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Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. And that means that it's time to wake up even if you've already been well cared for a couple of hours, if you're catching this may be in Europe or even Asia. It's time to re-wake, baby because we've got yet another fantastic guest. Elias is going to be coming on and he's going to share with us from the great state of Iowa. Any, any Iowans. I don't know if that's up to confirm with him here in just a moment, any other Iowans on the call. I will see Elias, my brother, welcome to the call.

Elias: Thank you so much for having me. Iwoans, right. 

Dave: Yeah, I was right. Was that the right way to call you guys? That is alright man.

All right, well they call us Floridians down here in Florida. I read on your question here that you answered you may have a desire as you acquire more freedom to move to a warmer state is that right?

Elias: Absolutely one of the big reasons why you know, obviously online businesses is, you know I sucked, Midwest sucks we get like too good. Too good months of weather. Everything else here is super cold or super hot. And then I was terrible and I'm sure there's people who love the gold and God bless them, but everyone else. I'm like how we deal with it and I've been here for 20 plus years already. 

Dave: Are you where, you were? You were not born in Iowa?

Elias: No, I was originally born in Salt Lake City. And my dad migrated here to work and then we've been stuck here since we were five years old, so it's been 20 plus years now.

Dave: You're stuck in the snow, stuck in this snow. Well, I love you, I love your, your mission for why you're doing what you're doing, which is to kind of define that to talk to us about we created the headline that says, you know, father of two breaking generational cycle to provide a better life for his family. Tell us, tell us what that means for you.

Elias: Right and that's going back to what we're talking about being stuck in Iowa. So my dad came here when we were 2020 plus years ago, and he did it, just because his job was job plays here and then we're offering the same cycle right, we got out of school, we started a job and now we're essentially stuck here because we think we have a good job we think we have a good corporate job or whatever, because we're stuck in this one place or our family and and our workplace. That's a big cycle that we keep going and then what's going to happen next cycle, once my kids grow up, they're gonna have the same thing. Hey, they're gonna grow up here in Iowa, and they're gonna get a good job here and they're gonna feel stuck here. Because that's the thing, you know, no Ross them you can definitely get another job somewhere else, but it's, you had to step out of that, that comfort zone to do that and we'll be doing what I was been doing before is stain or bubble, and never wanting to move out because the discomfort of the new job is strong start something new. And that's what I'm doing when I'm breaking that cycle. I want to get out of, you know, my nine to five, I want to get out of Iowa, I want to get out of the Midwest, I want my kids to enjoy the outdoors. Not 24/7 but almost a year rather than just enjoying the you know, three, four months out of the year and the rest of the year bundled up inside because it's way too hot outside.

Dave: So let me, let me, let me ask you a question. Was your father born in Salt Lake City or was he also, were they also were they born in America?

Elias: No, so that's a big part right my, my father was born in Mexico. He came here from age 15. He has a you know, he has 15 brothers and sisters. He came over here to support them at 15. He started working, you know, he originally went to California business, they usually hire business. And he's been doing that since he was like 1516 years old. So he traveled to you know, he did he moved out to Utah to do the same thing. And then he moved on to Iowa to do the same thing. For 40 years now.

Dave: Here's why I ask, isn't moving somewhere and getting a good job and having 2.5 kids and having a dog and a white picket fence? Even if it's not the ideal place in the country, though? Isn't that the American dream? Or at least wasn't a dream for your father? And why do you think you are looking at life now differently?

Elias: Right. And that's what we always thought, right? The American dream is to just begin to get a good enough job, essential enough to pay the bills and have a white picket fence, have a dog and a couple kids and get married. Right? And that's what I was taught. I always thought, you know, hey, we have to have our nine to five, we have to have our dog, we have to have a couple kids and get married. And that's our end being stuck somewhere. Right? That's essentially the American dream that we were sold out or we were taught since we were little now once you know that you opened yourself up and opened yourself up to the online world and how free you can become. That's completely changed me right the American Dream is doing something you want to meet or being somewhere you want to be at and doing something that at whatever time you write if it's time with your kids time with the family or your friends, whatever it is, that to me is more of an American Dream than being stuck at a you know, were replaced right somewhere like cold or somewhere hot, or wherever it is and being stuck and just having that because you need that's just the part of the cycle right the American dream that you get a good job wherever it is, right can be it can be in the quarters in a spot in America. It's a good job and you're stuck there. Right? Because you think it's a good job. You think that's the only option you have.

Dave: Right? And that's why I thought the question was really interesting to separate the second generation. Okay, so immigrants from Mexico. You're your father coming over and you being he's still alive, right? So you still have a chance to even talk to him. You grew up around him. And it's interesting how I don't know. I just feel that that's really interesting how, how, in one generation because of what you've discovered and uncovered and met exposed to now. Your interpretation of the American Dream is completely different. And from what I'm hearing you say it's less about securing it's less about having a job and making that the priority. Like wherever we got to go, whatever we got to do, we just need to have a job, no matter where a number no matter how they treat us, it's just about really having that secure stream of income. So with that opportunity, what I hear you saying that it is, it's, it's, it's that is no longer your priority, what your priority is, is to be able to have more time freedom, the ability to be able to move around, in do more with your kids and your family when you want to do it and just have more control over your overall life. Is that what I’m hearing? 

Elias: That's absolutely correct, right? Time is so valuable. It's priceless, we can get time back. And I learned that the hard way, right, I learned my two boys, one is six years old. And one is there's one. So I know, I used to work 1012 hour days just to make ends meet. And at that point, you know, I'm missing a lot of the big part of my kids' childhood, and we can't get that time back, guys, we can't get that time back. It is what I express a lot to my you know, to people who I talked to in life, or wherever it is, on messages is time is so valuable. And I explained that to the point where they're thinking about, you know, investing themselves or going through training, right, going through the 15 Day Challenge is a big believer, you can do anything, you know, where you can go to YouTube and do whatever you want for free, right? But How valuable is your time, you can spend years trying to go on YouTube and learning but how valuable is your time? You can take the 15 day challenge in bulk. And save you so much time. To me time is the most important thing about it, right? So that's one reason I'm stepping out of my comfort zone to do what I'm doing. And that's why it's trying to push on someone else's Hey, especially if you have family. And you know, if you have family, you have kids, you have very limited time. So you want to make sure you choose your time wisely, especially when looking into training. Time you save is so important. It's important to me that absolutely this value is so valuable to me at this point.

Dave: So talk to us a little bit about you being exposed here for two Legendary because this was your very first online venture from what I understand. And for many years, you were skeptical about making money online or having your own business and what was possible because I would assume you're still kind of in the if you had the mindset of I am living the American dream. I do have a job. I do have a couple of kids. I am in corporate America. I think you're a loan officer. Is that right? 

Elias: Right. Yeah, I'm an underwriter. So yeah, the mortgage industry here. Right. So yeah. So talk to us about it, talk to us. Talk to us about how you kind of found us and how, as you've gone through our training, and now met new people and been exposed to a different conversation. Talk us through just what that process has been like, because it's actually been a pretty short period of time. If I'm correct, the timeline is when basically July of 2020 was when you kind of started and then but you Oh wait, you've kind of come online July of 2020. But you didn't do anything, or didn't have the tools to be able to get started with clarity. And after failing miserably. Dave: You said you came across Legendary in March of 2021. So talk to us about what happened from July 20, until March of 2020. What were you doing on that kind of YouTube? endless black hole shiny object syndrome? That kind of stuff? Right?

Elias: Yeah. So like a lot of people I, I came I was like, you know, I gotta change my life. I gotta, I gotta, I gotta take action, right? We got to take action and do something. So I started and that was in the middle of the pandemic, right? So, like millions of other people who were kind of like, Oh, crap, life isn't as secure as I thought it was.

Dave: Love, you know, property law, bad things happen. But also, you know, we've made us think about, you know, what, what other things we can do. And same to me, you know, I started searching online without going to pick a topic, or whatever is right. 

Elias: I was starting to, you know, I looked at Amazon FBA dropshipping. And then I was just looking through and I came through, you know, affiliate marketing. So I went through and it was like everyone else was hiding this for free. I thought I was a smart guy, it was really new on YouTube. I'm gonna try a couple of things. So what I did is I went through YouTube, I wrote Ogg and stuff like that, and I learned a lot of things about blogging, alella SEO and stuff like that. But in that time period , like march of 2021, I really wasn't successful. I would just, you know, I would just make admissions but not I will not see profit will fund expenses I had. So I was scrolling through tik tok with millions of other people. I came through Legendary highlights, kind of master Some bugs, you know, can't go wrong $7. So I took the challenge, and a wind threw it out. But I had the mindset though, I was like, I know affiliate marketing work, I've done my research, I know, it's a very amazing business model. So what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna take this challenge, I'm gonna put 120% into it, I'm gonna learn to implement, because we're really changing, right? Is the mindset I had to be totally, you know, invested in myself, and learn everything I possibly could and then just go from there, right?

Dave: Yeah. Yeah. So it was a shift. I mean, just like, Look, I'm on now. And I'm assuming this is what you thought, I'm gonna give myself the benefit of the doubt. I'm in the right place. I'm getting the right information from the right people in the right environment, because you then we're now in legendary, exposed to all of these other people who are in our community who are having success in getting results, and you're now seeing them and you're so you're in your right information. Right people, right? I mean, we may not . If you ask us to teach you to, or fix your car, teach you how to cook dinner or whatever, we are not you guys and gals. But when it comes to building businesses online, hey, we know what we're talking about. So in the right environment, so you kind of realized, it's me, it's on me, if I'm gonna make this work at this point. It's not like I've got the right information, right people, right environment, but another level of personal responsibility, from what I hear, you're saying, what you saying, kind of kicked in, is that right? 

Elias: Right, because when I first started the challenge, I noticed, this is an amazing guy, you're an amazing guy down to earth. You know, it really made me write this, you know, this, this train is challenge is so good, obviously, is the at the end of the day, it's up to me to take millions of trainees wherever it is, but I don't think I can fall into that where I'm learning is not gonna make any difference, right? I can go through 100 courses, like I said, and I learn a lot of things, but I need to actually take action. And I expressed this to a lot of people, I talked to a lot of people that hey, the most important thing is yourself, the only person that's stopping you from achieving anything is yourself. There are no other obstacles that are right, once you learn it, if you're not, if you're not implementing, you're never going to get your plots, you're never gonna actually change your situation. That's what I express in my, my big, you know, my big thing my take off where my wherever my social media is changing it as mindset and changing how you think and changing your situation, right? Well, you can change anything if you never take action. And there's no other no other obstacle out there by yourself. Yeah,

Dave: Yeah, that's kind of a little bit of a, I mean, this is a phrase to cover your kids ears, but it's a bit of a mindfuck, right, because it's like I, I, my mindset needs to change. So that means that I change my mindset first. And then I'm going to have the ability to take the action that I need, but it doesn't quite work like that. I was taught when I was getting clean from drugs, right? over 10 years ago, in 2008. This was when I learned this lesson, that you can't think yourself into a new way of acting, you have to act yourself into a new way of thinking or intent. And you're not going to follow your actions, your actions, it's not the other way around. And so, you know, building new habits is not about sitting there and saying, I'm going to go to the gym for the next 30 days, I'm going to go to the gym, it's getting out whether you got to have accountability, whether you got to have a trainer, whether you got to whether a player publicly on Facebook, I'm going to do this, right you post your before pictures you make your you do you put all these pieces in place, so you're accountable. And then you get up and you go, and then after 30 days, all the sudden it's like, holy crap, I can. Like I've looked at what I've just done over the past 30 days. So I think that's a bit of a difficult thing for a lot of people, including myself, when I first heard it was, I can't think of myself as a new way of acting. I can't sit around and go, I got six pack abs. I got a six pack abs, I got a six pack abs, right, I have to act myself into a new way of thinking So how have you over the course since March? I mean, it's literally been three months or so since you've really been kicking ass and taking names. Obviously you've gotten results, we wouldn't have you on the show unless you have gotten results. But more importantly, how have you built more confidence? I mean, you're sitting here clearly, you're sharing lessons you're telling I tell my audience etc. Within three short months, you've gone from basically a year of quote, in your words failure to now grow in an audience making money, big dreams. You're a guest on this. So how have you talked to us about kind of, you know, what I just said, the thinking and how that's affected your mindset and how you're a different person in just three months. Right? So

Elias: So the first thing is you got to think deep down, why are you doing this? What's your WHY? And everyone else in here? Comment down below what's your Why? What's your why That's really the deep down of it. For me, I explained that my wife is my kids, my family. My Why is one of the big reason why I started doing this stepping out of my comfort zone is, you know, I would have talked to my wife that she's throwing semester over there, but she's worried about, you know, how are we going to pay the next month bills, or how you know, she's, she's, she's having like, anxiety or stressed out about it. Now, like, near me, as if I were a man that killed me another day, or like, I'm seeing my wife, you know, we stress about this where I have absolutely no control, they have absolutely no control of it. So when I, so when, when I'm thinking, you know, what I'm showing when I'm taking action, and some days suck, some days are terrible. Some days, you don't want to show up, right? Same thing, if you go to the gym, right? Sunday may be the hardest day and you don't want to, you don't have you know, you don't have the energy, you'll have the you know, whatever it is right? You got things that will be white, you'll think it'll be why he founded You know, my kids and my family, my wife is, you know, I want to change the cycle, right? Building habits, because what happens, what habits, habits are shown to your kids and your kids will replicate what your habits are, if we're still going to pay our bills, or we're just doing a nine to 10 in the pair of bills, and being stressed out what's gonna happen in that cycle, our kids are most likely going to be doing the same thing, they're going to be struggling, they're barely going to be paying bills, because that's how it's gonna, it's gonna be the habits that they've, they've shown from you, we can say a million things, we're going to take an action, we're not really habits, and our kids are showing our kids those habits, our kids are just going to do the same things that we're doing, because they learn from what we do. And that's my biggest thing. I'm building. I'm taking action. I'm building every day I show up, because I'm learning the habits to be able to show my, my, and my children the same thing, right? When they come, when they grow up, when they've you know, they're 18, 20, wherever the age, right? Yeah, they're gonna think back is like, my dad showed up every day to his, you know, his business, and worked hard and made it successful.

Dave: And I can tell from listening to that that is your motivation. I mean, there's no doubt about that, you've, you've reiterated that over and over again. And it's powerful, I can tell that it's, it's something that you've internalized, and it's pushing you to take action, you know, that I, I think there's there's such a big disconnect between us wanting better things for our kids, one team wishing, right in or even even envisioning, right, but you know, a better life. But, but, but really, truly internalizing something, and I really feel like man, it is a switch that just gets turned on, like because I got the same switch. My, there's been a couple of switches that have turned on for me in my career here, since I found entrepreneurship and online marketing. I mean, the first one was really like, like just this kind of desire to just be more, you know, I was struggling with drug addiction and kind of dereliction and homelessness, even at a certain point in from about that time in my late teens and early 20s. And I just wanted to be more. I wanted to do more with me, I wanted to turn my mess into a message. You know, I didn't want all my struggle to be in vain. And as I've gotten more mature, my wife and I have had a couple of more kids. We've got three total now and, you know, I have that same internalized in my DNA was just a switch that was flipped. I mean, it's Matter of fact, the other day Elias, I looked at my son who's five months old, and obviously I have an insane drive to take care of him, right. But I looked at him and I had this thought. I said he did not, he did not ask to come into this world. He did not ask to be here and as much as I hope he has a joyful life and I'm, I hope he's happy to be here. He didn't ask to be here. Uh, my wife and I made a decision to have children to build a family. And when that hit me just different the other day, because I thought to myself, holy shit, man. It's like, my kids didn't ask for this man. My kids didn't ask for this life. They didn't ask to be in how dare I put responsibility on them, especially at an early age to, to, you know, I just I don't want to just hit me different man and I just kind of had another switch was flipped right to where I was like, it really is my responsibility to not only as you're saying, make money, that's just one thing. But it's also about building good habits, not having stress in the house and having to put them through traumatic things because of financial issues, because I'm not taking care of myself. Right. And, and I believe how you do one thing is how you do everything. So if I'm not really doing much in my job or my career, there's a good chance I'm going to be slacking in other areas of my life as well. Right? So I don't know, I just that that switch was flipped for me the other day, and I already had a lot of motivation and drive. But what would you say to people who are maybe not in the same place that you are with kids or whatever? And they're having a hard time finding their why, you know, they're kind of asking themselves? Well, I, I feel maybe burned out, or I've already raised kids, or and now I'm kind of, I'm kind of struggling to find what my y is. So I can have that real motivation. I mean, just what would you say off the cuff to somebody who might be thinking that as they're listening to us?

Elias: Yes. So I'm a big believer we all have wisdom, we just can't find it. Right? Money Money is in the why money is money is it's helping you know your why but it's not the main why you have you know, a lot of people are, if you can't find your why just sit down one day, just sit down, and dark spot wherever sit down in your bed and just think about it. Think about all the stuff, what's making you stressed out? What's making you stay up at night, what's making you not be able to sleep? Think about those reasons, industrial why, wherever it is, you know, if it's maybe you know, maybe you can go on a vacation. Maybe you couldn't, couldn't move. Or maybe you didn't get that promotion, for whatever reason, right? Or your job or maybe you know, maybe you can give that awesome president you want it to two grandkids or wherever it is right. You all think deep down, because the issue is what I've seen a lot of people who don't want to take action because they're stuck. They're stuck in their bubble and they're afraid right? They're afraid to pop that bubble and get out of it. You have to think about the why and making these something smart the very beginning like something small once you start getting burnt out like like you say they want you start getting burnt out usually have that just sit down and think what's my biggest Why? What's my biggest thing? Is it better for myself or better for people around me, right? 

Dave: I like how you alluded to it doesn't have to be your first why it doesn't kind of have to be your next Why? I believe our why’s can change. Like for a lot of people, maybe your why is just that you want to maybe you're an empty nester like maybe your kids just left for college or something. And you want to regain some of your own personal identity now in this next chapter of your life. Maybe Maybe it's that, I mean, that actually kind of is a pretty big thing, right? But, maybe it's just that, that you want to just do something for yourself. You want some excitement in your life. I mean, it doesn't always have to be that it's this big thing that I think you're wise pretty big. I mean, I think I've got like a 30,000 foot kind of like you're looking at your life you're looking at freakin generations past and forward and you're thinking I want to be a change maker but guys and gals listening i don't i don't i think that any Why is just as important as, as any other person's why I think that if you just want to get better at technology, if you just want to learn more about social media and the internet in 2021 if you want to just get better on the computer, like I know people who might their Why might be I want to become a better typer and I know that if a faster typer You know, I've got a dirty little secret after over 10 years of doing this I still can't look at the screen and type. I gotta look, I gotta hunt and frickin peck dude. Which is insane because I've written tons of copy tons of sales letters, but that's ultimately one day that may be why I want to be proficient at writing quickly in just being able to type without looking at the keyboard. So I think there's an element of comparison. It is that people may think when they hear us talking about are wise and they think by Why has to look like your why. So I want you to touch on the comparison. It is just as a general thing, you know, we come online and we start seeing other people. And one of the one it's human nature guys, there's nothing wrong with you if you're comparing yourself to other people. However, in this business, it can be crippling. So what would you say to people who are dealing with comparison, comparing their y, z or y comparing their videos to your videos comparing that right just people who generally are having a hard time overcoming that piece? 

Elias: Yeah. I've watched these shows every day. No, you get to the show a couple days ago with blue James and he's they did that and I love how clear that is. Dr. Pierce your step one with someone step 20. Or step 30. That's a big thing about it. You know, I'm guilty of this as well. Right? I see especially with TikTok, TikTok is when you see videos blow up and people get you know, it's viral is it's crazy news, man, well, why can't my wages go like that?

Dave: It's a natural reaction to just do that. Right? It's not that we're wrong, or something's wrong with us when we do that. It's just right. There's a difference between staying and having that thought. And staying in that thought, right? 

Elias: A big thing for me when I think about that, absolutely. To switch the switch over like, Hey, you know, congrats to that person? wouldn't let me see what they did. Right? Let me see what they're doing. Right? And then we, me, I mean, replicate. And that means like, you know, replicate what they're doing for their success and go from there, learn from what the people are doing, right? Don't Don't compare yourself with them. Just replicate and and and learn from what they're doing. Right? Take their tips and stuff, and their tricks and do it to yourself, or yourself, put yourself in that path for success, rather than just pushing yourself down, right? Don't push yourself down to that hole and start comparing or this person did a lot better than me or this, or this, you know, this person is making a lot more than me wherever it is, right? Or just same with the why right? You may have a smaller more my first wife, like I want to step out of my comfort zone and start making friends. Right? So I'm looking around like, Yeah, man, that was a small wire mine. You can't. You can't compare your sphere, hey, making friends online, can compare your small why with you know, possibly like yours days or or mine? You know, you just got to think why? Think about the message Really? What's the core? What's the core of it? There, we're all wanting to reach the same goal. And think of that, don't push yourself down to the hole and just think about the successes, think about what's what they're doing right? And help yourself get pushed out forward and start going right?

Dave: Well, I think there's a big, there's a big kind of it's, it's, it takes your biggest, the best version of who you are, right to really be happy for somebody, well, not cutting yourself down. You know, because I think the smallest version of me is when I look at people, and I'm jealous, or I look at people, and even worse, I start to shame and guilt myself for not being as good, right? That's kind of what I say, big and small. I mean, that's kind of like not the best. That's not the best version of who Dave Sharpe is the best version of Dave Sharpe, who I strive to be every day I fall short. But to truly have an abundance mindset to truly have, like, like legit happiness when I see people succeeding, like, like, if somebody attacks me, man, like which I've had happen 1000’s of times over a decade. Somebody attacks me, somebody literally even might even wish ill will on me, right like wanting something bad to happen to me. Like it, you know it for me to like really look at somebody in and just be like, Hey, man, that's just where they're at, like, you know, already seeding and I've been trying the same, the same thing for a long time and I haven't made it quite to that level, to literally just look at that to be inspired by their CSS and not be threatened by it or not, which I think is the most dangerous begin to cut myself down. I have a saying that self esteem is the bedrock of success. And I really, really believe that ever since I've been saying that let's never waver. It's not that intelligence is the bedrock of success. It's not a good look. It's not you know, it's not anything man. It's not it's not it's not it's not even skills. It's not even skills, although skills are mandatory. Right, it's self esteem. So if there's any way that I'm operating in this might be a why that I would invite all of you to either, you know, add on to your why, or to maybe make it your wife, if you need somebody to help with ideas, is to build your self esteem is to use this business as a challenge as a as a sort of like a training grounds for you to build your self esteem, because this business is going to this business is like New York City remember how they used to say, or maybe they still do that if you can survive in New York, you can survive anywhere, I believe, man in 2021, if you can build a business online, like if you can do affiliate marketing, if you can do what we teach, you can follow through with it doesn't matter how successful you are, if you can just running the business is about staying open. That's what running a business is about a successful business. The number one determining factor that defines a successful business is that the doors stay open, not that it makes a billion dollars, million dollars, six figures, five figures 1000 100 not even that it turns a profit. There's many businesses that never that don't turn a profit for years. And when the doors open, they've set themselves up for future success, right? Because they're laying a foundation. But what if through that means doors open, build the foundation for your future, that you practice building your self esteem, and I'm talking to each one of you who are listening, that you build your self esteem? And what examples of that would be developing an abundant mindset. When I see somebody who's succeeding more than I am, or who seems to be lucky or whatever, however, I want to interpret it, that I'm happy for them. And even if in what how do I be happy for them? Well, one of the things that I was suggested when when when I learned this in recovery, actually 12 step recovery. But if I had a resentment against somebody, one of the best things I could do was pray for that person. Now prayer, however it looks to you. Maybe it maybe it looks different to you than it looks to somebody else, but prayed for that person. Now, that's a hard thing to do if you really don't like somebody, right? If I'm looking at somebody, right now,

here's it, here's the suggestion, here's the hit. So listen, if I see somebody online, and I start comparing myself into jealousy, some envy, shaming, or blaming myself saying, I'm not good enough, instead, I stop. And I say a little prayer for that person. But a man god bless that person, their success, their family, proud of that person. Like that inspiring. I hope they continue to, to crush it. And in me, like, I hope that I can learn something in this moment, right? That would be like a little way for me to readjust. Now, if you're an atheist, and you're listening to this, then you can alter that. But you get the point. I'm saying I'm sending a little affirmation or a little prayer for that person. And what I'm doing is I'm redirecting those thoughts of either jealousy or shame, and I'm transforming that energy into something that's powerful. And I'm anchoring that in that moment, with a prayer or an affirmation, what comes up for you when i walk through that Elias?

Elias: Yeah, we go back to what we talked about, that switch, right, once you switch that switch, that's gonna change your life. Once you start seeing people not as competitors, but as friends, as a community, as someone you can learn from, you can start saying that prayer star saying hey, congrats, ratters lit, rather graduate now for goodness sake, the success they have, and hopefully better success for them as well. But what's next, the best which once that switches, skin change or world it's gonna change your mind, that's gonna change your self esteem. Not only are you not going to put yourself down, what you're going to right away, you're gonna start thinking a little Hey, absolutely grateful for you know, that person getting that success for that person being you know, where to add in their, in their inner journey, walking, and now what can I do? What can I do to get to that level? What can I do to

Dave: That's where it kicks in first, right? I, I might, you know, my thoughts follow my actions. Because that little prayer or that little affirmation to that person into me is an action. That's an action man. I'm intercepting a thought. And I'm doing something. I'm saying a little prayer. Maybe whenever I have that, maybe I put my hands together, maybe I send up maybe every time I have one of those thoughts, right maybe I get up and I walk around the block one time and I say those prayers, right. So what I'm what I'm, we're anchoring action. And then eventually our thoughts will follow like You said, the next step after I, that begins to be second, that when I see somebody succeed, and I no longer feel resentment or jealousy or shame, but instead I feel happy for that person and proud. The next is curious, what can I learn? Right? That's like, the next thing that happens is, once you once that that resentment or that jealousy or that shame, no longer kicks in you, you create space now, to look at people who were maybe at a different level. And now there's space for you to learn to have a different thought to think, Wow, inspired by him or her? What can I learn? That's where it gets fun. And that's where the results start kicking in? Is that what you're finding as well? 

Elias: Yeah, definitely like, so once I was able to switch, isolate a change, it changed for me, like, we're no competitors, here, we're all we're all here to reach our journey to reach our goals to to reach that finish line or race. And if we're gonna encourage that, we can say a little prayer for the awesome, and then do what you can. You're not learning every day, if you're not sitting specifically with TikTok, we just wanted to take that. And if you're not, if you're not, if you're not willing to take it again, if you see what I would be not learning from, you just change it up. You learn from everything that's going on, on TikTok on any social media, right? Or anything that you're doing email marketing, wherever it is, if you're not learning something new, a new trigger, or new ways of doing it every day, then maybe you can rethink your mindset and change your self esteem and say, What can I learn, but we don't know at all. We think we're experts, but we don't. And maybe they wish everyday we should be learning every day we can learn something new or new. The world is changing, especially the online world. Online will change every day, every hour. So once we were able to change it, once we're able to go with the curve, right? Go with the learning curve, that absolutely can change everything.

Dave: Well, brother, I am really happy for you and proud of you. My family is lucky to have you. And I know you feel the same way about them. We all know that from what you shared with us. So I hope you'll just keep coming back and keeping us updated and building growing. So we can keep learning from you and your, your achievements, your discoveries. And I'm so happy and proud of you for what you've accomplished in a short period of time, just really, more than anything. You know, really getting clear on what your why is. And brother that's going to take you to the moon because it's clear that your y is deeply embedded in your DNA. And with such conviction about what you're doing and belief about what you're doing, and your mission. There's nothing that's going to stop you in your way man. So be Legendary my brother, keep up the great work, great show. You can be proud of yourself for this moment as well. And, and we'll talk to you soon. 

Elias: Okay, man, absolutely. Thank you so much for having me. 

Dave: See, ya buddy. Well, guys, that that that that really was really a powerful, a powerful chat about how to give yourself a gift that will keep on giving for the rest of your life. which is which is that mental shift from lack in fear and shame into abundance and esteem, and positivity and creativity and creation. It really, really is a gift from Elias coming here and, and having that just as big of a lie as he has that just came to the surface as with every show, nothing is planned. We don't know what we're going to talk about. But that was really a divine conversation. And if you guys take that and run with it, maybe re-listen to it one more time and really internalize it and put it into practice immediately, it will change your life. I can say that without a shadow of a doubt. My friends. Let's get busy. Big Day. Finish the month strong. Be Legendary. We'll see you back here tomorrow.

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