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Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What is going on my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, Welcome to Wake Up Legendary, we've got, we've got an exciting episode this morning we're going to be talking to a guy who I would consider the king of giving away free value it's led to multiple six figures in revenue per year for this for this guy. I can verify that. And that's not including the income sources in the business that he's built that I don't know about. I know Brian Brewer. Well, obviously I'm not sitting next to him on a daily basis seeing everything that he does but what I've seen from Brian is absolutely impressive, and this is somebody who many of you guys have already learned from this is somebody who's inspired many of you who are inside of our community who you've already got free value from you've learned from whether he's made, quote unquote, affiliate commissions from you or not. It's very likely that you've seen his content and marketing out there, and again, you've, you've learned something. Why, because that's his whole approach to building a business online. If you don't know who Brian is, you're about to be introduced to him. Super Down to Earth guy. Completely and totally cool, has an awesome lifestyle, and is somebody who today. If you haven't gotten any free value away from, from up until this point you will today, and I can, I can say that, just without a doubt, even just talking to this guy you, you're going to learn from them. So my big question to you, as I bring Brian on, would be how would you like to build a six figure multiple six figure, even up to a seven figure business without ever having to sell anything without only ever giving away free value. Think about that for a second, only ever giving away free value to people. That is the conversation that we're going to be having today amongst probably some other things I'd like to welcome to the show, my man. Brian Brewer what's going on, brother.

Brian: Hey Dave, thanks for having me on. Thanks to everybody who's tuning in to the live stream here today. Also if you're watching the replay as well. Let us know, and thanks for tuning in and just Dave. It's a pleasure to be here, happy to be back in front of this community again for a third time. Thank you so much. 

Dave: How's it going, Wow, three, three man, amazing news. A couple of years that we've spread these, These three sessions out over but, wow, time flies, and we're having a lot of fun, aren't we, I'm loving it. Want to keep going as long as possible, you're traveling, you're kind of doing what you're doing, you're doing your affiliate marketing thing, you just got back, I think you're back in your home office now and you just got back from a vacation, where'd you guys go.?

Brian: Yeah, so after the kids got out of school at the end of May we went away to a cabin in East Texas for a little while. Then we went to Colorado just round Colorado Springs in Canyon City and, and, um, towards the end of the mountains and stuff and then we went to Santa Fe, I just kind of cruising around and yet now I'm back home this week for a couple weeks get back to work, create some content and focus strategy and then before you know what we're going to be off to Michigan to see my family and wife and I are celebrating 10 years in Jamaica this year, this summer as well. So we've got a lot planned so we have a busy summer here. Lots of fun.

Dave: Yeah dude, that's incredible. So for those who don't know you give us the nutshell version of who you are. What's your reason? Why have you chosen affiliate marketing in sort of what led you to where you are today?

Matt: Absolutely, so I'll just try to be as brief as possible here I started in 2012, just like everybody does for the most part and gets into affiliate marketing or any business, how do you make money online and I came across affiliate marketing, it made sense to me because at the time I was working in a restaurant 50, 60 hours a week, we had a newborn, newborn baby, it was our first child she was four months old so I was busy. And I didn't have the time to build the quote unquote traditional business where I was taking on clients all that stuff so affiliate marketing made sense to me. I started with product review blogs, and evolved over time. 2016 is when I really started creating content going on youtube creating free courses leading with value. And really, since then I've done a couple of different things, but for the most part, I've been following that model of giving as much value as possible creating consistent content on whatever platforms are relevant, at the time and bringing in traffic. And yeah, in 2020 I went back to a full time affiliate marketing business I had been coaching and doing, you know, selling courses and stuff like that in 2018 2019, and just decided I liked the affiliate marketing model provides the freedom to do the things that we just talked about like go to Colorado in Santa Fe and spend time with the family and spend some time hanging by the pool, and it's a great business model and obviously you can scale it to multiple six figures and hopefully, you know, later this year or early next year I'll be on a seven figure run rate, and that's the goal.

Dave: Yeah, it's interesting because you've kind of gone full circle in your affiliate marketing journey, what, what I've seen over the past 10 years, is that in affiliate we'll have a lot of success doing affiliate marketing, then sort of go off and say well I want, I want to I want all the money, right, so I want to create courses, and all this kind of stuff, sort of abandon the affiliate marketing, you know, revenue the the kind of momentum that they were building in the city. Having affiliate marketing, going over here, running, everything went for the marketing Oh, that's a lot more overwhelming that that takes a lot more kinds of people. And what happens is, unfortunately, because I've now taken my focus off to the affiliate marketing stuff I was doing that was working really well that I've worked really hard to kind of get going. 

Now that's really tapered off all this other new business where I'm making quote unquote all the money is not what I thought it was going to be, it's, it is more difficult can it be done. Absolutely. I mean, it is creating your own courses and all that, is it a good business model. It absolutely is. It's just important to know what you're going into when you go into it and understand the difference between just selling other people's products, and then kind of taking it all on yourself. And then, and then oftentimes they'll, they'll either see that through and just kind of figure it out or kind of say, You know what, doing affiliate marketing was a lot more fun and a lot more simple, and so I'm just gonna do affiliate marketing, sounds like that's kind of the path that you that you went on.

Brian: Absolutely, I mean the happiest I've been over the last five, six years is when I'm doing just affiliate marketing, I'm really promoting one front end product, and just kind of following up on the back end, with additional revenue streams and really building a community, you know 2016 2017 I did that with Shopify and E commerce, and your same thing hit multiple six figures with their affiliate program really kind of listened to people, and told me I needed to create courses and like you said, it's a great business model, obviously, it works, but it's totally different. And you really should. I think I should focus on one or the other. And, yeah, in 2018 I really successfully derailed a real passive $50,000 per month affiliate marketing, business by trying to sell courses, But it was fun to learn a lot, and here we are now at no I've learned now I'm now I am not tempted to like you say, go after all the money and I'm perfectly content, you can do a very good business right now with affiliate marketing. 

Dave: Yeah. And so, I mean, some of you guys might be listening saying, Well, Dave, don't you teach the core four ways to, to sell information right affiliate marketing courses coaching events. i Yes, we absolutely do and that's a fantastic question. And so what's my point in saying what I just said, my point is that if you have something that's working really well, don't just kill that income stream. Right, right, and that's kind of the number one rule even Warren Buffett has of investing as the number one rule is just don't lose money. So if you have an affiliate marketing stream that's working really well. If you're going to add another income stream if you're going to create your own course. Don't abandon that original stream of income, make sure that whatever you're doing, you can maintain that affiliate marketing stream of income that you've already created. And to figure out a way to do whatever else you want to do. In addition to that, right now if you're going into a niche, some of you guys may be coming in as sort of experts or professionals you already have a passion or an expertise and you want to package that and sell that information. Well that's fine, you're doing that from the beginning, right, you're not killing off another income stream to start that we can teach you and show you how to package that information and sell it. The main point here is just. And I've seen this happen over and over again, affiliates, because I guess entrepreneurs Brian because we're, we already got shiny object syndrome and it's part of what makes us good. It's a double edged sword, it's part of what makes us successful. It's just we, there's a new hot thing or we want to participate in this launch. And in doing so, oftentimes we abandon what was working and then we have to learn the hard way and then we have to work really hard to get that stream of income going back again,

you know. 

Brian: Yeah, and that's what you don't realize until it's too late, is, is when you're building something and you're, you have a singular focus, You are not only starting to gain momentum but you're also creating this group of people who are kind of hanging back behind the scenes, paying attention to waiting till they get their tax returns, or they, you know, their their car payment is, you know their notes paid off and you know, whatever it could be months or even years in some cases that people kind of hang back and if you stay consistent. You know, hey, you'll be there when they're ready to buy and guess what, that's how, that's how the snowball effect kicks in and you know really, you talk about the shiny object syndrome, I just got to bring this up because I recently hired a performance coach to kind of work on more your internal stuff, and one thing he helped me realize I was kind of getting to that point where shiny object was kicking in, I need to I need to do more. I need to look at something different. And you know he assured me, he's like, think about it, you're just bored at this point. My systems have gotten to the point where they're running so well that little bit of boredom sets in, so what's the solution? Well, he says go macro or go micro with your content, create a whole bunch more content or get really, really detailed so that was a good realization and a helpful realization from some of the most recent coaching that I have bought into that really helped me refocus say hey, things are going great, don't have them. 

Dave: Let's just see what the real problem is, and I was in recovery personally when I cleaned opiates, aka heroin addiction and drug and alcohol addiction. One of the things that's a real kind of danger zone for a person in recovery is when things are either going really bad, or things are going really good, because what happens is when things are going really good is oftentimes we want to shake them up. Right. Why, because of how you just said, we get a little bored, right, to get, we get maybe a little burnt out on doing the same thing over and over again, or we're just sort of a little bit addicted to sort of that chaos and that excitement and that adrenaline of something new, of building something new. And in order to build a big company, or a big business, even if you're the only person employed inside of that business. If we look at all the strong businesses, they've all stuck with a system, over years and decades and decades. And there's also a saying in recovery that says if you never leave the basics you don't have to go back to them. And what happens is similar to business. We recovery people who are looking to stay sober they you know they stay sober clean for so many years, doing a very kind of basic routine of going to meetings and calling people and doing service work, and then all of a sudden they get successful and get their life back and it's like, oh the career took me in this direction in the marriage and the kids and all of a sudden. Damn I relapse because I wasn't doing those basic things that gave me the life that I now have. So I think that same principle, like you just laid out really applies to us entrepreneurs and I've experienced a little bit, that a little bit lately as well i i get kind of, you know, burnt out or I get sort of bored if you will, of certain things of doing them on a daily basis. So I sort of introduce other hobbies lately it's been watches, you know, so I'll, I'll spend a little bit of my time now introducing, maybe a hobby, where I can shop and look at watches and stuff and I've chased a couple of watches throughout the state over the last couple of months I'll go on a day trip and go and meet somebody new and buy a watch and, you know, it kind of adds a little bit of that sort of thrill of the chase, which shakes life up a little bit but it doesn't particularly. It's not like I'm abandoning my business or, or going and starting a new one, right. Interesting but you framed it in the way that you did in, I think it's, I think this conversation is really important for people who want to understand what are some of the things that may be coming down the road, that you're going to run into as you become more successful. I'd love to transition, I want to talk a little bit about how you've built your business, you've built your business obviously with free content, and a lot of it. But I want to talk about this idea of this linear marketing that you mentioned, like just a moment before we went live. I didn't even really hear all the details of what you meant by it but I kind of have an idea. And, and what I can tell you that I just want to tee this question up with is that I was thinking about this actually this morning that, you know, there's a couple of different affiliate products in ways you can promote as an affiliate for legendary for example for our affiliates, the best way for our affiliates to promote our products is sort of in an evergreen way, in an ongoing way, because our sales cycle takes a couple of weeks to even a couple of months, we talk to people we talk to them on the phone we get them on webinars. These wakeup legendary shows, and as long as somebody is a customer of yours, you're going to get paid on all their purchases for the lifetime of that customer, whereas there's brilliant products that are more promotable

like the last mode and participate in something for a company. So you kind of have to decide if I want to interrupt my evergreen pipeline of promoting this particular product with this launch. What you've done to my understanding and I want you to explain this as to if you found a front end product, it happens to be legendary for you. But if there was something that had that evergreen nature like our products or our system does, then it could be that too. And then you've put these products, other products on the back end through email follow up and so forth, would, would you kind of explain your process and your approach to affiliate marketing,

Brian: Yeah absolutely so everyone wants multiple streams of income that's kind of like the buzz topic. And, you know, for me, I think, based on my experience that perhaps there's a right way and a wrong way to do that or a more efficient versus less efficient way to do that so the way that I believe that promoting multiple products and in generating multiple streams of income works best is, as you said, have that one front end product right now, for me, it happens to be legendary marketer. Three years ago, four years ago, it happened to be Shopify. But for me the key has always been having that one front end product because then there is concurrency and consistency across all your content, if I post in my Facebook group, which has now grown to over 7000 people. It's going to be framed and positioned around legendary marketer, if I'm posting on tick tock, is going to be framed and positioned around legendary marketer and the same thing with YouTube as well so no matter where people find me I'm kind of talking about the same thing. Hey affiliate marketing is great because here's how you learn affiliate marketing. So there's that front end product. And I say, I've stayed consistent with that for over a year now and that's part of the secret sauce or secret to success. So now we get people in whether we're using a two page bridge page whether we're using our own kind of webinars or video sales letters or if we're if we're creating courses that introduce legendary marketer however we're promoting that on the front end, you know there's multiple methods that work obviously. But then, after people buy into Legendary. Okay, that's going to open up another set of problems for them. So someone comes in and they start getting the affiliate marketing education well what's the next thing they need well they're going to need a bridge page or they're going to need a website, they're going to need a way to collect emails so the second product I promote is ClickFunnels happens to be the affiliate or the website software that I use. Well, because that's the next logical step, it's not, it's not disrupting everything, everything's promoted on the backend via email, but also what happens is that product is now tied to the purchase of Legendary Marketers, so there is a sunk cost there. So people are more likely to convert on the ClickFunnels now versus if I was just promoting Click Funnels on the front end, because once again, they're already invested so it makes sense for them to purchase this product will that help me win my dream car, which is a Click Funnels contest where they now give me money to drive my brand new truck because I referred enough affiliates. Okay, well what's the next thing they're going to need well they're going to need an autoresponder because they got to manage their emails if they're going to be in affiliate marketing, Or even if they're doing any other business models that you mentioned inside legendary marketer, they're going to need a way to manage email so I promote an autoresponder. Okay, couple, you know, maybe 10 1215 days go by, what's the next thing they're going to need Well now they have their knowledge and their systems set up now they're going to need traffic. So I promote a white labeled product that is essentially like affiliate marketing but I didn't create it, but I get paid right away through my Stripe account, but I promote that and that basically teaches people to finalize their Facebook profile because traffic is the next logical step. Well guess what, now that they have these systems in this traffic setup, what are they going to want they're going to want more streams of income. So I showed them how they can white label that product that pays me a $500 commission when they buy into that $1,000 product. Okay, great. Now what's the next thing they're going to need well we are on the back end of all my systems day 29 or whatever. I promote a little mastermind that I run, it's just something I do once a month. It's for fun, I don't promote it on social media but it's for people who want more access to me, because I've gotten in. You know that's monthly recurring revenue for me, you know, so that's $97 a month from every, every member so that's, that's another stream of letters, there's what six streams of income right they're all congruent and making sense, not none are cannibalizing the other then on days, someone when someone's been on my list for 35 days, or 60 days or 90 days, that's when I can promote the launches internally to them and those are the 20,000 30,000 $40,000. If you have a big enough list and been doing this a long enough time. And that's it, that's the system.

Dave: And if you haven't ruined them by making the list feel  like just promoting or they feel confused. The way that you just laid that out that that out and the way that you have your, your entire linear affiliate marketing set up your promotional setup done is, sort of, in my opinion, just absolutely textbook, and the way that you just lay that out for those of you who are listening who are just wondering, what is a successful setup looks like you just heard it, you know, you just heard it in, and hope you all were listening, you know, I don't want to shove this stuff down your throat but I hope you're listening because that was, that was exactly what also we teach in terms of the the fishing formula in the blueprints. You can have as many offers on the back end as you want. But having a consistent message on the front end. Once people finally say okay yes, I'll take you up on that product in the experience that you give them if they can't grow it, and it makes sense. And you introduce things right at the right time, in which they need them, they become so trusting of you that each recommendation that you give, they usually say yes I'll take that because you've introduced these, these products or services at the right time at the perfect time. You haven't overdone it, you haven't undergone it, you're not afraid to sell you're not afraid to put things out there in front of them, right, and you're even the era, at the back end after they've been around for 30, 35 days, introducing a form of coaching with your mastermind that allows you to do that in a way that doesn't get in the way of your affiliate marketing income so if one day you decided you know what guys, I'm just not, I'm not going to do this coaching thing anymore, it's just, I don't want to give up the day of the one day a month I just don't want to give it up anymore, right, or for whatever reason, I'm just not doing this anymore. You could cut that out. And it would not even remotely interrupt or damage your main affiliate marketing business in your main income stream. Am I right about that the first five income streams would just keep humming along?

Brian: And you're right, I mean, the majority of my money comes from affiliate products, I, a relative to the affiliate income you know I make very little on these masterminds once again it's just more fun and get good conversations going with good people who really want to take it hopefully to the next level. But yeah I mean I could cut it out tomorrow and nothing would change you know I have to cancel the monthly recurring revenue but other than that that's, That's it, and that's a small portion on the, on the very not very back end but towards the back end there.

Dave: Yeah. And I think that's just it's really great for all of you who are new to kind of get out of this biz op mindset as well to where it's like, basically this singular bizarre mindset which to me, I experienced that in network marketing, quite a bit because I got into the network marketing companies I was selling whatever lotions, potions, or pills and I don't have anything against network marketing that sort of gave me my start. Many many seems like a lifetime ago, but a different load right. But the leadership and the trainers and the owners of those companies made me really feel like that was my business and if I was doing anything else that I was sort of, I was sort of cheating, or I was, I was, you know, not doing it right. And, and, you know that that kind of, so I got real kind of weird about it and everybody got real weird about this kind of, you know, me having any other income streams or whatever. Whereas when I got into the affiliate marketing world and I got into selling information via courses, coaching and events, and of course doing affiliate marketing, I learned what you're talking about, which is how to set up a consistent message on the front end but have all these multiple income streams on the back end. And the beautiful thing is, and I want to point this out and confirm it with you is that those additional income streams are literally, I hesitate to use this word because it's a little high p but set up on autopilot, because of the email follow up. Right.

Brian: I mean, you know, you don't want to say it too much because people automatically put up their red flags but yeah I mean it is, it's as automated as you can possibly get. Because it's affiliate products which I don't have to fulfill on, and because like you said the automated systems and. And the cool thing about introducing things at the right time. You know, there's this kind of deception, I think, out there that wants to spend money more than willing to spend money to solve their problems. And then power them and then introduce the right things at the right time, people are more than happy to buy it.

Dave: I agree with that, I can't manage it, it's also a, it's also such a one of the things that is important to us is that, you know, we paint the picture of what's possible with building a business online doing any one of these core four business models we're talking about, but we're also realistic about it right because you could have an absolute dream lifestyle. That doesn't mean that you're making millions of dollars, it might just mean that you're working from home, working the hours that you want, or that you just have extra income to be able to do the things that you want to do take an extra vacation I don't know what your dream life beads do but I know that this business model, if you follow through with it, do it and you're successful with it can give you that. Now, on the other side, it takes, it takes work. It takes an investment of time, it takes an investment of money. Yes. Yes, money, it takes an investment of money. And you know what, here's my here's my experience. If I'm the guy who's out there constantly looking to get things without spending any money or get the best bargain or get something for nothing guess the type of people that I'm going to attract into my life. I'm going to attract those same people who don't want to pay for jack shit who want me to give all of my time in exchange for no money. Right. So I think the point that you make is, is, is on target, and it's also something that everybody needs to hear, is if you want to build a business. Yeah, you're gonna have to spend time, you're gonna have to spend money, but if you spend money and you get what you pay for, it adds value. Isn't that how the economy works, that's the, there, there is no fairy tale, right, there is no, you know, It might be a, it might be a. And of course we hear this and we've heard this for years, this is a this is a, you know this is a snake oil pitch that we've heard for years that you know you can you can do you can do real estate with no money, you can you build a business online with no money is all it is is it's a, it's a rot bait that marketers use to kind of, you know lure people in with this sort of false sense of I'm a good guy, I'm here to help you. When the truth of the matter is, it's not reality. Right, and honestly the, You know, here's what I said I bought a watch from a guy the other day and he said, he said. Basically I wired the money right away, right, like we got on and. And he was like, he was like, hold on a second let me pull up when we pull up the conversation. He said that was, he said. He said you beat the other customer on customer speed. You certainly beat the other customer on the speed aspect because he said that he said that another customer had a deposit or was going to send the deposit today on the wallet. Well I guess the guy didn't send the deposit, right. So I sent it right away. I said the whole amount. And he said, you certainly beat the other customer”. I said yeah I strive to be the best client, I can be because that's what I seek to attract in return.

Brian: Right. You know it's 100% True like you are your own first customer avatar. So, have you hire your own first customer, Avatar you, especially when you're, when you're creating content, because you are going to attract people who are similar to you so if you want to attract people who are willing to purchase, you have to be the person who is willing to purchase and invest. And if you're not going to be that person. You know, you have to be. If you're not going to be that person, you're not gonna attract those people, it's got to be at first, and do other things that that those type of people would do in the type of things, those people do is invest, look for look to provide an outstanding experiences, but also to move quickly and do what it takes.

Dave: Yeah, and look guys, we don't give a damn whether you spend money here, spend money with us but don't spend money with us, this is not, honestly, there's, there's, there'll be 1000’s of people that we do business with just this month. So it doesn't matter whether you're listening to this and you say well these guys are just trying to get me to buy something. No, we don't care if you buy anything or not, we really don't. If you want to just hang out on these lives, if you want to just go watch Brian's TikTok or his YouTube videos, just hang out and just kind of get free value totally fine. We're talking about if you want to get results in your life. And if you want to have the conviction to be able to say when you're marketing something, and you're suggesting something maybe as an affiliate, that conviction to say, yes, you should buy this, it's worth your money, it's worth your time. 

Brian: Yes, I've also put my money where my mouth I've invested in coaching. Remember a ton, and you just mentioned that a little bit ago, so if I

an investment in helping me realize that it was just bored of setting in may have made me, or will have maybe make me 10s Hundreds, a million now. I don't know. Yes, just because it's so I have already received my return on that investment. Right, probably actually literally but I know that I saved myself by investing in that coaching.

Dave: Yeah. And you know the other thing, just in terms of, of being willing to spend money in exchange for something, there's a certain element of self esteem that goes along with that, in my opinion, knowing similar. Similarly, I put in an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. Even if that day's work was only an hour long, right, we're not trading time for money here that's not what we teach, but similarly if I get information that I've that I've paid for that I've, I've, there was an exchange of value, and I threw in my part, it's kind of like, you know, there was a song back in the day, I got five on it, I don't know if you guys know that song or what they're talking about what they're talking about grabbing a sack or you know what wacky tabacky and homeboys like I got five on it, right, and we say that back in the day, what you got on it, and I'll tell you what, if you were pitching in, you wouldn't get in hot dog, keep it super real.

Brian: Right,  you take a look at that in that exchange, you mentioned earlier in the economy. If there are people like me, investing in performance coaches to go to the next level, then there would not be performance coaches to provide the value the free value would not be there on the TikToks in the YouTubes if there wasn't the exchange of money happening behind the scenes from the people who are willing to invest because that free value is, is marketing. No matter what you're doing you're in the business of marketing the business you're in. 

Dave: So talk about I think a lot of people when they try to wrap their heads around. Okay, hold on a second. Let's say for example selling information. So I'm selling, say a course or have some sort of training, and the information is in there. Well, for me to market that I just need to go and tell you to buy that thing because all the information is in there. Wrapping people's head around, people wrapping their head around teaching in giving away free value, even in some cases, giving your best secrets away, maybe not word for word what's in your training course. But, but, but giving away some of your best, if not all of your best stuff. Oh, way up front for free as an affiliate is, how you get people to trust you more and I think that's something that people have a hard time wrapping their head around but you're the king of this giving away free value having free communities giving away funnels, giving away bonuses given all this stuff away. Walk us through your mindset of how you kind of, you know, maybe what you did before you did this have you always done this in sort of your philosophy of giving away free value in define value for us too, because that's another ambiguous term, but giving away free value in order to earn trust, and then get get sales.

Brian: Yeah absolutely so a couple of things there's let's try to unpack that reasonable, logical order. So first of all define value right value is, is obviously something that educates or empowers or helps people or shoulder some of the burden or what have you gives folks confidence right, but it also highlights the affiliate product right the affiliate product is still the one thing that can change everything. So it all started for me, really in 2016 late 2016 I had sold private preview blogs. I had done some drop shipping, you know, I saw this e-commerce thing was, was, was coming, coming up strong coming up hot back in 2016/2017. You know, so alright cool let's jump out in front of this as an affiliate This is my first step of building the Brian Brewer brand or putting my face out there. What am I gonna How am I gonna monetize this well, I'll create a course so the first thing I did was I started creating a course very simple course, I figured I'd sell it for 100 bucks or whatever, didn't really have much of a plan but showed people, there's by store product boarded how to run your first Facebook ads. I think I have something okay. Well, let's just see what happens. Let's just give this thing away and start building an email list, right. So that's what I did I just packaged this, you and I call this a free course it was just a two hour training video of me voiceover screen share just step by step by step really boring, packaged it as a two page website page one collects the Email page to hosts the course obviously with an affiliate link below the video right real basic, but yeah I packaged it up there, it was like I'm gonna give this away for free, let's go on YouTube. I created micro training on YouTube, you know, search friendly micro training sites that attracted people who might be interested in doing this whole drop shipping thing, and always my call to action was make sure you check out the free courses linked in the description below. So I just kind of went for it. And what I saw happened blew my mind. My brand new YouTube channel from a guy with no YouTube experience at all. I think I hit 30,000 subscribers in the first year, by month 13 I would go from zero to making $50,000 in a month, and it was all because I had this big piece of cheese, sitting here, that not only was valuable, but also facilitated the conversion. And because I had this big piece of cheese, people were tuning in to what I was saying people were recommending my YouTube channel, because I wasn't selling straight from YouTube, and I would start off with say hey stick to the end of this video I'll show you how you can get my free drop shipping course, people stuck to the end of the video the content goes crazy. And that's what I'm doing now, in a sense, where I'm creating these trainings and giving them away or these funnels and these templates and these scripts and all these things. I'm attracting people. And it's also facilitating the conversion when I give away a free funnel you better believe I'm giving that away so I can get more Clickfunnels monthly recurring revenue and win my dream car and all that cool stuff. But because of that, because I'm giving away your value on Tik Tok or value on YouTube, then, oh by the way, by default, my Facebook group grows faster, because, because people. Obviously, trust me, but also by giving away that value by really educating and empowering people, as I say to make a positive change in their lives by purchasing the products I'm promoting just by teaching first. I am getting them to invest. And once people invest, even if not with money yet once people invest their time and learning, that's a sunk cost. And they will be more likely to continue to invest.

Dave: Yeah, That, I mean, that last five minutes folks, if that's that's a rewinder, that's a real Listen, that's a that's a dowel that back once or twice.

Brian: Well, you know, just like we say back in 2016 I found it by accident. But in 2020, I've proved that it works, it's repeatable.

Dave: In any niche. Here's a great example. I was talking to, I was, I was talking a moment ago about watches. Well, there's, there's this new, there's this new sort of discovery that this gray market which just basically means you're a second hand dealer you're not like an authorized Rolex dealer. But the second hand gray market dealers have discovered it's a new discovery that they've all recently discovered over the past year or so, and it's changed their business. It's taken by these gray market dealers in Dallas, or in some smaller city in Pennsylvania, or, or another one in Texas that I know of. And it's taken their business from just, you know, trying to work deals with friends and family and kind of hand out business cards sort of locally to get people to buy watches from them to these global businesses that they have people reaching out to them from all over the world, because they want to buy watches from them because they know like and trust and want to know what that discovery is everybody that they've discovered is posting free edutainment right educational entertainment value on YouTube, how they do it, how they do it is they literally have a camera just follow them around in your their cases with all these cool watches and selling watches and then the behind the scenes stuff. I'll give you some examples. Roman Scharff is one if you want to look them up, the timepiece gentlemen is another one. I mean you guys could literally look at these YouTube channels, the timepiece gentleman has over 100,000 followers on his TikTok, it's, it's two guys. I mean, guys, we're, we're, nobody knew who they were, they were just one of the guys was in prison, seven or eight years ago, you know, came out, turned his life around got into watches struggled to sell a watch here they are locally in Dallas, and then started to create content giveaway that free value in for a guy like me, who likes watches, I've got one watch on right now I've got one watch sitting right here I've got another. I mean it's just something that I like, something that I'm interested in right now in this chapter of my life again to avoid the boredom of my kind of daily grind. Well I like to sit there and watch these guys kind of running around with these cases full of awesome watches that I just don't know. I also am getting a bit of a different business idea from watching different guys in different niches, but there's tons of guys who are just sitting at home who aren't watching it for any business aspect, they're just enjoying it. When the dude, you know, bust out a case of protec Felipe's or bust out a case of Richard Mills or whatever it has a couple of million dollars in a watch case. So it's fascinating that you're sitting here talking about in just explained in amazing in very clear detail, but you've been doing this now and proven this model of giving away this free value you just gave all the ways and examples that you do it, but I just also gave you instantly another example in a different niche of guys who are doing the same exact thing, and it's exploding their business. So what, in your experience, do you think, keeps the new person, from, from going out there and beginning to sort of duplicate this, this same winning formula. Is it the fear of putting themselves out there, I mean, you have lots of experience working with people too. I'd like to leave people with some sort of hey here's what might be happening with you that's keeping you from taking the actions that you need to take to win. What, in your experience, are those roadblocks or coatings that most people deal with. 

Brian: Yeah, I think it could be a couple of things but I think one thing that that might be tripping a lot of people up and I know this because I was in the same boat, many years ago is, is that, that that employee mentality where I should do this, and then make this, and I should create a tic tac and make a commission. Right. That's kind of the way that most of us who aren't lifelong entrepreneurs, because I am not. I didn't start this entrepreneurial journey until I was 32 years old. So those of us who aren't lifelong entrepreneurs, we have to get out of that mentality of I should do this and then get this right, because that's not the way it works. So obviously when you see an opportunity like you know a TikTok for example where there's all this. So that's one thing. Another thing is when you see all this opportunity on TikTok, you know, you think wow that's so much traffic you know I can, in, and I can just get in front of that to promote my thing. I think it's really hard for newer person to understand that there is too much opportunity on social media to waste all your time selling on social media, you know, hopefully that kind of resonates where like, you know, if you sell on social media, you're going to get some views, especially if it's, it's a viral platform like TikTok. But you should know that if you go over to YouTube and try to sell on YouTube, you're not going to get any traction these days. It's too late, but you can still get massive reach on those platforms, if you give people something that they're interested in. Finally, I guess just to kind of finish that thought off. I think people see opportunity they want to go attack it right away, right, Like, but there's value in kind of delayed gratification because the third reason is, you know, it is, you read something that valuable while you're not really making any money but I'm gonna go out there and create this big piece of value that's going to take me a week or two. They just, they just don't have the experience to trust the process. And I think that's another thing that trips beginners up, but you're really the results come after the hard work is done. And if you do more of the hard work up front, then you know there's less work to do on the back end and what I mean by that is if I give away a free course that's packed with value that also increases the conversions. I don't have to bust my butt every day, given all this free value i on social media, because the value is there, I can be a little more casual a little more hypee if you will because guess what, all the value sitting there in that free course that you can have for free by the way if you click the link wherever So, yeah.

Dave: and I love the idea of giving away a free course, I think that in even calling it a free course. Because, as you just said you literally can put your course on your thank you page of your bridge page, your bridge funnel, right. So, the free course can literally be my 20 minute free course, to where you're literally just, you're literally just taking somebody over 20 minutes it for example, the watches that are going to keep their value, or even make you money that you can enjoy wearing versus how to avoid watches that the minute you buy them are going to depreciate 50%, you're going to enjoy wearing them, but you're going to be mad as hell when it goes time to sell them right in 20 minutes I'll save you more money and more headache and more buyer's remorse, then a lifetime of learning on your own. So, simply click the link below, enter your email and the free course is yours. And then down below the video, say I'm a watch dealer who sells watches on the side or whatever, click up, click the link, fill out the form and tell me what watch you're interested in, and how much you'd like to pay for it, right, and I'll see if I can source that watch for you if I have that watch in stock already. I mean, that would be my call to action.

Brian: What you're doing there in that hypothetical scenario is, is really you're giving people the confidence to buy. When you show them how to buy a watch that appreciates in value. These are people who want to spend the money but they just don't want to lose the money right so there's, I guess, give them the confidence to buy and guess what, yes, they're going to buy and I think that's another thing that's that that's missed and kind of my last thought that I have is, is that's really, you know what we're trying to do here is we're trying to give people the confidence to buy they'll, they'll follow us. When they believe in us, but they're gonna buy when they believe in themselves and when we're selling information. We're not necessarily in the information business, we're in the leadership business, and that's what it's all about.

Dave: Well, Brother, listen, I mean this was 51 minutes of absolute pure gold that we're going to do everything in our power to have everybody in our community, listen to thanks for your time, brother. Seriously man, you're becoming a friend, and obviously it's great to be in business with you, and I'm looking forward to many more years to come.

Brian: Yeah, hopefully we'll get to meet in person in September and, you know, at the mastermind there and, you know, it's just been a pleasure to be part of this community. Thank you for having me out again thanks for everyone who watched and obviously reach out to me if you need anything,

Dave: Alright see ya buddy, thanks, guys, listen seriously, I mean, that was just about curculio eight all of you guys. Bookmark that session, go back listen to it again, and Brian is somebody who I've known for long enough that I could recommend anything that he's seen or doing when mastermind or whatever it is, would be a bucket of money. My full endorsement of anything to sell. So, it is, he was nice enough though to come and just lay out so much value from years of experience and both successes and mistakes as he talked about at the beginning, just really, really valuable and it's not often that you know we get to hear from somebody who has had some experience so much experience and also so much success doing this business, it's it's really a rare treat. So thank you guys for tuning in, we had a huge number of people listening today and I think that's all because they know how much value, Brian delivers on a daily basis. So, get the hell out of here. Have a fantastic day where you listen to the session if you don't have anything else to do relist into the session. And if you do go execute, and real Issen to it, maybe later on today or this weekend, be legendary my friends, we'll see you back here tomorrow 10am Eastern time. Peace.

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