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Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt: Greetings Happy Wednesday. Everybody welcome in my name is Matt, and we are, I think, live. Let's see if people can let us know if we're live here or not. If you're here with us, and you can hear me okay. I'm getting a little bit of like, hang on a second here, I think I know what's going on I'm getting a little grainy thing going on on my end. Hang on. Okay. If you're here live with us, let me know if you can hear me okay if you are, if my voice is coming through. Okay, I'm getting a little bit of lag on my end, but it might just be me. So, we've got an awesome guest today, And it looks like we've got people here live with us. So, let's rock and roll this thing. Let's see. Dally, Patrice can hear me okay, all right. I think that little glitch is actually just on my browser so we'll forget about it. We've got an awesome guest today coming to us from California, and I'm pumped to bring him on and pumped for him to be able to share his story so Adolphus what's going on, man. Happy Wednesday, good to see you, man, I'm pumped, thanks for coming on the show by the way, it's always fun to have new people, new guests. Tell us a little bit about you man, I mean you started, you know, trying to go online in 2019 But, take us back a little bit about, you know just what's work life then for you and why did you go, you know come online stuff like that.

Adolphus: So I've been staying in California. And, you know, work life, I didn't really have much of a career coming up, you know, I just, my environment is kind of like, you know, options that I've seen. I chose a certain option and I ran with it and you know, I was I, Being a knucklehead you mom's and so that's what a little bit, you know, I found myself only able to get like warehouse jobs and things like that, because they were the easiest nationally to get like temp jobs and things like that. So that's the type of work that I normally, normally do. I found myself working in the warehouse. I was able to have a tough time living back with my mom, me and my daughter. And that's when, that's when I really wanted to like change started doing something different. And that's when I started searching for, like, how can I do, what else can I do, you know, I mean, a few options. In my mind, you know, there are a lot of opportunities out here but sometimes you don't really know about those opportunities, so you just only know a few certain ways to make a living. And actually begin my journey.

Matt: Yeah so you initially that you wrote down that you found, like drop shipping or maybe making like T shirts for E commerce and stuff, what initially kind of attracted you to that was it just that it was new and you're like always, like, I can actually do this or what was there anything in particular or was it just kind of the first thing that you saw?

Adolphus: It was my environment. You know, I didn't see it online. I've seen it in like, you know, the streets and stuff everywhere I live and all those people were making shirts, you know, rap, rap labels. Labels music labels and, you know, just regular people, they were expressing themselves through their shirts. So I was like, you know, I have some good ideas. Let me try to make shirts, you know. 

Matt: Yeah, what did you do? 

Adolphus: By going to Google and ordering some shirts that impress them and just start selling them out in the streets. And then I found out like hold on, there's more people online. So I went online and made a store, you know, sharing the link with my friends and family and Facebook and stuff like that, made a little bit of money but not a lot. Yeah.

Matt: Do you feel like it lit kind of this spark of like what's possible?

Adolphus: Yeah, that led, that was my first time making any type of money online, right, like, you know, I didn't try like, what did you do little surveys and stuff like that. I didn't try stuff like that where you make a few cents or something like that, actually, actually creating something and selling it online, that was my first time.

Matt: That’s cool, and I feel like even like people have that moment and they're like, you know, I know people who have that moment and they feel a little bad or they feel like they, you know, I don't know they they feel like a sense of shame like oh, like, you know, they've only made five bucks or they only made a couple 100 bucks or something you know and it's nothing but I feel like, you know, if I look back on some of my journey like the first 51st $100 the first 500 bucks, whatever, like, okay, sure, maybe that first 50 bucks is not like life changing, right, but I do feel like, once you're open to the potential and you start to see that little trickle coming in, you're like, Alright, I know this is possible. I know that it's possible to pull this off somehow. And I just gotta figure it out, right, and it and it sort of keeps, like, I guess if, if you're, when you first watch a video your first, you know, read a blog post about, you know, how do I make money as a consultant or how do I make money selling products online or whatever writes How do I start an E commerce or something like that. It starts a spark, it's like the first spark and it starts to smoke a little bit and there's a little hint of fire, and then I always feel like that first 50 bucks is just kind of like, don't know, it's like a little, it's kind of just like throwing a little gas on the fire or something you know it just kind of helps it ignite stay ignited, you're like, dang, okay this is possible, so okay so you you dive into that whole realm, you get a little bit of, you know, you make a couple sales, and then, and then what's your thought?

Adolphus: The thing with me is it was a little bit pricey, because this was before I knew about print on demand, the type of thing where, you know, I'm putting that money on shelves and stuff like that. And my pride was in the way I wanted it to be exactly how I wanted them to be, so I'm going to make them myself right, but they've got a price. So I'm like, you know, oh no I kind of lost the passion for it a little bit, and I wanted to make money, or where I don't have to put up a lot of money. I don't have to invest a lot, every time I make a sale, you know, so that's what led me to say, How can I do that?” I started searching for ways to make money, just not investing in physical products. Yeah, that's how, that's what that's what led me to find affiliate marketing, I already had heard about it. When I found out about it in 2019, when I really started researching it, but I didn't never, I've never really dived into it. You know, it was like three years ago. I think it was like 2014. I tried to create a website using my little knowledge. It was a little too techie and never got finished. And I tried it, never got it up and running and I never started again. Right, I thought that was the only way to do affiliate marketing, I really do like your website or like blogging. Really, I started watching YouTube videos about affiliate marketing, and that's what really made me want to like, dive in and laugh and do this, you know,

Matt: I got you, I got you. Interesting, okay. So, you use, You're on YouTube, like most people you're on YouTube or some sort of social media channel or something. And you see, and you get an idea and you're like, that's crazy. I can probably do that. So, you go on to now you're on sort of YouTube, Facebook, what, at what point did you sort of find Legendary and discover the 15 Day Challenge. What were your thoughts on the challenge? Did you take the challenge, I mean did you, did you read our book did you take the challenge. What were your thoughts on that? 

Adolphs: I always was always marketing in my eyes. I started looking online right before taking the challenge before I heard about it. I heard about like the other programs or something like that, and I wanted to like bills today, right, and they really caught my attention, but I wasn't ready at the time you know I was still new and kind of, you know, scared and make a move or anything so when I was doing a buddy of mine Facebook. He said, He sent the link to a 15 day challenge to me and said Hey, have you heard of this and I was like, I heard a legendary marketer, tweets and so he said you should try it out. So I just clicked his link and signed up, and I liked what I saw when I got in there. I felt like okay this is what I need to do. 

Matt: That's cool. When you show he sends you this little link or whatever you look at the challenge like hey Dang, this is cool, I like this. What had you had you like been trained by other people or had you done other training or like what, how did you compare it to other stuff or was there anything in particular that you felt like was different?

Adolphus: Yeah, I had taken a course before about affiliate marketing. Well I was kind of, I was hard headed for like the first. Now, seven, eight months. When I started affiliate marketing it was hard to learn from anybody who wanted to invest in my knowledge, right, so I just was looking on YouTube, and just, you know, I caught myself documenting my journey, but really I was just making videos about anything I've seen right. So, I wasn't getting results so that's what made me say you know I need to learn from somebody, and I took the course before and it helped me get my first few sales, right, and, you know, to help me get that Amazon's been going like your Amazon Associates always promoting those types of products, and all the little sales here and there but that's what made me look like there's more you know there's this is a little bit right here that's kind of far. Yeah, my buddy, that's when he was introducing me to a high ticket so that's why he sent me the Legendary which he should be doing. I didn't know what that was like he was like hey, that's cool that you're on that Amazon stuff but dude does get on it and all our commissions aren't gonna go very far.

Matt: So, dude you're on TikTok you're on YouTube. I mean, first of all, I mean you put out quite a bit of content, man, I mean, especially on YouTube and that's like a lot of thought and a lot of work that goes into that. Which is cool because you're building, you know, a long term asset for yourself, but all those channels, all those videos, all that stuff like this building a long term asset. I'm curious what your thoughts are on, you know, was it hard for you to get started with, with, like, creating content was that difficult was that confusing was it overwhelming What was it like,

Adolphus: I didn't want to be on camera at first, when I started YouTube, so I found a way to not show my face, and just, you know, show my screen. And I was just you know looking at stuff online, and I'll find some information, and then I'll just record my screen and talk about it behind the camera right, and I did my first like 20 to 30 videos like that on my channel. And it started getting me some views and comments and, you know, people know what I'm doing a little bit. But when I, when I put my face on camera, not really started kind of like I'm making a connection with people. So that's, you know, you don't always used to think that I you know I had to show my face to get some results but you don't have to, but it's just all about your connection, connection. And I made a lot of crappy videos, you know, I made a lot of crappy videos just turning on the camera just No, cuz I was just trying to get used to the camera. And I ended up moving, coming up with about two, three, almost 300 ish shows me just talking. And I think I know.

Matt: Heck yeah. Well join the club on the crappy videos thing man I mean we're all, I think. So first I like videos and training and stuff that I did. I was like oh my gosh, did you really put out

Adolphus: One thing well every now and then, you know, I might do team or whatever crappy videos but that one, and 11 video maybe, you know in that video takes off and brings me some results, and then there's more crappy videos down the line another take on results, and even today I don't even like watch the video, but everybody else wants to click my links and stuff. Matt: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I feel like. So I was like, and, and the cool part about, like, you know, I, I know that TikTok and like Instagram and all that stuff is really hot for good reason, it's just that they're on fire but I like somebody who's investing the time and the energy into something like YouTube too because the one thing I think people underrate is that long term evergreen, short of traffic that just keeps coming in and that can can come in for years like around the decade of the day training the other day we were, and I was live just sharing screens researching some dog training programs, and lo and behold, this guy who's selling his dog training program online. We searched, and I wish I could pull it open again. Sometimes when you search on Google, it's sometimes it pulls up YouTube videos sometimes it doesn't. And, and right now it's not pulling it up for me but when I searched for the best dog training program right which is, I mean people search that all the time. What came up was this dude's videos from 2013, 2018, and then maybe one more, but he was like the first three videos for that. And I was explaining to people like, look, sure you got amazing traffic that comes through TikTok you got amazing traffic your reels and shorts and all these things that are transitory I call them transitory they're, they're here today, probably gone tomorrow or gone pretty soon, right, you're not going to get traffic for these for years. This dude's still building his like digital products business for his dog training program through videos that he made on YouTube. Years and years ago and he's probably getting paid from YouTube for ads on that video too, right, so he's probably monetized this video. So, I mean that is ultimate evergreen, that's. And think about something in the dog training niche too is something that's like, that's legit sellable. Right, I mean at this point there's so much traffic coming from that, that it's like legit and asset that somebody who's acquiring YouTube channels and wants to grow a dog training YouTube channel or purchases channels in different niches like they can condense all of that info and grow their business through that way. So anyway, I just, I want to commend you and I think that strategies are really smart. I think that through, you know, adding TikTok and rails and all that stuff is great, and you definitely shouldn't do it, which you're already on TikTok and you're killing it, but, but with the whole, the whole YouTube route, I think that, you know a lot of the. A lot of the spice and flavors got lost because people have turned to the shorter term quickly, let's make it happen today. But, you know, I think that the, the execution, and commitment, and sort of the, the commitment to the long term they're early on takes a lot of focus. So that's cool. I'm glad to see you doing that.

Adolphus: Appreciate that. Yeah, the tech smoke is one thing I want to say about that YouTube is like you're saying like, any niche like no if you get into dogs dog training, whatever type an engineer. I wish I would have learned this when I first started, but I like whatever product that I'm going after promoting if it's let's say for example a dog training product. I just like to say sorry to just straight out dog trainer reviews or something like that, right, like, it's the quickest way to get results like instead of trying to go after the big time. Where's that big time people going after the words, that's a little more easy low hanging fruit, to get some traction. And the reason that I found that out, I mean I found that out by searching and stuff looking at other people talking about it. But personally, I have a video review. Right. I produce videos in the head with less than 100 views. And that's how I had one of my highest, highest sales from that video right. It's targeted at people watching, and I should just let them express that they don't care how many people watch the video, if they are not ready to buy, or do some type of action, then it really. But if you get less than 100 people that watch the video but every one of those people, they're ready to buy, I mean it's still that way.

Matt: So what you're what you're talking about I want to I want to go back to this dude because what you're talking about. You said the words low hanging fruit, can you see my screen, okay?

Adolphus: Yeah. 

Matt: Okay. So, in terms of selecting video styles and stuff like that and especially on YouTube, what you're talking about is doing something like reviewing videos, right, and you found some pretty good success with that. Now, when he talks about low hanging fruit. I mean, let me draw a little tree here. Okay, so what you're saying is up here there's some pretty difficult fruit to pick meaning videos that are or video topics or keywords right it's really about keywords that are hard to rank for. So, what would be some examples of like the higher hanging fruit? 

Adolphus: Like affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is a broad keyword. 

Matt: Yeah, lose weight, lose weight, dog training, great to see. And for everybody who's watching, when you create a youtube video and you, you know, let's say in your title right you just title it something like, How To Lose Weight. Right, well there's billions of other potentially billions of other videos that have that in their title, and you're competing against all of those other videos, right. So, what an officer is saying is there's these low hanging fruit, right, that are easier to pick and easier to use when we say pick we mean rank on YouTube. So when somebody types in, let's say for instance, they type in best dog training program, hit balls right seed now we're down to a very niche audience, and you've got to do keyword research to make sure that people are actually searching this, you need to make sure that it's not just something you thought up and then actually nobody's looking for this, but we can say best dog training program for pitbulls. Right. And if there's enough people searching this, this is a free niche, this is called a long tail keyword. So there's this, this means that it's not just dog training program, it's best dog training program for people's, or let's say that you have a product review right so like let's say that there's slim belly fix slim belly fix, that's a product I think on Clickbank or some weird thing, I don't know, reviews, right, so now it's not just like, it's not just like, lose weight, it's a specific product review of a very specific niche product right, so somebody, the reason this is powerful is exactly what adults are saying, which is the, the amount of searches is going to be lower on this, and you're going to get, let's say in his example that he said 100 views or whatever, are less than 100 views. But if I get people who are coming to my video who have typed that in, don't you think that they're probably interested in buying that product, and they're doing their due diligence to actually purchase that so it's called a hot lead, or like this is not just warmed up traffic, but this is hot, traffic, I mean this is, this is perfect traffic needs perfect offer, and create this real quick. This is something I draw on our decade in a day training every single time we do this training, but it looks like this. Perfect traffic. Traffic meets perfect offer now I say offer but in this case, here's what I would say content. All right, so let's make this about content today since that's what we're talking about: the perfect traffic, meaning meets the perfect content. And that's where sales happen, right. So, you put that review video right in front of somebody's face, it doesn't matter if 50 people watch it or if 100 people watch it. If you've got a great hook you bring somebody in and you hook them, and you give them a really good intro to your video, you educate them, you give them an actual good review for instance in this case, and then you give them a very clear call to action right there's a link down below this video go tap the video, you can purchase get a 10% discount checkout right now. Right now they have reason to act now, they don't want to lose the video so they're gonna go purchase that little discount or get a bonus or some, you know, whatever makes them a really great offer. So we can put the offer right here, and that's where your conversions are gonna skyrocket. Right, so I love that I want to just pull that up and because I love that tip that you gave, and I felt like that's a big thing that's lost with people is like oh, I've got to get billions and billions of views, it's not really the case. I think a lot of people on YouTube who have grown big channels started with small amounts of views, and you have to start with small amounts of views, when you're first getting started, and then over time, because you need that you have to rank for those smaller keywords because you just simply don't have the traffic its subscribers right.

Adolphus: YouTube is going to push your videos to certain types of people anyway, so if you just share your videos for whatever keyword you're going for. That's, that's all you can do you can do your best video you can do the SEO on it. Make sure he knows what your video is about, and let you build the wedge, you know, it's not gonna, you know, as a new channel. A lot of people complain about the views, and really issues the way it started to me, for me, to my model. You actually, probably. And then again if you're doing value videos or you're just teaching something. You know, I just like to practice copywriting like, I'm just now getting into it and really like heavy. When I first started, I would just turn on my camera and just say whatever, you know, try to edit it up, but now I'm learning that as formulas for stuff, you know there's formulas and, you know, like you said, have a look. And, you know, have a call to action and capture all of that so I'm learning how to pull formulas together.

Matt: That's actually really good man, good, that will be the most beneficial thing for you, and I have some. Yeah, some tips and resources but, man, I video content, the more I watch video content right and I watch people who take off on video. The people who take off on video, or copywriters, because they understand they've just taken the written word and applied it in video form and it's so powerful, dude. Like just, there's so many people who are not fancy, they're not creating like, if you take a guy like Calvin Hello, right, that guy on Tik Tok, He's fancy that guy can create some real fancy content he's creative man he's. He just has equipment that's fancy like he's just got the, you know, he's, he's got the flyer man. And, but a lot of people don't have that, and people in our community. You know he's got 1.2 million followers so he's on kind of another level, but people in our community, get hundreds of 1000s of followers with pretty ugly videos, but because they understand, copywriting they understand how to how to give an amazing curiosity based hook, and it doesn't need to be amazing. It's just the poor curiosity in the created open loop, which I think is probably something you're learning about in your copywriting stuff, they create open loops that force people to have to watch the entire video because it's just too juicy, it's just they got to find out what's gonna happen right. So I think there's a thing that I love that you brought that up too because you mentioned it in your, in your questionnaire, and I feel like, well, we would have been lost if we hadn't actually mentioned that, but I think that that whole copywriting thing. There's a great book called I think it's called the 17 or 17 word sales letter, like, 16 word sales letter. I'm gonna put this in the chat here, 16 or sales letter. It's a pretty cheap book, get that book they bought it for our entire staff a couple years back. It's a really good book. And it's written by a guy who's a lead copywriter for a company that's done an insane amount of digital products sales online, I mean, they're the biggest, the biggest of the biggest private never even heard of them, but it's just there in the background and lots of different brands and they just, you know, they have a formula for writing copy that sells and so it's, it's probably the highest paying skill online I would say because you can apply it to so many different things. And, yeah, that's cool. That's awesome.

Adolphus: What was the name again? 

Matt: The 16 word sales letter. 

Adolphus: I just bought like three books, and I'm buying that one.

Matt: Nice, awesome. Yeah, it's the more you can study that and really, you know, the cool part is really just a study of human psychology. I mean that's really it. It's behavioral psychology, what makes the mind latch onto things like video, like written word, like, like what makes people attached to things and latch on to them, and what can hold somebody's attention. And the cool part is is the cool part about that is like, yes, that changes over time based on like people's based on people's like attention spans and how people have evolved over the years but really the things that make people tick, and the psychology behind people, you know, watching more of your video or reading a sales letter and buying doesn't really change people are motivated by a lot of the same things, and curiosity is a big one. So, man, to talk was really big. 

Adolphus: Yeah, TikTok had like 70,000 in that, like my highest view count. This experiment channel that I was creating on TikTok, on my face. You know I was just practicing the curiosity thing. And let's step out that I'm talking about everybody going crazy. What's the last step and just people kept watching over and over, I guess.

Matt: Well I feel like so here's like, that's a cool thing because like little strategies like that are super nice because they play into the TikTok algorithm right so you leave a step out of your like three simple steps and then you never get to step three, right, and then like, and you do it on purpose. 

Adolphus: This is kinda this is marketing man, this is genius but you'd leave a step three out and then, you know what if enough people ask in the comments, then you can you can drop them a video reply and be like hey here's step three, and then people are like, Damn, that's cool, that's cool. Like that. And then it also leaves a website link. 

Matt: Well, it's also like, it's also like, it's also. Here's what I think is underrated about stuff like that. People come to respect you a little bit more, right, because we see you as somebody who's exercising, like a very strategic person. Curiosity based sort of strategy about how to market and how to like get people's attention, and they respect that, and, and it's different than just people just posting like, oh my gosh I made so much money or oh my gosh my dog training program so great, go and look at link in my bio and it's like, okay, do you just keep screaming about how great your product is we get it, like, okay, but I feel like in reality, like, doing something like that, it positions you in somebody's mind differently it positions you in their mind is like, dang, okay, this guy actually knows marketing a little bit like I see what you did there that was smart, that was any leave and get people who are more experienced to be like, damn, okay that was, that was pretty good. Like, whenever this guy, you know, I wonder what he's doing and that little positioning thing. People don't understand that you can have the best copy in the world and you can have the best sales video in the world but your conversions could suck if you're all, if, if the positioning that they come from, is bad, right how they, how a person is referred to. Is everything, like, what does someone else say about something else and what's that person like are they trustworthy do they feel like, you know somebody, somebody like refers me to an auto body shop to like get get paint touched up on the car, something like that, like, like, I'm gonna really consider like does this person care about being cheap, do they care about, like me, do they care about, like, how did they refer me right was it like, oh, there's something in this for them. Right. Was it honest like all those things play into my mind of like if I'm going to buy and give my business to that company. Same thing goes in the online digital courses space it's like, well did this person really provide me with value did they give me sort of, and that goes to your review video strategy is like, did they give me value did they really unpack things they did I feel like they were honest and entertaining and they're for the most part, humans are like, I want to just give business to that person, like, you know what I mean when it comes down to a hard decision it's like well I just, I feel better about working with this person, they gave me a cool vibe and like, and it doesn't even have that much to do with the product, it's just like they just, I like the guy, I like the girl,

Adolphus: You know, and I know that because I've been that person shopping around and I like certain individuals, or the way they presented something, it was something that made me want to do business with them and so that's, I know that's what's happening. 

Matt: Happens all the time in psychology. It's crazy. Alright man, so you're creating content, you're on your daily grind, you're hustling. What would you, you know, I'm going to give you the last word to our community what, you know people who are out there who are maybe trying to make their first video, or a lot of people here just start a 15 day challenge I mean they're brand new bro like you've been around this industry been online for a couple years, there's a lot of people here who are like, I just discovered that people could buy my shit online, like, what, what would you say to those people.

Adolphus: I would just say that, you know, the fact that you are here starting, you already took a leap. I just think that the more you learn, and not probably you probably heard it, but the more you learn, the more you're going to earn. So if you stop learning, then you know you're going to start wrong. So that's, I've got a net position in the world that comfortably stops trying to learn more stuff. And that's why I wasn't given jobs. All right, so, you know, and that's another thing about gaining a position. The money is getting transferred online every day. Anyway, period. So, get in front of them, you know, find your way through your niche.

Matt: Make sense, man makes sense. I love it. Well, thanks for coming on. I appreciate it. I know it's early there, but actually it's the same time it's early here too. I'm an early bird though so it's fine. But, yeah. Thanks for, thanks for coming on. It's just great and if you need anything you need any help you need the resources, whatever, always feel free to reach out or we're just here to help so

Adolphus: Appreciate man. Cool. I'm glad to be part of this group, I like I'm always in this group, all the time. So I'll do a lot.

Matt: Thanks man. Appreciate that. Alright guys we're gonna wrap up for the day go give him a follow, or a subscription or subscribe on YouTube. You can find them right there just search it on YouTube Adolphus online you'll find them right away, give him a subscribe. I'll also put his TikTok, in the, in the comments down here. So you can go hit him up there to give him a follow and watch his stuff. Leave a comment, hit the like, help below his channel up, and so all we got for today guys, have a good Wednesday, and we'll be back tomorrow at the same time.

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