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Dave: Hey what's going on my friends this is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. Turning down the AC there is a little hot in here and it's going to this morning. I have a feeling we have a wonderful guest whose name is Chase and he went from factory worker to 80,000 followers hours. Let's hear how he did it. Welcome to the show brother.

Chase: Thank you thank you so much I'm excited to be here thank you for having me

Dave: So what what took you from factory worker to find Legendary and starting an online business and affiliate marketing?

Chase: Yeah, well, over the summer actually is when I got into it. I was just scrolling on TikTok. At the time, I was obviously still working my factory job and saw scrolling on tick tock and I, I come across a TikTok about a guy explaining affiliate marketing and how you only have to work one to two hours per day, how you can make $1,000 commissions and happy to make those commissions even as a beginner. And so to me that sounded great.

I was like, Yeah, I'm outta here as soon as I can see that I can leave. So yeah, obviously that resonated with me. You know, making 1000s compared to making 10s a day. So I went through his funnel. Yeah, I went through his funnel, ended up on the sales page of legendary. I love the video, so I decided I was going to invest in this 15 day business builder challenge. That was what I got brought to. So I decided I was going to invest in it, I decided I was going to really focus on learning and then implement it. So I went through the challenge. Got through the final day, and then got introduced to the business blueprints, decided to invest in that. And I mean, that's how I started and now I'm here.

Dave: So, what gives us an update on life now. I mean, where did you start all this? And what's changed since then?

Chase: Well, I started in the summer of 2021. Yeah, the first couple months was good. I was growing followers a day I was I wasn't making the best content, but I was still making content. wasn't making a lot of money wasn't seeing a lot of results. So that kind of led me to kind of drift away from affiliate marketing I kind of stopped posting on TikTok. stuck with it. But I still had made, you know, a couple commissions, I still hadn't made, you know, a couple sales. So, affiliate marketing was always in the back of my head, it was always something that I wanted to add first into 100%. And so since the beginning of January this year is when I really decided that I was going to no take this is a full time business for myself. I decided to focus on education, the business blueprints, I decided I was going to try to actually understand what was being taught, trying to get the message that was trying to be portrayed to me. And then once I started doing that, that's when I really started to see big results on TikTok. That's when a lot of my videos went viral. 

Dave: Like you bought the training, and then that and then actually, what you say is you went through, you finally went through it. And when you listen to what was being said, and then you you follow that advice, and you got results?

Chase: Exactly. 

Dave: Wow, that's Unbeliev great formula. I've never heard of anything like that before. Right. I just think we should end the interview, right? It is just like, what else really is there to say, you know, I mean, I think that, that we all buy stuff and never read the instructions. And then we wonder why shit breaks or it doesn't work out or whatever, you know, and I think that goes with books, in courses and everything to businesses, you know, webinars are so many. There's so much information online nowadays. I mean, if you're, if you're just you actually just take some time to pay attention to what's being thrown at you every day, it's just information. It's like, all day, every day, it's information for you to buy more information, for you to get more information for you to ask for more information for you to request more information for you to receive more information for you to have mailed more you automate and share more information. And so of course, when you buy a course you get, I would say, you know, built up in energy energized up over the marketing and the opportunity, but then it's like, okay, I got it now. I actually need to go through it. And that part gets, for some reason, that part, you know, it's not as exciting. It's not as fun maybe, I don't know, the dopamine has already worn off from the excitement of just the purchase. And now it's on to something else. Nobody wants to do the work. I don't know. I've done it, too. I've done it, too. So I'm not exempt from this. But I'd like you to try to say more about that because what you just said was earth shattering to those who's even over preprints are not getting the results that they want. So can you just elaborate a little bit on what happened for you? Did you buy the blueprints? Who is more excited than you? That excitement kind of wore off? It was like I don't really want to do this work for this learning. Let me just go try to shortcut it. Oh shit. Let me go back to the drawing boards and actually good. Like how did it happen for you? Because I think this is a big thing for a lot of people and if we can get them to see if they're going to buy the blueprints to actually go through them so elaborate a little bit on the kind of buying and leaving and coming back and what was going through your mind.

Chase: Yeah, well when I first bought the challenge a couple weeks later I bought the blueprints And obviously I was excited. My main goal with starting affiliate marketing was to get out of my nine to five because I hated it so much. We had a lot of problems like I said in our marriage, and I just couldn't do it anymore. So yeah, I was excited. And I will admit, when I was first starting out, I was trying to shortcut it. I was just completely copying other people's videos. And you know, looking at what was going viral on TikTok related to affiliate marketing or making money online and a lot of videos that I was seeing that was going viral or the videos that would show no your Commission's you know, first day $50 Second day $100 Third Day 540 Today, you know, 1000 So those were the kind of videos that I was making, but those weren't the numbers that I was making. So I was pretty much just lying in my videos trying to shortcut it trying to make a quick buck. 

Dave: Because we've all done some shit like that before. And it's like, it's like, you know, there's no there's no, there's no there's no, there's no fault in that. I mean, we've all done silly shit, crazy shit thrown Scandi at the wall. But what you're talking about is growing up in your business, maturing in your business, and continuing to tell us what you found out or what happened from learning the skills I guess going back and actually going through the training like you were talking about.

Chase: Right. So I mean, after those videos were working, you know, after the first couple of months, I wasn't seeing the results I wanted to see like I said, I kind of drifted away from it. And just continued being comfortable with my nine to five and then it just got to a point about four or five months later this past January where I'm like, okay, it can continue to work this nine to five. I hate it. I hate waking up early. I hate staying there for eight hours a day. I can't leave when I want to leave. I gotta stand up every day and pack a bunch of boxes, this is making me tired. I'm coming home sleeping. I cannot do it. So the only thing I could think of to get out of it was to revert to what I had already started which was affiliate marketing on TikTok and like I said I had made a couple commissions so I knew that the potential was there. And so I just said to myself, well I invested 2500 into this business blueprint. There's got to be something here that can help me get more results. As I said, You know what, I'm just gonna submit to this education. I'm going to hear what it's telling me and I'm just going to do exactly what it says

the best of my ability and that's what I did. And it's yielded me great results

and I couldn't be more happy, I couldn't be more excited. I couldn't be more energized I'm happy to wake up now and mature and and grow see more results provide value

and it's just a really exciting man. 

Dave: You quit your job?

Chase: Yeah. 

Dave: Wow. Finally got out of packing those boxes and waking up early and coming home tired. That laundry list of things that everybody else did was gone. That just sounds like a regular day to work but you're going that's too much. Not for me.

That's all I'm saying this month for me.

Dave: Good stuff. Well, I mean, really, dude. So, you know, you really talk to us a little bit about I mean, there's so much in your story by the way, how old are you? 

Chase: I'm 20. 

Dave: You’re 20. So, I mean, really, really? Nearly we've got the 18 day, you know, thing going on here. You know, I don't know that I met you at 18. And maybe, maybe we think Darrel Ray Jr. was 18. Or maybe 18 or 19. Now, maybe he's 20 Now, you know, everything. The last couple years have been a big blur, but that's really young. And in what what? What are your other friends doing? I mean, what are other people doing nowadays? Who is 20? Like, I sound like an old grandpa. But seriously, I mean, how does that feel? How have you managed having an online business that likely many people don't understand or do kids urine? I shouldn't say kids do people your age understand online marketing. I mean, how has it changed your schedule every day on Earth? Or do you just not talk about it? I mean, because explain to us a little bit about how it's changed. Just that you know, your regular life dynamic. Yeah. Why are you home every day Chase? I mean, are you selling drugs? Like what are you doing? Like, you know, I mean, I've had people say all kinds of crazy stuff to know and just not in basically not my personal friends know much about what I do even after 10 plus years. 

Chase: Yeah, I don't really tell them anything. Most of my old friends you know because recently for me I've just kind of isolated myself to focus on myself I often kind of find my purpose in life Maybe one day Good friend and then I have my brothers too I would say he's right

You're in a Like you're you're really also evaluating who you want in your life and what you You want to do and what people you.

Dave: Absolutely But I don't think that's particularly an age thing. Some of it has to do with saying if i want to change some things I have to sacrifice other things.

Chase: Yeah that's no we I kind of stopped hanging out with the boys when I first got my nine to five Job because when I first got my nine to five job, I moved out on my own. And that's actually the point right cut off a lot of friends and then kind of just worked in that nine to five job you know I found myself kind of out No pilot doing the same things every day just be uncomfortable with my situation but rarely Being comfortable And so You know I just I got fed up with my job and I always knew there was more for me. 

Dave: It’s interesting. I don't give a shit if you come on here and say Dave Sharpe’s an asshole, I'd say well you're fucking asshole. And then we argue in front of everybody and then we'd end the call and it would just be another day in my life. I'm not I don't love conflict, but it's entertaining, right? We argue and say a couple of bad things about me over the webinar here and we hang up. It's not a big deal. But, you know. My point is, we've all done that, started something, bought something, bought the 15 Day Challenge didn't go through it bought the blueprints didn't go through them folks, what I'm Chase I just want you to say that one more time that you bought them, abandoned them did it your own way. And then what happened? I want to reiterate that because you know, people on Facebook there, people aren't even paying attention right now. They're scrolling. No, they're just going on in the background. Folks. Listen up. This is important shit. I know you're used to listening to Howard Stern or whoever in the background. And it's just noise but I'm telling you chase is about to drop something that can and will change your life. Chase you bought the blueprints and then you said oh, okay, I'm here. To tell us that story one more time.

Chase: Right. So I decided to invest in the blueprints. One of the guys modified the blueprints to help me. Then I decided to abandon them. Not really investing. And I said, Oh wait, I invested in the blueprints. So then I said wait, let me go back to these blueprints. Actually focus. And then when I did that, I ended up being able to quit my nine to five job. So yeah, so for everyone listening. If you have bought something and you've abandoned it, my advice to you would be to go back and actually focus on it and implement it and it could change your life.

Dave: It's about changing patterns, you know, it's about changing patterns. So look, if one or all of you goes and buys the blueprints there, anything else that you can find that I'm selling on the internet that I might get a piece of or a chunk of or a commission or whatever, trust me. I'm going to be very grateful for your business, honored and privileged that you trusted me but it's not going to change the quality of my life. It's not not if every single person on this call today goes and buys the blueprints. I promise you, I promise you I don't need the money. And I promise you I don't even give a shit if you buy it for me. Seriously, but if you bought something from somebody and you really believe that they know you, Chase said he said he came on to the sales page. He watched the video. He believes this could help him if you believe what you have can help you and you are really honest with yourself and also you look around. Chase this may be like your first, maybe it's not but I for me it's like my 1000 business. I've tried everything under the sun for the past 10 plus years to sell lotions, potions, pills and everything in between. I don't think I sold sex toys or fat raps but I sold everything else. When you're having a lot of horses. That's like the truth of the matter is that most people don’t see. I’ve sold a lot of things. But the most powerful thing that I've ever sold has been the most life changing thing has been information. And even when I was in businesses that were selling products and stuff, it was the training that people were getting that was life changing, you know those who really listened in dialed into it and didn't insert in didn't see you stopped yourself from a very, very like sabotaging and detrimental pattern in your life. Which is buying shit and then it not working because you didn't do shit with it, and then blaming other people for it. You know what I mean? Exactly. I don't know what that's called in the world of psychology and we can label and all that. But to me, it's just the guy who buys a lot of shit. He's a dreamer. He's always wanting to change his life he wants, but isn't willing to get in there and actually even go through I mean, the learning phase of things Chase is not even the it's just you're sitting there watching videos. Can we sit our asses down stats are data like goes in, take some information in do we have to be able to do that without being told to sit somewhere without getting a slap on the wrist? If we're late to class. Can we sit down and be disciplined in that? That's another? I think that's another determination that you can make about yourself, am I am I where am I at in being ready for entrepreneurship? Well, if I can't sit or even focus long enough to go through a course that I spent $2,500 But they're not. I need to be ready for entrepreneurship. I need to guess I need to get disciplined. And exactly. We weren't ready. I mean, you went off and did all the other dumb shit we all do. You know, and I did lots of that stuff. too. And I wasn't ready for entrepreneurship because I was shortcutting and had unrealistic expectations, all this stuff. But then I came back and got serious at a certain point just like you did and said okay, I need to slow down and I need to actually go through and listen to what's being said in the same thing that happened with my career. It just took off. It just took off. Right. So where do we go from here, brother?

Chase: I don't know man. I don't know You tell me. 

Dave: Have you found what a day looks like for you?

Chase: Yeah, so I've recently quit my job about two weeks ago. So it's been a little bit difficult adapting to all the time freedom that I've been having. So as you know, I don't have a set schedule. You know, I've been a little lazy here and there sleeping in, you know, a little too late. So I'm still trying to get you know a routine going. Schedule going to where I'm spending most of my time on my business and doing research. You know, testing things, tracking things. But yeah, you know, I'm not gonna lie. It's been a little bit self adjusting to all this time that I've had. So yeah, I mean, I've just been, you know, waking up when I want, you know, when I feel like it, making videos looking at content, but that's something I'm trying to get out of, I'm trying to wake up, get straight to work, you know, make some content, do some research. As of right now, it's definitely something I'm still working on.

Dave: Yeah, well, you're two weeks into a new life and it's going to take a little getting used to and I'm sure you'll go in phases, I mean I've gone in phases in my career. The good thing about me is that I also really struggled with structure and so forth at the very beginning, similar to what you're describing is and for me, and I don't know about anybody else, but I just wanted to work like I was excited to work on this stuff. And so I  would work and I would lose time working, you know, on my business when I first started and was 2009 ish. I was 24/25 and I didn't you know, I was just I didn't I didn't have any computer experience I just learned everything. You know, I learned everything about both computers from how to turn them on. When I started online I had already been doing MLM and stuff offline. But when I came online because several businesses had shut down and I'm just like shit, I needed to learn how to maybe do something online or something. I didn't know this was back in 2009. And I literally put a computer on my wife's credit card. It was like a $500 computer paying up paying it off $50 dollars a month and I learned everything from how to turn that computer on and navigate just the the Windows operating software to how to you know build in mess with in great landing pages and setup model responder mean every single thing that you all all of you are going through and working on I can remember those days of learning and setting all that stuff up for the first time and setting my account up for the first time. And I just find it hard for me to give people advice about how to get motivated. You know what I mean? Like how to get on because for me, I've had to learn in my career, how to not work so hard, how to not work so many hours, and I was just getting to that point in my life right now. For the past 10 years I've worked 50 to 80 hours a week not because I have to because I love it. I love this. Yeah. I've made millions of dollars. I love this. Why would I not? It doesn't feel like work, but still sometimes to the family. It does. family does it will begin to burn you out. So I just want to tell everybody you know in your groove at the beginning that it can take some time and effort in trying to be so militant about it, but do it for the love of it. Never. That's what you always got to stay tapped into why you're doing this in the love for the love of Freedom, the fact that you do get to be free to fit in the fact that you get to talk about things that are so exciting to me. I love to talk about the stuff that I get to talk about every day. And the stuff that we talk about in this niche. I mean in the make money online and online marketing niche it's about freedom changing your life, I mean developing your mindset. I love to talk about this shit, so I can talk about it and things and write copy on and all this stuff for 10 hours a day. It's it's it's it's a great time. So just anybody who's who's in I'm saying this because this is what came up for me when you said that you're sleeping in and you were kind of beating yourself up almost a little bit but because we were dynamic human beings that are both happy and proud that we just quit our job but also feeling guilty that we haven't got on our business yet. We're dynamic human beings. So we can have multiple feelings at one time. But I just say tap into the passion in the love for this. Don't forget why you're doing it, don't get so caught up in the minutiae in the frustrations of trying to screw with some piece of software that somebody else could do for you in five minutes to show you how to do it. It's not a big deal. Right? We try to learn everything on your own. It's going to be frustrating. But don't allow yourself to get so frustrated that you convince yourself to stop working, stay tapped into the love in the passion that you have of why you started and I'm speaking to everybody for this and do this until it's fun if you're good enough at it. That it becomes addicting almost.

Chase: Yeah, right.

Dave: That's kind of something I want to go back for the hits. You want to go back for the money. You want to go back for the interaction with the people who are saying thank you for helping me. There's a lot of fulfillment that comes along with this.

Chase: Definitely. Yeah, and that's something I've kind of been trying to tap into you know, a part of me really does love marketing. And yeah, so I'm just trying to tap into that, that that. That thing in me that loves to do marketing that loves to provide value that loves to teach. And so that's really what I've been working on recently is like you said, focus on why I'm doing this and love what I'm doing.

Dave: You know, and I fall in love with lots of elements of marketing, copy page design, mostly and more specifically direct response marketing. And if you guys own the blueprints I mean the the the the part in there, the affiliate marketing blueprint where I'm where I'm going through the history of the you know, the direct response marketing industry you know is is is really kind of where I you know, some of the greats you know, the section two sitting on a goldmine mind underground secrets of direct response marketing this this particular you know, and how getting rich became my business in my hobby, you know, this entire section, but mostly specifically these last two. You can see well in this entire section how I fell in love with selling information in direct response. Marketing So, but there's, there's there's, to me, I appreciate. I appreciate persuasion I guess and I appreciate the ability I appreciate the influence, maybe even the power I don't know what it is. It's so it's not like I'm power hungry. That's not what I'm saying. It's just unbelievable that you can write something on a page or say something in a video or AD and then get somebody to go all the way through to buying and purchasing and going through some course and then changing their life. I mean to me all because of something that I wrote something that I said in a video I mean, to me, it's just based on being believable. I just even to this day, 11 years into this over a decade. And I'm just blown away by I guess the power that an ordinary person can have because Chase, some of the best marketers have not been your gurus and the suit and tie driving the rented Rolls Royce on Facebook. It's the guy like you and me who is sitting in the basement rocking out the copy that's going to be converted millions of dollars worth of sales for the next decade. You know, it's the grinders. It's not the guys who are fame hungry, who want to be buying followers on Instagram. It's the real in the trench marketers like us who are learning how to write copy and learning how to run real campaigns and learning how to make good content and are real, really a student of the game. You know, so you can if you're gonna do it, why not do it to make the most money you can make an impact. I mean, that's how I think about it. I'm gonna do this. What do I want to make? $100 a month? I don't need $100 A month. No, I want to do it. In maximizing I want to stretch everything so you know, that's what's been in, in return. What I've gotten is more money than you know, anybody who lives on my street and I don't mean to toot my own horn right here. This is what the industry has given me back as a result of having that mindset. And having that work ethic I guess, there's doctors and lawyers and everybody else living my people that I interact with. Probably none of them make you know in the old ninth grade dropout you know teenage father addict and all that good stuff homeless what fell in all this shit. You know, have had an opportunity to do along with many other marketers and people like yourself, go out and build multiple businesses hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. Who could say that? Give me an industry. Tell me an industry besides athletics that you in even in athletics, you can't fuck up as bad as I did. I mean, you got to actually stay in school. Yeah, for sure. There's no industry that has this upside that you can that you can influence if you can have this much. You know, I guess and I don't mean this in an evil way because there's some people that are using power right now in a really shitty way in this world. But the money, power and influence that you get from this and the money, power and respect and influence that you get from being successful in this business. It is extraordinary. And along with that actually comes fulfillment and I think in most jobs or businesses where you have that money power respect you know, the fame I don't think a lot of fulfillment comes with a lot of those types of gigs. So this is unique, I think in a couple of different ways. You know, a real exciting opportunity. But we already know that I think this is an exciting opportunity. So I'll stop talking about that. But anyway, Chase, what would you leave our listeners with today? Just a piece of wisdom or advice that you know now that you didn't know when you first got started? And I'm gonna put your tick tock banner up so people can find you on TikTok while you give it this wisdom delivered on stone tablets hear down from the heavens please.

Chase: Oh man, I can only speak from personal experience, I would say the best advice I could give anyone is to invest in some education and focus on that education, and then implement that education. That's been my formula. And that's what's at this point in my business and in my life. That's what's made me all my money. That's where I've seen all my results. So my advice would be, again, invest in some education. Learn the education and then implement it. And I would say make sure you're investing in an education that is proven and respectable.

Dave: Alright, man will chase Keep up the great work. Get some rest brother. You know you deserve it. Like many, many hard years and a difficult relationship. They're in a factory job. Enjoy the single life, enjoy the freedom of life. Don't beat yourself up. You should be proud of yourself and stay tapped into your Why brother to keep telling a story that we've talked about. We've pulled out some of the golden nuggets here of the story in your experience today. So use those. The powerful, you know, and it's not any it's not any manipulative or deceptive shit. It's just a you know, and that's in many respects, that's the best place to be an affiliate marketer is hey, look, I had the same problem you have I don't have the answer. But this product that I'm recommending you over here has the answer. So go buy it. That's affiliate marketing. Exactly. You're doing all the setting up shit that you're doing is just a couple of things you need to set up to make sure that people can get to the product. Exactly the whole message of the affiliate marketing. I'm giving you a million dollar lesson here for free. It's just too bad for the people. Who doesn't tune in to Wake Up Legendary? But seriously, affiliate marketing is not a problem and I don't know shit. When I find somebody who has the answer to the problem, it's amazing. I've reviewed it. It's awesome. I've even gone through it. It's great. And then guess what I bought it for, it gave me great results. I no longer have the problem or pain that I had before. At least I'm on the way to not having the power button before. If you weren't paying yourself then go check it out. If you don't then keep scrolling but that's affiliate marketing. So simple. That's all it is. You don't need to be an expert. It's better if you're not an expert. Everybody wants to be an expert nowadays. I don't even want to be an expert. Many people are looking to me to be an expert. I don't want to be an expert. I don't want to be your guru because then I got to know all the questions the answers to your dumb questions, right? No, I don't. I don't want to be up all night, answering questions to everybody in the world. No, you know what I mean? And that's what you're gonna get if you're the expert all knowing guru. So what we do instead is we build community. We do you know, we do affiliate marketing, we say we even somebody like myself, who may be considered an expert, I refer to my Henry Ford. And I say, Henry Ford back in the early 1900s. The press came and said, Henry, what about this? What about that with your new Ford truck? What about this what Henry said Come to my office tomorrow morning. I'll have all the answers for you. Henry Ford, the Ford Motors of us, came to his office the next morning. Top staff behind us. And Henry said Hey, John, why don't you take that one? Sandra, why don't you take that one? Hey, Timmy, why don't you take it? Right. Henry knew how to assemble great people with answers. He didn't know he didn't need to have all the answers. Right so even as some even as you acquire more information, even as you maybe go out and create your own courses doesn't mean that you need to know every single thing. It's too much pressure doesn't mean you need to be a funnel expert. Get out there, set up the very basics that you need and get out there and start marketing. Start with affiliate marketing. That's why we start everybody there, folks, and that's your message. I had a problem. I don't know the answer. I've learned some stuff. Let me show you a couple things that I have learned but I'm not the guru. Right, I can lead you to the direction where you can really get the solid information that you're looking for even more than these little appetizers I'm giving you here on this TikTok channel. So go click the link in my bio, go through and enroll if it makes sense for you. That's it. That's affiliate marketing. We gotta get out of this role of trying to be the expert trying to know it all.

You're filled with so much joy because you're just hearing the truth. You're hearing the truth, not a bunch of bullshit. You're hearing truths called artifacts, facts. The facts of this business are really simple. So I'm not trying to give you any sort of bullshit just straight up, stop. You know, this is simpler than we make it out to be. And sometimes it's just as simple as going back and actually listening to some of the stuff that we actually bought. So thanks for pointing that out. My brother. Come back and keep us posted on your progress here in a couple of months Chase, for sure. Anything never never hesitate to reach out to me. I'll be happy to help however I can. And we'll talk to you soon, brother. 

Chase: Okay, I would like to give a shout out if that's okay. You know when I first came into the challenge, obviously you get a business plan advisor. And so you know, I’ve just got to shout out, Trevor. I told him that if I made it here, I would give him a shout out. Trevor. We made it, man. I hope you're watching this shout out human. Thank you for all your help.

Dave: Very cool. Very cool. I'll let Trevor know. Alright, my friends go follow Chase over on TikTok at @Chasehartz You can find them on tick tock there and man. I say this a lot. But I really feel that that would be one to listen to again this weekend and my friends, invest in yourself. You're worth it. Go through the training, apply it and come back and share the results. With us. Alright, have a fantastic day be legendary, my friends. We'll be back here for another episode on Friday.