Hey friends, this is David Sharpe, and I’m excited to bring you a new video that will cure one of your prospecting woes.

One of the most common issues everyone faces in sales and marketing is getting the follow-up call right.

Losing out on a prospective business partner, client or customer because you screwed up …well, sucks.

There’s an endless stream of reasons why your deal may not be moving forward:

Maybe you never got that firm commitment
Maybe your prospect doesn’t have the budget
Maybe you’re losing them because they’re expectations are mismanaged.

No matter the reason, in this video I teach you how to get it right.

In this free video you’ll get specific tools you need to become the master of the follow-up call, and I’ll even show you how to set up that home-run deal with a real, live call with an actual prospect.

Learning by example: beautiful and effective.

Make sure to share it via Twitter, Facebook, and all your social media outlets. People are losing deals that could easily be theirs because of ineffective follow up. Let’s cure that!

It’s your time,
David Sharpe

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