Being an entrepreneur can be tough on you. It's full long nights, forgotten meals, aches, and pains.

It's important to remember to take care of yourself so you don't get burned out.

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Video Transcript

[The following is the full transcript of this episode of The Legendary Marketer Show. Please note that in this episode, like all LM Show episodes, David’s words are unscripted and unedited.]

Hi, what's going on my friend? This is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to the Legendary Marketer Show, and on this show, I'm gonna talk about, really, how to do amazing self-care and take care of yourself.

Then I'm gonna also take you behind the scenes of a place that some people go to do that. I go and get a lot of massages myself. I like getting massages. I actually get pedicures, don't really get manicures. I do my nails myself, but I get my toes taken care of.

I try to exercise and go to the gym. I workout with a trainer. I have a chef that cooks my food, and I try to eat somewhat healthy.

But I think the discussion of self-care is really important as you build your business and become an entrepreneur. Really, if you're getting into online marketing, there's gonna be a lot of times where you're gonna isolate yourself, or at least be isolated. Nobody told me that when I first got started.

My point is, I don't have anybody who's telling me, “Okay, Dave, it's time to take a break now.” So I've got to take care of myself. I gotta make sure that I get the proper amount of sleep. Hell, I could, and I have in the past, just worked right through the night. I could not eat for hours, and all of a sudden find my stomach grumbling, going “Golly when's the last time I actually ate something?”

Because I'm sitting down at a desk, I can let my neck all tighten up and my muscles in my back tighten up. Now all of a sudden I've got back pain and everything else because I've been hunched over a computer and I'm not really paying attention to my posture.

One of the things that I do is, I actually go to to get massages. This is just one of the personal things that I like. I like going and getting massages. I like to try to exercise, but I also like to get massages. I've probably gotten so many massages over the course of the last seven or eight years, that now all of a sudden it's hard to compete. With some massage therapists that I have and that my wife and I get, it's sort of hard to compete with some of the massages that we've had in the past. We go “how was your massage?” when we get one. If it's not awesome, we're kinda like, “it was alright.”

Most people, it would probably be awesome. It's just one of those things. You become sort of a massage snob, a little bit. Are you sort of a maybe a foodie snob or a cigar snob or a wine snob, it's kind of the same thing.

So anyway, I was recently out in Vegas, and I want to show you this particular spot because I really think that it's cool to go behind the scenes and see a really top-of-the-line spa. This particular spa I went out to in Vegas, this was also during the week of my birthday. You can see the area that's not the massage rooms. It's got locker rooms. Obviously, it's got showers and bathrooms. It's got a spa or a Jacuzzi tub that's got lawn chairs by it.

All along the right side of the wall, it's got a steam room and a sauna. It's got this little room with a thing that you put your back on. You just sit down and the whole things hot, you put your back on it. Then you can go rest in these different rooms. You can just lay there and look out over the Las Vegas strip.

It was really cool. It was in the Waldorf Astoria hotel out there right on the strip in Vegas. It was absolutely unbelievable.

You talk about one of the best massages that I've ever had in my entire life. Why is this important to entrepreneurs? It's important to anybody who's trying to perform at a high level. If you're an entrepreneur who's not working your A-S-S off and you're not trying to perform a high level, then you're probably not going to keep up with and compete with some of the people who are hustling. Because nowadays it is a competitive market. I'm not saying that you can't do it easily. I'm not saying that you can't do it simply. I'm not saying that you can't do it without killing yourself.

I'm saying that it requires adequate work from you. And then, the harder you work, the harder you get to play and relax. For me, one thing that my wife and I like to do is we like to travel around. We like to go to amazing dining in restaurants and eat great food. We like to do amazing stuff. And we like to get great massages at places like this five-star spa in the Waldorf Astoria in Las Vegas.

So do yourself a favor, I actually traveled with my dad a couple years ago. We were in the airport getting a connecting flight and we had like two hours. I said, “Let's go get a massage” and he said “What?!”

He had never gotten a massage before. Crazy to me, right? So I got him a massage. For you, you may not be used doing nice things for yourself. You may not be used to taking care of yourself. Maybe you're somebody who's always been in this mindset that you've got to take care of others.

So many of us kind of become the caretaker for children or spouses or parents or whatever the case may be. You sort of lose yourself in that process.

As an entrepreneur and as a marketer, you really have to make sure that you stay on top of you. That you check in with you. That you make sure that you're getting taken care of. That you make sure that your needs are being met. If they're not being met you need to tell somebody about them. Tell your spouse if they're not being met. “I need more support” or “I need more this or that.”

Most of all, you need to know that you're responsible for taking care of your needs. You're the one who's responsible. It's not somebody else's responsibility to make sure that you go to the gym, or you eat right, or you going to get a massage.

It's your responsibility do that. I had to learn that the wrong way because I neglected myself for a long time. I ended up suffering. Then because I was suffering, I made other people around me suffer, because I was unhappy.

So you have to take responsibility for your own pleasure, for your own needs, and for your own happiness. For me, just one of the ways that I like to do that is to go and get massages.

Try it out. I'll see you on the next video.