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Dave: What's going on, my friends, this is David Sharpe Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. I am excited today to have a guest today who is really every day in the business of, as far as I understand, taking risks flying helicopters. Even saving lives. And so I'm really excited to hear about his journey here with affiliate marketing, Legendary marketer with building his business online so with that being said let's welcome to the show, another, David, what's going on my friend? 

David: Good morning. How are you doing, Dave?

Dave: Good brother did I get that right, are you an SMS helicopter pilot?

David: Yes, that's correct Verminnen that's, that's me. 

Dave: Wow man so you're, you're in the business of, like I said, taking risk flying high and saving lives right. Wow man, well that's that's really cool. So, um, so what, what led you to the online world, man? I mean, how did you eventually find us as well? 

David: Um, so, it honestly actually started during my flight school my flight career so a little backstory as far as how I all started this, you know, military, I was in the military. I went to flight school flight training, and that was back, back in 2014 I went to my full flight school, I got certified trained on my degrees and then I started, you know, being a flight instructor doing tours and then came through a mess, but during around 2016 2017 That's when the, the wheels kind of started turning in my head like hey, what if for whatever reason I can't fly anymore right What if I can't, if I lose my medical my physical that I'm not able to fly, lose an arm, whatever the case is right. So that's kind of what started turning the wheel saying I gotta make like an extra income or something. In case, all this work that I put in for my flight school doesn't work or whatever. That's how I started going into, like, trying to make money online, and of course the whole typical, you know, going on google how to make money online. I've tried everything from Amazon FBA, my own drop shipping store, you know, eBay, pretty much all that stuff. But what I tell my guys. The reason I basically failed those is because I didn't really have anybody I can actually turn to ask questions when I needed help. So when I found affiliate marketing, and believe it or not actually funded, tick tock, I was, it was one of those were also typical where I just kind of downloaded it, I was just kind of scrolling through it got curious I clicked on somebody's link and I started my train. As soon as I went through the training, and I saw that there were advisors who mentor somebody like somebody in real life on the other side that I can talk to and ask specific questions, that's when I pretty much said I was all in. So that's how I kind of got led into this whole group into this whole community because like I can talk to real people, there's a Facebook group, I had so much support that I could answer questions when I would get stuck. That's how I actually got into this whole thing.

Dave: Nice man, so I was curious how has your experience here at Legendary Marketer been so far?

David: Amazing, have definitely been amazing. Like I said, I mean when I would get stuck, you know I would see other affiliates or I see other people like how are they having success and I would try to copy them, it didn't work. I would ask questions, I started getting, I started like having, you know start getting new friends from affiliates hear from other platforms and I mean I would just be able to reach out to people, that's basically why I pretty much stuck to it I said I was a land, and that's why I continued on in this in this area.

Dave: Yeah, so you've benefited from making a lot of new connections. You've had a lot of people in your network, a lot of real people. And that, I mean I would assume just like helicopter school or helicopter. The helicopter community if you will, knowing people learning from people being able to talk to people just, you know, it just makes such a big difference, right, and unfortunately, a lot of times, in, in the online world. There's a, there's, I don't know, it's difficult to find. It's difficult to find a community and make connections that are really helpful versus just people that are just trying to tell you what you want to hear, so they can sell you something. I mean, it's no secret here legendary that we have courses and training for sale. But, I mean we have several 103 to 500 people taking our challenge a day, and you guys who are all listening you wouldn't believe how many people that we turn down, if, if we feel that it's not a good fit for them, meaning that it's going to put them in some financial distress to buy one of our trainings, or if they have some sort of, I don't know, some sort of an obvious thing that's going to hit them for being successful. I mean, we're very non predatory. We challenge people, we push people, we say things that might make people uncomfortable. Absolutely. But, I think it's really fun. Nowadays, for us to find real communities and people that, that really actually are going to give us what we, what we need and not just what we want, and so is that something that, what are the values and principles that guide your guide you and your business. I mean, what are some of the things from a dynamic standpoint? We can talk about mechanics and how you've been marketing and stuff here for a second, in a second. But what are some of the things that are driving you and are beyond or underneath, sort of, the mechanical elements of your marketing? What are some of the principles and the values that are driving you in this business?

David: So, um, so first of all, like you would all say in whatever states like what is your why? Right like you have to get in this and you got to see like what is your why, so obviously for mine was for like my family right if I was to lose my job, something was to happen. I couldn't fly I have to find like another way for family you know put my kids to college, whatever the paces, but also when we get into this business I have noticed like everybody else, you know, we want to make extra money for whatever reason, but when you start actually getting those emails from like those people that kind of look up to you hey I made my first lead my first commission that's like a whole nother like feeling right like, like, like your baby's like starting to walk for like, like them right realizing because I was like that too. Right, yeah, my baby come on baby you

I know I mean I have a 5 month old, right now, so that’s a real life situation for me yeah no for real men like when you have people who are better. Like I, and that's what I was getting to I'm glad that you brought that up and I'll let you finish your thought.

Dave: But it becomes a whole bigger thing when you realize what you're saying and what you're doing. People are actually taking it seriously, man. and they're putting their money and their time and everything on the line based on what you're saying. And to really believe in what you're saying and really believe in to really feel like my ‘why’ has evolved for it not just being about me and my family but also helping other people help their families, right like be there for the brand new person to get started with their dream and say yes to themselves and I think that's kind of what you're getting.

David: Yeah definitely, definitely that's exactly what it is it's like that's kind of that's kind of how it all kind of shifts as you go through a whole process and you start to learn and grow and, and, you know, just continue on forward. So, definitely.

Dave: Yeah so and that's one of the things that I tell our team all the time, is that like that. There's a way that I think it's really powerful if you can, if you can adopt a reason that's bigger than yourself. And, and for me, I'll tell you guys, real clearly again what my ‘why’ is. It's not just about me and my family, absolutely I want to take care of me and my family. That's something that I think is is is natural, right, like I want to provide for my family, I want to make sure that they're comfortable I want to make sure that they have what they need and I haven't decided whether I'm going to leave generational wealth or whether me and my wife are going to spend every damn dime before we die. Yeah, I haven't decided that, right, because I'll figure that out later right but, there's a, there's also another element of my ‘why’ which is being there for that brand new person, like somebody was there for me. Somebody had to have said yes to their dreams. Somebody had to have taken a risk in it with their business to be there to inspire me to then say yes to my dreams. And that is a. To me that was, that's really important, and I don't think, I don't think I didn't see that at first, David, I didn't see that. I didn't have that appreciation for people like when I was early in my career I was pretty desperate for that sale and you're like, it was kind of just like a me me me thing and it was just all about me and, and, but today I really see the domino effect of people saying yes to a bigger version of their life, to the best version of themselves, to going for their dreams, somebody had to have said yes before me, to inspire me and give me permission to say yes to my dreams and. And now, one of the most rewarding things about my career in this industry is that I've been able to help people say yes to their dreams man, and I think like you're talking about when you get those first couple of people giving you that positive feedback. It really does take your motivation, and your ‘why’ up a notch, doesn't it bro and I'd like you to just say a few more words on that just to give some people who are new here, that that inspiration to stick with it until they start to make that impact on people,

David: That's that's definitely definitely that's, that's the actual thing because, I mean, believe it or not, like I was saying like I filled in all these other business models from I tried Amazon I tried drop shipping, and I didn't really know what I was doing so when I found affiliate marketing, you know, I was kind of slow skeptical I didn't want to fail again right I didn't want to try another thing and be another failure but like I said, like when you started seeing when I started talking to advisors and people right that I had support, and, and just help right like that's what kind of made me continue on, and that's why when I talk to, when I get on my, I do a lot of TikTok lives now. And I tell people, like hey, if you guys want that you guys have access to me you guys can reach out and ask me questions, if you don't really understand this model. So you can actually understand before you just go through right first you gotta educate yourself to make sure you know what you're doing, how you're doing stuff and like you guys have access to me because that was one thing that, that really got to me when I first started my whole trying to make money online thing because I didn't know what I was doing and of course I didn't really have anybody reach to I would, you know, turn to the obvious Google, YouTube and they wouldn't answer a specific question, so definitely that's what actually kind of get me going, that's to say.

Dave: So now you've turned around and are using TikTok as sort of your primary marketing platform, what have you learned about marketing there on TikTok that might be helpful for some of our listeners here.

David: So, yeah, definitely I do use tick tock my main ones are TikTok, and then I want to start growing like my YouTube channel, then I have my Facebook group but TikTok, is my basic my primary one, and of course I'm sticking to that one platform it's like learned and how it works right. It's still a little tricky I'm still trying to work out all the bells and whistles, but definitely it's one of those board like if you start learning and you start kind of like, you know, your mistakes that you make, you start learning from them, you'll start seeing results right you'll start seeing more views you'll start seeing people comment and then you can start engaging in these stuff.

Dave: Yeah, so how are you coming up with ideas for content? Are you kind of modeling after other content that you see? Are you answering questions that you see pop up in your comment section like, where's your inspiration for your content coming from?

David: So I do actually watching the people you know I try to see and I try to kind of not copy them but kind of put in my own flavor for like the other videos but right now I'm also doing a lot of like answering questions, a lot of people are answering the same kind of questions so I answer questions and then what I kind of tell my guys is, You know I make regular TikTok videos content to put it out there. And then in my TikTok lives I like to go on there and ask questions, it's a lot easier for me to go into detail, answer these questions. And then of course on my YouTube channel I like to take them step by step as far as the whole process, kind of thing.

Dave: So are you engaging with people in your Facebook group more one on one or you like kind of what is your what is your call to action that you're giving people are you saying hey go click the link, click the link in my bio and come over and join my Facebook group, are you offering them some sort of like what is kind of your like your meta strategy for meaning, kind of 30,000 foot perspective, how are you utilizing Tik Tok, and Facebook, and YouTube together, that's, that's my question?

David: So, YouTube, YouTube, I basically that's basically where I can get the eyeballs of traffic so they can, And then that's when I direct them to my YouTube channel so they can see how you can make money, you know, different ways as far as affiliate whatever the case is, my Facebook group. 

David: Yeah, I do actually take them in and it's more of a one on one if they need a chat FaceTime, as questions whatever I can actually engage with them a lot more in my group, but that's kind of how I have my YouTube, I post videos I can take you step by step I can show you all that stuff, and then TikTok is to kind of introduce you, and then I'll bring them over to like my Facebook group and my YouTube channel. 

Dave: Are you doing, are you after they get to Facebook are you doing any one on one messaging with them to engage and welcome them to your group, anything like that?

David: Yeah, definitely I do I actually answer or message all my guys that come in and of course you know you have the questions in the beginning what they need help on whatever and I kind of go from there like okay you need help from affiliate marketing or how to make money online, or maybe you guys are in here, you already started your journey but you're having trouble setting up your videos, whatever the case is, but yeah, definitely I do message them when they come in.

Dave: So how did you develop David the confidence to be able to help somebody, when we were new and you're still at the beginning of your journey. I'm asking this because so many people have a hard time with their confidence, thinking that well I'm not really qualified if you will. It's kind of like a pilot, I know a lot of pilots, one of the, one of the things that you guys do at the beginning of your career is, and you just set it, and I have a friend that the pilot this is also how I know this is that one of the first things he did at the beginning of his career is went into training school to, he started training other pilots, not at the end of his career, not in the middle of his career, like at right immediately at the beginning of his career, as he was trying to get a job somewhere else, he, that's what he was doing was actually training other pilots, which is kind of an interesting thing. But how did you overcome the imposter syndrome, or that I'm not good enough or I knew I didn't know enough I don't have enough success or whatever the kind of story. People are pretty prone to tell themselves, to give yourself that permission to sort of be somebody of service, be somebody who can help, be somebody who can coach?

David: So, yeah, definitely as far as that whole flight instructor yeah that's actually kind of weird how you start off starting to instruct people like in that school that whatever school you went to the higher you there as a flying shifting your start training, and believe me I was awkward I was, you know, just a guy that I would just read off the PowerPoint had no idea, by the way I like to do a lot of stuff with my hands, my, my students didn't really know cuz I like to do. And, but, um, as well and then once I got into this, into this business model. Again I feel kind of awkward like I'm not a mom. I don't know I don't know the best but the one thing that actually made me kind of come out of my shell was I read Russell Brunson's book, like you don't have to be an expert on that actual model, you just have to be. You just have to be to that next level. From who you're teaching, that makes sense. You can reach that next chapter, that's all you really need to do. And yeah, tht as soon as I started reading that you know I would get on my TikTok and my first videos on Tik Tok were so awkward as well you know was a hit on my friend. I didn't know what I was doing and stuff, you know after a while you start building confidence, he's like getting on videos you start understanding, like okay yeah I do know this I can actually help people, you know like, as far as I know what they're asking. As far as the questions and you basically start building that confidence you start moving forward. 

Dave: Yeah. So Megan commented that here the this training concept direct directly after your training should be more utilized if you're able to reteach the concept that means you're truly obtaining and learning the material then she went on to say I make my kids do this to each other but we do that we that is part of our process that is part of our system. Unfortunately, it's a challenge to get some of our students here within our platform and community to do that, too, because they have that sort of imposter syndrome, that's what we call it imposter syndrome newbie complex, which tells them well I don't. I need to get a little more success under my belt, which is exactly why I asked the question. It's called learn, do, teach and when you, when you, when you do what you've learned and then you turn around and you teach what you've learned, or teach what you did right. It solidifies so much more into your DNA into your subconscious, it boosts your confidence, and again it solidifies what you just learned. So I think that, for those of you who are wondering what's the missing piece to me in my business and getting started and, and really kind of taking things to the next level. It is to get into teaching, first of all you gotta do what you've learned. That's huge, that's the middle piece, that's kind of the bridge that that kind of allows you to connect the learning and the teaching, right, you gotta do it. So if you learn it, then you do it, you build that bridge, and then you can teach it over here on this other side, teach people how to get over that bridge, right, it's such a powerful, powerful concept in concrete what you've learned and what you've done simultaneously. It is the marketing strategy that's going to help you to be successful no matter what the niches. It's called education based selling. If I can teach somebody how to, in a sense, give them results in advance, so give them some sort of a result, before I ask them to spend money. So I'm going to teach you something if you guys notice any of my marketing. I'm teaching something before I give a call to action to do anything. Look at this show, I mean every day there's not even a call to action right i mean the call to action is essentially ideally you're already in the community and you're probably going to see something for sale at some point, but we're giving you results in advance right here, right, so Yeah, certainly. 

David: Yeah and that's exactly true because it's like I even tell my guys like hey I'm here to help you guys out you have access to me there's something I'm no guru but there's stuff that I probably won't know, I know where to go find it there's a community out there that I can actually ask because or whatever question somebody is asking me or what I haven't gone through somebody else has definitely asked him, but I tell him straight. Okay, I'm here I can help you guys out. If I don't know the question or something, I can definitely know how to find the answer I can, I know who to reach out to, and that's definitely that's that's amazing. That's awesome.

Dave: Well, that's such a powerful concept too. I just know, it is just having confidence in your resourcefulness, it's like, and I tell people that even within our team, all the time, don't pretend that you know everything, don't feel. Don't feel pressure that you also need to know everything. You don't know that you can be resourceful and know also that if you tell somebody, you know what I don't know the answer to that but, but let me go check with a couple of friends or check with a couple of people that I think may have the answer you earn so much trust like you really do earn so much trust from people, because if you're bullshitting them. Everybody has a built in BS detector. You know what to do. And, and so, so there's no need to lie, there's no need to, you know, have puffery and kind of try to make yourself seem as if you know more than you do. Just be real in offer, what you can. And again, the majority of people just need to be at the beginning so they just need to know those, those initial steps, how do I get, how do I make my, get my first commission? Right, so you don't need to know advanced concepts, just the fact, as you said, if you're one step ahead of somebody I remember when I started to market back 2009 2010 I was, I was generating a lead or two a day and that's kind of the result that I would market, I would be like, Hey, let me, let me, let me teach you guys how I've generated two leads a day over the past week, right and to somebody who's generating zero leads a day. That was interesting. It was also believable, which is one of the reasons why marketing in teaching, like the lievable things, is so powerful because if I was like, let me show you how to generate 10,000 leads per day, like that's just overwhelming. Let me show you how to make 10,000 a month, like to some people that's unbelievable. Let me show you how to make an extra 2,000 a month, let me show you how to make an extra $100 a day. Now, that's going to be the first step that somebody is going to take anyways, and it's more believable. 

David: And that's exactly yeah that's exactly how I kind of think of myself when I start doing stuff like okay, what would I do or I was in my shoes like six months ago back six months ago. All I wanted was to make a commission. I didn't even care if it was 19 cents. I didn't care if it was five bucks, I just wanted to make a commission. So you know I mean, or I just want to get my first 100 I wanted to hit my first 1000 I just wanted something right, and that's basically it's like and it's and then you just work up the baby steps, fail, like you said, till you can get to those 10,000 leads or whatever the case is.

Dave: Yeah, honestly I mean once you start getting crazy big results like it's, it's, I see all these people out here that are like, I will millionaire now it's like, well, gives a shit like, but that that's so unbelievable to most people, you know what I mean?

David: People are not gonna really like to believe it like they don't, you don't mean it's just one of those things. It's like I don't really care about you. I care about me, how are you going to help kind of thing

Dave: Totally, totally man, and I mean, I think that that's what I've learned in sort of the evolution that I've taken because, I mean I made my first million man back in 2011 or 12. You know what I mean, like, but I don't have to say that on every video, you know, to me, like, it's like, it's like, I, I've learned to be more interested in what people want and more interested in where they're at and try to worry about being interesting all the time, and I do see a lot of people who, who, who really struggle with, I believe it's like, it's an insecurity, even as they begin to get results, they think that they need to push and put those results in people's faces all the time. And while that might be attractive or inspirational to some people to others, it's a real turnoff. And it's especially in this day and age, like being able to read the room, like for example in 2020 Man, I mean, we had a great year in 2020, but I didn't throw that in people's face every single video because I'm reading the room. I'm trying to be sensitive to what other people are going through . Honestly, I don't live a normal life anymore. I mean I don't know what it's like to be a nine to five worker who goes into a job at Starbucks or a retail store. Right, so I do have to try and think about what it is like, and for a person and try to speak in that language right so they can understand what the hell I'm talking about. We were doing a, an interview with, with a guy a couple of weeks ago who said, you know, he would come across the videos that were like $100 a day, and he was like, man, just I want to just I just I want to find the video that's like show me how to make $5 a day

show me that it's real man, you know.

David: Exactly and it's like you connect a lot more and I've noticed that as far as my journey right like you can make a lot more of you tell your story because there's gonna be people in that same boat that you're telling, they don't want to see the Lambos and the trips or whatever like they want to see like real life, you know, it's like hey I just made five bucks, we can turn that five into 10, and 20 Whatever the case is, and he actually started connecting a lot more with those people right because it was actually, we were, we were close right we were actually kind of like in the same boat. 

Dave: Yeah, I think it's really powerful for, for, and that's, that's one of the things that I wish more of you, all of you guys listening would would embrace is the fact that where you're at in your journey right now is actually really a pretty, it's really a pretty. It's really a pretty powerful place. It's a powerful title, It's the most important time in your business and also, it's also the time in which you can actually connect to people the most, you know, is because you know what it's like to, like, to, to kind of really struggle through some stuff, you know what I mean, it's fresh, right, like, one of the things and take lots of pictures of your journey right like take pictures if you have a nine to five job, Take pictures of it like this picture to me is, is priceless. It's the one of the only pictures that I have of me working construction. this picture right here is priceless. Like to me this was at the very beginning of my journey. I've got the nicotine patch on there you can see I was, I just stopped smoking cigarettes. I've got the laptop that my, my, my wife who is then my girlfriend. Let me put on her credit card and pay it back like 50 bucks a month, you know, until I had it paid off my desk as you can see the couch is right there my desk setup was literally right in the middle of the living room. 

David: People are actually kind of connect to that because that's the same story that's the same quote like, like hey if he's actually if he's doing construction, and he's starting his online business now he's here like, that's probably me as well, right, like, and that's kind of how I kind of see it as well like I tell my story, and like they always say like story sells right like tell your story and people are going to be like hey I'm in that same boat, I want to make five bucks a day I want to make 10 100 Whatever the case is, and you start making a lot more.

Dave: Yeah, yeah, It's definitely this is this is the other angle, there's the dinner table on the other side of the desk right and this is me probably one day doing a webinar where nobody showed up but I delivered it anyways because I was too prideful to tell my wife that nobody actually showed up.

David: I remember you said that one time when you remember that you just went on, the show must go on. 

Dave: Yeah, no, I would like do these live, you know, back again it was webinars like on GoToWebinar zoom what I don't remember of zoom, I didn't use Zoom I use GoToWebinar but like, you know, tick tock Instagram Live on Facebook wasn't a thing you have to go live, you had to do a legit webinar. And so I would do a webinar, I would at least promote a webinar and then like, you know, 80:5, 8:01, 8:02, 8:05 8:10, you know, nobody's there yet, you know, kind of like, you know, my wife, you know is skeptical at the beginning right it in just cut it and I'm like, I gotta deliver this thing so I'm like, welcome to the webinar, we got a packed house here on like trying to be extra loud so my wife hears it right and I deliver the whole thing, you know.

David: And your wife is in her backyard, that's my baby

Dave: Nobody shows up but you know I got good presentation practice, you know what I mean. Like, it was, yeah, it's, you know. That's the beginning of the journey, it's like, get lots of pictures you know what I mean like tell that story, like for months and years into the future be just like I'm doing right now because, you know, it connects with people, because that's where they're at, you know as you you guys become more successful you gals become more successful. And you do pay off, you know all your credit cards, pay off your mortgage, or you know you buy your dream house so you buy your dream car you go on your dream vacation. Like, I mean those are things that not everybody's going to be able to relate to some people may be inspired by what their what their what what everybody can relate to, is those early days of starting a business. Yeah, everybody can relate to, You know what I mean so document stories and really keeping your mind on that and keeping your heart on that brand new person being there for them telling their story through your story, and it's just such a powerful concept I'm glad you brought it up today David and, you know, I'm just, I'm thrilled for your success and I'm thrilled to have you as a part of our community, what would you say to somebody who might be sitting on the fence right now maybe on a checkout page or something, ready to take our challenge or whatever and is wondering, is this the right thing and is legendary actually have the potential to make an impact?

David: So what I tell you know my guys on on my lives or whatever the case when they asked me the hardest part in all of this is to start, and stay consistent, that is the hardest thing other than that, it's actually really easy, but as long as you're actually able to wake up for about an hour to a day in creating content, emails, whatever the case is and actually starting, I always tell about that matrix movies like I could open the door, you basically have to walk through there, it is going to be your business is going to be yours, you do have to put the work in the effort, what do you guys are, I'm willing to help you guys out. I'll be here to ask me questions, whatever the case is, but that's actually the hardest part to start and to just stay consistent. Other than that, it's not really that difficult, it's just, you know, those are what I truly do believe and what I seen, because there are some times that I don't want to get up and I don't want to create a video or whatever the case is right I worked late, I got off whatever the case is, but it's, those are what I truly believe are the most difficult ones.

Dave: Yeah. And where do you see your future here? Where do you see the next year or two, I mean what are some of your goals and what have you already accomplished that's exciting? That, that, that is sort of maybe even beyond your expectations and what else, what are your sights set on over the next 12 months or so?

David: So, we all started I started this for you know for backup whatever multiple streams but I see this, I mean, I could, I could actually see myself because I do travel with this EMS job you know they send me to little small towns, and I do travel a lot here and there and of course my kids are getting bigger. I do have a five year old and a 16 year old right now so maybe you know maybe making this into a full time thing later on in the future we'll see how it is I love flying but if I can make it into a full time thing, like, I'll be here talking about my TikTok lives or making content, my little one she has a little, we're here in the office, she has a little tape on the side with the cartoons, and she's on her iPad too you know. She's, she's, she sees a dad gets on video. She’s not shy or whatever and she's also doing it too so I'm actually kind of impacting her too, who knows what might you know I mean she might be on it too but it's like, it's just one of those things that like she sees me go on and she's also trying to do stuff on her iPad as well. But, I mean, honestly, right now I love flying. I really like where my journey is going, but in the future my goal, you know, is to make this as far as my full time, my full time job, so I can stay home with the kids you know go to those soccer practices. You know, graduations, anniversaries parties, stay here at the house kind of thing.

Dave: It's nice to have many choices. I mean, flying is not a not an unfunded thing. You know I mean I have, I have some pilot friends, they really love it. You know, they really that's kind of one of those jobs that it's kind of hard not to love, especially if you like being up in the sky. I like the way my office looks. Yeah, I can, I can understand that, well hey brother thank you for your service in that particular area of business, and thanks for being a great example for those of us in this community, appreciate the thinking, you know, get in there get rockin learn do teach you brought up some really powerful principles day and made it really valuable for people who are listening I hope you'll come back and keep us posted here in a few months, I appreciate it. David: Thank you for having me, Dave, I appreciate it. Alright, David, see my brother take care of my man. 

Dave: Thanks, appreciate it. All right. All right, my friends, have a fantastic Friday, and a great weekend. Do something today to finish your week strong, you know, take a risk and do something that makes you uncomfortable. Finish, finish strong and then utilize some of your time this weekend, even if it's just during some of your relaxation to maybe catch up on some of these episodes go through some of the training that you that you have here at Legendary if you're a blueprints client go through some of that training, maybe rewatch some sections if you need to brush up or get clarity, and most of all, take what you've learned. Do it, do it, and then teach it to somebody else. All right, be Legendary. We'll see you back here on Monday 10pm Eastern Time for another episode. Peace.

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