropshipping that didn't go really well for me. I saw a Forex daddy going well for me either. Crypto and stocks.I came across affiliate marketing and the thing is that I knew that it worked because I bought stuff funnels before so I was like okay, yeah all right, this stuff does work. I just didn't know anything about it. But I bought into two different courses and that didn't work at all and then the last course I got for legendary was like it kind of helped me but it was funny because they told me about putting slash promotion, and they mentioned you guys, so I got into it a little bit. But the thing is that I didn't want to get stuck into the shiny object syndrome that I fell into a few times. So I just finished up the course but yeah, I didn't see results. Then I went back to legendary. Got into TikTok. And that's pretty much when it changed me bro because the thing is that not only did your training resonate with me, it was just everything just clicked. Everything just clicked. And it wasn't just like the great step by step training, but it was also the mindset that you also set up because a lot of things don't talk about that. You know, and you do need to change your mindset for you to become successful in this. You know, you can't just think that this fast money is going to happen when it's not it's all progress process. Yeah, man here I am.

Dave: So what what I mean that's a journey you know, I mean, you've you've done a lot of things you remind me of my story, you know, when I first got started was a lot of see Amazon FBA and drop shipping wasn't as popular in 2009 ish 2010 as it is now. You know what I mean? So, you know, back when I started, you know, it was a lot of MLM you know? A lot of MLM.

Kane: Life insurance stuff and I've heard so much how to get me into one of those things like hey, you know what, we're gonna talk about business stuff on cool and next thing I know it was a bunch of people just hyped up and dancing stuff and only and then trying to get me in there in their group and saying, Oh, you bring people and stuff like, yeah, man, you can make a lot of money but we're not selling anything really. But like Yeah, but you're bringing people so they can you know, you can make your money like that. 

Dave: You know, look at all these things in there, they, you know, the bottom line is are they as good of business models? No, they're not. And I'm not even gonna go in and soften up and be like, it's the right thing for the right person. I mean, the truth is, you know, with the world and the conditions that it's in right now, you're asked don't want to be relying on no body. No chain. No Shi Jing pain, no doubt. No Joe Biden or nobody. Because I'm going to tell you something when you can't, you know when I mean for God's sake, we couldn't even leave our house, let alone get products into the country. So if your business model is built off on going to stores like TJ Maxx and shit, and looking for cheap products that you can leave your house, what are you doing, you know, you can't let alone get products in from China. So, you know, is this the best business model? Yes, yes, it is. Selling information. I don't care who looks I could lay this business model out to 50 people in different states doing different things. And I could say, let's compare this business model selling information where it requires next to like low to no cost software solution. So all of the platforms I can advertise my information on are free. And it only cost me very little for the tools that I need basically to be able to operate the business model. Which is a landing page builder and autoresponder one one wants to collect an email list which I should and the rest. There's no way I can get up and running today. I don't have to wait, I don't have to get enrolled or like to all wait for a package to come in. So I mean, hearing you go through all those things just reminds me number one of the journey, because I think we all identify through our own story, you know, and I remember my journey and it was it was tough in the beginning but it also what came up for me was just how smart this business model is. And how every time I've gotten away from it over the years, I came back to it because it was just so it just made too much sense. I could do it there was no overhead. You know how with every product the number one question is always well what's your cost to make the product and with information the only cost is your ask learning if you're going to create your own course the information to then be able to teach more simply if you're in marketing just directing people saying I don't know access to this information to begin to change your life and get the result that you want. And that applies in any niche that can be done in any niche and then the customer gets instant access. I get instant access to my Commission's or as fast as possible. Because I don't have to wait for something to be shipped or whatever. I get instant access to my money. And I'm often running and there's no turning back. And so I don't know that that is one thing that came up for me because sometimes we think people are a little wishy washy in the mixed messages here about business models but have no confusion. I don't care who Tom Dick or Harry on Facebook said that FB or you know Amazon, you know, FBA or drop shipping or anything else was better or simpler than this. I just don't care. If you do affiliate marketer learn from us, but selling information products and doing it as an affiliate. There is no simpler business model on the internet. Yeah, I don't know you don't have to agree with me. I don't give a shit.  I did it all day. I don't know any things that people need to realize that day with plenty of physical bodies, it sucks because I mean, you still have to deal with customers. You're gonna have to fake the products. You're gonna have to deal with returns. You know, you're, you're spending a lot of money on that, you know, and it goes into your profits and in MLM when you sign up as a distributor and then the permanent you because you're going off doing other things because you're an entrepreneur. I mean, that's another thing. You have to be smart about what you're getting involved in. The other. The other challenge a lot of people have been having on Amazon and you can talk to guys like Austin Becker. Who has come over to affiliate marketing and had one of the best years of his life last year. But you know, when you start getting into trying to create your own products and expanding your your Amazon Empire, and you know, a lot of these cats are getting hit with with with patent marks are trademark, you know, lawsuits and all this kind of stuff because they're writing the edge of products that are already invented and have patents and people who have come so there's so many different pitfalls that you can fall into with businesses and I just, I mean, look at the thing that happened to you with a dispensary. You're up and running. You're on your way and then boom. I don't think people understand how, with most businesses, there's a lot of red tape and a lot of shit you have to overcome to get that business off the ground. And with this, you're off the ground and running in. And I want you to tell more of your story and I just want to know I made a big point about this, but it's a big deal. And I think for those of you who are watching and thinking about don't looking there's going to be other things that come along that are going to be appealing and people are going to make them sound good. But if you have any track record of stuff that you've done before this, just look at it and learn from it and don't make the same mistake twice. Because that's the definition of insanity. You know, so for you. As you were as you were kind of, you know, going through this, this training is getting started. What was going through your mind? Did you say Oh, I can do this, no doubt? Did you have some imposter syndrome, some fear at all about doing video? I know we're going to talk about Pinterest. What was kind of your experience as you're going through the 15 Day Challenge and kind of starting to envision yourself doing some of this stuff.

Kane: You know, because of like my prior experience in finance sort everything else like it was it was a lot it was an easier process thing is uh, you know, I just I still didn't understand how everything was because I still like kind of that you know, I tried all the courses and didn't know how to lay out everything. I mean at least didn't lay out everything right for me to understand it. And then what would catch me off guard really was putting myself in front of the camera and stepping out of my comfort zone. Yeah, that was a major thing for me too. Because I was like a man, I don't know about putting myself out there like that but it really is a game changer because people always want to talk by doing affiliate marketing as well and kind of do it without showing their face or whatnot. But it's really not that big of a deal. Once you start doing your first three, four or five videos, then it's like okay, it's repetition after that. It's not that people overthink the process and that's what the problem is. You don't want to overthink it. You just go with the training and just everything that you laid out there. It's there for a reason, you know, and it just all makes sense with suffering together and say, you know, one day at a time, like Yeah, it's such because like, you know, at first that you don't, you don't have the following base. So you have your doubts about you know, imposter syndrome and talking about Yeah, but that's the thing though, people like to see the journey as well. They want to see that you know, a regular regular guy can go ahead and do it themselves as well. And taking it one day at a time and you're going to see the results but the truth is that in my career online, there's been several times that I've gone for the quick cash grab. It's always in the ass because you know if if

beat beat being a business person is about making your customers feel safe and feel like care. Dave: And they want to be sold. They want to be marketed to and they want to have an opportunity to say yes, to change their life. And that's why I don't mind offering products or ever marketing or selling anything because I know when somebody says yes to something like this man, they're saying yes to changing their life and to me, that's a wonderful choice to give somebody into I love every time somebody says yes you know because of their make, that's a whole move for them to say you know what? Yes I want to change and grow. I want more so what more of a beautiful thing can you sell? Right and can you market so I love selling and marketing but the thing I was going to say about you know about just this business model and in you know this this business model and being in business I learned is just about caring and giving value to people being valuable, being valuable, and whether my value as a business person or a content marketer. Nowadays, right? We're all marketers, we're all content creators to just make somebody laugh. And or if it's to make somebody think, or if it's to give them a few nuggets of my experience or tell them my story. I mean, those are all ways that I can add value and as long as I'm doing that, I can mark it as a call to action and sell stuff until the cows come home. And I can have unlimited upside. I can make as much but the moment that I stopped giving value in thinking of my business as there are people on the other end of this are receiving this message. That's the moment that I'm going to start to suffer in my business. So here let's look at this. There's a transition of being self conscious thinking all about ourselves. Right came when we first got started. It's like the video and it's like, Oh, um, it's all about me. I mean, I'm, I'm not looking good or people are gonna judge me, right. We're totally self absorbed. And there's a moment when you stop giving a shit. And you transition over into how can I add value to people and start thinking externally what kind of content can I make that you're going to impact people? You remember when that happened for you? Or has it happened yet? Just the day that you just said, Okay, I gotta stop giving a shit. I remember what time it was for me. I was walking my dog. I was feeling unsure about telling my story and being more vulnerable and content and I found I heard a guy who was listening to a sales training from Jeffrey Combs. And he talked about being an alcoholic. And that really gave me the freedom to lose stuff in my content and start being more external, instead of all in my head. You know, Tony Robbins says if you're in your head, you're dead. So when I was creating content at first, I was all in my head. And it allowed me to be more external. Dude, is this resonating with you? Do you know what I'm talking about when we're so self conscious at first? Did you say you had that imposter syndrome? But then one day or slowly over time, you just go from being all up in your head to just executing and operating and focus on focusing on the customer? What's coming up for you as I'm saying this?

Kane: Yeah, I mean, going through it at first. Yeah, you're gonna have that self doubt you know, and do you not like oh, okay, well, that makes me special. You know, when you hear other people's stories and stuff and people that are already making it that are successful, and you're like, man, well, my story is not like theirs. You know, you're always trying to compare yourself to them and not realizing that everyone's story is unique and that's what's right there that's gonna separate you from everyone else. That's when people say like, resonate with someone else. And, and things like me, and you can be saying the same thing right, or promoting the same thing. But the thing is that someone's probably gonna see my story compared to yours and be like, You know what, I resonate with Kane more than I do with Dave. And it's just being yourself, you know, and the thing is, like, you don't want to don't don't limit yourself with that. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and I mean, I don't know people just are plenty afraid to be judged, as well. You know, and there's no one there's no one out here to judge. You know, no one knows everyone's story and stuff like that. But yeah, I'm sorry. I can't hear you.

Dave: Nobody should have the power to take up space. For free inside of your head. You better damn well start charging rent, if you're going to give him that much time and space inside of your head. Right. I mean, a lot of Section Eight up in the cranium, you know, I mean, there's low cost housing up there, you know, I mean, so what talk to us a little bit about tick tock and Pinterest in your journey of marketing. What, what can we learn from your experience? I mean, I know that you've got some Pinterest experience, and you've started to get some traction there. But tell us a little bit about what you know that you didn't know before about driving traffic?

Kane: Yeah, that was that was a big thing for me you know, I just like coming up with content in general was just like okay, what am I going to do you know, but always hear people like don't wake up legendary saying like, you know, just look at other people's content. You know, like, just try to make it into your own stuff. And that's exactly what I did. And little by little you know, as you make these videos, you start coming up with your own ideas and the more experience you have, you have things that you come across that are your problems. Other people are going to have those similar problems swell and then you get content out of that but once again the ball rolling stuff and we start CP with like leads come in and little Commission's come in you're like oh, shit, like, it's it's, it's real. It's real and funny because you had a pretty T the marketer and you had her on her husband. And, and so remember, she was talking about Pinterest. So I reached out to her and asked like, oh, what kind of training to take or whatnot. I don't think about any training. You know, I just kind of did it this way with Pinterest. And so I went with how she said it and next thing you know I started to make it there. It was a slow start. It was so thorough on Pinterest I didn't know what I was doing. But like the habit where you can do like ideal pins ideal plans, and that's where that's where it pretty much took off with Pinterest with me and stuff and little by little I was I was coming up there and stuff and even with tick tock I mean, yeah, I've been hitting these milestones like my first 1000 followers. I never thought I'd get 1000 followers. Now I have almost 600 and stuff and I'm still going. You know, I'm still putting out content waiting for something that big would have blown me up but I mean, you can so you don't need to have that many followers for use or seeing results. And that's really the purpose of content. You put it on YouTube and Instagram and all that like that's more traffic that's coming around. So that's more opportunity for you so you don't want to don't limit yourself and don't think like oh, because I don't have 100,000 followers and stuff that I can't do and don't think that way. There's people I see on the show that are pretty storming the first three months and they're already kicking ass. 

Dave: Yeah, no doubt, no doubt. Talk to us a little bit more about this Pinterest thing because you had said something about the idea of a post or whatever and just just give us a little bit you know, the nutshell version of what you learned and what you're doing. So if people want to use Pinterest, they can at least have a little bit of a head start today.

Kane: Honestly, it's not really much to it because you know you have you have like images or posting them on Pinterest. You have different options. And I was doing everything as a pin. You know where you can start putting in your affiliate link. But you just want to make sure that you put your affiliate link in your bio and then from there just start creating idea pins. I don't know what's what with Pinterest right now, but you can with idea pins for some reason. Pinterest is really loving that and shooting out your stuff and with regular pins, and I wouldn't see much traction until I started using idea pins. That's when more and more people start seeing my stuff. My followers are going up. Because at first when I first started I was like following everybody. It seemed maybe that would help me out but that wasn't really the case. As you see how many people I'm following. I was following a bunch of people. Hopefully you know, that would help me out.

Dave: So when did you start this?

Kane: September.

Dave: I mean, I was scrolling through like you got a lot of content on Pinterest. There's no doubt man. I mean, and this is what I think you all need to like, look at this stuff. It's all the same. Like this is really easy content to create. And what happens when you create enough content and enough on enough channels? At a certain point, the traffic just becomes you know, where you couldn't turn it off if you try.

Dave: You know with the presence right Dave? 

Kane: Yeah, yeah. And at first it sucks. And I was gonna say this before we got that than them. No followers, are those five followers in your film, like a real, you know, like a real duck. But everybody has to go through that. I mean, every single person has to go through that. I don't really know what to say to people. I mean, you know, shout out to the people of Ukraine, you know what I mean? Right now, just just, you know, two points to make about them is like, you know, first of all horrific as an entire community in a company specifically, I just want to send love to those people and anybody in our community as friends and family there. Number two is is that when I look at what those people are going through, and I think about the uncomfortability and the in the in the in the sacrifice in all this and I think about me and I think about the the the uncomfortability that I have to go through with picking up my camera and posting some videos. It allows me to get a different perspective to realize that I get to pick up my camera and I get to do this shit. You know, sometimes being able to see something horrific in somebody else's life makes me want to take my problems right back off that table. You know what I mean? When I start putting all my tape problems on and then I see your problems and then I say oh shit, let me get my problems back. Wake Up Legendary. Oh, you know, I don't say that to make anybody feel bad. I say that to help you. To offer you to invite you to just put on a different pair of glasses with some of this stuff. You know, it's it's it's just it's just a simple shift of perspective and that all came up because I was looking at, you know, how much content you created. And the fact that you've worked your ass off, you know, and in, there's going to be a certain point when all of this traffic combined, coming from TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, all these places, is gonna is going to be so much that, you know, you're not going to know when the traffic look where a sale even came from. It's going to be hard to track it. That's what happened and that's a great place to be, you know, sort of looking forward to that everybody and I'm sure you're probably already somewhat experiencing that with everything that you've created, but I wondered if you would respond to that if you want but I also want to know if you would show us just the simple difference between an idea pin in a regular pen if you if you could just walk me through that in here on the screen, so we could see the difference.

Kane: I mean, I don't think you have that plus button right there with the right examples button on the right side. Where you can add content.

Dave: Can you see my screen?

Kane: Yeah, I see your screen. On the right side of your screen. There's a question mark. I'm not sure what that is, but I know there's a plus button to add content. Why not? Create a pin board whatnot. I haven't really done all that.

Dave: So can you explain though, what the difference is between an idea pin and a regular pen? I mean, I guess that's what I'm trying to get at because I want people to understand what Pinterest is, is this Pinterest stab at trying to model something like what TikTok as or is this? I mean, just can you give us a little more of an explanation about the difference between an idea and a regular pin?

Kane: To be honest I really don’t know.

Dave: Brother listen it's a beautiful thing that guys like us with histories of you know, you said that you had some some you had some history and some history, you know, and in here we are, you know, very little opportunity in the regular real world. I mean, you know, when I was 18 I got arrested right when I was out, screwing off I had a fake ID on me. So I could get into clubs or my alcohol or some shit. And right when I turned 18 I got arrested for possession of an unauthorized driver's felony on my record, you know, right when I maintain you know, I mean this was when I was trying to get my shit together. Anyways, but, you know, I was scarred for life. You know, and then going and I, in a sense, I kind of said fuck it, you know, a lot of times and I think that's what's unfortunate. About our society there's no real set. You know what I mean? Like you just have to get, you just kind of get labeled, categorized, compartmentalized, and pretty much your destiny is determined and it sucks because a lot of these things are happening. To us when our brains are not even fully developed. We're making decisions about taking out huge student loans. We're making decisions about going in, you know, making doing shit that gets us arrested when we're 18 You know, I feel like my brains are not even still fully developed, but the science shows us that a male's brain fully develops 2425 years old. So you're I am legally legally making all these decisions about the future and I'm not even fully grown up and I just love this where we have something and have found something that guys and girls and any them’s and they’s and everybody in betweens can come and find success and fulfillment, where there's no barriers.

Kane:  I'm so hungry for it you know and the thing is that I like to get to an issue where I'm trying to balance business with family you know, and I don't know if you have any advice for me on that.

Dave: I have no advice for you. I mean, I've lived 10 years of a chaotic entrepreneur, you know, for a decade of a chaotic entrepreneur lifestyle. And I'm, I'm richer than I've ever been because of it, you know what I mean? It's taking a toll on my marriage. You know, it's definitely been some times where it's been rough and, and I'm not gonna sugarcoat it. You know, I've I've separated from my wife multiple times I've I've you know, my life is not perfect. You know, my wife and I are better than we've ever been right now and closer than we've ever been. But, I mean, you know, I came into this game fresh, basically off the streets back in 2008. You know, I had to learn. I had to grow myself up in many ways, both business. So I had thrown myself up in learning how to be a man and a father and a husband and I'm still learning. So I think the idea of work life balance, it's a fun idea that to talk about, I've got some boundaries around the work that I set that helped me to have work life balance, and I think I'm also to a point to where I'm tired of working 1012 and 14 hours a day, but I did it for 10 years. You know, so not because I had to because I wanted to, you know, because I love doing this. And so now today, you know I work in a different house than I live. You know, I stopped working at five o'clock for the most part every day because that's what I get. That's when I eat. Did you know I don't try not to work when I'm home. That's my boundary. You know if you have an office in your house can you just have to close the door? But setting up specific boundaries, having clear communication about when I'm going to be done and trying to be done at that time, I'd always tell my wife five more minutes and it would be an hour. That would piss her off. And, you know, just trying to and also as much as I'm going after my dream and working so hard and feel like you know, us men especially we think, you know, we always think that we're being disrespected by everybody but you know, to not just because I'm working hard and maybe even earning good money, all the sudden things now I'm better than or or unequal to my spouse because maybe she's doing more housekeeping or homework or taking care of kids are things like that. I think that's another way of learning how to actually respect my spouse's dreams and, and ask her or him instead of always, and this is the difference between being internal or external. Right? If I'm internal, I'm self absorbed, and I'm selfish. And narcissistic. And it's all about me. And as all I'm gonna say is, I don't feel supported by you. You're not supporting my business, right?

Or when I go external, and this is when I'm mature and start thinking more like a business owner and like a father and a husband and I grow myself up I start thinking, Okay, I'm going after a dream right here. That's mine. It's not hers. It's mine. She's supportive. That doesn't mean just to sit there and go de de de dame at my desk every day. You're so great. You know, can I rub your back and give you a you know what, you know? I mean, that's a fantasy world. That's a free world that I live in sometimes that I think that just because I'm, you know, going after my dream, or doing, you know, earning some money that now all of a sudden everybody should roll out the red carpet for me. So it's helped me it's helped me to while I'm focused on my business in my dreams, to not need everybody to be supporting me or rolling out the red carpet, but instead, I use my family as a client, my very first client to say how can I serve you and support you in love you the same and not make it all about me but make you so happy and feel loved and supported the same way that I want to make my clients and customers feel? Yeah, that's a different way to look at it. You know what I mean? Besides, you know, because I feel like if you can't sell your spouse and your kids and make them feel loved and supported in and then like you and be and be connected to them, how do you feel like you're going to go out and sell and influence the world you think you're going to be disconnected from the people that you're closest to but super connected and influential over the rest of the world. That's not how it works. You know? So those are some of the things that I've done and learned over the years and I still fail. But it's gotten better.

Kane: Thanks for that, man. Yeah, that's real talk for real and yeah, thankfully, you know, I have a supportive wife and I mean, shoot, like I invest so much money i Everything I make, I put back into my business and stuff and you know, and I just, I always try to better myself and thankfully, you know, like I said, She's supportive and she helped me with the kids cuz I mean, think has three kids is a full time job for sure, man, and it seems hard, you know, and I'm trying to make a better life for just for us, you know, that's, that's why I'm so hungry for it, but at the same time, I don't want to deprive my kids and stuff. So I you know, I try to make some time for them during the week and try to do some with them, you know, but

Dave: Yeah, a lot of people in this business or male entrepreneurs end up divorced or in conflict because we want to be supported because we're on a mission. We want to be supported. Just because we're Do you know, and that's why so many people feel unsupported by friends and family but I mean, the truth of the matter is, it's not my wife's job to be my everything. I have to be able to get that validation from other places. You know, I have to be able to get the validation from other places. I can't seek validation and support from my wife, I can't she can't be everything to me. So that's why I encourage people to be you know, she just can't fulfill all those needs. She's only human. And so, I need to build a support group right here inside of this inside of this community to where I can have people who are looking at my stuff saying that's awesome or giving me attaboys because my wife is not always going to be happy with me. So I can't place my determination or whether I am still excited about my business whether my wife is supporting me or not. If she's not supporting me, it's probably because I'm not supporting her. You know, and so, you know, again, one of the best phrases that I ever learned, I said this a lot was how can I make you feel loved and supported right now honey? And instead of all and that's the, that's sales as well we learn how instead of always needing to talk, we learn how to ask questions to connect. And so instead of always trying to convince my wife and the seller on all these things, I would just say, Well, what do you need? How can I make you feel loved and supported? Well, I need you to be done every day at 5pm. A lot of times their needs are very simple. And I'm just over complicating. They're not hearing it or not asking. You know, the communication between my wife and I has improved mainly because I've started to listen, and I've started to ask the right questions. And oftentimes just when I asked the right questions and make her feel seen and heard, and like I'm not just totally absorbed about myself and my business, my business you know, we treat our business like it's some fucking like, like you know, I remember when my I just treated my business like it was damn near more important than my family. And it's just like, I gotta get out of that. If my child is crying or something like that when I'm at home. I need to deal with my children, not grab my wife and say go take care. Of that, you know, so I had to learn. I've had to learn to grow up. In becoming successful, the more successful I become, the more humble I have to become, if I want to keep the shit that I love.

Kane: Yeah you're right. It's just keep keep the depth and keep growing up and just learn as you go, you know, and that's exactly what I've been trying to do and stuff and and, you know, just surround myself with with people as yourself, you know, successful people and kind of learn and just see how they're doing it, you know. 

Dave: Stay plugged in and learning, man. Stay humble and keep creating that content, man. I mean, just never stopped taking action, income producing activities. And every day, how am I serving people and connecting with people in those are the income producing activities, not the dummy for setting up dicking around. She actually does his time and avoids doing the income producing activities. You keep doing that, you'll be fine and everybody else on this list. You keep doing that you'll be fine with 2000 followers or yet sucks getting those first 20 posts on Pinterest or whatever it is, but it sucks for everybody. Sucks for everybody. I'm just thankful I'm not in Ukraine today, my friend. With that being said, Listen, brother Kane, thanks for your story today and your time my brother. We're going to send everybody to go and follow and support you. And come back and keep us posted here in a couple of months. All right, brother.

Kane: Yeah, man. Keep doing you, Dave man appreciate everything you eat but you run out there thank you Matt. Thank you everyone at Legendary marketer used to doing it man so hundreds 100% of support man you know part of the team.

Dave: I really appreciate that man and am looking forward to meeting you one day, okay, shaking your hand. All right, I'll talk to you all right, my friends. That is a wrap not only for today, but also for the week it's Friday so tech, so you make sure for some of you who are coming on late. We see you announce yourself. Okay. We don't mind that you come on late. But if you can get a text message and listen to the entire show, just just just better, better experience. You get all the nuggets so the words WUL just type that in the section of your you know, phone where you would usually text your message in text WUL to 813-296-8553. We'll send you a non intrusive, non spammy text. And then we'll never spam you, just send your text messages reminding you about the show. Have a great week, my friends. We're going to send an email out as we do every Saturday. About all the episodes this week. If you don't get that email called a weekly round up, make sure that you email support. And so if you're making sure that you're getting our emails you can contact support and remember that you can listen to all these episodes on your favorite podcast platform, YouTube, they're all right here on this Facebook channel. We've transcribed them and put them on our blog in case you want to read them. Go out and have a fantastic Friday. Have a great weekend. Meet us back here on Monday for another episode. Peace.