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Matt: What is happening everybody? Happy Wednesday. It is now Wednesday March 23. And we're live. If you are live with me, let me know in the comments. Where are you tuning in from? My name is Matt, if you have Matt, if you haven't met me, I’m the CMO here at Legendary, and we had a last second cancellation from a guest. So we're gonna improvise this morning and I've got something to share with you about a little social cycle that many people don't know about but is really, really key and important to know about. So we're going to talk about the nonstop social cycle. And it's something that's been happening now for a couple of years. And it can leverage the power of the media companies basically fighting over you, which is kind of fun. Imagine you're on a little date with all the social media companies around the table and they're all fighting over you. Well, that's basically what's been happening for now for a couple of years. And I would say right now more than ever, it's really picking up. And so what, what I want to talk  with you about is a little bit about how this works and how this is so important, both for beginners and also for more experienced marketers, especially for more experienced marketers, but as a beginner or somebody who's getting started online. Maybe you're starting to create content. I want to share with you a little bit about how it's possible for you to take advantage of something like this. So what I'm gonna do this morning, is we're gonna do a little mini lesson it's going to be a freebie lesson, we'll call it and I'm going to pop in my whiteboard, and I would like a little bit of engagement from you who are alive if you're watching as a replay. You can always tune in every Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern. We're gonna go live to the whiteboard and Word and a little bit with you. So let me see if I can pull this open. And as soon as you can see my screen, give me a little thumbs up in the chat and just let me know that you can see this. 

Alright,  This is called sketch There's a little marketing lesson for you. you can draw on your screen, mostly using a tablet. Maybe somebody can put that in the chat for me. Awesome pen tablet. For your screen. Some people think I'm a mouse wizard and I can draw over it using my trackpad. That's not that gifted but I wish it'd be incredible. Okay, so let me let me adjust my like this a little thinner. Alright, beautiful. And then let me make this a little larger. Or, or if we're looking good. So this little nonstop social cycle as I called it, let me let me type this is an interesting phenomenon that I've never seen. happen in the history of social media. Until recently until the last couple of years. I've been in this industry now for about 10 years and years. And this really hasn't happened that I've seen in the last 10 years except maybe until 2020 or so. So in the nonstop social cycle basically, here's what's happening. Well, first of all, first of all, first of all, first, I want to tell you a little bit about what's happening in the social media world right now. And how that should impact your sort of view on creating content and creating content and also on how you should go about your social media strategy. So the first thing that I want you to either write down or cement in your head is that you are in control. And here's what I mean by this. Here's what I mean by this. Back in 2020. Little social media app maybe you guys have heard of it. Called tick tock popped onto the scene. Okay, they showed up in the app store and they became the number one downloaded app in the Apple App Store. And up until then, I think it was Instagram and YouTube. And those two were sort of at the top of the list. There were other ones that bumped up here and there but TikTok just took them down and in a powerful way. So TikTok comes on the scene in 2020 Right. And when TikTok comes on the scene, everybody thinks, oh, this, oh, this is just a fad or Oh, this isn't. This isn't glassed or, Oh, this isn't going to keep up forever, but they stick around and they stick around and suddenly right. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, all these other snapchat all these other platforms are looking in on TikTok’s algorithm, and they're saying, Okay, there's something here, here, right? There's something about the short form, specifically short form video content. That's really powerful. So in it with the social media companies, they're fighting for your attention. Here's why. How do these social media companies make money? Right if Facebook signs up billions of users and they're in all the accounts? How on Earth do they make any money? How's it possible? What do they do? How do they do? Okay, boom, here we go.

Roberts got it right here. Tom's got it ads. So what happens is their advertisers purchase ads, right? So they buy ads, right? Do you remember Zuckerberg? I think he was doing a Senate hearing or something. And he was testifying and he goes Senator, we run, we run ads. So the more Okay, check this out, the more people that are on their platform and the time that they spend on their platform, the more money that the social media companies aka their shareholders are going to make you stay with me. So it's important for Facebook and Instagram and Google and Pinterest and TikTok to keep you on their platform as long as possible so that they can make the maximum amount of profits from their advertising. So here's what's happened. Here's what's up. They have started fighting with each other. They've started, they've started, they've, they've started basically going to war with each other over your attention. And that includes you as a consumer, but especially as a content producer. That's why they literally pay you a portion of that profit like Google if you're if you're running YouTube videos. They'll do a portion of those profits with their advertising because it's your video that they're watching. So it puts you in control. And I think that's the first thing you have to remember in this whole deal is you have the power you have the control in this sort of game in this world that we've now stepped stepped in because so many social media company now leveraging the short form videos the same way TikTok did over the last couple of years, and now you have the control because they're constantly fighting over each other over your attention. As a content creator or as a marketer, you have something called leverage, right? Right. They're doing it every day or waking up trying to come up trying to make it better, more viral, right? They're literally fighting to get your videos to go viral because the moment you go on to TikTok and create a video that gets watched 60, 80, 100,000 times. You're hooked. You're like, oh my gosh, that was almost too easy. That was crazy. Right? Okay, so that's the first trick to this whole thing. Now I want to know what is the social cycle? Okay, so let me pull open a new page here. This is a social cycle. Let me draw this out on my screen for you. And I am not an artist, as many of you already know. But let me draw this little social cycle out for you on the screen. So you can see it and have a visual that misbehaves. That hopefully makes sense to you. So here's Facebook and Facebook we know it is owned by or I'm sorry, Instagram gram is owned by Facebook if you don't know that, now you do. And then let's also put on TikTok here.  And then let's jump up to YouTube or jump over to YouTube. And then we'll jump over to Pinterest Pinterest, and then the cycle comes back. Maybe there's one more here but we'll just bring this cycle back over to Facebook. So here's my point.

Okay. So you guys can all see this on my screen. Alright. So here's what's happening. Here's what's happening. Let's start with TikTok, here we go. We're going to serve a TikTok and TikTok comes on the scene in 2020. And they've been around since way before that, but really asses started finding them and starting on their platform in 2020. Okay. And then what happens is check this out. Check this out, see how powerful this is? It goes over and YouTube starts implementing the short form video platform or the short form video strategy that TikTok has done and they make something called shorts. And then Pinterest implements the short video pins to Okay. And then Facebook comes out with something called reels. I guess Instagram technically launched them first, but now they're both fully live and fully working. So we've got this whole cycle coming all the way back to Facebook rails, Instagram rails and all of them are mimicking or sort of modeling right after. They're all modeling TikTok. Now that was just the first iteration. Everybody that was just the first iteration starts modeling after just the short form videos, right? But what happened is that YouTube for whatever reason, they got the short form videos, but the algorithm didn't work as well as TikTok so all the content creators stayed on tick tock because it was just, it was just working great on TikTok, right. Same thing with Instagram reels. Some people could go viral on reels, but some people couldn't. And it didn't seem like the algorithm made much sense. And so a lot of content creators were like, well, I'm sticking with tic toc because it seems to just be working better than anything else. But what has happened over the next few years, is that this cycle has continued. Right so what did YouTube do? They picked up just a little bit more of the algorithm. And suddenly, a few more content creators started going viral on shorts, right? They figured out where to put it in their app to make it more accessible to get more views and to blow that part up. Same with Pinterest. So what happens is over time, right, these Instagram reels for many people weren't going anywhere. And they eventually started to figure out how to work it into their app. And then how to deliver more of those rails to get more virality. Right. The same thing with Facebook, which is way more recent. And so what's happening is, over the course of a calendar year now we're going to get into how you can implement this? This is just true. Okay, this is just true and and what has been happening over the last couple of years, but in terms of like a calendar year, right, let me let me explain this over the course of this calendar year, you might have quarters of the year where certain ones launch new features that help people go viral, faster, help you the content creator, go viral, faster. And so here's, let's say this one's Facebook. So in quarter one now I'm not actually giving a real example I'm just giving a broad example here.

In January, February, March, everybody's going viral on TikTok, and so everybody's generating tons of leads and sales through TikTok and then April comes around and here's what happened. This happens in all of these marketing circles so frequently in May, in April, May and June. Okay. What happens is, Facebook starts to go viral. Facebook reels are now the hot place where everybody's getting leads. And you know what people say in these months when this happens type to me in the chat. If you have a guess. What do marketers start to say about tick tock when this q2 comes and everybody's getting leads? It seems like they're Facebook. What happens?

Let me warn you of what's going to happen. Here's what happens, is marketers pay close attention. Please hear me on this. The marketers who are looking in Facebook groups in tic toc in social media comments. Here's what happens. Everybody starts to run to Facebook in about May or June, usually around June the last part of that hot quarter, right? They run there. They start posting all their content. Maybe they get one or two viral videos, and then it starts to slow again, because now we're moving into the next quarter of innovation. So what's happened is people start to say oh, my god TikTok is dead and they switch over. They change their marketing to go to Facebook and they stop with TikTok. But what you have to realize is that this is functioning not in linear history, but in cycles. It's not linear. You guys, it's a cycle. So rather than jumping off the ship of TikTok, they should simply just attach a little Facebook boat to their ship. Right and not make their entire ship tick tock. But instead, they should just add Facebook to their marketing. Right and keep going with TikTok. Because, listen, listen. People have said over the last year tick tock is dead. It's not what it once was. But every single freaking quarter. I see a new person pop into tick tock and go crazy viral. Get 100,000 followers faster than I've ever seen. generate tons of leads and sales opened up a five figure a month business and most it's from TikTok and it happens like clockwork now. It might not happen to everybody. Of course, it's not going to happen to everybody. But once their content maybe starts to slow a little bit. Then what happens is they switch over to Instagram and they switch to Facebook and they switch to Pinterest and they switch to YouTube and they switch to decaf, right. The secret lies in a strategy called write for this word. Write this word down omnipresence. Alright, this is important marketing work for you. If you've not heard of it, I want you to write down omnipresence. What does this mean? Well, it first means that you create content or ads but create some form of content that can be organic or paid. Alright, so you create, you go out and you create content on one single platform. And you can repurpose this content all over the place. So, personally, if I'm a beginner, I like TikToks content creation platform a lot. I like the layout. I like how easy it is to create content on it. That for me is where I'm going to create content. Okay, and what I'm going to do then is I'm going to create content on tick tock

and I'm going to do that religiously. Anywhere two to five times a day.

And I say it two to five times a day. Just because that seems like kind of a limitation for me in terms of how much content I can actually put out that's valuable good content. The other thing that and and then what you're going to do after that is you're going to just simply download that and you can use a little tool to remove the watermark.

All right, there we go. You download it with the Remove watermark. You can use something like or many other just google search how to remove a watermark from my tic toc video. That's it, you'll find a little tool Snaptik is a good one. In fact, if anybody uses a different one, you could probably leave it in the comments but is a website that you can use super simple. I've used it many, many times. Then what you're going to do is take that downloaded video. And you're going to repost meaning you're going to take that content, you're going to take it to Instagram, you're going to take it to Facebook, which by the way, at this current moment in time, if you guys right now today. We're live here, this is March 23rd. We're live right now and we're seeing incredible traction on Facebook reels. So I want you to just tune in and hear me out on that. That's a little tip. In terms of views being repurposed from TikTok videos, really huge growth and also followers on fan pages. So Facebook or Instagram are YouTube shorts. Name me some other ones. Do you guys have other places that you guys do some of this repurposing? What are some other places on Pinterest?

You could go to Snapchat. I believe maybe you could go to Twitter.

Removing the watermark is vital. You absolutely must do it. It's not an optional thing. You must do it. Okay, clapper. If you don't do it, you risk getting shadow banned or banned entirely. So it's just going to be absolutely stupid if you do not do this.

LinkedIn alright, I don't know for sure about that. But I'm going to put it up there because you should look into it. So here's the thing. Look at this. You've just listed what 3,4,5,6,7,8 platforms nine if you count the original, and you can take one single piece of content, post it to nine different platforms. And now when we're going throughout this cycle that I talked to you about where one one leeches off a new feature of the other and they start intermingling and then they develop a little bit from the algorithm maybe one of their key engineers from tick tock jumped ship and goes to Facebook and share some information or you know, they're in Silicon Valley and they're at some sort of some sort of meeting and and Pinterest snagged something from Facebook over drinks or you know, I don't know but as they adapt and evolve, what's happening is they're fighting one another to get more eyeballs on your content. And they're fighting to keep you creating content on their platform. And so as this goes in this cyclical movement as this goes in this cyclical movement, what happens is, is that you now have the power to leverage all of these different platforms all at once and no matter which one is hot at any given time, it doesn't matter, because you're on all of them to start with anyways. Right? So if one day Facebook wakes up and is like, oh my gosh, this is so hot. For instance, what I just said to you, I just said you know what the Facebook reels recently on Facebook specifically seems to be going really viral. And the wrong thing for many of you to do would be to say, oh, okay, that's what's hot. No, because Facebook reels might be hot for two months, but TikTok might be also hot at the same time, YouTube might be also hot at the same time. And if you're on all of those platforms, you get all of it and you can compound all of that attention into one place where you can drive maybe 510 1520 times the leads, because you're never missing out on a viral moment, on on on Facebook or on Instagram or TikTok or any of these platforms. So my point here being and hopefully if you guys can give me a little feedback in the chat this makes sense. My point being if you're beginning or if you're a more experienced content creator, you've got to be on all the platforms all at once all the time, because it's basically the same amount of work. Sure, you got to download and trade you've got to upload and figure that process out. But once you figure that process out once or twice it's not that hard to continue doing that ongoing. Alright, it's not that hard to continue that process of downloading the video, removing the watermark, posting it to Instagram and Facebook. In fact, when you post it to Instagram, you can have it automatically post to Facebook. So there's one that's already done for you. Get it up on YouTube, get it up on Pinterest, those are your main ones. All of the other stuff is additional platforms that you can put it on, but get it on TikTok Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, those are kind of your main five places that you want all the short end I'm specifically speaking about short form content. 

Now this little omnipresent strategy is something you should be implementing for your content from day one. You should absolutely have this implemented from day one. The other benefit that this gives you by the way, is that you can also if you let's say you build an audience of 50,000 on TikTok into 40,000 on Facebook and to 80,000 on Instagram, and your TikTok happens to get banned for a day or two. That which happens sometimes. It's happened to many people. Yeah, so Sean says music from TikTok always triggers YouTube copyright claims. You can download your TikTok video if you put any music on it. So create the video and just hit download on it and then go back and create it with the music. It's pretty simple. You don't have to put the music on and then put it in, you can just download it and then put it into YouTube. You can either find a virtual assistant and pay them whatever, five to $10 an hour. If they're from somewhere overseas, they could comment on all your things for you or something like that. If you've got a problem with keeping up with how many comments you're getting, that's a good sign. I don't have any other tips that are super critical to that right now. But yeah, you can you can, some of the platforms could be sensitive to the music. That's right. So you've got to go on google search like you know, how do I take a TikTok video to Instagram and not get banned for music or or to YouTube and not get banned for me that kind of thing. So you got to figure that piece out. But my overarching point of this whole little mini training is that you take your content, you repurpose it to multiple platforms, and you're on every single platform every single day. That's the key. That's the trick. You got to be on the platforms every single day creating content. Yeah, going viral or attempting to go viral so that no matter which one's hot, or which one releases a new update, you're always in front of it. You're always one step ahead of any changes like that, that can happen. So you guys have any questions? I can take just two or three minutes of questions and then we'll wrap up for the day. And then we'll be back Thursday and Friday. Dave will be back, hosting the show Thursday and Friday. While I take a few questions, I'm gonna put this on the screen. In case any of you want a text message reminder, Wake Up Legendary should be a huge part of your life. As a marketer in your growth as a marketer, but also as your ability to hear stories from people who are just like you who are finding success after going through our training or who are going through success, successful moments as maybe as an affiliate for us or something. This should be part of your everyday grind. And if you'd like a text message reminder, every time we go live for this, you can text WUL to (813)-296-8553 That'll sign you up for free text message alerts when we go live so I would just do it going forward just start now and if you're not seeing any growth I would create a new channel. This gold makes a lot of sense. Are these videos archived? Yeah, if you go to our Facebook fan page. You can see every single episode for the last multiple years. A lot of them I don't know that you would actually want to do that. But here you go. The number is on the screen. The number is on the screen. This might be just a good idea to go back through this again and a Pinterest training is almost ready. It's been recorded. We're re-recording one or two modules of it. And then yeah, we'll have a Pinterest training session here shortly. Is it true Facebook URLs that you can only use directly? You do not ever want to use direct affiliate links on any social media ever. You only want to use your own funnel link. Make sure that you take note of that. Never ever put an affiliate link into social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram. That's the fastest way to get banned. Alright guys, thanks for thanks for popping on today. Today is Wednesday, March 23. And thanks for popping online for this little mini lesson. Go back watch this again as a replay, take some notes, and we'll be back Thursday and Friday. At 10am. Eastern Same time, same place and as long as we don't have a guest cancellation we'll have an awesome guest with us. Peace out everybody, have a good rest of your week.