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Below is the transcription for Tuesday's episode:

Dave: What's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, Welcome to Wake Up Legendary, and for those of you who may be wondering well what do I do after one, two, three or 18 years. Inside of a job or career and all of a sudden, bam. Overnight, the same thing happened to my stepfather. He worked for Sears, for decades, and all the sudden rug got pulled out from under him, bam, gone. didn't I mean totally unexpected. Right. So I think a lot of you guys are going to be able to take a lot away from that, from this particular conversation because we just all went through something to where the rug got pulled out from under us right. We all just go through something that is called 2020. Okay. And on top of just there being what we went through there was also other things that made it more challenging in many of you guys may be feeling like you're starting over on what do you do, right, so let's have that conversation amongst other things, please everybody in the comments help me welcome to the show. Rob What's up buddy.

Rob: Thanks for having me. 

Dave: You're welcome and your affiliate army, right. There you go brother I see you have a little dart board there as well is that, is that a hobby or is that just hanging on the wall for art?

Rob: It used to be a hard hobby, now, now it's just TikTok art.

Dave: Okay, my dad used to play darts growing up he had, you know he was, he was a dart thrower,

Rob: Any sport where you can hold a beer. I'm good at it.

Dave: All right, so, so tell us about this 18 year losing the job and how you got started online,

Rob: Especially when you get Employee of the Year like two years before then. And basically, being in the IT department. You got to expect it at some point, the whole division got let go. I was 15 years old. So, not understanding at the time that all the certifications and the training, and I was doing Incident, Problem and Change Management at the time that all of that didn't mean a whole lot once you went back on the market if 50 years old they take a look at you be like little old their AI chip. So, at the same time, it's also at that time it was 16 years as a single dad. So there was no other income, there were no other options. Well, it took about five months to get back to work again. And Dave the new job 30% Cotton pay, because I told him the first thing that came my way. Okay, I'm not gonna work there. Sure, but when it's not for you. It's for somebody else. Yeah, so I got back and got my finances back together after five months of pain. First thing I did was join Legendary through Brian, of course, I think he brings in everybody just about. And then from there in October, it's just been meeting up with other people within Legendary getting everything together and just working as a team to make this happen.

Dave: Yeah, well that's cool man, I'm so you just kind of fumbled upon it were you like on TikTok were you on YouTube, were you on Facebook like what was, Where did you see Brian and some of his marketing.

Rob: So I'd seen a few of course. Then I saw Brian's and then finally I was like you know what, it's tough. So, I'm gonna jump in.

Dave: Had you ever done any online marketing affiliate marketing, any, Any drop shipping anything like that before? 

Rob: Nothing before. So you went straight from the cubicle basically kind of cubicle life corporate America. Yeah, maybe you weren't in a cubicle, but you get what I'm saying to be a kind of entrepreneurship, which has no walls No limits. No, I mean just, you're kind of, there's no direction and a sense I mean there is right because that's kind of what our community provides and what our platform provides, but it's a very different dynamic in my opinion, to go from employee to entrepreneur would you agree. Yes, yes, disagree, by the way, I don't care I want you to disagree. It's fine if you disagree with it.

Rob: The mindset is completely different. When, when you're working at a job, everything is managed by. If you're not lucky you have a manager, and if you're lucky, you have a leader. Most people have managers, and it's just time management for them they don't, they don't really care about a whole lot. Yeah, you meet a leader, and your life gets exponentially better, but in affiliate marketing, you need to become the leader, because if you're the manager and you're just time management, yourself, you're gonna hate your boss, and that's never a good thing. You're the boss. 

Dave: Oh well, said my friend. 

Rob: So the first thing I tell everybody is. You have to figure out how to fix yourself to break away from the previous for me, the longer you're doing like the longer you are alive, the harder this can be for you, because you've been, I've been through the system. I spent 50 years 52 years at the time I threw the system. The only thing that's really saved me is, I've got the 30 years of IT Helpdesk. And being an incident and problem manager. I have the mindset that when I'm at work eight hours a day. When you come to talk to me, it's not good, like you're not coming to talk to me because things are sunshine and happiness, your systems are broken. We have to fix them. We have to find out what broke, figure out a workaround, or fix it permanently. And that's the same thing when you're trying to do affiliate marketing, every day, they're going to be problems and every day you have to treat those problems, as if there is a workaround, or a permanent solution. And yeah, if you can do that. You've got it made.

Dave: Well, you're, you're essentially describing somebody who's solution oriented versus somebody who's problem oriented and this is this is this is common and you can kind of, you can, you can absolutely look at others and kind of tell how they think. But it's more difficult sometimes to diagnose ourselves right, am I up in Maya, because we all want to think highly of ourselves, but the truth is that oftentimes we have a hard time seeing solutions, finding solutions, and getting out of the problem. one of the things that that I've been sort of trained to do a lot from recovery like 12 step recovery stuff was to get into the solution, get into the solution, get into the solution, because for a long time in my life I lived in the problem, right, and I thought that the solution to the problem was, was, I don't know get high, get drunk, escape. You know what I mean, like, numb pain, whatever, right. And I think that's, that's a pretty common thing with a lot of people in the world right ? It's kind of like we use a lot of things as escapism. But in entrepreneurship, it's a sobering reality, pun intended sobering reality and if we want to be successful, we must remain sober, to stay present and try to find solutions versus, I think, I think in entrepreneurship. A lot of times we use other things as escapism like we get into. Actually, I saw one of your TikTok stories where you talk about shiny object syndrome. That's a form of escapism, right, because instead of staying with the problem in getting into the solution in overcoming the challenge we use the scroll on Facebook, we get into other people's rabbit holes, the YouTube rabbit hole, we just say screw it and go grab a 12 pack or we jump to the next guru goblin opportunity whatever and think that's going to be the Holy Grail, when really it's just an element of escapism. So, how do you feel about staying the course, and getting into the solution. When, when, shiny object Syndrome and using other opportunities and jumping from thing to thing that form of escapism is so common in this industry.

Rob: So, it’s right there on the T shirt. It's right there in the Facebook group, legendary has Facebook groups, full of people, and I created a Facebook group that mirrors your Facebook group, give her, maybe minus 5000 or so people, but it's the same basic setup to where I would go into the legendary Facebook group, I would research, my issues. There's not a single person that hasn't had the same issue that you're having right now. And if you treat that Facebook group like it's a job, you will be able to get through some of the things that the people that are ignoring those that have come before you have already told you what to do when you face this issue. And when I created my Facebook group, my Facebook group was just, I only created that, because I had seven people from legendary Facebook group, we all got together and decided that we were going to do this together we're going to follow each other around, we're going to share, comment and like each others. We're doing tic tac toe. So we're gonna follow each other around and create the Facebook group so that we could post our content right into discussion. And yeah, that would give us ideas on what others think. And my best two ideas that I've ever had, came from legendary marketer Preston McLean. He posted a random TikTok about, if you could do anything. Pick any subject in any field and I will find an affiliate link for you. And I was like, that sounds like something I might want to do, as to copy or model that, but instead, it clicked off an idea in my head after watching it, and next thing you know I was off to the races having a great time, and he's gonna come to me in the future for a favor and I'm going to grant him that fate.

Dave: So, No, that's awesome and I mean, you're you're not ashamed of modeling success I mean and I love that because you're so many people I think get overwhelmed with the idea that they have to reinvent the wheel, and it's just kind of like, well, legendary has a big Facebook group that provides a community feel and keeps people together, Maybe I should create a Facebook group and Oh, lo and behold, six months later you got 5000 people and, you know, you know, kind of, you know people who get together in joint venture, well gosh, you know, they, I see collaborations between big marketers and they're doing launches and other things. How can I duplicate that ? Let me get seven road dogs here who were in the early stages of their business and say hey let's lock arms and comment on each other's stuff. And so the content that I created I got six comments on it, right, I got, I got some yeah I got likes you know I got I'm getting a little bit of momentum, that would have, what a wonderful, beautiful idea, and in a very quick way to get into the solution I applaud you for that. 

Rob: It pushes you through, like, you'll see every affiliate marketer out there, talk about the valley of despair. And that's where the shiny object syndrome comes into being. You start off and everything's wonderful gets a little harder and you're like whoa, then it gets really hard, and you stop what you're doing and you pick something else. But if you have other people within the Facebook group that you can talk to, they can drag you kicking and screaming through that valley of despair and get you to the other side, so that you can then have the success that you wanted to have in the first book.

Dave: Sure. No, nothing like a support group, nothing like being locked arms with 2, 3, 4, 10 people. It can be a small group and I can, I can attest to that in any area of your life but particularly in business, in the early stages of your business. It is so beneficial to have a little team that has an agreement with each other that we're going to hold each other accountable give feedback, like and comment on each other's content or ads give feedback on what each other's doing share ideas with each other, and you can have a little Whatsapp group you can have a text chat, you can have a Facebook group that's just for you guys. I mean, there's so many you can have weekly zoom meetings, you can have FaceTime sessions you can have Skype sessions with each other. I mean, there is an unlimited and abundant amount of ways for you to communicate and stay engaged with people that are completely free by the way, are totally free, I think you can sign up for a Zoom account for free and have a couple of people on a meeting or something or up to 100 I'm not sure.

Rob: So I do Facebook rooms Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Sunday from 7pm until 10pm. It's the Facebook room is free inside the Facebook group, and we just sit down we share a screen, I, I go back to my Help Desk roots, and I sit down and like if you're stuck with the AWeber account or no matter what it is, we share a screen and we just start walking through it, or we just sit there and chat for an hour. 

Dave: That's cool, bro. That's really cool dude. So you're taking time to say you're a single dad. Yeah. Okay, so instead of sitting in front of the tube or drinking a 12 pack or whatever, right. You're sitting, I mean, maybe you're having a 12 pack I don't know, it sounded like you enjoy your beer there along with your sporting activities. So maybe you are having a 12 pack or a couple of beers right, just sitting on the instead of just though, being a couch potato, right, you're, you're using your time to mastermind in to learn, but also to be a value to others three days a week. That means you still have four nights of tea or to yourself. I think some of us, it's just, you know, when you think about it at first you're like wow he three days a week for up to three hours at a time, but it's like, but what else, like if this is what I want, if this is my goal to build a business, to build an audience to build trust and value in the marketplace. That still leaves me with four.

Rob: I tell the people I talk to all the time. This is also selfish, for me, I've learned as much if not more, talking to 78 Different people over the course of the weeks, then they learn talking to me now agreed, I will take what I've learned from helping the one person, and just regurgitate it to the next person that gives me the same question, I seem like a genius, but during the course of all of these conversations. I'm absorbing everybody's input.

Dave: And you're learning how to teach and you're getting comfortable answering questions right you're getting comfortable and through, I mean you may have already been but I'm speaking to those of you who are listening who are like, well I don't have any help this experience I don't have any leadership experience I don't have any. Okay, where do you think you're gonna get it from. Where do you think you think it's just magically downloaded into your brain ? Do you think I was just born with it? Rob was just born with it. No, this is the perfect opportunity. Warren Buffett said you can multiply your income by a minimum of 50% by working and focusing on one skill that's communication. I think that's a conservative, a conservative prediction gave me this coming from a guy who I value what he says. I just think about what he says. And he's and he's always very conservative with his suggestions in his wisdom. So where better, how better. What better opportunity. Then, in, not a professional setting doesn't need to be corporately, you don't need to put on a suit and tie, you could do it in your underwear if you wanted for God's sakes, to just sit down in a Facebook group on a live or a zoom on a live, and just give value just help people with the things that t you and Rob here's something I want you to speak on just for a moment. So often, I think people overlook some of the things that they know because they, they, they don't realize how valuable those simple little things like you just said, setting up an autoresponder. If you know how to set up an order autoresponder, my friends, you could build an entire business out of just that one piece of knowledge, going to other entrepreneurs or marketers or even businesses insane, do you use email marketing. And if you don't, I have a simple service where I help you set up your email marketing and show you how to start getting leads and broadcasting those people that could apply to restaurants. Every restaurant should be collecting emails and sending out daily deals. Every plumbing company, every construction roofie. Now, this is not a core thing that we teach, which is kind of a local kind of marketing agency stuff like that, but it's just something that if you know how to do it. It's a valuable thing to other people, and I'm just using that example because that's what you just used was setting up an autoresponder. But Rob, how much do you think people underestimate what they're learning here and what they're practicing and how valuable that could be to the other people in the practice they could get by just helping people. 

Rob: I'm older, so I go into Napoleon Hill, and as my, my Facebook group is called a F for affiliate mastermind and the mastermind comes from Napoleon Hill, one of his principles. But I think that a lot of people, even so if you look up SMART goals on the internet, it says, You need to be specific, it needs to be measurable, it needs to be attainable. And then the next one is, is it realistic and I'm like no, no, that's the same thing as attainable. So, I replaced realistic with return. What are you going to give back in return? And that is the key right there to success. I do that three nights a week. And again, when you talk about modeling. Let's talk about Legendary. So when you started Legendary. You had a goal, you wrote down your goals, you had definite monetary and everything else that you wanted to reach, then you had to map out how you're going to get there, what you were going to give back in return to get there, and that is the key, and I'm looking around right now, and this is one of them. There are dozens and dozens of things that Legendary gives back in the Facebook group and the advisors, and all the videos I must have watched 92 videos, and my first year is my first few months, all these weekly webinars. And I believe you had growing pains and what December in January, where you found out you were giving so much back that you couldn't keep up with the demand. And if you're going to have pains. Those are the best paints to have. And I'm trying to have. Those are the things I want to have. So a lot of this is all you have to do is be a week ahead. I think Matt, that was one of my best videos. All you have to do is be a chapter for a week ahead of the person that just went through, you will help them, and you're good to go. That's all you need to know about some of my YouTube videos. They say, day one, I set up TikTok, did this, this is how I set up my things. Day two was working on my Facebook days three video, and I just went through the process, I didn't know what to do. So I just showed people what I was doing while I was doing it, and then video number eight, describes how I had messed up Facebook and had to restart. Yeah, and it worked.

Dave: Yeah, now dude it's it's so true man the one chapter ahead thing and here's another thing that I'll drop on all of you, you know, nearly 200 people listening and 1000s that are going to hear this, this replay in the future lean in on this one because this is, this is a gold. This is a gold boulder. When you realize that 99% of people are either starting or looking to start over. You realize that the simplest things that you could give somebody to where you could help them get a result with something simple, will elevate your brand and elevate your mark your value in the marketplace more than any complicated thing that you could ever teach or do. And I constantly have to reel myself back in from over complicating things or things that are too advanced. Because, 99% of people don't need that right now. 99% of people need or are in that just getting started or starting over phase of their business. And so, is there certainly a place for me to deliver more advanced tactics and strategies. Yeah, and I mean sometimes I do it right here on the, on the wakeup show depending on what we're talking about something that might apply to somebody who's building a small double six figure business, like the idea that I've seen so many affiliates over the years who get to six figures for example, in kind of earnings or revenue to where they're making six figures per year, and now all of a sudden they, they stop what they're doing and go, promoting other things and doing other things and, and I've seen more people ruin their business that way because they just stopped doing what is working, like what got them to their to where they're at right now that would be more of an advanced kind of level concept, but most people are in that, that that larger bucket to where what they need and what they want is something simple that can help them just move the needle that day, that they can see a result with that they can wrap their head around, and I don't know who it was that said this, whether it was Einstein or one of these kind of famous people who we've taken quotes from but they said something to the effect of like brilliance is not taking something simple and making it complicated it's taking something complicated and making it simple. And so I think that, to your point, a lot of times we overcomplicate things, and we think that we need to have the whole book of knowledge before we can start giving back and adding value to the marketplace. When really, just as you said, or as Matt said being one step ahead. It's even more relatable, and it's even more effective because you're so new and you're so fresh that you have the experience of jebra wood as well and doing it yourself. And so somebody who's been in the game for 10 years, I feel like I'm a senior. I'm like an Oji in the game and, and sometimes I forget some of the, like what it's like to set up an autoresponder right you know what I mean. So I gotta I gotta, I gotta work hard to keep it simple, and to stay in that type of information that's relevant to that 99% of people, and not make it too complicated. And so that's a fascinating thing right here's somebody who's got 10 years plus in the game, and I have, I have to work to keep things simple and explain things and make things simple. Keep things to where people can understand them. Robert, I'm not sure what comes up for you if anything as I'm talking about this but I just, I'm trying to give people hope and inspiration, based on your amazing story and what you're doing, that no matter where you're at, particularly in the beginning, that you're where you're at, is extremely useful for somebody else, you're probably, you're probably undervaluing, the impact that you, you have, if you just, if you can find the courage, and you can take the risk to put yourself out there and begin being of service to people. 

Rob: Yeah, and again I go back. I always go back to the Facebook group. You live and breathe with the people that you're going through the course now with. So, age does matter. In the beginning, when you're going through things everybody's having the same problems in the same areas at the same time, it doesn't matter your sex, where you're from. It doesn't matter what color you are, it doesn't matter what language that you speak, every single person that I talked to, they get stuck in the same place, whether they're from India, South Africa, or jersey. Everybody gets stuck in the same places, but a lot of it's IT related, where they get stuck, and that's why I say live and breathe in the Facebook group where you'll network, make friends, answer questions, get questions answered for you. And the whole point of the community is to be part of the community. If you skim over that part. You're gonna get what you get.

Dave: Yeah. And part of, Part of what I just also want to say just to help everybody also understand where the responsibility needs to fall. You have to take responsibility to make these connections yourself, okay, you can't rely on other people to make these connections for you, and, and even as your Legendary it's a great idea I saw somebody, you know, I've heard this in the past. Nobody's been upset or anything that we don't kind of organize groups because we've certainly thought of it, but ultimately at the end of the day, it has to fall on the shoulders of of you guys who have to take responsibility to lock arms and be the leader in a sense and say hey I'm forming a group or a pod or I'd like to have some kind of road dogs to lock arms with you, you can't wait for me to come along and invite you, if something happened for yourself what Rob is describing here about having a few partners and kind of accountability, people in your corner. I invite all of you guys to step up and be the one to form that group, don't wait for it to be formed for you don't wait for somebody to invite you to one, right, because then we get back into our kind of our younger kind of childlike self like hoping that we get picked for the basketball team, you know like out on the court where we get picked last for the dodgeball ball team and. And we feel smaller we know you all are adults, you have to step into your leader role your leader mindset and if this sounds like something that you want to do that be the leader who forms and invites other people to run with you don't wait for it to fall in your lap, Rob, any words or response to that.

Rob: So when I was in the Facebook group, I reached out to 12 people initially, the 12 disciples, people because we were all in the October timeframe, and up to 12 people I reached out to. I told him, Hey, how about we get together, we help each other out. We like to share and comment on each other's, whatever it is if you do Facebook, YouTube, I don't care if the 12 people I reached out to 10 jumped at the opportunity. and 10 jumped. And they were like, Oh yeah, man, what, first they were like, Okay, what are you talking about, can you explain this again is really explained real quick so there's not a whole lot to it. For me, or 999 a month, no for. It's just a, you reach out to 12 people, you're going to get seven to 10 people. If in your range, that is dying to be part of a team.

Dave: Yeah. Yeah. So, um, transition a little bit to kind of your, your different offers and stuff so you're obviously kind of teaching affiliate marketing and helping people with affiliate marketing their affiliate marketing businesses which is cool but you're also doing some cryptocurrency stuff and you're, you're kind of taking your, your ability to share information, share value into the crypto space also potentially doing some, some affiliate offers in the in the crypto space. Is that right?

Rob: Yeah. And again, this is what that's what I got from Preston McLean when he was like well if you could affiliate marketing for anything. Yeah. Would it be. Yeah, I was like, Well, I'm, I'm new to crypto. So let me take a look at it, and next thing you know I realized that the exchange that I'm using as an affiliate link, the bot, the artificial intelligent bots that I use, they have an affiliate link, the legend, the ledger hardware wallets have an affiliate link, it's all built in for you,

hopefully not any other cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes that popped up right. All I had to do was show people, again, it's always the same thing, show people what you're doing. And then if they're interested in it, they will click on your link. Look at what's going on, and they'll either gonna follow you or not bother. The only difference was. Wow, the difference, since it was all exciting and new. Yeah, yeah I was averaging three to 400 people a day, jumping in and following and I was like I think I could get used to this, I like this, but it all comes down to, again, if you pick something that you're going to do anyway, and something that you enjoy, right, not a single person was to come join, you would still enjoy doing. Right. It's not going to happen because you enjoy doing something, and you're sharing your experience. People are going to come. If you're sharing your excitement in your, in your adding value through teaching them and showing them stuff people are gonna pay attention. 

Dave: Yeah. Yeah, so the other thing that I want to point out which I have, I have another coaching client who's doing cryptocurrency stuff, and, you know, like I'm not a crypto guy, like I made 20,000 or so from Bitcoin back in 2017 it was literally the most stressful money I've ever made in my life. You know what I mean. Like if I think about like the amount of stress compared to the amount of profit, it just wasn't worth it to me I'd rather just put my, my investments in more passive stuff, but if I wanted to, like, if I wanted, if I was looking for a hot market to get to do affiliate marketing in and just if I wanted to only do affiliate marketing in it, and I was looking for a hot market cryptocurrency would absolutely be one of them, right, you look at the trends, people all over the world are interested in crypto, it's a huge FOMO thing, people have a fear of missing out like they think that this is kind of the, you know the boom or whatever it is for many people right there's a lot of people were making a lot of money in crypto. I'm not a fan because I don't think there's potential. I'm a fan because I am not a fan because of me. It's not crypto, it's me, right, I don't want to be checking my thing every two seconds and they're doing okay and you're doing. Exactly, exactly. Dude, you also know my lane. So I have my primary business and then I have, you know, investments in real estate, those are where I invest my money. But, but, you know, if I was looking at hey what's a hot niche, and I was passionate about crypto and if I was just looking for a hot niche crypto is like an example everybody if you guys are like, when we talk about picking a niche. That's an example of a super hot niche. And as you were talking about Rob, if you can, if you pick a niche and you say cryptocurrency affiliate programs in Google. Man, you, you would be overwhelmed by the amount of, um, you could also go to any site, any popular site, and you could just go to the bottom of their website, and you could see. Do they have to check this out, so I just typed in one super quick, let me share my screen real quick just to kind of show you guys how easy this is. So, if I typed in Coinbase, for example, right, so here I am on Coinbase Coinbase is the app that pretty much is the biggest kind of, I wouldn't call it an exchange but I would call it a wallet that you could buy cryptocurrency in, and you can store your cryptocurrency in Coinbase, you know, they're they're bringing more coins in as well that you can buy like Dogecoin and different stuff but anyways, I joined 50 similar people on Coinbase, they went public, it's a pretty big exchanges, but this is kind of like, this is probably the most popular well known, like wallet slash not really exchange but where you can buy crypto. So, what the hell, how can I do affiliate marketing with Coinbase? Well, all I gotta do is scroll down to the bottom of the site. Okay, and let me look here. I can even go Command F, and I could type in. I could type in an affiliate and say oh wait, there's. Oh, there it is right there, look at that. Look at that. There it is right there. Okay so I could click on become a coin base affiliate Rob in this beautiful thing, dude. I just pulled this up in two seconds it's like become an affiliate promote coin base earn commissions, right and then it gives you like information about their, their, their, their program a couple of details and then you click on become an affiliate, and there's probably some sort of an application process or something like that. Yep, you apply here or whatever, and 50% of the order sale amount. That seems pretty significant.

Rob: I might have to switch over, I'm only I know we're at your boy right only getting 20 I feel I'm feeling cheated. Well, hold on a second. So, zero. I feel like I'm bypassing myself but you could type in beer on that thing and they'll be an affiliate link at the bottom. So there's an affiliate link for, if you type in affiliates for beer. You will find 20 different affiliates for the micro breweries, by all the different types. Yeah, you can't name anything that doesn't have an affiliate link that goes with it.

Dave: It's crazy bro micromatic affiliate program 10% Commission's 90 Day cookie 10% A lot of these are probably like physical products so there may be there's, there's, there's less of a profit margin to be able to pay a commission bottle keeper affiliate program. Who knows what the hell that is right but anyways. Yeah No, dude, it's cool as hell right that you can craft a beer club affiliate program. I saw a beer bong. What's that one, beer, beer, or beer bomb calm. Here's the affiliate program for beer bong. We're the only drinking novelty company that makes majority of the products in the US,

Rob: People using that you might not get a lot of returns. Go for it.

Dave: Now look at this dude, look at this like all these all these beer bongs. Oh this is a badass man, I don't drink so I'm not into a lot of this, but if you're a drinker, dude. Like, there's this guy on, on, on Tik Tok.  Yeah so this, this cat right here. Alright, check this out. This guy right here he's got 9.9 million followers, basically what he's doing is he's always drinking now he's, he's kind of almost got a Dan Bilzerian vibe. At this point, but like he's always got a goose with them. and, and, and he's always drinking some beer, like here he is with a dad like us scientists. Here he is with his dad. Yeah, there's like he's always drinking with his, with his family, like, even his grandma. He gets his grandma out there and they and they drink but anyways. Here's a dude who, nothing about any business stuff, nothing about any, he just havin fun. He's getting his dad and his grandma to come on and drink, and he's got this duck that he's always like doing kind of silly shit like this like he's got the duck inside of the grocery store without a shirt, you know what I mean, just being just being you know being hilarious, you know what I mean, this guy is probably making so much money, now he's, he's, He's promoting his, his website, which has merged. Right. But if this guy, if this guy would, would, would make some affiliate links in promotion, find a beer bomb company to promote based on his stuff with all these followers. Dude, he would be making hundreds of $1,000 in a month in affiliate commissions in its entire channel. We're having a blast, bro. Just having fun. You know what I mean. And I look at, look at this one right here, like here's his dad like he's got his dad, and he's got the beard well. Look at this shit. Can you see that we can see it? And then there's this mob freak it out I mean look at this dude, I mean it's just, it's just, it's just that video right there had 11 million views on, you know what I mean. So if you guys are wondering, you know, what are some examples of some niches and I give you credit for this Rob because you, you brought up the drinking thing in it's just, it's here's his grandma dude. 

Rob: When we talk about what you are going to give back, what are you going to return. He's giving you that pure entertainment.

Dave: Yeah. Look, drink in his hand, his grandma. Yeah. Grandma getting drunk dude, you know what I mean, it's just unbelievable man and he could be over here on this we're balling affiliate program thing. So, a lot of you, a lot of you guys are like, you know, having a hard time kind of, I don't know, trying to, I don't know I think I think some people take take themselves too seriously, I think, I think some people, you know we have a hard time kind of branching out and getting creative, but just in five minutes there based on you, talking about drinking, throwing darts at the beginning and it's just, and then mentioning the beer affiliate program. We found some ideas that got the juices flowing that any one of you could go and build a business in that niche or at least a side hustle, like a sub niche just having fun with that. It just blows my mind.

Rob: I guess, to be Debbie downer here for moving this in a little bit, but I talk to beginners all the time. And the first thing I tell them is, don't worry about your funnel, and don't worry about your email responder, you need to go do what you're going to do. I'm eight months in, I still use Legendary’s back office Legendary autoresponders, because I don't want to do it. It's not, that's not the area where I feel like I need to be to make what I'm trying to make. I want to be the one making upfront stuff. Yeah, more content because I only do content I don't do sales, so I have to do content to stay relevant. So I left, and I got third years of it. And I, I teach people how to use builders on how to use AWeber, how to use Get Response how I can. I teach everybody else that wants to do it, how to do it. I've become an expert, and literally all, but I'll use them. My back office does what my back office was to do, and I work in the front office.

Dave: Well bro you're, you're, you. That's a great point, you realize the idea of the mechanics and the dynamics that was probably the simplest explanation of what I mean by that, because the mechanics are the tip of the iceberg. Sure, they're part of the business, but are they the big ones? Are they the largest part of the business? No they're not. They are simply the tip of the iceberg that everybody sees and thinks, Well, my whole business is me setting up a funnel and an autoresponder, that's the business. And so they spend all this time setting up those couple little pieces of software, and then they say, whoo. My business is running. And then it's like, Wait, hold on a second, nobody's coming to the funnel, nobody's Wait, what Hold up, wait, is this a scam. Hold on a second is this does this even work right and it's like, well, yes, and that was the tip of the iceberg. There's the dynamics which is all of this other stuff, the messaging, the, the content creation and audience building. You know the fishing formula which I teach in the blueprints, which is picking your target customer, you know, finding out where they hang out, creating bait to get them chumming the waters to get them to come to the boat bait to get them to buy, right, and then second helpings third helpings. What are all the boxes that I need to check to bring people to me but then also move them through the process. That's the part of the iceberg that a lot of people never see. And you're brilliant for steak for kind of focusing on the real income producing activities, Rob, because so many people get bogged down with that tech, and at the end of the day, it's the least important, it's not not important. It's just the least, it's actually the least important part of this business.

Rob: I believe you have a video about the affiliate graveyard, and one of those gravestones, has to do with tech debt, has to deal with people getting stuck trying to create all the technical stuff. Yeah, they get stuck, they flounder, they take two weeks off, they come back, they try to work it some more, they take two weeks off, they come back and then they never come back. Whereas, Maybe not do the tech stuff. I mean, we were talking earlier about, just find something that you know how to do and do it. That's how fiber came into existence. It's just simple little things that people do. And for me, I'll spend $20 To save a week's worth of my time. And it's the same thing for a lot of people if you're working a full time job, like I coach softball, I work full time, and I'm going to college with my two daughters, they're all, they're all three of us go into college at the same time. So, yeah, I still spend 567 hours a day doing this, but I'm lucky where I can jump in and out of this while doing the 95. When I'm on board meeting the day, if I am. And I don't have any input so I shift over to the other laptop. And while I got the headphones on I'm going I'm doing, then go back to the meeting, don't tell you

right now it's just us here. One of the things that, that you guys could do, right, if, if you had some virtual assistant or something or you hired somebody like that is just say hey watch these videos, man, I just bought this course watch these videos, right, and and and set this up, you know what I mean. I mean there's just no rules, you know, to this game about what you can do, you have to be creative. And if you want to be the CEO of your business. How does a CEO, there's been many things that I've bought courses, things like that in the past that I say I get somebody who works with me for me, an assistant, something like that and I say through this, and, and set this up. I watched a YouTuber, he went through three assistants, trying to do it, but he ended up. All he does is make the video. And at the end he walks out, and that's it. Everything else is taken care of by his virtual assistant, like you said, it took him three tries to find just the right one. But now all he does is walk in, does video walks out, goes back to his life. Everything else is taken care of. Yeah, but again I say in the beginning. Your focus should be on meeting people, being in the Facebook group, working together as a team, even if, like, I know Amanda. Amanda has been here. I was in Amanda's TikToks before she got on Legendary and was on this side of the screen, and you could see it in her face. The moment she was doing her TikTok, you could see it in her face. She was going to be a rock star. And it's the same with, say, Cynthia Marie. Anthony Torres. He looks like a movie star that's just doing affiliate marketing to figure out how to do it next month. And you watch some of these people and it's just their week, those, this is my group. James Liddell, the hardest working man in affiliate marketing, got it down in Florida, if you watch, find your way videos, find your way one TikTok videos. He always does videos from the beach in Florida. He's already got half of what we want, just with the view. And we all got together and we all decided to do this and once you make it to say month eight. You feel like you're getting into the groove at that point, you've got past the little hump. And now you're getting into a groove, the people that are still with you, not everybody will be with you. But if you're in a group, you gotta, you got to let the load that fish on the outside edge is gonna get picked off. So, I'm having a great time with the people that I grabbed from the Facebook group, the Legendary, and they're still around, we still are eight months later, we're still in each other's content.

Dave: No, it's awesome dude, I was, you really got me with that affiliate marketing graveyard thing, you know, what happens is that, that a lot of people end up, you know, falling in that affiliate marketing graveyard, you know, and, and that can consist of lots of different, lots of different graves, you know those graves could be those graves could be, you know, technical stuff, you know, autoresponders, as you said, it could be funnels. It could be. It could be money, limiting beliefs around the kind of money and success. It can be the fear of stepping out of your comfort zone. There's so many different, there's so many different, quote unquote, you know, graves that are, are, are kind of dug, because they, you know, because people just, you know, typically fall in these kinds of graves that, that, that, that unfortunately and not to be, not to be too morbid here but there's tons of other bodies already in, and it's, it's, it's, it's usually things that are somewhat simple that we find a way to overcomplicate, you know ourselves because we like to do that as human beings. And, you know or we or we just or we just are trying to do this alone, and that can be difficult as well as you say that the fish on the outside of the school gets picked off, you know.

Rob: Well, one of the ways to not fall into one of the graves in the graveyard is to take the time to watch the video that shows you where the graves are. If that's all you have to do. It's a lot easier to stay above ground. If you know where the pitfalls are located, and for some reason, all of these videos that are there, they show you what's coming. Yeah, it's not a suspense thriller, they show you the end of the movie first, and then they take you through it.

Dave: Yeah, no I totally agree with that man and and I can't tell you how many days, I, I get questions from people. You know, it's funny. You talking about this affiliate marketing graveyard, You know, we've been running this, this, this legendary marketers club for a couple of years, and if. right into our back office, and you go to, you go to the marketers club right we've been doing these live training as well there's 123 live training replays. But it's interesting. The first one right there. The first one, you know, is the affiliate marketing graveyard.

I've been through 92 Yeah, do you for some reason you have a few more links than I do, but I've been through a lot of them

Dave: Yeah we've discontinued products and stuff like that. So yeah I got but anyways yeah Matt does a brilliant, brilliant overview of that, and again this was something that he did back in 2019, and it's the first replay there but he just, he, it's so, it's such a powerful example, as he draws it out because he literally walks you through all of the things that we've seen, 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of times over the course of Matt nice combined 20 years in this industry. And, and so I think it's really empowering for any one of you to kind of watch that and realize what Rob You said a moment ago. What you mean is hours and 1000s of people have dealt with before you, and it's just not new, there's a solution for it, it's not something that's earth shattering that we can't solve that we can't help you with or that you can overcome. It's literally something that everybody has to go through. And it's crazy because you wouldn't believe Rob the amount of people that we track that will buy for example the challenge and not go through, or will buy the blueprints and not go through the training. I mean, it's just, if you just spend a couple of days of your life to just go through it and then to revisit it every couple of months. Man, it's just, it's life changing, but we get high off of the purchase, right, and then we don't, the follow through is not there. 

Rob: After 2020 and 2021. Everybody should have seen everything that's on Netflix by now. So, you have the time to go through some of these. I've used up prime, I've used them all up. So, these are the next videos to go to. 

Dave: Yeah, well, brother. Thanks for an awesome hour line hour long chat, you guys can check out Rob on TikTok. Here we've got his Tiktok handle up there is his affiliate army Facebook group. The guy is clearly, you know, somebody that you that you want to have in your corner, and yet another yet another yet another awesome example, right, of somebody in this community somebody inside of our community here that in the names that you listed off, I don't even know who they are, Rob like those people I've yet to meet them I've yet to even hear of them, I mean because the amount of people here that come through our stuff and are going and taking in, put it in into action is just honestly it's the overwhelming, \

Rob: They're the ones that kept me going

Dave: It’s hard to keep up with. It's hard to keep up with, if somebody was sitting on based on your experience here at Legendary somebody was sitting on a checkout page are kind of in the comments and watching this and on the fence about going all in and if they, if what they could learn here and the people that they could meet here could change their life really changed the trajectory of their life, what would you say to that person based on your experience?

Rob: Not going back Never going back Never going back. I will never have a single income ever again. That's all you need to know. Do you want a single point of failure, or would you rather have multiple income streams. And if you're with. number one, good luck, I've been there. I mean that's why old people come back and tell you, you might not want to do this. 

Dave: Yeah. Yeah for real man. 

Rob: Never going back, no lies detected in that statement. 

Dave: Well, Brother, listen, It's a fantastic day, I know you've probably got 14 meetings here to do and then plus all your other stuff that you're doing so have fun with that. Be Legendary, stay Legendary my friend, please do it on your journey. And I appreciate the conversation. This was amazing. 

Rob: Appreciate it. 

Dave: All right, Rob see you buddy out. Alright guys, there it is. Whoop, there it is. Hey, another, another fantastic example of what's possible. I'm somebody who just, I don't know, kind of had their back against the wall, sort of similar to what I said yesterday when you remove the plan B, you know, and you're, you're, you know, you're sort of left with Okay What now, you can do amazing things, you know when you, when you fully commit and apply yourself to what you're doing, you know, and step in and take a risk of being that leader. First leading your own life and then leading others. It's amazing where you can go and what you can do, and that's a great example. Rob this morning with his story and experience I appreciate him for sharing that with us if you guys want to get a text message reminder about this show every morning on your phone text WUL The letters WUL to 8132968553 Again, that's 813-296-8553 Get the hell out of here. Have a fantastic day. We'll see you guys back here tomorrow, Peace.

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