Below is the transcription of this episode:

Dave: What's going on my friends? This is Dave Sharpe Welcome to wake up legendary. Yes, I am wearing a white shirt this morning. Hello. Just changing it up. I got a mastermind to attend to cut things off tomorrow morning in Orlando, Florida. You're going to be there. I'm looking forward to meeting you, seeing you and having a powerful weekend. This morning we're going to hear from one of our students here, one of our members of this family and community. Fabi, all the way from Germany. Welcome to the to the show, my friend

Fabi: Thank you very much.

Dave: Am I correct in saying that you're calling in from Germany?

Fabi: Yeah, that's correct. From Germany, Munich. 

Dave: Wow. Wow. Incredible, incredible the worldwide effect of this business and how you can do business with people all over the world and connect with people all over the world. So tell us a little bit about your story and how you found Legendary Marketer.