Below is the transcription of this episode:

JoAnn: Hello, Legendary family is Wednesday February 16 2022. My name is JoAnn. I'm here with the marketing department filling in for Matt as he takes advantage of a much needed vacation today and I am so excited to bring on our guests today. She's definitely a little bit newer to our space and is making huge strides and I'm so excited for you guys to all meet her. So welcome. Hey, as our guests today on the show, so welcome, Kaye.

Kaye: Thank you so much. Hi, everyone. Hi.

JoAnn: So where are you from? Where

Kaye: I'm from Surrey in England. Okay,

JoAnn: Wonderful. So share with all of us how you got started and how you found legendary.

Kaye: Well, I was listening to the easiest, easiest thing in relaxation music on YouTube. And I just got on Dave and he's really exciting. So I've got to watch one of your lives like this. And I watched him. I was really inspired and excited.

JoAnn: Okay, wonderful. So when did you hop in and join the challenge?

Kaye: I joined the challenge about January last year and a few weeks after my dad died. And then I kind of had a really not a great time. In fact, because it's a big shock and then I put it off for two months and then I somehow got the inspiration to get on and do it. So I wanted to do it. You know, I really want to do it. But I was, you know, obviously depressed a little bit, you know, not in the right frame of mind because it was so sudden I wasn't expecting my dad's die and it was a huge shock. So a few months, but then I got myself.

JoAnn: Okay, so how did you find us again? Or come back to it to decide, You know what, I'm gonna dive back into this and get started again.

Kaye: I listened to all the business content, all the motivational content, all the personal content. And I've been a big fan of puzzlement for many, many, many years. And so you know, when you're feeling miserable, you're scrolling and I just listened to all the great motivational speakers.

JoAnn: Okay, wonderful. So I know we titled the show showing up authentically because you've really shared how you'd like to connect with your audience. Build your own tribe. So talk to us a little bit about how you come up. With content and really having those awesome conversations and lives that you enjoy because you've created an audience and a following that really connects with you.

Kaye: How to create great content well, I try to think obviously about what they want from me, I focus on the customer and then of course, I check my videos religiously all the time. So I go by that and then when I do the lives I just come up as myself. Just show myself, you know, that I'm not prior to speed. I guess I've got a posh English accent. I'm not private. And self taught. You know, I'm always inspired by many subjects, personal development being a big thing. And I've been cool in yoga for seven years from 28 to 35. So that was a big thing in my life. Which keeps you afloat and keeps you on track. And so I just share my story. I just show the class to tell them that, you know, I didn't go to private school. They really sort of force fed me with education. I'm just self taught. I just keep learning and growing like that.

JoAnn: So do you have a system that you follow a plan in place of how you create content to stay consistent?

Kaye: Well, I tried to do four good videos a day or two. And I do post on LinkedIn, and LinkedIn, LinkedIn for a long, long, long time. And I've got all these books there already. And that's easy. And I just kind of share my story with you know, affiliate marketing knowledge, my own experience that sort of brings all those together. And, you know, sort of give the audience what they want, but also shop for myself.

JoAnn: How I love that. All right, so talk to us a little bit about LinkedIn. It's not something we normally hear about as a way to drive traffic. So what is your process of putting content out on LinkedIn? How does that work? How's it going for you there?

Kaye: A lot of people are interested, interested, and I've had lots of conversations, and how to business people on LinkedIn. And I was already on LinkedIn many years ago. And so you get less people coming to you but they're more interested in business because there are already mature people in business. Whereas a big audience becomes interested, but less people will buy wares and LinkedIn, more people are interested.

Kaye: You only have to write a post, sort of social media friendly style type of post. Which, yeah, and then again, it's been on your post sharing is not nothing to business like not a report. It's a conversation, each person's conversation. Right.

JoAnn: So share with us a little about who's the person that you share? What are the pieces you share about yourself? Is it your backstory, your history, what you've done before?

Kaye: Well, LinkedIn,  but even though I put out a post today with a motivational video which really hit me hard, it's the kind of thing that kept me good when I was really miserable. And basically, nobody's going to save you. Nobody can do it for you. You're going to forget it by yourself. You're never going to continue to get out of the door, do a good exercise or turn the TV off, or get out of bed. You have to find it within yourself. Find the strength within yourself. You know, when my dad died, I just expressed like loss, feeling of sadness and just deep deep sadness. At that time. I didn't even think or feel how the hell I was gonna get to the other side out of it all, you know, for myself athletes, and it's motivational content which I think which I am you know, so my what I follow so was that and which which inspires you again and again, you know, you hear this.

JoAnn: Okay. I know you shared you love going live. Do you enjoy that interaction? 

Kaye: Yes, yes. 

JoAnn: So we have a lot that are nervous about going live. So how were you able to kind of step forward and take that leap, go live and embrace it, enjoy it and make those connections?

Kaye: The first time I did live on TikTok, I got my friend to kind of join in a bit and asked me questions. For half an hour that was a little different. Try a little go. And then you don't need to talk. Anything high tech like that. You just just talk like nice and just just ask questions that people will just come back and just keep saying how are you guys doing this afternoon. You know, hope you've had a great Sunday lunch or whatever, you know, just normal things nice. Nothing. You don't have to get anything get too technical, but anything

that just feels like you're just building relationships. Right?

JoAnn: Are you just having a gentle conversation like we had a little session? 

Kaye: Yeah, nothing too stressful, a little technical.

JoAnn: So how often do you go live?

Kaye: How often? I can go live every day, depending on how busy I am. Some days I do, some days I do. But I tend to do regular lies as of today, because of a new internet connection which was stable, so I'm waiting for that to happen properly. I have done lies which lasted an hour and a half. So just keep the conversation going. And if people ask questions, you just answer how you started and how you began. Yeah, yeah, everything in life. Anything new that you do in life is going to be difficult. It's gonna be a little bit uncomfortable. But you just need to pay to fail. Okay? Just think of two cells that are making progress. You know, I'm not going to be brilliant. Everything the first time round. I'm making progress. It's going to be better than yesterday. Whatever I do towards the betterment. Whatever I did was the best for today because I've had that experience.

JoAnn: And so isn't that the truth? It's all about just taking that first step, because you can't take the second step or the third step or the fourth step. Take the first one. 

Kaye: Yes, and you don't know the kind of people that you're going to meet or live in to admit, I made sense of lives. And made sales in real time on a live show when I didn't even think of making the sale. And then I go and look at my account like, you know. Amazing magic. 

JoAnn: So exciting. So speak to our audience today a little bit about you know, starting something new at any stage in life. It just doesn't matter when it is that you always can start something new.

Kaye: Yeah, absolutely. You can start anything new. And the great thing about living is that the support is always there. You know, the Monday lives, Facebook lives are being to real people in real time asking whatever questions you want. Or if you don't want to, you can just keep quiet. Just listen and then you know, you think I know everything about social media. I've got a social media multiplication from years back and but still, I'm learning new things. I'm still learning new things. You're still learning new things about TikTok and other channels you know, bits of information, which you're always picking up all the time. And just take the first step or just ask for help. Or just, you know, if you find a task which is too difficult for you to get somebody else to do, no problem. We don't have to learn everything by ourselves. We don't have to, you know, because in fact, your process will be speeded up if you take a bit of help with whatever that you find really challenging. But have a go. It's okay to fail. So probably look, you know, I'm 50 approaches to doing new things. I'm so happy to be doing new things. Because, you know, I mean everything when I think back to my life, coming to London from a small town when I was at was big, you know, hugely challenging. And then working in central London. In one of these financial services companies was myself to learn to speak properly, for goodness sake. And then I had kids that were really challenging, overwhelming, you know, I then and then reinvent the tour to retire. I can't stop. So they said to me, would you just be happy with a new recipe or something? A new recipe. I said, No. I'm sick of cooking. up cooking. I don't want to cook anymore. I want to do new things. discover new things while I can. Find new money, learn new skills, reinvent muscles, travel again. I've traveled a lot in the past and have been everywhere. But now I'm traveling with different eyes and don't mind a different person or a different person in the 2020’s.

JoAnn: Right? And every day is a new day. So why just think about the past noise. It's a wake up. Yeah. Try something new. I'm a believer that the day we stop learning or the day we think we know everything is the day.

Kaye: Yeah, yeah, definitely. Yeah, yeah. I mean, I really enjoy the process. Enjoy. I just enjoy your conversations. You know, I love chatting. I can chat and LinkedIn and chat and TikTok all day, you know. Because I'm building and how they're gonna receive me and so on visit Hey, people like me, you know on the live people said quite nice. Nice. Nice and so as to connect with Office.

JoAnn: Definitely. Okay, so there was a little bit of nervousness. I love how you brought a friend onto your lives to help out the first one and ask questions and whatnot. Why What, really? What advice would you give somebody that's in the challenge right now? How do I do this? How do I take action that you wish you had known back then?

Kaye: Okay, well just ask the questions. If you're confused about something, ask a clear concise question. And then realize you're doing something new, something big, and be easy on yourself, you know, do your tasks, whatever you need to do make full videos or whatever you need to do you know how people are taught by tell people who've come with me, my new customers, I tell them look, just make any video first of all of your cat dog or whatever it is, will your co recipe you know, just make any video, social sleeve. And then you know, ease yourself in if you don't want to put your face on everybody and that's fine. You know, just make a quick kind of video and then put your face after two or three more. And so just take it easy step by step. Don't get stressed about it. Just do your best for today because tomorrow you can do much better because you're learning as you go along. 

JoAnn: That's amazing advice and sound and it's clear that you definitely take action you follow your own advice for sure. So what has been your biggest challenge? Moving forward?

Kaye: My biggest challenge is my biggest challenge because even when I was so depressed, I thought to myself if I can just get myself going. It doesn't matter if I make a huge amount of promises, but I'm still doing something. I'm still finding their way through it. And so that was a huge challenge, but I got it and it was so good. You know how you do TikTok set up and then write emails and then you will get back to them and improve them. And they kept on doing that then advertising. Another one just one more. One more just add another task to get

right not overthink it. Just do it and then make instead of just do. Yeah, step by step. You just chunke a large problem trinket into bits. Yeah.

JoAnn: Yeah. So you mentioned support and community here at legendary that you took advantage of. How big did that help you? What was your roadblock that our community was able to help you with?

Kaye: Well, I think attending the lives are really important. Because you learn week by week we couldn't miss every little bit of information, meaning something could help you with your Pinterest or whatever. You know, I've never used Pinterest before now. So I've completely used Pinterest and then every bit of information that you have it builds so don't miss the Mondays and Thursdays. And then just keep going keep going if you have any questions at noon, Drew and Matt are just absolutely amazing. They will do a review for you to go live with it. Which is amazing.

JoAnn: Right from Monday is a part of our markers club. And then Thursday is a part of our Blueprints but has an ongoing support that's always coming through just so if our audience is unclear what those lives she's referring to. So that's what that is and Drew leads our Monday ones and Matt leads our Thursday ones.

Kaye: I find their knowledge and their experience and advice they give is just the perfect spot on I feel makes me feel confident. I don't feel alone in the world who is stuck alone here and in Great England by myself. I can dive into America. I can do that. And I feel the same.

JoAnn: Isn't that the key? It's so helpful anytime we're doing anything new and we're doing to have that community support to at least know we have it if we need to.

Kaye: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, it's invaluable. invaluable. Because you have that human contact, you're not stuck with kind of dialing into the online 14 calls you know, you have real contract real people if you hear them in real time. And even just other people's questions, you learn stuff. You know, when they do the reviews, you learn stuff and then you learn about different channels and different things that you can do all the time. So it's amazing want to get get the social media channels and your content, right because that's what's driving the traffic and

JoAnn: Right, but that takes time and it's not going to be perfect the first time you post necessarily.

Kaye: You know, you can learn a lot from other people, when they do the reviews. You learn from how other people are doing, what sort of content they're creating issues they're having. You apply that yourself wherever you learn.

JoAnn: Right, so do you model other people's successful videos and put your own spin on it? Kaye: Most definitely. Yes. You have to continue to learn the format in the correct way. In all social media marketing have learned learn to LinkedIn lead write the post

JoAnn: Right cause that's a very different platform and a totally different audience. I'm really, I love this LinkedIn angle. I don't think I've heard it here on Wake Up Legendary today yet. So I love that that's really working for you. How often do you post on death?

Kaye: I post every day five days a week. To warm up my audience for my next thing that I'm going to do.

JoAnn: Do you refer them to your TikTok or your TikTok to your LinkedIn? 

Kaye: No, I don't follow them. I just go to the same funnel. It's okay. But every time I write a post, people interested that they make contact, they message me or they you know, you can tell by their responses or their comments that they're interested or messaging will attract. So one other track and then they didn't sign up and then also touch with them and just keep talking to keep

keep nurturing. LinkedIn audience it's like it's more of an old man's business friends working club kind of thing. So there's a way to do it. And I've been on LinkedIn for four years


JoAnn: Okay, so we were on LinkedIn before we went down the affiliate marketing path.

Kaye: Yes, yeah. I was doing social media marketing on LinkedIn beforehand. I was getting all my leads from it. 

JoAnn: Okay, so then we've made the switch to affiliate marketing. Why did we switch from a social media business to affiliate marketing?

Kaye: Affiliate marketing is a business model. You know, I just have to nurture, nurture, nurture, attract clients and all the channels, all the platforms, and I don't have to do any kind of after sales or inventory or anything like that. So it's much easier if you don't need some high level sales skills and things like that. So that is just keep playing, keep putting good content with conversations. You get to put your focus a little bit more. Yes. It's all of it when you think of social media marketing. Once you've got your funnel set up in the background, and your email set up, you improve those and you change as you grow. Just keep keep your keep your keep yourself relevant on all the social media marketing platforms. change and grow with them. 

JoAnn: Yeah, definitely. Always keep learning, growing and trying new things.  Don't be afraid to try new things.

Kaye:  You know, absolutely. Don't be afraid to try new things. So many opportunities out there for everyone, different types, you know, whatever you're interested in, you could you could just, you know focus on Pinterest if you love crocheting, or baking, you know, that sort of thing. A lot of women are on Pinterest. And if that's what you're looking for you if you're a little bit more business minded, you can go to LinkedIn, if you live there already, then you can and if you're I mean all sorts of people exist on TikTok, young types, older types, mature types, motivational test, types, all kinds the whole world is on TikTok.

JoAnn: Yeah, definitely. And growing. I think everyone's ideal client is on TikTok somewhere. Kaye: Yes. Yes, yes. Yeah. And it just takes putting out content consistently so the algorithm can find them for you. 

JoAnn: It absolutely is. Yes. It's all about the content about what you say no, it's not about how old you are or how old you look. I love it. All right, awesome. So definitely give a follow and check out her TikTok. It is @makemoneywithkaye. Give her a follow. Check out her videos. Take a peek at her account. She's had a few videos go viral. Yes, the number of views and likes is awesome. I'd love to see that. And let her know that you saw her on Wake Up Legendary and start helping each other. Continue to build your community, your connections and continue to grow your knowledge and whatnot as you go through this. So any last words for we have a lot of newbies I saw in the comments that are just starting the challenge. So what's your last piece of advice for anyone just starting out on this journey?

Kaye: The last piece of advice is don't become overwhelmed. Okay, take it step by step, take a breather. And also write questions and tickets. Yeah, keep making progress. Keep improving.

JoAnn: Yeah, definitely. Well, thank you. So much for coming on. It was wonderful having you. And I loved all of the little golden nuggets you're able to share and I'm really curious about that LinkedIn piece as well. So that's pretty cool. Yeah, thank you.

Kaye: Thank you so much. Thank you for having me.

JoAnn: All right, everyone, so definitely go give her a follow on TikTok and check her out there. Also if you are brand new and not getting alerts when we go live every morning, you can text WUL to the number 813-296-8553 to get a quick reminder that we are going live with a little tidbit about today's guests. So you can hop on so definitely set up those reminders so that you can come on get your morning dose of inspiration, motivation stories, and just be a part of this amazing community that we have here. I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday. And stay Legendary.