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Matt: Greetings everybody, welcome in. My name is Matt, if you don't already know I’m the CMO here at Legendary. And we've got another awesome guest for wakeup legendary as most of you who are newer, this is our daily show that we do every single Monday through Friday at 10am. Eastern. We do this, we started doing this, maybe two ish years ago, sometime around the start of the pandemic. And Dave typically hosts most days and this weekend hosting as a guest host, I typically just post on Wednesdays out of town on a little vacation. So anyway, if you are newer and haven't been alerted yet, you can text the left, you can text WUL to (813)-296-8553. And every single warning that we go live, you're going to get a little text message reminder that just says hey, by the way, don't forget, we're going live join us. And it's just an easy way for you to wake up. And there's a lot of ways for you to wake up, you can wake up reading, listening to cable television, or network television talking about the local news and you know, all the car crashes that happened last night. Or you can wake up with Wake Up legendary, and get a story of another person who's seeing some fun, and maybe even dive into some of their strategy and get a little nugget for your own marketing. Some of these episodes, we talked about it behind the scenes, some of these episodes should be like, we should charge money for them. For as many as we do, and as many golden nuggets as get dropped. You know, but it's a totally free thing just for being a part of our community. You can feel free to invite friends and family. It's a cool show to watch. And it's cool to see real people sort of unfiltered, unscripted about their experience both of Legendary and also just in general. Their experience making money on the internet, many, many of them for the first time. Not everybody but most people for the very first time. And so today, we have another awesome guest. And if you're in if you're here, live with us, and you're in the comments, give us a little hand clap emoji or something. And welcome to our guest who I met at a mastermind about a month ago, a little over a month ago. Steve, what's up? 

Steve: Hey, thanks so much for having me. 

Matt: Of course, thanks for taking the time to come on. So you're in Michigan, I'm guessing it's cold and snowy there. I'm not jealous at all. 

Steve: Yep, it's always cold and snowing, probably eight to nine months of the year here and nothing to see right out the window. 

Matt: So I read through a little bit of your questionnaire. I'm excited to dive into both some of the mechanical parts of what you're doing and also some of the magnetic parts that came as a result of the mastermind. But take us back. What do you do for a living and what? What got you looking for something online? Tell us a bit about you know what, what started the smart to start something online. 

Steve: Oh, it really started back in 2016. I was in the military at the time, looking to make a little extra money when I was off duty. And I found out I had never heard of it before. Never heard of network marketing. But I knew so little about this game that I thought I was going to get a job interview when I met the person who was recruiting me for network marketing. So that was really where a lot of it started online. My marketing journey. And as you know, I've failed more times than I could possibly count going through this journey since 2016. But then, you know, I spent five, six figures in education. Really, everything changed once I found out about Legendary and the education and Honestly, I just found out about you guys, I think at the beginning of October of 2021. So it hasn't been long. But to be sitting here in front of you just in January, after that is just, it's incredible. Unbelievable. And I'm so grateful.

Matt: Super cool. I did this really funny that you mentioned the job posting thing, because I did that back in the day. Like 10 years ago, I was the one on Craigslist and stuff posting job posting marketing Companies hilarious. So you found Legendary in October? 

Steve: I found Legendary at the beginning of October 2021. When I found out about you guys, and never never heard of anything you guys were doing before, and that was just amazing. What was that like diving into the training? Like what? He never tried anything like that before? What was it like to dive in and start, the amazing part about it was that the 15 day challenge was better than anything I had ever paid for previously. I mean, I had gone, I had done what a lot of people don't. I went into debt to get education with a past, you know, maxed out credit cards for it. And yet, I find you guys I find this 15 Day Challenge and even four days in I think when I finally met my business plan advisor, shout out Antonio, I, it just changed, it was something different. I couldn't quite explain it. But the system started clicking. And it started working. And that was just it. I know I'm on board. Let's see how far we can take this. 

Matt: Super cool. For somebody who's newer to our training and stuff in your blog, and you go through the BPA thing, was it always curious, did it freak you out? Or was it like, were you like, Dang, this is super cool. Because sometimes like, I wonder in my head like I like I don't know, if I want to hop on a call with a total stranger. Was it weird? Like, how was Antonio? 

Steve: Yeah. So I first don't, this is different. They, you know, every day they lock it, I can't just jump through and skip through to the end of the 15 days. And yeah, hopping on the Zoom call made me a little nervous. Just like this, you know, my heart was beating a little faster. But then it didn't take long, Antonio and I started talking and I was thinking what a lot of people might think, Oh, they're going to hard sell me on something. And, you know, then he started asking about my family. He started asking about kids. And it was just a cool conversation. Yeah, it was super, super laid back. It was easy. And that's what I loved about it.

Matt: That's cool. That's awesome. And I think that's most people's experience, you know, what's funny is we have all these business plan advisors and, and literally sometimes, yeah, cuz we have, we have more expensive training that they can help you purchase if you want to. You don't have to, though. And, and but it's funny, because on some of our calls, right, so on some of our vision calls, and some of our company calls. It's funny, because this is the only company I've ever heard salespeople brag about and talk about how they actually refused to sell somebody something. They rough it, it doesn't seem like the best time, you know, whether it's financial stuff, or you know, emotionally they're kind of all over the place. And, and that was happening the other day, maybe a month or two ago on one of our calls. And I was like, this is such a unique culture of people who, you know, it's our whole culture. It's our whole culture, I think, from a place where your classes are full. And you're not desperate as a company or you're not desperate as a person, you know, do things like that, but our industry tends to invite a lot of people who are desperate for things and so they make big income claims and they make, you know, all this stuff, and it gets me into trouble. But I'm glad that you've had that experience with your BPA because yeah, I think a lot of times people are nervous, but once they actually get on a call, they're like, this is really cool. Like it's a very unique part about the legendary business and community is that you can actually get on a call with somebody if they can't help you with something. Make sure that you know somebody in our company can. Which is a really nice thing to have as you get started with your business. So, okay, so you go through all of that and you actually become part of our mastermind community, it costs a couple grand. And tell us about the mastermind. So, in December, we had a mastermind in Orlando, we met at that mastermind.  Tell us about the days leading up to it. 

Steve: So the month and a half before the mastermind? What were your thoughts on starting your business, and then tell us about the mastermind and what happened after. So here's the crazy part that I mentioned. I started in October, after I started in October, I got you know, the blueprints, mastermind, everything. And I didn't do a single thing with any of that, until after the mastermind finished. Oh, nothing happened in those two months. Leading up to that, yeah, a few days before that, I'll give you guys a little backstory. My wife, at the time of that mastermind, she's actually seven months pregnant. And she came along with me, to support me at this mastermind with a company that just about a month and a half, two months ago, neither of us had ever heard about. So huge shout out to my wife, just for Alyssa for coming with me to sit supporting me through all the education just being there and engaging, playing full out too. But a few days before that, you know, I was pumped, I was excited. I had been to growth conferences before in the past. And previous growth conferences were kinda like, we're just room to sell you something at the end of an hour presentation. And I kind of thought, I wonder if this is gonna be the same experience if they're gonna have something that they're gonna, you know, sell me at the end? Oh, I'll never forget when I think he was standing up there at one point. And he said, All right, you know, run to the back of the room. There I get your sandwiches. Yeah, nothing to sell you. And I thought that was so cool. He did that. It was just education, it was community. And I mean, leading up to that, you know, I didn't know what to expect. I only had my previous experiences. But what's just pumped man, so excited to fly from Michigan to get some nice weather out in Orlando. And some great people change their lives. 

Matt: And it's so funny. Man, we're just always used to going into those types of events. And I've been to those types of events. It's been a little while. But I remember the first event that I went to where every single speaker sold something, whether it was 50 bucks, or whether it was 500 bucks, or 1000 bucks. And it was you know, the goal of just getting everybody to the front of the room. You know, create the buyers rush to get everybody to the front of the room. I feel like yeah, not to like not to brag on Legendary like that. But yeah, it's a fun experience when it's really refreshing when it's like, oh, we literally have nothing else to sell you even if we wanted to. We just don't have anything else. To sell you. We're here to be a help to you in the room with people who are like minded and can help, you know, sort of inspire you. And then so you go through that weekend, you do the little board break thing, we did a board. And then and then you go home, and something's a little different at home, something's a little bit changed, what changed or what shifted? 

Steve: Well, I'm glad you mentioned the board break too, because that's part of it. So when you did the boards and we brought the boards there were already things that we no longer want to happen. And all I wrote on my board was that the job broke through it. And I came back and I was hit. I just hit the ground running. Even when I was at the conference, I was doing three or four videos a night on social media. And two weeks after coming back from the conference, I was able to honestly step away from my job and say, Wait a minute, I'm making more with this. And I was there and I was actually able to step away. So now I do this full time. I'm here sharing your guys' message and sharing education with people every single day creating content, and it's just so it's so much fun. So that's where I'm at now. I was able to actually bring If you're bored and leave that job in real life, I can't imagine another company, I would have been able to do it so quickly except what they're in your guys's system. It's just amazing. That's really cool. Matt: Congrats, man. That seems, and you're, you're smoking hot right now as an affiliate, I mean, just full disclosure that everybody speaks to one of our affiliates. And, and since then and basically in the last really 30 days, I mean, you're making really good money. I guarantee it's more money than if you are making a new job. Yeah, yeah. So congrats on that, make sure you save for taxes. Okay, I'm not a financial adviser. And you’ve been working really hard. And it's, it's cool to see how, you know, I tell people, if you do it, right, if you show up and you implement you do it right. These masterminds are things that can cement the reality of that identity into you. So like, before, people go to a mastermind or get in the room with somebody like Dave and hear from somebody like Dave and also sit down and hear from, you know, Ryan and Megan, I saw them comment on this live just a second ago, they spoke, and they've been doing this now for I mean, they really, really consistent with this business with affiliate marketing now for over a year. And I think over here, and they hit Platinum with us, made six figures and got rings at this last mastermind. And, and they're killing it, and oh my gosh, where was I going with that? Oh, they just need to sort of ingrained the identity of affiliate marketer, internet marketer, whatever you want to call it freelance Digital Marketer into who they are and cemented right now, sometimes it sticks for people, sometimes it doesn't. But I know for a fact that, you know, getting into that room, having your wife there too. Knowing and man expecting a kid on the way and like a lot at stake and to have that shift happen at the mastermind to write that down on the fork break. And that's crazy. It's really cool. 

Steve: Thank you. It's incredible. And, you know, this is our first kid. So just a quick story. What's our goal? My goal, ultimately, and everything we do is that I always wanted to be there for him. My son that's coming, especially being from the military, so many pictures where I wasn't in a photo, my family, and you just never get that time back with those people that you love so much. And that's really our commitment to him is that I never have a photo. Never miss a precious moment in his life. Because I was trading my time for something. I was somewhere that I just did not want to be. 

Matt: Yeah, that makes perfect sense to me. And that's a beautiful commitment. I like that a lot. When you're shifting gears, let's shift gears now. So in your marketing stuff, tell us a little bit about what you've got going on. You're working on different platforms that tell us what's worked best. And then bring us in from a marketing perspective. Tell us what you're most excited about. When you wake up in the morning. What are you doing? What's your day? Like? What's been your consistent sort of mode of operating?

Steve: Yeah. Oh, what actually was one of your tips, and I think it was it was the Decade In A Day I was in and you brought up modeling success, modeling what already worked, don't try to reinvent the wheel. And so I go up to social media every day. And when I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is actually journal in the morning in the evening. And to your point and consistency. I found that journaling every single day and being able to show up and write has helped me to be able to be more consistent every day in creating content. Because if I can sit up and I can write I can make some videos and I can engage with people. So that's how I start my day journaling. I meditate in the morning, I stay away from my phone first thing in the morning, and I just think about my day, and I breathe, and imagine the kind of day I want to have. And then after that, you know, I spend some time with the family, and then I start to start to get to work. And when I do the same things every single day, consistently, I think that is such an important point. If I had to pick one thing that probably brings the most success, it's being consistent, intentional with everything that you're doing every single day, everything that I'm doing, so I do the same things every single day. Sacred call, yeah, I wake up in it's, it's three, I create three to four pieces of content through social media, every single day, based on topics that have already proven themselves on social media to be successful. So that is what we mean by that exactly. 

Matt: What do you mean by proving that they've been successful already? What do you tell people? Exactly? 

Steve: Exactly what I mean is that I go out, and before I ever create a piece of content, I go on to TikTok, I go into Facebook, I go to Instagram, and I look up my niche, and look at what's already proven to have a ton of views, a ton of comments, people positively engaged with it. And when I find those videos, save three or four of them. And I just started to create a similar sort of feel to a video around the same topic. So if the topic was dog training, and how to make your dog sit, I would look for the most popular videos on that. And then I start to create a piece of content that kind of feels like that piece of content, because if it was successful once, it has a higher likelihood of being successful once again. 

Matt: Perfect. That's exactly that, a great routine. And I also just wanted to say one other thing. I wanted to go back to your comment about doing the same thing every day. You know, I think that's important for people who are just getting started. But I also think, you know, if you do the same thing every single day for let's say, 60 days, 90 days, and you're not getting results, it's important to change those habits and shift those habits. In your case, if you've got such a great daily routine, and you got such a great man, I know, I would, there's so many, there's so many things about that, that I would get better, huge takeaways from it. But you know, I always I always jumped to even thinking about putting that into a PDF, right and giving that away to people. Here's my daily, here's my, here's my morning routine, my daily routine as affiliate marketer that helped me or you know, whatever. It's just such a powerful thing. But it's a good giveaway in your email sequence, right? But here's the thing is, a lot of times what people do when they get their first 5, 10 grand in working, they get shiny object syndrome, they certainly look, they start to look Whoa, what's he did? What's he doing? What's he doing? Maybe I could try something else. And here's the thing, I always tell people when you've got something that's working, right, expand business, expand the business on top of your daily routine to never lose that routine, right? So you found something that's like, wow, this is income generating. Number one, you've got to realize that not a lot of people get to that point. It's a unique thing. It feels like to you because it's so quick. We're talking three months, that you're rocking, rolling, that, you know, wow, this is the norm. It's not the norm, right lottery, struggling a lot of people, you know, really, really trying to really try to figure it out still. And so yeah, I think you realize how good you're doing and how quick that happened. And then also claim to that routine and don't stop what's working. We found both affiliates and then also just in our own business like this applies business wise, but also to affiliates. It's like, you find a winning formula to find something that's working well to do that thing going because that's your cash revenue. That's your whole revenue of your business. That is the thing driving your business forward. And then everything else you want to do. You block out time separate from that routine, and you add it on top of Business. 

Steve: That makes sense. Yeah, no, I completely. I completely agree that it's, as long as it's working. I think Dave said to the mastermind, too, if it's working, and just keep working on it.

Matt: Isn't that cool, man? So tell us when you're creating content, I'm curious, just based on what I know of you and having met you, was that transition getting into content creation hard? Did it come naturally? What do you feel like was the trick to sort of breaking through in your content creation? It was, well, I had a few. I had a few realizations as I was, as I was learning to create content. Because you're researching things that are already out, there are other successful pieces of content. It almost became like learning as you earn. situation where I would see some of these videos and I love what they're doing. And I wouldn't know exactly how they do that. Maybe I don't know how they added that text. So I get to go out and research. How did they have that text in that particular tick tock video in that way? And they asked us fast, being the time to go window, get there, not go freaking out and saying, Oh, my gosh, I'm not a guru. I know how to do this. I can't do this, right? I don't know what I'm doing. What did you do? He went straight to Google. How do I and then insert what you don't? Right? 

Steve: Yeah. Yeah, that's so important to realize that. Once I stopped working in a job, it's, you're here every day, you're the boss, you're making the decisions. You're in here, you have to, we have to figure it out. Of course, we have resources. But we always if we're going to reach out to someone, we're going to ask for help. A firm believer that I should have a list of steps of things I've already tried. So I'm not coming. I'm coming. I'm showing him I'm making an effort. I just need a little. I need a little leg up. Right, exactly. Yeah. And I think I think that's a big one. I think also just sharing, you know, think that giving people you know, people you like help from showing that level of effort. And telling people here's what I tried, we kind of covered this mastermind to write telling people what exactly you tried telling people what exactly what didn't work, right. 

Matt: Yeah. I think that's cool. What, uh, what's been the biggest struggle in your content creation? 

Steve: You know, the biggest the biggest struggle in my content creation, I find is

Well, starting out, you know, it was consistent. Every day it was waking up, you know, even though I have a routine, of course, life. Life comes in. No stopping it. But it's, it's continuing committing to your content creation. Despite whatever is happening that day. In life, if you have four hours, where you're going to go and spend time with family or something happens that you never expected. It's waking up a couple, maybe an hour earlier, going to bed an hour later, just to make sure you can batch and put together that content. And you can continue your streak every single day of sharing your passion and sharing your message with people. So that's been the hardest part is getting in the routine, getting consistency and still being able to produce despite what life brings in sometimes. 

Matt: Interesting, super cool. So I'm pretty curious. Like, on top of what you're doing, TikTok and content creation. What's the key to your Facebook access because I was a little bit interested in you'd grown that and stuff, what's what's been your experience with that? 

Steve: Facebook, so cyber curious, I grew a Facebook page really quick. I grew from zero followers to about 22,000 Since December 23 of 2021. 

Matt: What did you do? 

Steve: So, here, here come the nuggets, you know, let's let's take them to church. Facebook is amazing. And I saw a video not too long ago where someone said don't ever use Facebook and affiliate marketing I'll tell you, it hasn't been my experience that big blue, Big Blue is alive and well. And my this, this has been really just the heart of everything we're doing has been Facebook. So I, I put on Facebook and Facebook, I believe is better than a talk for really getting to know people. And that has been a word that is Facebook. I never let a message or a comment go unnoticed and go unanswered. And I reach out to people and I ask them, What are you looking to achieve? What are you looking to accomplish, and we have full conversations and I will really spend the majority of my day after content creation, just answering messages and just getting to know people on Facebook. So that's, that's been so powerful for effort, engagement, and all of that, but most importantly, connecting with other human beings from everywhere from Canada to Australia. And when they send a message saying, Hey, this is Steve, and I'm here to help us here. That's, that's just been the greatest key to it is connecting with human beings on Facebook. Never Never give up on them. So if you if you wanted a nugget, really, the greatest thing I've learned from Facebook and creating this page is connect with people as much as possible, because the mission is more important than the commission

Matt: That's a big nugget. I like that a lot, as should be your tagline. Yeah, and you know, Facebook's also, you know, Facebook, or you have Instagram rails, which is now really tied into Facebook rails, and they might not be quite as powerful as they might not be quite as powerful as TikTok in terms of organic reach. But if you don't think that there's people at Facebook, who are going to figure that out. I mean, Facebook's gonna figure that out at some point. And so yeah, I think that getting on having that content there and gauging with people because people are used to engagement on Facebook, especially some some, like, people who were like, let's say 30 to 70 years old, are used to the engagement that happens through Facebook than they are on to jock. It's more familiar to them. And you can reach them easier that way. Man, that's super cool, dude, I know what you're doing there. And we'll put up links to your stuff so people can check it out. I'll put it in the chat, actually, right now, put it up, put in a link to your Facebook, and people can go check you out. If you're watching this, and you're gonna, you're gonna hop on and find Steve's Facebook, I just put it in there now, but you can just search Cash Flow Marketer on Facebook and you could probably find it.  And also put your TikTok up here in a second spin on the volume. And do I love it, I love what you're doing. And just for everybody who's here, we can dive deep into all of your strategy, all this stuff. Yeah, but what I'm going to tell everybody to do is be a good marketer, follow your advice and go figure it out by looking at your page and diving into what's going on on the page. And sometimes less is more in this kind of scenario. To want to tell me exactly what to do. But that reduces the amount of critical thinking that happens and people become not very good problem solvers. Our culture, and especially our education system has taught us to not be very good critical thinkers. And that what I want everybody to do is go to his Facebook page, I want you to find it. And I want you to. I want you to scroll through and I want you to do some investigative work on him and what he's been doing on that Facebook page, because there's probably a lot of cool nuggets there. So Steve, thanks to my brother. Thanks for coming on. I'm glad we got to see each other again. This is really cool. Keep going at it and we'd love to have you on again in two or three months and just catch up and see what's up. 

Steve: Hey, any time I can. I can share anything, it's really wonderful to be here and it's you know, it's so great to see you again Matt and just to be a part of this community. I love it. I love what you guys are doing. I really appreciate you so much. 

Matt: Well, thanks for coming on man. Really appreciate Thanks for the kind words. 

Steve: Absolutely. Thank you. Alright guys, I'm going to put up his TikTok right here. It's @thecashflowmarketer, you can follow him on TikTok. And you know what I always tell people to do: leave a comment and say, Hey man, wake up legendary and let him know what was impactful? What made you think differently? Okay, let him know. And we're going to be back here at the same time, same place at 10am. Eastern every single weekday. Monday through Friday, had we even had a show on Christmas, I think. I think we've maybe pre recorded that one the day before, but we literally, well, Christmas on Saturday, we did one on Christmas Eve. Every single Monday through Friday, even on a big national holiday. We're going to pre-record an episode the day before so you can get a dose of it. And everybody who's in the chat will be here and live with you. So it's a really fun community to be a part of. It's unique. It's different from anything else you're going to find online. And it's better than most everything you're applying online too. So everyone have a great rest of your Tuesday. Follow Steve @thecashflowmarketer on TikTok and see you back here tomorrow. Peace out everybody.