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Matt: Hey everybody, welcome in, Happy Wednesday. It is Wednesday October 13 We are live for Wake Up Legendary This is not a recording, we are actually live. And good to see you guys, as you're coming in, let us know where you are tuning in from. We've got people who watch and attend from all over the world, typically a couple of 100 Live, and a couple 1000 after the fact. So if you're tuning in live with us, let us know where you're tuning in from every Monday through Friday we bring on a new guest. They share a bit about their marketing strategy, what they've been doing and how they've been generating traffic getting eyeballs on their website. We're all kind of fighting for attention online, and, and the people we bring on are doing really well with that. So, what we do typically is, we invite guests who are affiliates of ours, some of them are just clients of ours people, and through our training and had success in other industries. And we bring them on, and we kind of show off their success and highlight what they've been doing and what's working. So it turns into a little bit about what's working now. Little 30 minutes and that's kind of what we do so, we've got other awesome guests on let's not waste any time. If you guys can give us a clap emojis in the chat. Sarah what's up. Hi, how are you today?

Sarah: I'm great, how are you

Matt: I'm, I'm actually great. It's a good morning so far enough, it's crazy. I haven't got too far into the day. I was just telling Sarah that I'm on the West Coast. And yeah, it tells us a little bit about you and your journey and, you know, I usually like to have people sort of set up, you know, are you working a full time job, how did you discover sort of the online world. What's life and work balance like like those kinds of things, you know, how are you getting this whole thing started, and finding balance with other parts of your life.

Sarah: Yeah, okay. So, actually two months ago today, on the day I bought the Legendary Marketing program, they did blueprints and dove right in. I didn't waste any time and just started diving in and I still work full time but my goal is to quit that full time job. By the end of December, which is my birthday, that's my personal goal that I have and I'm rocking and rolling so far, on my way to that goal so I couldn't be more excited.

Matt: Dang. That's fast. 

Sarah:  I am yeah and you're helped and tipped through these every Thursday, that has helped me a lot when I was always stuck so highly recommended for somebody getting on doing that for sure.

Matt: Cool. That's awesome, that's cool, it's good to hear too. So you, you've got a full time job, and you're working that what was like the, I'm gonna, you know everybody has this first moment. Well, we I feel like we have two moments we have like, I want more, or I'm looking for more kind of thing, and then also like a discovery of, like, wow, I could make money online instead of going to a job. Interesting. What was like the first one, what was the initial like hey I want more and you started looking, or did it just pop in front of you on TikTok or what happened?

Sarah: So, I have been working from home since COVID happened, and I had just started with my company and then they were like, Yeah, we're not going to the office anymore so I have had the opportunity to be at home for a while now, which is how I've been able to do this and run a business. So we had to go back into the office in July, two dams a week, this past July, and that lasted for a month, thank God, but when we got back into the office I felt like I was in prison, I was in a cubicle couldn't talk to anybody couldn't see anything or do anything and I'm like, What am I doing with my spare time, what am I doing in my free time. And so how I discovered you guys was my sister is on Tik Tok, you know just posting funny videos with her friends and I forgot to, you know, log out of the app and so I went back on a few days later and saw somebody doing the same thing that I'm doing, and she was an older woman around my parents age and I'm like if this woman can do this, I can do this so I just started, you know, with the seven day challenge, or the 15 day challenge that cost seven bucks and I'm like, this is worth it. I got to day six, and that's when the blueprint arrived and I just stopped the 15 Day Challenge and dove right into okay let's start this. And so I created an actual LLC business, at the end like two weeks after that and I've just been going at it, doing the best I can to be successful and hit my goals.

Matt: Nice. That's awesome. GC you are. I can already tell like just energy wise like you are, Like, just screaming like just fired up ready to rock and you're doing well too, I mean you're making money you've turned it already into a profitable business, or close, I don't know other costs outside of just our blueprints and stuff but you're well on your way, I think, for sure, and I feel like you, you sort of watched sort of the model of like, okay, hey, look, somehow, there's a person out there online, who's, you know, doing pretty well for themselves wanting to get a full time job maybe not a full time income maybe not and I think I could probably do that I could think I could probably pull that off. So, in terms of balancing a full time job with that. Just, I feel like the whole work from home thing is such an opportunity for people, mostly because, you know, like I haven't really worked like an in person full time job and quite a few years but I remember many times, like when I would, I would try to work on like my side hustle stuff that I was doing. And I always was, because it's just who I am but. But I think I like having the flexibility of being able to work from home. You know, people can't micromanage you the way that maybe they would before or just even really like, you know, I always felt like there was a chance for me to get all of the work that I needed to get done for that day and five hours or six hours or something, or spread it out during times that I want. And, and, but you know, then you look lazy, even if you're just more efficient. I feel like the work from home thing, this whole last year and a half I've just seen people come on this show and just be like, Yeah, you know, I work from home, and there's more spare time, because I can get my stuff done faster and that I can move on to the next thing. My next thing is my side hustle and so that's cool, I like that. And yeah, what an interesting man, such an interesting person. Some people go looking for it, they type into Google, how do I make money online and other people just are scrolling tick tock, you know, the latest one that I've seen is about doing Airbnb ease. And, you know, it's another side hustle to make money, you know, buying Airbnb properties. When you first get the blueprints you dive in, you're, you're starting out. First of all, what, when you start creating content, was that tough? Did you find it easy? Was it difficult, was it. How has that been?

Sarah: So at first, it was definitely difficult for me. I was one that never posted on social media, not even like personal stuff I did. I was on TikTok and had no video so I actually had my five year old son. Tell me how to figure out how to put the music into. So for like three weeks I was just trying to put on a, like a demo almost to see if I could get followers. And so once I figured that out I just started, you know, making videos all the time so I would post three videos a day and then once I got on to the legendary Thursday weight blueprints and asked, you know, how do I get more followers and it would just like make one to two good content videos and post them you know once or twice a day, it depends. And so then when I started looking at the models of other people who were successful already doing this. I was just, you know, copying their videos, exactly and making them, you know my own so that has been such a huge help and creating my following and getting more success, and sales into my business.

Matt: Yeah, yeah, nice and you've got like, I feel like you've got a well 34,000 followers is definitely nothing to sneeze at, that's for sure. And you haven't actually had that. The funny part is that if you haven't made all that many videos right, it's not that much content so I feel like what you've done really worked. And I, I also feel a bit like, there's, There's what is for everybody who's here. I think that there's a really important thing, you know, copywriting is applicable to every copywriting skill of learning how to write, captivating headlines or attention grabbing headlines, and, you know, compelling sales copy and that's really what a TikTok video is. Most people don't realize that. And so when you go on into the TikTok world and you see certain pieces of content performing really well or certain, certain three second introductions to the videos we call those an attention grabbing headline or a hook. When you see those work for other people. Those are, those are similar and you can use very similar headlines yourself. And I tell people, Don't reinvent the wheel, it's not that hard. There's lots of industries and lots of niches, you could tap into, where you can use those same headlines. The same goes for stitches stitch style videos, but especially with the attention grabbing headline I think that's what you've done really well, and it takes a lot of the guesswork out of it now. I'll give that with a little caveat. I do think that sometimes if people go overload on those, it can weigh down the channel too. Right, it can actually put stress and strain on the channel so I feel like you've also mixed in just some good original content too, which I think is a big part of your success, and you're going live right so I think if just the whole channel is flooded with side hustle videos or online work videos or stuff like that, eventually down the road, it starts to see a little bit of a kind of slows down to a screeching halt, which even then still, you still have $80,000 He didn't have before. Right, so it's not all bad, but going live, which kudos to you that's a big one. I just saw, not to, you know, get sidetracked, but I just saw Calvin Hill was live yesterday, that guy that do goes live for like three hours at a time and just spitballs, all kinds of stocks and crypto and then goes into digital marketing and talks about, You know, talk to you about how to take advantage of the market by getting digital marketing skills. I think that live thing you're doing is really smart, so you went live yesterday, how'd that go?

Sarah: Good. So that was my second live I ever did and that was because of you, I'm like how do I get more sales you know I'm getting all these subscribers and followers but I'm not you know fulfilling the sale, and you're like, do the live so I'm like okay, here I go, terrified, but I, you know, if we're not out of our comfort zone, we're not growing right. So, I went on live, you know, thinking I was gonna do 30 minutes that was like Okay, Sarah, I can do this for 30 minutes, and then an hour went by and I'm like holy crap, I need to get back to like my actual job I need to log off so I'm like, I was just so grateful and I did, I mean I ended up getting a lot of followers after that sales work flowing in, so it really does work as long as you're taking the time to put in, you know, you will see results.

Matt: Yeah, and on that webinar strategy I was just looking for my little, I was looking for my little drawing pen but I don't have it so we do not get to see maths artistry today. I, on that webinar saw I sometimes tell people, You know back in the day when I started in 2009 10, we had to pay $100 a month for something like GoToWebinar, super old clunky webinar software, it was glitchy and it was a disaster. And to do all of that and set it all up, was a huge catch like production costs, you had to email out to your list and make anybody aware that it was even going on. And usually, like, if you're starting out, you're brand new, like that email list is like nobody, and you might be lucky to get a person or to just like to actually click in login on their desktop because no one had phones. So, you know, I think, in the grand scheme, there's just such a massive opportunity I've been screaming about this and I think people are almost getting annoyed but I've been screaming about how they stick talking is a greatest opportunity in digital marketing history still is and has been for the last two years, but the webinar strategy that going live strategy. When you combine that with sort of the viral traffic trends and you get some real viral moments going. The downside, or the kickback to that, is that people are like, Well, you're not really giving super high quality value to those people. I think one thing that you're doing. I think one thing that you're doing that's right, is that you're sparking curiosity with those style videos you're opening people's minds in there saying, oh my gosh like there's ways to make money online that's interesting, I'm going to follow Sara and, and figure out more, right. So, you can use easy style videos like that that are proven to go viral to build your following, right. And then the question I always get is, why am I building this following making videos that have nothing to do with what I'm offering, because those people are following you, not just because they want to do exactly what's inside of that video or that they're ever going to do it, probably never will. They might go try it out or they might, they start asking questions in your comments if you ever noticed that?

Sarah: Yeah

Matt: Yes, they start asking questions about specifics in the comments right that's the whole point is, you know, even if they never buy from you, even if you're opening people's minds, you're stretching and expanding you're breaking neural pathways in their mind, they're starting to say, Wow, this is interesting. And then after they start that, then oh my gosh. Hey Sara is live, right, and during the live, this is kind of the trick, during the live is really your place to be able to educate people and teach people and unpack questions, things like that. But if you can really run, and the more you do those lives like Calvin used to do them I think every day a lot of different people do these lives. You start to really drive sales, and that's the place for conversions, the big the big mistake I see people do is they try to sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, on their feed, Right, like when they post videos, and then people, their followers start to just like, oh, it's, it's Sarah. She's just gonna sell me today or it's Calvin he's just gonna sell me today or it's Brian. Okay here's another video selling me a stupid little thing right, but in the lives it's more intimate people don't actually really care, it's like, okay, yeah, no problem. So I feel like that's smart, I mean I suggested that to you. So I'm not trying to compliment myself but you taking action on that is a big one because if you're starting to see sales coming in after your second live, or your second day of having done a live. It's a real way to build and cultivate that audience which is really important for the algorithm, and protecting sort of your ability to get more followers and get views with the algorithm is important so even if it weren't driving sales it, that's super crucial to keep sort of a healthy status in TikTok algorithm, I don't know Is this making sense.

Sarah: Yeah, yeah, I wouldn't have done a live if I didn't think that it was gonna work, I mean, I was at a standstill and I'm like, What am I gonna do with all these subscribers and followers, you know, some are, you know, will click the link right then and there and sign up for that seven day, or the 15 day challenge but it's, you know, how do we get them to realize that there's more to that to learn and it doesn't just have to be with them making the online money niche you know it could be anything of something that they're already doing.

Matt: Totally, yeah, totally, absolutely. Yeah, I think that Well, I think that that's a big one but yeah I think having that discovery is a really big one too, it'll shape and change how you make content a little bit when you discover that make make you a little bit less, or make anybody let no I'm not saying you but make anybody less dependent on a certain style of video at Oak is like, you know one person who's a good example that is Tyler wise, he started making videos around like Google Chrome tools that are really helpful, and he what he found is there's sort of like, like little one off things that are a little less like just intense around making money, and are like, still getting the views people still view those virally sort of like those side hustle videos. And so he's mixed in some of those which are then like wow, this guy is a little more diverse than maybe I expected and and and he's also it's a way for him to bring in new people from different parts of the TikTok world, as opposed to in this industry. And again, your benefit there, sometimes people, there's an argument for just using hashtags to attract people who are just interested in affiliate marketing. So let's make an argument against that. Right. There's also an argument against having people who are always hearing about affiliate marketing, being pitched on it all the time on TikTok, and seeing these videos non stop, there's, there's an argument of going out and actually grabbing people from totally random different niches who aren't really interested in that sort of like you weren't really interested in that, you know beforehand, and pulling those people in and drawing interest and keeping your channel healthy that way driving more leads and sales that way too. So, anyway, for all of those reasons I just think it's interesting. Yeah, it's an interesting discovery, what, when you're out there and you're creating content and you do about one to two posts a day?

Sarah: So I was on like a retreat for four days so I have been lately posting to twice per day just to get my following and like drive back up, but usually it has been you know once per day probably for about three weeks now because it was a steady flow of followers and subscribers and sales I mean, I've only been doing this like I said, I probably posted my first video the end of September. So all of these followings are like less than, you know, two months, which is awesome so I'm already like halfway, it's only the 13th right so I'm only half. I'm already halfway to where I was in September. So I'm very, you know thankful and excited to, you know, be a part of this for sure. I would have. So, been angry at myself if I would have stopped and quit, you know, because it I mean in the beginning when you don't know what you're doing it, it is hard but you have to, you know, shut that voice down in your head that's telling you that you can't do it and this is hard and you're never going to make it. If I would have listened to that I would not be here right now speaking my own story too.

Matt: True, true, I love that. What's your district on the banner? Make sure guys to go follow Sarah there's two underscores after the name. If you search that on TikTok, you'll find it right away. What, so in terms of your daily like sort of mode of operation, I'm curious if you're, I see different styles of people but I'm curious about sort of your style. Are you more structured and have a set time of day when you're producing content, or are you a little bit more like kind of find the time in between. Because you have kids, right?

Sarah: So yeah, my fiance has a son, and I'm the one that, you know, takes care of it, make sure I get on and off the bus all that stuff so once you get on to school on Mondays is usually the day, if I'm feeling it if I'm not you know I have more other days in the week to make content and I'm always doing it while I'm working. So on top of getting paid to work and do all this and then I'm just getting extra pay on top of it, it's just great. So I always find the time while I'm working to do it. And then I really tried making my content one day per week, and then I'll have like seven to 10 videos in my draft and then I just start, you know, okay, this day is I'm gonna post this and I just set an alarm on my phone, and I literally never go on my phone unless it's for a purpose. You know because you can just sit there and be scrolling, you know and get consumed when I'm the one trying to be you know, the consumer, like not the consumer anymore I'm the one trying to sell people I'm the one that's you know being persistent and taking action for a purpose.

Matt: Yeah, you sound like you sound a lot like Dave Sharpe there.

Sarah: Thank you, That's such a nice compliment.

Matt: Yeah, it's, it sounds like something he would say almost exactly, he talks about, you know, we talked about in the decade in the day and then also in the blueprints just about like your, you know if I could say what you said in a different way, it's like, you don't want to be captive to somebody else's agenda so you know, you don't want to wake up and look in your inbox and read what everybody's agenda is for you for that day or read and hear about what everybody is going to sell you and what you need to buy this day, you know today, it's, it should be the opposite, you should hop on. And the only time so you hop on, especially social media is when you're specifically on purpose, you're looking for something, maybe you're strategizing a next video or whatever it is, but rather, you know, you have to make that shift, I'm really happy to hear you made that shift because that's a big mindset shift that makes people way more productive way way way more productive and changes the results and outcomes, a lot I think so that's cool. That's awesome.

Sarah: Yeah, then definitely a change for the better. And it all starts with your mind, you know your headspace if you're not there, mentally, you're not going to force yourself to do and step out of your comfort zone, you're always going to be comfortable, where you're at and you're not growing then.

Matt: Totally, totally. Dang, this is cool. What, what are you also on, like IG and doing stuff like that or as most of your stuff coming from TikTok?

Sarah: So, I am on Instagram as well so what I did probably like two weeks after I started dating. I think I hit 10,000 followers and I'm like okay what am I going to do to continue this success and like to drive other people in other ways. So that's when I started posting my content to TikTok, or I'm sorry to Instagram and all I do is take my old TikTok videos and post them to Instagram reels. So now, and I did post like because I had to make the shift between a personal account and then make it to, you know, a business account almost for my personal Instagram so I made my first post. That's personal today just because a lot of the followers that I still have are, you know, just friends and family who want to see what I'm doing but most of the content that I post now is only, you know, for my business. And that has helped me gain followers that way and sales. I Have two platforms that I'm working on and I'm always a step ahead in Instagram because it's old content that I've already done on my TikTok.

Matt: Super cool. I love it I love it, and I love your content, I love the channel, I think you're doing a great job, I think, you know, keep going with those lives I think that's a big thing. Those are going to be super impactful, super helpful and help position you so much, so just pumped to see that you're taking action on that, and I think everybody here can, absolutely. If you're going to take away a lesson here you're going to take away something big or something impactful. I am just impressed by your level of implementation and speed right so there's people who hang out for a while, there's people who hang out for six months 12 months a year, nothing wrong with that. But there is something to be said right we don't guarantee income outcomes in our training or anything but there is something to be said about like just being like hey you know what, screw it. I'm going for it. And I think people would be surprised at how fast they can see results online in any niche and in any industry, with just a bit of of real intention, and also like you've been really following and we've been very thoughtful about, you know, already in this show you've given like three different examples of things that I've just randomly dropped on like our Blueprints webinars that you're like alright let's do it. And rather than being like, Oh that's a good idea, you're like, Yeah, I'm doing that next week, you know.

Sarah: I literally would blog off the blueprint do that immediately and, you know, if I, if I wasn't gonna do it then when am I ever going to do it you know you got to take those steps. Actually, I don't think I should just do it.

Matt: Yeah, I mean it. There's something freed up in your headspace, that a lot of us wish we had freed up in our headspace because everyone out there is like yeah but you don't get it. You know I got all these mental blocks and all this stuff. 

Sarah: And, yeah if I can tell them all to just read the books that you guys recommended Rich Dad Poor Dad and then I found thinking Grow Rich, I mean I wasn't a book reader and I, one of my goals this year was to make sure that I was you know, continuing, you know, education, knowledge is power, so I probably read a good 20 books and those are all about business all about changing your mindset and I, I feel like if I wouldn't have done that, along this journey, because that was like a kind of like a mentor for me those books, it's like okay I am doing what I'm supposed to be doing it, you know, I, I'm only 25 and people are wishing that they would have been doing what I'm doing now 15 years ago, you know, anybody can do this, you just have to put in the effort and change your mindset to realize that you're the only person stopping you from doing it.

Matt: I couldn't agree any more. I feel like people doubt themselves so much, and it's so unnecessary there. Once you get an inside look, the biggest thing I did is, in 2011 I went to a live event that changed my life forever. I went to a live event, and I realized once I shook hands with some of these people. Some of the people I looked up to, and I was like, Are you kidding me not to like be mean to them, but I was like, This is it, like, really, like one of them, for instance, was a dude whose whole brand was around to, like, Like, they call them the van man, and he, he was like, basically you know his whole thing was going from a homeless van man to like an online, you know, six figure earner or whatever. And when I met him in person, I was a little bit like, Oh no, you're just a homeless dude, like you're legit just a homeless dude who's found a way to drive traffic on the internet. That's it, that that's all that's going on here, I was like, I can't. What the hell, right, and, and this and that was kind of the moment where I met all these people and I just realized like hey you know what, I feel like I've got all these insecurities, they've got them too. I feel like I've got all these weaknesses, they've got them too, and it's not better or worse, it's just different. We've all kind of got the different you know mindset stuff that we're all working through, but it is very true. Like, there's not any sort of better DNA that I've got the new or that you've got then Jessie or Becky or ed or whoever's in the chat here Kevin all these people. There isn't some magic potion or formula, you just work your ass off. Well, Sarah, I think we can leave people with that, I think your urge to get people into books like, what, what did you say Rich Dad Poor Dad, what else?

Sarah: Yeah. Think and Grow Rich and then the 10x rule by Grant Cardone. Oh, I highly recommend those books.

Matt: Yeah, I don't know if we recommend the 10 actual but in principle that that rule in general is a big mindset shift, I mean that is like a, that's a huge one and, you know, there's, yeah, that mindset is. It's incredible. It's incredible when it's deployed, so cool I love it, I love the book recommendations. Sarah, we're gonna get the heck out of here. If you need anything from us, let us know, we'll put you on the list to invite you back in a couple months, see where things are out okay.

Sarah: Okay, thank you so much, Matt,

Matt: Cool see ya. Guys give her a follow on TikTok. You can find her right there Sarah Simmons underscore, underscore, go follow her watch her lives tune into her lives, give her a little support on her on our TikTok lives, answer questions, or sorry, ask her questions on her live feed her some feeders and questions that she can answer and engage with and support or support others in their journey, and that sort of business karma, oftentimes comes back around, and in a lot of meaningful ways. So, to everybody who's out there keep rockin, have a good Wednesday we'll be back here tomorrow Dave we'll be back here tomorrow same time same place 10am Eastern, and the last name of that book was the 10x rule.