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Is Team National a Scam?

There have been several questions raised when it comes to the legitimacy of Team National. Is it a legitimate MLM business, or should it be

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How To Go Viral Across Multiple Platforms

[VIDEO WILL BE INSERTED ONCE UPLOADED] Below is the transcription for this episode: Dave:  What's going on guys this is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake


The Biggest Affiliate Marketing Tip

 Below is the transcription for this episode: Dave:  Hey, what is going on My friends I am Dave Sharpe this is Wake Up Legendary.


Company Updates

We're Looking For Great Coaches

I've worked with hundreds of thousands of sales professionals in my career. I train them every day.

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How To Turn Negativity Into Productivity

 Below is the transcription for this episode: JoAnn: Hello everyone and welcome Happy Friday Welcome to wake up legendary. For those that don't know

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